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Cerberus is a world renown treasure hunter and adventurer who accidentally turned his best friend pit into a hat. He fights with his magical sword-hands and magical bullet-gun while searching for the Chaos Code to use it's unlimited power to save Pit so the two of them can go back to adventuring/ignoring their children


Health: 30000 Stun: 100

Cerberus is a character with strong tools for pretty much any situation. His mix-up can leave a lot to be desired with no command grab and no standing overhead outside of the very telegraphed followup to close D, but Cerb has pretty high damage and does a good job taking advantage of system mechanics. Jack of all trades, master of a few.

Run vs Step

Picking what you feel comfortable with is the goal of Cerberus. Selecting your Bounce is no exception.


Running gives Cerberus an edge in most of his matchups. Running into a high jump helps because it lets him cover a lot of distance and gives him a chance to properly Smashdown Arrow or Air Smash when needed.


Choosing step with Cerberus isn't anything out of the ordinary, but most players favor run for high jump benefits. Step has it's positives as well. Dash canceling during pressure strings can easily force your opponent to make the wrong move.


Basic combo tutorial

collection of old cerb combos (may still be useful)


All combos listed below can also follow after a JC, JD, JB>JC or JC>JD jump-in.

2A > 2B > 2C > 236B > (236236K)

Basic combo. Works anywhere on screen. You can omit the 236B and go right into super if you don't want to spend the extra bar. You can also sub out 236B for a 214P if you'd rather.

2A > 2B> 2C > 236KK > 6C > 2A > 214A

Meter'd combo. Depending on your distance to the corner you may or may not be able to follow up the 214A, it should always carry far enough to get you a knockdown however. If you'd rather be further from your opponent you can do 236B instead of 214A.

5A > 5B > cl.C (1) > cl.D > sjc > j.D > j.236D > 214A

A combo which requires a super jump cancel and Smashdown Arrow. Only works on standing opponents. Make sure you neutral super jump, otherwise you likely wont hit with j.D. You also need to be at a pretty specific distance to get the 214A to combo afterwards.

2C > 2363214K(3) > A+B > jump back air dash towards > j.C > j.D > cl.C > cl.D > sjc > j.D > j.236D > 214C > 6C > cl.B > cl.C > 236C~C > 5B > 2C > 236C~C > 5A > 5B > 2C > sjc > j.B > j.C > j.D > j.623C > 2C > 236B > 236236K

Easy come easy go smash down arrow combo. The super resets positioning which helps setup for some extensions. The super at the end is optional but leads to really big damage. A good alternative to exceed combos if you either aren't confident that it'll kill and don't want to be in overheat, don't think you'll need the full 3 bars to kill, or just want to do a much cooler looking combo. Video Example

2C > 2363214K(9) > A+B > j.A > j.B > j.C > j.D > microdash > cl.C > cl.D > 5A > 2C > sjc > j.D > j.236B > 5A > 2C > 236C~C > 5A > 2C > 236C~C > 5A > 5B > 2C > sjc > j.B > j.C > j.D > j.623C > 2C > 236B

Alternate easy come easy go arrow combo. Video Example


2A > 2B > 2C > 236KK > 6C > 2A > 2C > 236C~C > 2A > 2C > 236C~C > 2A > 2C > 214A

Meter'd corner combo. Uses up 2 of your bullets but gives pretty good damage and avoids super jump cancels

2A > 2B > 2C > 236KK > 6C > cl.B > cl.C > sjc > j.B > j.C > j.D > land > 623C > land > 2C > 214A

Corner combo that doesn't use gun loops. Does ~10k. Since 236KK will corner carry so far on it's own you can do this from ~half screen distance. The primary Cerb BnB.

2A > 2B > 2C > 236KK > 6C > 2A > 2C > 236C~C > 2A > 2C > 236C~C > 2A > 2C > sjc > j.B > j.C > j.D > land > cl.A > regular jump > j.A > j.C > j.D > double jump > j.C > j.D > 623C > land > 214A

Highly damaging extended corner combo. Uses all 3 bullets but nets ~14.5k damage. The advanced Cerb BnB.

Throw > cl.B > cl.C > 236C~C > etc.

