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Cthylla, the daughter of Cthulhu is the queen of the sea. One day she came to the surface in search of new toys without regards to humanity's safety. She decided to take the "Chaos Code" for her new toy, but wound up destroying it and enslaving Kudlak instead.

Cthylla has a ton of tools, the most outstanding of which are her projectiles. She has a full arsenal of projectiles including everything but a traditional fireball. She also has reversals, strong okizeme setups, and all the tools needed to rush the opponent down effectively. She does have one clear weakness and that is a lack of range on her normals. Matchups versus characters who not only have more range than her, but can also easily get around projectiles can be tough, but with her offensive tools Cthylla always has the ability to win.

Run vs Step

Both run and step are completely valid choices for Cthylla, and you should pick based on your playstyle. The tl;dr is pick run for strong okizeme mixups, and step for better counter hit confirms and more flexible movement.


Cthylla's Run gives her a Morrigan dash. This means that when you dash forward, you dash into the air. This is extremely useful for mixups as the overheads are neigh impossible to react to, and even if your opponent does react to them, you can cut it short and land for a throw or low attack. While this run has uses in neutral game, it is most effective for okizeme and pressure. This is a more offense oriented pick that forsakes her neutral game a bit, but she can still get in easily given the chance to follow up her projectiles.


Cthylla's step, unlike other steps does not allow her to step cancel her normals on hit or block. It is however, a good step in that it moves pretty far pretty fast and has good recovery. All around good ground movement option, and having a more traditional step makes it a lot easier for Cthylla to work in throws which she gets great combos from. Step is the best for following up her projectiles as she's always in a position to punish rolls during the whole step, and it still moves very fast.


[2B]x1-4 C 2D

  • Standard no-meter combo. If you do 2B too many times, you may push out of range for sweep. 2D causes hard knockdown so this is good for okizeme.

[2B]x1-5 C (cl.D) 236K (direction + K)

  • Standard no-meter combo for when you think you may be out of range to land a 2D. Does less damage than a sweep, and also causes a soft knockdown. You can add a chunk of damage by doing the followup but the combo will no longer knock down.

(corner) [2B]x1-5 C (cl.D) 214KK > 236K > 5A 5C sj9.B C D 236D

  • 50% meter corner combo that does some extra damage and gives decent initiative. You can choose to end at 5A 5C by using 236B for a soft knockdown or 236A for a airtech trap if you so choose.

(corner, close) [2B]x1-2 C cl.D 236PP > 5A 5B C > combo of choice

  • 50% meter extender you can use on cornered opponents when you are close enough.

(corner, close) 214D > 214A > 2A > iad j.B D > land > combo of choice

  • Do this combo when you get a dizzy.

(corner, close) 5A cl.B > 5A cl.B cl.C cl.D SJ.236D > j9.A C D > dj9.B C D 236D

  • If you are too close, the SJ.236D will not hit late enough and the combo will become invalid.
  • You can do the 236D and SJ motion at the same time by inputting 12369~~D.

[2B]x1-5 > C 236236P 6AB [6] > j.C delay D > land 5A > j9.A B C (D) > dj9.B (C) D 236D

  • You may want to omit the extra hits when midscreen to make the timing easier. The delay between j.C and D is optional in the corner. To make this combo easier you can just launch into a superjump with 5A C.

[2B]x1-5 > C (5D) 236236P 6AB j.C delay D > land (corner) cl.D sj8.C delay D > land 5A > j9.A C D > dj9.B C D 236D

  • Note that there is a 5D (far version) optional in this combo, midscreen you normally do not want it to keep the spacing for 6AB j.C good. But in the corner you can link the second hit of 5D into 236236P for some extra damage and stun.

[2B]x1-5 > C > 236K BC > jump delay j.236B 236236P AB > dj9.C 236B 236236P > dj9.C 236B 236236P

  • Exceed combo from 2B starter.

