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''(Click [[Arcana_Heart_3/Fiona_Mayfield/old|here]] for the Arcana Heart 3 version of the Fiona Mayfield page)''
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[[image:fionalink.gif |<center><font size="3"><b>Fiona Mayfield<br>フィオナ・メイフィールド</b></font><br><br><table width="100%" style="background-color:white" border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
[[image:fionalink.gif |<center><font size="3"><b>Fiona Mayfield<br>フィオナ・メイフィールド</b></font><br><br><table width="100%" style="background-color:white" border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">

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Fiona Mayfield

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
Maximum Guts
Guts Factor
Base EHP


Fiona has always been a beginner-friendly, easy to use character in Arcana Heart, and this remains true in Love Max!!!!! She has large buttons, decent damage, and has a strong crossup. On the downside, she is a bit on the slower side and her air to air can be difficult with a weakened j.B. She is not one for long combos, and does not have anything too execution-intensive except arguably her clean hit rekka series. Playing this character at lower levels of play, you may feel like you can go wild with risks, but the higher the level of play becomes, the more patient and precise you will need to be with all of your buttons and movement.

Fiona's Story

Fiona's Frame Data

Fiona's Movelist Card


Your goal as a Fiona player is to maintain proper space and be patient until you can score a good knockdown to set up your okizeme. Your j.C is a very important tool for many reasons. This newly-buffed normal has a sizable hitbox and, if time is avaiable for it to come out, will give you the advantage on hit or block to start your game. Air to air and farther from the opponent, you will use j.B and j.E to control space and fish for knockdowns. With meter stocked upon landing Heaven's Fall (214x after j.B or j.C in an air combo), a basic way to achieve a mixup on the opponent's wakeup is to either super cancel into an Arcana super on the Heaven's Fall knockdown or simply homing cancel the final hit to go for the j.C crossup.

If your air-to-ground j.C hits, they will be launched a bit into the air for you to do a new combo, which would preferably end in another Heaven's Fall or j.E knockdown.

When needing to cover distance at neutral and to simultaneously attempt to open them up, you can speed homing (pressing D again while homing) with j.C to approach with a fast crossup.

Starting out, you may be tempted to go for more Karetov Roof specials (623x) and Excalibur supers (623A+B). While armored, the heavier versions of Karetov Roof and Excalibur are very high risk to just throw out if your opponent has any experience against it. Karetov Roof can be punished easily on block with a full combo, but you can homing cancel or EF them for safety. Excalibur causes Fiona to go into a knockdown state, meaning that it is actually safer on block, but it has a lot of startup. Air Excalibur is punishable just as Karetov Roof specials are, so be careful. Of note as well is that both Excaliburs can be used on reaction to punish things, be they Arcana specials or when a player has committed to homing movement. It will take time to become comfortable with knowing when it is safe and viable to attempt these moves. Knowing your opponent, of course, is also very important.

Fiona's clean hit series, that being Grand Divide (236A) > Misty Chain (236B) > Angel Wing (236C) > Sacred Bringer/Punish (any button/360A+B) is a 1-frame timing followup to a wall bounce. It can somewhat be visually timed, but timings change with any given screen position. The easiest spot to do this due to consistency is the corner, going for a standard clean hit on a standard-sized character, generally after a confirmed 6B. If successful, the hit (clean regular or clean super) is very high damage. Failure to land the hit is comparable to whiffing a Karetov Roof, or in other words, very bad. Of note however is that Grand Divide was buffed in Love Max as a standalone move, so perhaps they wish for us to try harder?

In closing, you should attempt to limit risky decisions and use your hitboxes at safe distances to score knockdowns or achieve otherwise advantageous situations. If they are standing at neutral or confined to the ground for whatever reason, approach with j.C to push the advantage. Of course, this is a basic gameplan without taking into consideration any Arcana choice that may alter your general strategy. Many Arcanas can be countered or may not work as well against some players/characters, however, so it is good to know what your foundation is for you to fall back to.

Arcana Selection

Fiona is very dependent on Arcana for effectiveness in almost all areas - defense, mixup, oki, etc. You should especially bolster her strengths (controlling mid-far range space, short combo damage) while also helping her get opponents off of her and improve movement.


Wind is classically the most popular Arcana choice for Fiona. All of the areas I just mentioned above are improved by this choice. Her mobility improves with the extra jump and fast fall, the boomerangs and whirlwinds improve space control and okizeme, push block maintains safe distances and Wind Eclipse is very strong at the end of combos and knockdowns. On block, the Eclipse gives you ample time to mix the opponent up. The only downsides to this choice are the reduction in health and Extend gauge regeneration, as well as there not being a super to cancel into for oki on knockdowns (not counting Eclipse). You can, however, use homing j.C instead.


