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Name: 夏侯淵 妙才 (Kakōen Myōsai)
Real Name: Shūran
Chinese Counterpart: Xiahou Yuan - Miaocai
Voice Actress: Airi Yoshida

Famed archer, wielding the Hungry Wolf's Claw. Twin sister and lieutenant of Kakōton, she has also vowed to dedicate her body and soul to Sōsō's grand cause. Always calm and composed, she supports her sister without complaint, but must endure great stress and hardship as a result of her sister's impetuousness.


Normal Moves


C followup ok


Hold ok


Special Moves


One Shot One Kill - 236ABC or j.236ABC

Kakouen shoots an arrow in front of her at different heights and angles. If you hold the button down while performing the special move on the ground, Kakouen will delay when she shoots her arrows.
You can cancel the move by pressing D, after inputting the command for the special.

Grounded A and B One Shots are +9 on hit and -19 on block.
Air A, B, and C One Shots are +1 on hit and -15 on block.

Grounded C and A+B One Shots are +78 and +59 respectively on hit (knockdowns) and also -19 on block.
Air A+B One Shot is +60 on hit and -25 on block.

A+B Grounded One Shot - Fully Invul from 1F~14F. Invalid Opponent's Projectile Invul.
A+B Air One Shot - Fully Invul from from 1F~24F. Invalid Opponent's Projectile Invul.

Wei Flash - 623ABC

Kakouen grabs the opponent and shoots them into the ground with her bow.
This is a hit grab that has some invulnerability and leads to a knockdown. This is one of her primary combo enders.

All versions of Wei Flash are 6F Startup, +62(KD) on hit, and -23 block.
A Wei Flash - Air Invul. from 1F~11F.
B Wei Flash - Head Invul. from 1F~11F.
C Wei Flash - Low Invul. from 1F~11F.
A+B Wei Flash - Fully Invul. from 1F~11F.

Surprise Shot - 214ABC

Kakouen jumps and a sparkle effect appears on the ground at a set distance in front of her. If an opponent enters the effect, Kakouen will transition into an attack.
Kakouen will cross up on her opponents outside of the corner. This move can be canceled, by pressing D before she transitions into the attack.

A/B/C Surprise Shot are 12+14F startup, +8 on hit, and -11 on block. Projectile Invul. from 1F~32F / Invul. during the transition of the attack.
A+B Surprise Shot is 12+14F startup, +9 on hit, and -11 on block. Fully Invul. from 1F~28F / Projectile Invul. from 29F~32F.
Kakouen can combo into 2B on counter hit.


Savage Roar - 2363214D

Kakouen lunges forward and then hits the opponent with all her attacks before leaving them crumpled in front of her. Ranbu style.

Savage Roar is 20F startup, +113(knockdown) on hit, and is +4(guardcrush) on block. This move is fully invul. from 1F~30F.


Archer Distraction - 236B+C

Kakouen jumps back and 3 lightning arrows rain down. If the opponent is hit, Kakouen's Hiougi cinematic plays where she fires one very strong arrow into her opponent surrounded by a field of arrows.

Archer Distraction is 30F startup, and is +131(knockdown) on hit. This move is fully invul. from 1F~62F.


cl.B > Special
2A/5A > 623B
2A/5A x 2 > 623A+B
Near 2B > 623X
Far 2B > 236B
CH 214X > 2B > 236B
cl.B > 236B > 623B

  • Note: After this combo, 214B will cross up.

CH 214X > cl.B > ...

Basic Hougeki Combos

The following combos are basic Hougeki routes for Kakouen. Many of these combos are in the video below by Unknown games from 2014. For more damaging and advanced routes, try out the alternate mid-screen routes and watch the second video below by Unknown Games from 2018.
FC > 8j.C > 6B > j.C > 6C > cl.B > 236C > 3B > j.C > cl.B > 623C
FC > j.C > cl.CC > cl.B > 236C > 6B > j.C > 3B > j.C > cl.B > 623C
3B > j.C > 6C > walk > cl.B > 236C > 66 > cl.B > 236C > 6B > j.C > cl.B > 623C
Hiougi Route
FC > j.C > 6B > cl.B > 236C > cl.B > 236C > 6C > cl.B > 236C > 3B > 236C > 236B+C
Alternate Midscreen Routes
FC > cross up j.B > 2B > One Shot > far C > cl.B(1) > 236C > cl.B(2) > 236A > 6B > cl.B(1) > 236A or C > 3B cl.B(2) > 236C > cl.B(2) > 623C
FC > j.C > 6B > cl.B(2) > 236C > cl.B > 236A B or C > far C > cl.B(2) > 236C > 3B > cl.B (2) > 236C > cl.B (2) > 623C

Combo video by Unknown Games (2014):

Combo Video by Unknown Games (2018):

Match Videos