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Welcome to Mizuumi Wiki

Mizuumi Wiki is a service dedicated to hosting wiki pages for niche versus and fighting games.

We are always looking for editors, and if you would like to help, join the Discord server for instructions on how to get an account.

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October 15, 2020 - Phantom Breaker: Omnia announced

PBO Logo.png
Rocket Panda Games anounced an update to Phantom Breaker: Extra, scheduled for a 2021 release for PS4/XB1/Switch/PC. (Source)

September 24, 2020 - Fight of Animals arrives on PS4

FOA logo.png
This release bundles costume DLC. (Source)
Community Wikis

Wikis under construction

If you enjoy any of these games, why not give them a helping hand?

Legacy wikis

Games where a wiki for a newer version can be found on the site. Not actively worked upon but available for reference.

Community resources outside of Mizuumi

Poverty wikis or guides hosted outside of Mizuumi Wiki.

Wikis on Dustloop

Check out these other Arcsys titles on Dustloop Wiki.

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