Throw > 2C delay 236K > 5A C > sj9.B delay C delay D > land cl.C sj9.B C D 236D

  • Universal throw combo, this version requires 236K special be selected.

(corner) Throw > 2C 214C > 2A C > sj9 falling j.D > 5A > j9.A B C D > dj9.B C D 236D

  • Universal corner throw combo.

Throw > 2C delay 236K > 5A C sj9.B D BC > j.236B 236236P AB > dj9.C 236B 236236P > dj9.C 236B 236236P

  • Exceed combo from throw starter.

Incantation of Darkness

Throw > 2C > 236K > IAD j.D > j.B > j.C > j.D > land > cl.C > sjc > j.B > j.C > j.D > 214214P > j.A (Nyarlathotep hits) > 5B > 5C > sjc > j.B > (Nyarlathotep hits) > land > 5A (Nyarlathotep hits) > cl.B > cl.C > cl.D > sjc > j.A (Nyarlathotep hits)> land > 5A > (Nyarlathotep hits) > cl.B > cl.C > cl.D > sjc > j.A (Nyarlathotep hits)> land > 5A > (Nyarlathotep hits) > cl.B > cl.C > cl.D > sjc > j.A > ((Nyarlathotep goes to disable) > j.B > j.C > j.236236P

Move List

Normal Moves

5A - Mid. Cancelable.

Nice for last second anti airs. Fast and good recovery, links into itself.

2A - Mid. Cancelable.

Long range for a light move making this a pretty unique and useful poke, a bit slower than 5A. Good recovery and links into 5A.

cl.B - Low. Cancelable.

Good for comboing from counterhits where you can get an OTG relaunch. Links into 5A.

5B - Mid. Cancelable.

Decent poke. You normally want to chain this into a C move to keep things going.

2B - Low. Cancelable.

Go-to light move for close range situations. Fast and links into itself as well as 5A. You normally want to hitconfirm and pressure with this move.

cl.C - Mid. Cancelable.

Sort of an anti air, it's fast but the hitbox isn't really spectacular. I would say this move is OK for close range anti airs only if you get it out early enough. Highest damage C move.

5C - Mid. Cancelable.

Also sort of an anti air, it's on the slow side but covers a really good area. Forward movement on this normal is useful for keeping your combos stable. Lowest damage C move.

2C - Mid. Cancelable.

Large sweeping move that covers the whole area in front of Cthylla, you can even catch airborne people with it pretty reliably at its further ranges. Does a bit more damage than 5C.

cl.D - Mid. Cancelable.

Adds a nice chunk of damage to combos when you are close enough to use it. Moves you forward to keep things going.

5D - Mid. Not cancelable.

If you aren't doing this move in a very specific combo or blockstring, you probably did it by accident because it's not very good. Hits twice, for the same total damage than a 2D without knocking down.

2D - Low. Not cancelable.

Cthylla's sweep. Does a good chunk of damage and causes a hard knockdown. Causes a groundbounce on counterhit.

j.A - High. Cancelable.

The fastest air normal that Cthylla has, so it's good for combos and last second air to airs, but has very little range.

j.B - High. Cancelable.

A bit slower than j.A, but this move is a pretty good jumpin attack. It doesn't have much hitstun, so you mostly want to use it from an instant air dash, then chain it into a j.D.

j.C - High. Cancelable.

Pretty good range, for Cthylla. This move is a nice air to air, and good jumpin attack near the further ranges. Probably also your best move to use for low to the ground air control when air dashing low to the ground.

j.D - High. Cancelable.

Angry drop kick. This move is probably Cthylla's best traditional jumpin attack, though you probably will only use it that way from time to time. This move is still great to use during instant air dash pressure up close since j.B will not chain into j.D properly on crouching opponents.

Command Normals


Special Moves

Cthylla can only have one one of each of her projectiles at a time. This applies to 214P, 236P, and 214K, however it does not apply to 22P.

Phantom of Yog-Sothoth - 236P

Summons bubbles with snakes in them. These bubbles slowly float across the screen for a long time, so they're very useful zoning tools when you have a chance to get them out.

