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|Character= Hakuro
|Character= Hakuro
|ColorE= 山川草木<br>Natural scenery
|ColorE= 山川草木<br>Sansen Soumoku
|ColorF= 堅忍不抜<br>Invincible fortitude
|ColorF= 堅忍不抜<br>Kennin Fubatsu
|ColorG= 雲中白鶴<br>White Crane in Cloud
|ColorG= 雲中白鶴<br>Unchuu Hakkaku
|ColorH= 気炎万丈<br>Be in high spirits
|ColorH= 気炎万丈<br>Kien Banjou
|ColorI= 紫電一閃<br>Flash of Lightning
|ColorI= 紫電一閃<br>Shiden Issen
|ColorJ= 疾風迅雷<br>With lightning speed
|ColorJ= 疾風迅雷<br>Shippu Jinrai
|ColorK= 菊有黄華<br>Yellow chrysanthemum petals
|ColorK= 菊有黄華<br>Kikuyuu Kouka
|ColorL= 英明果敢<br>Clear-sighted determination
|ColorL= 英明果敢<br>Eimei Kakan
|ColorM= 水天彷彿<br>Distant Horizon
|ColorM= 水天彷彿<br>Suiten Houfutsu
|ColorN= 質朴剛健<br>Simplicity, sturdiness
|ColorN= 質朴剛健<br>Shitsuboku Gouken
|ColorO= 桜花爛漫<br>Brilliant cherry blossoms
|ColorO= 桜花爛漫<br>Ouka Ranman
|ColorP= 電光石火<br>Lightning speed
|ColorP= 電光石火<br>Denkou Sekka

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Hakuowlo's Move List


Hakuowlo is a specialized defensive character with many tools at his disposal. His normals are great at being preemptive attacks and many of them work well at being anti-airs. He has a very short dash though. The player will have to be cautious with their approach as Hakuowlo cannot cover much ground for evasive maneuvers.


Satsuki - Emphasis on Stability

Mizuki - Emphasis on Firepower




2A 2B 2C/BC/236C/236236AB
(236236AB can be done up to 3x with the third being a Splash Art)

2B(CH) 236B JB air236A/B

(Near corner) 2B(CH) 236B 214C 236A/B/C
(You can follow up the A version with 5C for a some more damage but you won't get the knockdown. Alternatively, you can go into the BA2CC Splash Art after the 214C.)

Air236x(CH) 214C 236x

Air236x(CH) 214C (236A) BA2CC
(The Splash Art won't connect if distance isn't right.)

Assist Combos


  • 2A,2B,6D,B+C,2141236A+B,214C,236A,5C
(Poison combo, does around 6000 damage and poisons the opponent.)
  • 2A,2B,6D,B+C,66,236236A+B,236236A+B
  • 2A,2B,6D,B+C,66,214C,[BA2CC/236A,5C]
(Combo into Mukuru, then pick your ender.)
  • (Corner) 2A,2B,6D,B+C,delay,236B,jB,j.236B


  • (Corner) 2A,2B,236C,6D,214C,[BA2CC/236A,5C]
(Combo into Mukuru, then pick your ender.)
  • (Corner) 2A,2B,B+C,6D,214214A+B,jB,j.236B


  • 2A,2B,236C,6D,66,214C,BA2CC
(Combo into Splash Art, not worth using another ender since the scaling makes them do less damage then 2A,2B,Super)

Move List

Normal Moves


Hakuowlo pokes with his hand fan. It can chain into itself after a short delay and also has a slight disadvantage on block.








Hakuowlo thrusts the fan at a downward angle. Since it comes out fast, it can be used as an air to air during the jump's ascent. It can be canceled into Fujinsen.


Hakuowlo sweeps the fan with a slight downward angle. The startup time is fine and it could possibly be used as a jump in. It can also be canceled into Fujinsen.


Hakuowlo swings the fan upwards. It's hard to hit grounded opponents with it and it can't be canceled.

4 or 6+C

This throw has a similar animation as a successful Ryubusen and launches the opponent in the direction you hold. It's possible to make a follow up in the corner with a partner attack that activates quickly.

Special Actions

Kaeshi Ougi 「返し扇(かえしおうぎ)」 - B During 5B
  • (Description) - 5B has a follow up which is an overhead if you hit B again after a 5B hits the opponent or is blocked.
High Jump 「大ジャンプ」 - Tap 2 Then 7/8/9
  • (Description) - Hakuowlo's super jump.

Special Moves

Fujinsen 「風陣扇(ふうじんせん)」 - 236+[Attack] Air OK
  • (Description) - Hakuowlo swings his fan and creates a wind slice. This move can stop many projectiles.
  • (A version) - A quick fan swing. This is quick enough to stop many normals when done on reaction.
  • (B version) - A slightly delayed swipe downwards. On counter hit, this will cause a ground bounce.
  • (C version) - 2 swings occur. First one goes up, then the second goes down. This version has some invincibility.
Ryubusen 「流舞扇(りゅうぶせん)」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) -
Dad! 「おとーさん!」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Hakuowlo's daughter Aruruu comes in on her tiger to perform an attack.
  • (A version) - Coming from behind, Aruruu attacks right in front of you.
  • (B version) - Coming from behind, Aruruu jumps farther forward about 1/2 screen away to attack
  • (C version) - Aruruu comes from behind opponent this time to attack. On hit, this launches opponent towards Hakuowlo for a combo.

Super Moves

Uchousen 「羽蝶扇」 - 2141236+AB
  • (Description) - Eruruu is summoned and precedes to do a spell in which all of Hakuowlo's attack have a poison attribute. Hakuowlo glows green for the duration of this effect. However, opponents cannot be killed by the effects of poison.
Ointment of Tonburuchi 「トンブルチの軟膏」 - 2363214+AB
  • (Description) - Eruruu is summoned. Then a spell is cast that will grant Hakuowlo super armor. It lasts 8 game seconds. A blue aura is emitted from Hakuowlo for the duration of this.
Dad, I'll Help You! 「おとーさん、助ける!」 - 214214+AB
  • (Description) - An enhanced version of the "Dad!" special move. Hakuowlo is invincible during this.
Renbu Sensho 「連舞扇衝(れんぶせんしょう)」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - Hakuowlo does a flurry of attacks. This super has invincible startup. It is also the first part of is ultimate Splash Art: Emperor Fan.
Fujin Ransen 「風神乱扇(ふうじんらんせん)」 - After Renbu Sensho 236236+AB
  • (Description) - A strong wind is used to keep slicing the opponent. This is the 2nd part of the Koujinsen Splash Art.

Splash Arts

Bath of Yatsumororo 「ヤツモロロの薬湯」 - 222+BC
  • (Description) - Eruruu is summoned to perform a healing spell in which Hakuowlo can gain up to 50% of his total health. It has a lot of recovery upon activation.
Koujinsen 「皇陣扇(こうじんせん)」 - After Fujin Ransen 236236236+BC

  • (Description) - This finisher derives from the 2 previous Super Moves. A huge blow of wind occurs after the flurry of attacks. Each part of these supers will cost 1 stock for a total of 3.
Uitsualnemetia 「ウィツァルネミテア」 - B・A・2・C・C
  • (Description) - Hakuowlo emits a black aura which covers him. If the aura is touched, he transforms into a demon then demolishes the opponent. A fast input is needed to activate this Splash Art.








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