Cerb isn't supposed to be able to combo off his throw, but he can if he spaces it such that he doesn't get pushed away from the corner. video example

Exceed Combos


An Exceed combo which uses Dancing Storm. Cerberus's best ground Exceed combo.


Similar to the combo above, only difference is the ender during the last Chaos Shift, which uses Shall We Dance. Less damage, but is useful if you don't have Dancing Storm or if you are unable to get your opponent to the corner for the previous combo.


The Arrow Storm. This is Cerberus's highest damaging Exceed combo. As it's nickname suggests, it utilizes Smashdown Arrow and Dancing Storm. This combo is basically a ToD on most of the cast; specifically the ones with low to moderate health.

5A>5C(1)>5D(2)>hjc>JD>J236+K(2 hits)>EC>7>[J236+K(1 hit)>214214+K]x4>JD>5A>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P

Midscreen Arrow Storm which requires a forward jump into Smashdown Arrow as a starter. Not as much damage as the corner version, but it is arguably his second most damaging.

  • The input for Dancing Storm must be 236236 due to Smashdown Arrow placing you in the opposite direction. If you're not ending up on the other side, it is being done incorrectly.

214A(1 hit) EC > 2D hjc9 j.D [j.236K j.214214K]x4 etc

Alternate ground combo starter

214P(1 hit) EC > j.9 [j.236K j.214214K]x4 etc

Anti-air starter

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.

Good poke for catching terrible jump-ins and applying pressure on standing opponents.

2A - Low. Cancelable.

2A and 2B are your tools for massive pressure. Both have the same reach and speed, and can cancel into each other consistently as long as you're in range.

cl.B - Mid. Cancelable.

You won't really be using cl.B outside of combos. Almost always chained into unless you're starting a link after 6C.

5B - Mid. Cancelable.

Average poke. Best used in corner combos.

2B - Low. Cancelable.

Same description as 2A.

cl.C - Mid. 2 hits. Cancelable.

cl.C has 2 hits, which can be canceled prematurely for only 1 hit. The second hit also hits mid. Gives you enough time to think about what you're going to do next.

5C - Mid. Not cancelable.

A slow punch that has above-average reach. It's slow, so don't rely on it too much. Good for forcing counter hits.

2C - Mid. Cancelable.

A hook which has great range, decent speed and some anti-air properties. This will be your main high jump cancel tool in your BnBs.

cl.D - Mid. 2 hits. Cancelable.

Like cl.C, it is also 2 hits and can be canceled prematurely for only 1 hit. Second hit also hits mid.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable.

A spin kick which sends Cerberus forward. A good tool for footsies due to it's reach, but it's slow, so use sparingly.

2D - Low. Not cancelable.

Cerberus's sweep. Does a good chunk of damage and causes a hard knockdown. This should only be used for midscreen okizeme or following up with a Destruction Chaos in the middle of a combo.

j.A - High. Cancelable.

Cerberus's j.A should only be used in combos. It has terrible reach and can't really do much in air-to-air situations.

j.B - High. Cancelable.

A very good air-to-air and jump-in normal. If you're jumping in on your opponent, it would be wise for you to follow up with either a j.C or j.D afterwards.

j.C - High. Cancelable.

Average range, but very fast. As far as air-to-air is concerned, you'll probably end up using this if j.B isn't working for you. It's also a decent substitute for if you can't properly confirm off a j.D jump-in.

j.D - High. Cancelable.

The best tool that Cerberus has for jump-ins. Hitbox almost touches the ground if you IAD correctly. Keep in mind that the hitbox is located in the lower section, so you will get hit in any air-to-air situation that involves your opponent either above or in front of you.

Command Normals

Sunrise Hush - 6C Mid. Not cancelable.

Cerberus clubs the opponent by twirling his body. Sends him forward. Can be used as a crossup. Good on it's own for okizeme and overall approach. Leads to an OTGable knockdown

Special Moves

Heavenly Shoot - 236+P>A for low, 236+P>C for anti-air

Cerberus shoots magical bullets from his gun which has two different followups. If A is pressed, he shoots again, firing low. The second shot must be blocked low by the opponent. If C is pressed, he shoots a second shot in the air. Good for predicting jumps.