Fiona's default Arcana. Metal is not as effective at neutral as Wind, but can net high damage with use of the sword super and Eclipse. The passive modifiers mean you will do more/take less damage than Wind by a pretty sizable margin. Higher leveled regular sword projectiles can be confirmed into combos easily with Karetovs or otherwise. This is overall a higher base offense/defense, less utility choice. Other than the more obvious methods of safely levelling up (with a shield out, after a Blast, etc), you can do the super after hitting a 63214A in most combos instead of your Gae Bulg, sacrificing just a bit of damage.


The balls super gives Fiona that great, low-maintenance zoning as well as an amazing super cancel off of Heaven's Fall, especially in the corner where you can go for the 5E/2E unblockable. The Eclipse for this Arcana tracks the opponent anywhere on screen and attacks horizontally as opposed to the Blaze's vertical attack. This combos fairly easily, pushes the opponent to the wall and can beat guard cancels. The downsides to this Arcana would be how life is sacrificed for Arcana specials and supers, and while good setups are provided, combos and damage aren't powerful unless you're closer to death and EF. A decent utility choice, but for different reasons than Wind.

Base Combos

In general, here are some important things to note as far as combos in Love Max, most of these being completely new options:

Combos off of:

x > 5C: 63214A (Ronco Miniato) > 214A+B (Gae Bulg), or Gae Bulg only at max distance. Only works versus grounded opponents. If you push them too far out before the 5C, you will not be able to connect A drill (I refer to Ronco Miniato/63214x as "drill" colloquially).

x > 2C: 63214A and then Gae Bulg is a common combo for confirming, but note that it does less damage than the 5C variant above. However, 2C is the preferred route for EF combos. 2C > 623A+B (Excalibur) also works, and the knockdown given from the super isn't so bad that they recover before you (this has been the case before/can still be in some situations). 2C will also be your normal of choice for 1-bar combos, as the 421 moves combo after 2C. Most notably so far in my experience, 421C > Excalibur.

6B: Has more hitstun, allowing 63214B to combo now, giving you an inordinate amount of time to confirm, as if the 6B hitstop alone wasn't enough, haha. From the B drill sword, you can super cancel into something like Gae Bulg or EF.

j.C: Combos off of standalone, jump-in j.C (imo) will be with 5B > 623A and then EF or Excalibur. Meterless, you can jump cnacel the 5B into a knockdown combo.

Generic ground combo notations:

2A 2B 5C 214A+B

2B 5C 63214A 214A+B

2A 2B 2C 63214A > x, this can be a super, EFC, whatever you would like.

2A 2B 2C 421x: A or B for homing cancel air combos, B or C for super cancels, you can EF here as well.

Generic air combo: Depending on the hitstun you have left (hitstun degradation is a thing), you will have to adjust the hits necessary to net either a Heaven's Fall or j.E ender. If no hits preceeded your air combo, you could do j.A j.B jc j.A j.B j.C 214C. Sometimes, you will need to omit the As, one of the Bs, the j.C, etc. 214x does combo off of j.B in some situations where j.C won't connect into it. It is important to not lose this knockdow/damage opportunity.

New air combo ender: Air Karetov Roof. To use this in a combo, it must be early in the air combo following j.C and the A version only. You can super cancel the move into either Excalibur or an Arcana super. This can be good damage/a setup. If you're in EF, you can use the B version instead. This move done by itself (any version) can be a way to somewhat more safely fish for air Excaliburs. Hitting this with that super following it will do roughly the very same damage as standalone Excalibur.

Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves


A quick jab with the pommel of Fiona's very large sword. Shorter range than 2A, but faster and chains into itself. Your only fast normal on the ground. Can be good for stability in combos.


A slower 2A that you do not want to try mashing with due to its slow speed and not being chainable. Traditional combo starter on the ground unless you are close enough to fish with 5A. The only low you'll be using to actually mix up with.


A long, vertical bottom-to-top slash with pretty good range and buffed active frames, but slower startup. Jump-cancelable. Does less damage than 2B, but necessary in some combos. After an air-to-ground j.C, you can use this button to continue your combo and pop them up into the air a bit further.


Preferred over 5B in ground combo and poke situations due mostly to its better damage and proration. While anti airing with this move is possible, it is difficult and not truly reliable in a lot of situations due to how strong a lot of jump-ins are.


A very nice overhead. Incredible stun on hit (and block), relatively quick (especially in EF!), can hop over lows. Combos on hit into 63214A/B, 236A, 623A and 214A+B. If you are in a favorable situation to try this move, go for it. Doesn't scale damage too terribly.


