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Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Toukon -Matrimelee-

Matrimelee, the 5th game in the Power Instinct series, is a 2D fighting game developed by Noise Factory. Matrimelee was released for Arcades and NeoGeo systems in 2003.

Matrimelee brings new designs and some name changes to eleven classic Power Instinct characters, four totally new characters to the roster, one new boss character, and four guest characters from Rage of the Dragons. Alongside of new characters, Matrimelee added a lot of new mechanics never before seen in Power Instinct games such as Bloodline Battles, Counter Hits, The ability to call out the Kuroko into battle, etc.

Wiki Roadmap

21% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • System and control pages have good info.
  • All characters have basic info. (Special/Super inputs & Combos)
  • Semi-Complete pages: Olof, White, Buntaro, Lynn, Anny, Elias, Kanji, Reiji, Keith, Hikaru
  • Give everyone normal moves.
  • Get damage of all attacks and combos
  • Find meter build of attacks.
  • Reformat combos to proper notation.
  • Get every character page reformatted. (Anny, Chinnen, Jimmy, Jones, Poochy, Reiji, Shintaro, Sissy, Tane, Ume.)
  • Add normals and images
  • Add Character colors
  • New player resources
  • Replace character portraits.
  • Replace images in Anny & Olof to the default Color. Anny's color pallets need to be in her idle stance.
  • Add primer/Term Glossary page and add it to the navbox.
  • Add netplay page & guides. Add it to the navbox.
  • Primer Video Guide / Introduction to Matrimelee, etc.
  • Figure out a netplay page featuring the set-up guides.
  • Make the Menus and HUD section (Maybe HUD part of primer)
  • add hitboxes.
  • add frame data.
  • Compile character resources and bugs.
  • Add a tier list or tier placement to a character's page
  • Add Matchup info
  • Add an interactive character select graphic.
  • Customize the navbox.

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