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Community Wikis

Wikis under construction

If you enjoy any of these games, why not give them a helping hand?

Legacy wikis

Games where a wiki for a newer version can be found on the site. Not actively worked upon but available for reference.

Community resources outside of Mizuumi

Poverty wikis or guides hosted outside of Mizuumi Wiki.

AoCF Logo.png

AoCF Wiki
Touhou 15.5
FEXL Logo.png

Geki's FEXL Guide
Fighting EX Layer
Hisoutensoku Logo.png

Slap City Logo.png

Slap City
Super Fighting Wiki Logo.png

Super Fighting Wiki
SNES, GB, & retro games
Wiki of Ninja Logo.png

Wiki of Ninja
Naruto GNT4 & CoNR3
Other FGC Wikis

FGC community wikis focused on other games or topics outside of the scope of Mizuumi Wiki. Links to all FGC wikis are also compiled here.

Dream Cancel Logo.png

Dream Cancel Wiki
New SNK games
Dustloop Logo.png

Dustloop Wiki
Arc System Works games
Liquipedia Logo.png

Fighters Liquipedia
Tournament results
FSD Logo.png

Free Step Dodge Wiki
Dead or Alive games
Shoryuken Logo.png

Shoryuken Wiki
Capcom games (& more)
Smash Wiki Logo.png

Smash Wiki
Smash Bros games
VFDC Logo.png

Virtua Fighter games
Wavu Logo.png

Wavu Wiki
Tekken 7