  • 236+PP (EX)

The EX version has 6 shots, 1 of them low, and 5 mid.

  • Cerberus has a Bullet Gauge which has a max of 3 bullets, but refills after use. Each input takes 1 bullet (followups do not take a bullet). Ex version only takes 1 version.
Dual Slicer - 236+K
  • 236+B

Two slashes to the front. Hits mid. Mostly used for a combo ender, but can also be used as an Exceed starter and punish tool.

  • 236+D

Cerberus slides and slashes twice, both hits are mid. Crosses up midscreen. A good Exceed combo starter on an opponent who has their guard down.

  • 236+KK (EX)

Three consecutive slashes. The third hit sends the opponent into a freefall state, and can be followed up with a combo of your choice; something as simple as 6C.

Slash Beat - 214+P
  • 214+A

A series of stylish slashes. The first slash propels him backward. Only the first slash comes out if it gets blocked or it whiffs. A slightly decent substitute if you don't want to commit to Dual Slicer.

  • 214+C

A slash followed by a forward charge. Causes the opponent to tech out mid-air.

  • 214+AC

Ex version, A slash followed by a series of shots which doesn't consume a bullet from the Bullet Gauge. Same as the A version, it propels him backward and you won't get all of the hits on whiff or block. This is the go-to reversal. Excellent anti-air with upper body invulnerability on startup. Will reload on hit which restores all 3 bullets.

Air Smash - 623+P (Air OK)

"Nice catch da!" An anti-air with throw properties similar to Rose's Soul Throw. C version goes further in the air than the A version on the ground and consumes a bullet. A version doesn't use a bullet and has a different animation, with Cerb hitting the opponent with the butt of his gun.

  • 623+PP

The EX version hits 4 times, and wall bounces from anywhere. If you're in the corner, you can follow up with a Smashdown Arrow if you wish. Does not use a bullet.

Extra Specials

Smashdown Arrow - J236+K

"Over there! Game Set da!"

A divekick. One of Cerberus's best tools. It can send Cerberus halfscreen if done at a maximum jump height, which makes it a perfect option for escaping the corner. The entire lower area is the hitbox. It can crossup as well. The second hit almost always sends you in the back to the side where you started. If your opponent is trying to find a punish, they must choose wisely.

Sweet Trap - 214+K

"Zannen Trap da!"

Counter move which sends your opponent flying. A version for high and mid attacks, C version for low. Both inputs have different animations.

Ultimate Chaos

Shall We Dance - 236236+K

"Fever!" Cerberus spins up vertically and slashes continuously. The final hit causes a hard knockdown. Can be Chaos Shifted into either a Smashdown Arrow or a well timed j.D.

Passionate Slicer - 236236+P

A 5 hit combo with some slashes followed by a burst from Cerberus's gun. Good for ground Exceed combos and a corner ender if you lack Easy Come, Easy Go or don't want to spend for an Exceed.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

Dancing Storm - 214214+K (K rapid input)

"Let's dance!" Cerberus spins in the air, firing multiple shots below. Pressing K rapidly lets him shoot longer; causing him to fall to the ground in a comedic fashion.

Easy Come, Easy Go - 21441236+K

"Come here! Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo! Bingo!" Cerberus throws energy wires forward and pulls the opponent towards him, followed by a series of stylish kicks and 4 shots. This Extra Ultimate Chaos always leaves you and your opponent separated at fullscreen. Very useful as a mid-range punish. Can be used in all of Cerberus's non-EX Air Smash corner combos.

Destruction Chaos

The End - 21441236+PP

Cerberus materializes a giant gun with wings. When he smashes the ground, a giant wave of energy comes out and travels fullscreen. Can combo off of it if far from the corner. Only useful for punishes and 2D combos.



  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.


  • A Button: Normal version
  • B Button: Dante (Devil May Cry) / Ragna The Bloodedge (Blazblue)
  • C Button: Vergil (Devil May Cry)
  • D Button: Ky Kiske (Guilty Gear)
  • R1+D Buttons: Jotaro (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
MG Hikaru
Celia II Kai
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