Faster in both charge and non-charge versions in LM, this is a large downward swing that covers a large area of space. Can be a good anti air if time/space is available for it come out, as it will beat/clash many things. On ground hit, there is ample time at any range to cancel into Gae Bulg for a combo (also new to LM). The cancel window for the move is very late, so it takes some getting used to. Charged 5[C] is a slower overhead that pops up the opponent on hit and is cancelable much earlier. In fact, if you score a CH and cancel to a special too soon, you may miss your combo. The charged version of this normal is not used often, but can catch opponents off guard and causes a lot of block stun for you to continue offense if they did not dodge it.


A sweep and combo tool. Not incredibly fast, but has quite a bit of range, so much so that many would not expect a low from such distance. Do not throw this move out at neutral, however, as it's highly susceptible to being avoided and punished, and you are in CH state. Very useful move for combos, as it allows you go into many combo routes, opting for Ronco Miniato A, 421C, a homing cancel, EF or simply Excalibur if you want something easy with a knockdown. 2B into 2C will happen quite a lot with your game.


A hip bump move, though her entire body is a hitbox, similar to how CDs function for some characters in King of Fighters. One of her safest normals and situational anti air. She is also airborne during this.


One of the largest 2Es in the game, which is quite horizontal as well as vertical. Not so much an anti air due to its slow speed, but is air unblockable, deflects projectiles and covers a good bit of space. It's also useful how she crouches a bit before swinging upward. Use it carefully, as it's highly susceptible to 4D.


A fast hilt jab, much like an aerial 5A. Rising j.A can be a good anti air in situations where you have time to meet them and their move's hitbox is not overpowering you. It is otherwise a good button for combos and their stablization, as well as just being fast in general. Having something fast to press in the air is important in many situations.


Though this move was nerfed in this version of the game, it is still an important button as it can still be used to good effect at distance, given time to animate, and will be used in almost all of your combos. Do note that you may hit someone close to Fiona's head with this, but your hurtbox and the speed of the move prohibits much defensise use in the air.


A move that was buffed for this version of the game, j.C is very strong. There is no better choice in the majority of your openings than this for air to ground approaches, be they during speed homing, behind Arcana projectile cover, a normal jump on their wakeup to make them block/a safejump, etc. Very high hit and block stun. Standalone, this combos on hit into many things, including 5B and sometimes 2B (when they are hit on the ground), all Air Karetovs, j.A, etc. Mid-combo, you will most often follow this move with either A Air Karetov, Arcana options or Heaven's Fall. Depending on combo lengnth, you may not have sufficient hitstun to combo into any of the aforementioned, so opting to end with j.E instead is recommended in those combos. The most important thing to note about this move: approaching with j.C is good. Very good indeed.


A huge normal, similar to a 5C in the air. This covers a lot of space in front of Fiona. When you feel there is time and space available for this move at neutral, it is a strong button to choose, especially if you happen to net a counter hit. On CH, if you are at a high enough height on the hit, you can land before them and follow the CH j.E with a combo, using a grounded normal for example such as 5A or 5B. Very strong damage. If you hit someone grounded with this move, they are not knocked down, but instead put into a stun state long enough for you to combo them there as well. Even at far distances, you will for example be able to do j.E > 5C > Gae Bulg...this option being a good example of new things for Fiona in LM.

Special Moves

Super Moves


AKA "Karetov Roof". A special that looks simlar to a 5C or j.E that has considerable startup and one hit of armor, also ignores clash. Air version also available. Normally, you will only use this in select combos or to ignore clash in various situations. Be wary of using this when your opponent has burst - if they burst as the 623x makes contact with them, the armor will absorb the burst. This may sound like a good thing for you at first, but what happens is, they recover before you and often can get a full punish on you or at least take offensive advantage. Be careful with this move in general, and on block you should super cancel or homing cancel for safety. Also EFCable. On hit, all 623x versions will combo into Excalibur, or can be cancelled into damage with various other means. If you do not have any such means to cnacel it into damage, I would not recommend combo'ing into the move raw with no cancel, as you will be at a disadvantage afterwards.

  • A Version

Fastest version of Karetov, lowest damage. Combos off of j.C in air combos that haven't gone on too long, and in this combo: air to ground j.C > 5B > 623A > EFC/super/etc. The version you will use most often for damage in combos and for various setups, like the Wind j.C > 623A > fast fall > 2C > Grand Divide series setup for the long, hard knockdown. The same is accomplished with Earth: j.C > 623A > 236236E.

  • B Version

Medium speed and damage. Still works in certain combos, depending. For example, after a Halo 236E, you have time for this move's startup for a combo or the aerial version when you're in EF after air combos using j.C. Somewhat of a compromise between the speed of the A version and the damage of the slow C version.