  • 236A

Cthylla summons the bubble around head level, controls air space and is a nice move to setup vs opponents who will have to air tech.

  • 236C

Summons the bubble low to the ground. Better for stopping people for running or rolling straight at you.

  • 236PP (EX)

Summons 2 bubbles, one high and one low. These bubbles travel faster, recover faster, and do more damage than the regular version. The EX version also does not count as the same type of projectile as the other bubbles (they look spiky), meaning you can have a single slow bubble on the screen at the same time as your fast bubbles.

The Hound of Tindalos - 214P

Summons a fish. There's no way for the opponent to tell which fish it is until it actually attacks. However if either of the fish get hit before they attack, they will go away.

  • 214A

The fish does a tounge attack. Hits 3 times and sucks them in. Very nice move for okizeme because it not only has good timing on the attack, but it also sucks them in for continued pressure and combos. It's not a bad idea to use this move once in awhile in zoning since your opponent may think it's the C version and try to get past it, then get caught by different attack.

  • 214C

The fish divebombs them. Unlike the A version, this fish goes really far so it's good to set up during zoning. This move causes a groundbounce you can combo after on regular hit, and has an even larger combo window on counterhit. There's still some limited use for this move in okizeme if you want to go for a cross through (via roll or 236K) and have time to combo after.

Wind-Walking Ithaqua Upper - 623P

Uppercut. Not the best reversal, but a good anti air. Catching anyone with a single hit of this move on counter will get you an easy combo.

  • 623A

Nice, fast anti air. Doesn't really seem to have any invulnerability.

  • 623C

A bit slower, seems to have a bit of start up invulnerability but I'm not sure how much.

  • 623PP (EX)

Almost definitely has some startup invulnerability. However this move is less useful as an anti air than the other 2 because it hits so many times, making the counterhit combos nearly impossible. However, if it hits at a perfect height, you can make last hit of it wiff, and the second to last is not air techable, allowing you to continue your combo.

The Ring of Papaloi - 214K

Hoola hoop.

  • 214B

In place hoola hoop. Does nothing special, but you can use it as a weak roll punish if you don't want to commit to doing nothing.

  • 214D

Throws the hoola hoop. This move is great for zoning and decent for okizeme. It stays out a good amount of time so this move is good all around given you don't let your opponent roll through it freely. There's quite a bit of delay before it hits so don't use it up close without cover fire.

  • 214KK (EX)

Goes a bit further than the D version, and is also active right away. Not really worth the meter as a zoning tool since 236PP exists, but this move has some situational use as a combo extender. You could also potentially use this to cut through other projectiles.

Extra Specials

Interstellar Flight Hastur - 236K + any direction + K (Air OK)

One of Cthylla's best specials. Some people choose to play without this move, but I recommend any beginner, and most Cthylla players to use this move as it can cover many of her weak spots. This move also improves Cthylla's combo game considerably.

You cannot do a downwards followup (1, 2 or 3 & K) if you are already on ground level, this applies to both the 236K and j.236D versions. There is a bit of added landing recovery if you hit the ground in the middle of this move, but it does cut the duration short which is useful. Ground level Hastur's cannot be super canceled, you can only cancel them with B+C.

Both hits of this move are unsafe on block, so mixing up whether or not you do the followup, and in which direction you do the followup is vital to not getting punished when this move is blocked. You can also delay the followup quite a bit.

  • 236K

On the ground both kick buttons will do the same special. Goes really far and is easy to combo from on counterhit. On the ground, you cannot follow up with a downwards direction.

  • j.236B

Same as the ground version but you can super cancel and follow up with any direction. Good basic tool just like the ground version, and a nice way to end air combos, you can choose to hit them twice, or wiff the followup towards the ground to land faster for more initiative.

  • j.236D

This one is a bit different because it goes down at an angle. Good for when you want to get low to the ground and for dicking anti airs. This is one of the best ways Cthylla can end air combos as well since she lands so quickly.

Tulzscha 22P (to set, Air OK) 22K (to launch, Air OK)

Summons eyeballs with the set motion. You can cause them to explode with the launch motion. After 3 are on the screen, the next one you summon will destroy the last summoned eyeballs. These never go away until the round ends or they are detonated.

Interesting zoning tool, not really easy to use as everything hits at very specific ranges. Both the initial summon and the explosion hit. There's a couple very specific combos where you can add extra hits with this move.

  • 22A

Summons an eyeball about a Cthylla's width in front of Cthylla. Air version does the same, but in the air.

  • 22C

Summons an eyeball more like 5 Cthylla's away, air version is still the same.

  • 22B

Detonates all eyeballs, the explosion is a horizontal line. Air version is the same.

  • 22D

Detonates all eyeballs, but this time the explosion is in a vertical line. Air version is still the same.

Ultimate Chaos

Flame of Fire Vampires - j.236236P

Cthylla summons a magic circle that spews out fire while slowly floating forward and talking a lot. Cthylla's most damaging super move, and a staple in many of her combos

Shadow of the Dagon - 236236K

Cthylla touches the ground with a staff which sends out a tiny magic wave across the screen very fast. If they get hit by it, they get locked into a thingy and take a chunk of damage. This move is good for full screen punishes, anti-zoning, and confirming from counterhits where other moves cannot reach.

Extra Ultimate Chaos

The Black Goat's Sabbath - 236236P

Big, beefy reversal. Hard to punish this move and you get a free combo on counterhits. All around good move, you can also extend combos with this if you spend an extra meter to cancel it.

Incarnation of Darkness - 214214P

Cthylla summons an ugly black seahorse named Nyarlathotep. While the seahorse is out, she does not gain any meter, but don't be fooled, this is probably one of the best moves in the whole game, it just has a big difficulty curve.

Nyarlathotep attacks based on your inputs. Your pet seahorse can only attack while Cthylla is able to act, that means he can't do anything for you if you're being hit, knocked down, or locked in blockstun. However, once he's started his attack he will keep going no matter what. Additionally, your directional inputs also control Nyarlathoteps movements. Holding down will keep him low to the ground, holding up will keep him in the air, and holding neither will float him at a medium height. You have no control of his horizontal movement though, outside of that which happens via doing attacks. Your seahorse will by default float a few Cthylla lengths in front of Cthylla until it attacks, then it will slowly return to that position. Nyarlathoteps regular attacks can only be performed with "normal" inputs, so for example if you do 5C then you will get a seahorse C as well, but if you do 623C he will do nothing.

Nyarlathoteps attacks:

  • A or B Does a light jabbing move, only takes a small amount of seahorse meter.
  • C Shoots a line of fireballs, costs a small chunk of meter.
  • D Does a spinning melee attack, the strongest attack but it also takes the most meter. The last hit of this move will launch the opponent and allow them to airtech if you don't follow up, so for loops using this move you must make sure the spacing is correct to make the last hit wiff.
  • 214214P A suicide attack that spews fireballs everywhere directly in front of Nyarl and expends the whole meter, causing him to die. So naturally this is a good move to use when the meter is almost gone anyway. This attack is also a bit different because this is the only attack that is actually a move that Cthylla has to execute, so instead of getting a normal at the same time she has an animation for commanding this attack.

Destruction Chaos

The Call of Great Father - 21426PP

Invulnerable on startup. Cthylla attacks the area in front of her with her staff. If it hits, she chants a summoning spell for a certain someone to come out and shoot a giant laser across the screen and do a bunch of damage. Not a bad move, just expensive so use it wisely.



  • PS3 Version: You can hold R1 button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.
  • Arcade Version: You can hold START button while selecting a character to get an alternative color.


  • A Button: Normal version.
  • C Button: Urd (Ah! My Goddess)
  • D Button: Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)
  • R1+D Buttons: Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
MG Hikaru
Celia II Kai
Cait & Sith