  • C Version

The slowest of the three, but high damage. There are only a few situations where you will have the opponent in hitstun or in a juggle state long enough for this to animate, such as after charged 5[C] or in certain EF combos.

Ronco Miniato

Drill sword. Does a lot of hits, deflects projectiles and makes for good combo and occasional block string filler as it's advantageous on block. Almost always combos into Gae Bulg, except in some odd air hit situations. The A version has little forward movement and the least hits/damage, while the C version ears Fiona back a ways, then projects her quite far forward after a considerable startup time.

  • A Version

A relatively fast move and commonly used after 2C to pick up a combo into EF or Gae Bulg. If someone blocked your 2C, it's a good idea to at least cancel into this move.

  • B Version

Used a little bit more in Love Max!!!!! than in previous versions, B Ronco Miniato now combos after raw 6B overhead for a combo due to 6B's increased hitstun. This move will also combo after 2C for EF combos. Again, a compromise between the weak and strong versions as far as speed and damage.

  • C Version

C Ronco is a large amount of hits, chip, damage and advantage. A long startup time however will prevent you from often getting this move out in the first place. A situational tool for staggers and chipping. If they do get hit, however, then it's an incredibly easy matter to confirm into whatever you want.


Somewhat of a vertical, non-armored Karetov Roof that launches the opponent (and Fiona). Ignores clash like Karetov. Note that the C version is no longer air unblockable. Post-2C, these moves have different launch trajectories, which is quite interesting and we'll discuss them below.

  • A Version

Pretty fast for what it is, you may be able to catch the opponent off guard with this as an anti air occasionally, but it is incredibly risky. Be sure to have meter to ensure your safety. Post-2C, this launches at the most vertical angle for an air combo.

  • B Version

Another compromise. Higher damage and a bit slower, and post-2C you will be able to do either air combos or certain super cancels as the launch angle here is between A and C.

  • C Version

Slow, damaging. Though no longer an air unblock, I find this move can be useful post-2C with an EF or Excalibur for an easy, quick knockdown combo (recall from earlier that Excalibur always gives you a knockdown now). Post-EF, you would be able to do something like charged 5C or an air combo. Pretty good damage, and possible due to the quite interestingly horizontal launch angle that 421C gives.

Heaven's Fall

Ah, Heaven's Fall. My local scene can attest to how much I love this move. This is a lock-in dive move that is commonly used to end combos and set up oki with a super cancel, cross up or beat 4Ds. The higher up you hit with the move, the more hits it will do, but the damage will not change very much. There will be a different graphical effect for the Heaven's Fall hit sparks depending on your Arcana choice, which is a neat touch. The different versions have varying start up times and dive angles.

  • A Version

Fastest version, falls almost straight down. More of a utility move than a combo ender. i.e. when trying to punish someone on the ground for called out movement/guard cancel.

  • B Version

Rises up a bit more before diving at a less sharp angle. I use this version the least, but for some combos it would be necessary.

  • C Version

Hovers a bit and moves forward more before plunging down with the sword, at more of a 45 degree angle. The more forward movement of this will push the opponent closer or into the corner, making your oki scarier.

Grand Divide

The starter of the clean hit series. This move has been buffed in LM to have farther range. Its main intended use is the combo chain, but is more often used in competitive play to set up hard knockdowns after specific 2C juggles. This move hits low and is identical to 2C in animation with a pink sweeping effect. Minimal damage. Grand Divide > kara Excalibur has reportedly been removed, but somehow I've managed to see the pink effect from Grand Divide come out when I've done Excaliburs. No idea as to the usefulness of this.

Misty Chain
[After Grand Divide]

The wall slam followup to Grand Divide that looks like a 2E. Also minimal damage. If you stop the combo here, Fiona will sit in a croucn animation and not be able to act until the opponent has landed from the wall bounce.

Angel Wing
[After Misty Chain]

The command superjump that will send Fiona straight up to either try to catch the opponent for the clean hit, or to whiff Bringer to take a knockdown.

Sacred Bringer
[Any button after Angel Wing]

What this whole series of moves is about. Sacred Bringer, on a clean hit, will generally get you somewhere between 11-13k. Not bad for no meter, right? However, this is incredibly tricky to hit correctly. You have to time the hit as they contact with Fiona coming back from the wall bounce -perfectly-, as in a 1f window, and the cost of failure is huge as it's similar (worse, even) to whiffing an air Excalibur. The timing changes depending on character and screen positioning. The most consistent way to land this is versus certain characters in the corner; you're actually able to input the series as quickly as possible and land the clean hit in these cases, after, say, a 6B overhead. Use with caution, and only when you're confident...unless you're just being a silly Fiona.

Gae Bulg


Sacred Punish




Critical Heart

632146A+B →
Angel Arrow
236X →
Sacred Slayer




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