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(Imported from French wiki:

Inputs Damage (on V.Sion) Meter generation Meter cost Video Commentary
From anywhere
(2A 5B 2B) 2C 623B j.ABC j.ABC j.2C 4319 74.7% 0% todo Generic air combo. Adding 3c reduces damage but gives very slightly more meter.
(2A 5B 2B) 2C 236A 623A 214BCC j.BC j.BC j.2C 3856 61.3% 0% todo Basic corner carry combo, omit the first jb if near corner.
2A 5B 2B 2C 236A 5B 623B j.BC j.ABC airthrow 4451 79.2% 0% 236a 5b is a 1 frame link, only do this if you don't have meter and it will kill. Shorten your air combo for longer ranged hits.
j.C 5B 2C 236A 5B j.BC j.ABC airthrow 5416 63,9% 0% todo Easy combo on j.C
2A 5B 2B 2C 3C 236C j.ABC j.ABC airthrow 4921 47.2% 100% If you aren't near the corner and want to avoid going into max mode, do this. 236c can go earlyer in the combo if needed.
6C 623A 214BB j.BC airthrow 3083 24,9% 0% Midscreen combo on 6C overhead.
6C 623A 236C j.BC j.ABC airthrow 4008 18,5% 100% todo Variation with meter to add damage.
2A 5B 2B 5C 623BB dl. 623A 5A 2C 236B 623B jBC jABC j2C 5032 112.5% 0% higher damage, standing only, character specific combo. More 623A juggles are possibly available and you can do 623A6A wall combos in the corner.
You are in the corner
2A 5B 2B 236A 623A 236B 421C 2C 3677 52.4% 100% todo Side swap into 2C knockdown. Do 2C 236B 623B aircombo if you want j2c or 2C 236B 5A 3C 22B for that knockdown.
Your opponent is in the corner
6C 623A6A 2C 236B 5B j.BC j.ABC airthrow 4335 68,4% 0% Combo corner meterless on 6C.
2A 5B 2B 2C 236A 623A6A 2C 236B 623A 2A 2C 236B 623A6A 5A jABC jABC j2C 5557 144.9% 0% todo This is likely the highest damage universal meterless confirm in the corner. Delay 623A followups, the first 2C is a 1f link, and you can replace the aircombo with 3C 22B.
2A 5B 2B 2C 236A 623A6A 2C 236B 623A 2A 2C 623C walk back 2C 5117 83.0 (about 80 before the 623C% 100% todo Good way to get optimal knockdown without losing damage. Using 623C removes the need for extra height management and the final 1 frame link. Not walking back causes a side swap.
2A 2A 5B 2B 2C 236A 623A 6A 623A 6A 2C 236B 623B j.BC j.ABC2C 5419 A remplir 0% Delay the 6A after 623A to allow the 2C link. Tech punish possible with j.C/j.2B.
After an aerial counter hit
CH 236B 5B 2C 236B 623B j.BC j.BC j.2C 5795 81.9% 0% Basic air CH route; 5B is optional and 5B 2C requires specific height. However, I find 5B 2C to be easier at max range.


otg 214bc works on aoko, tohno, hime, kouma, miyako, ciel, ries, vsion, wara, roa, arc, pciel, warc, vaki, mech, satsuki, nero, nac, hisui, kohaku, neco 
623BB 623A is standing only and works on aoko, miyako, ries, pciel,len, ryougi, nero, koha with at least 4 hits before 623bb.  It works on Nanaya and Kouma with 5 or more, ie if you add a 2A or replace 5C with jB2B.

Combo Theory

Your goals with Farc combos should be as follows: 1. Kill the opponent. If you can't do this with the resources you have available, then 2. Get a 2C knockdown in the corner. If you're in a situation where no route to do this exists or you're incapable of performing one, then 3. Bring the opponent to the corner and get either a 22B or j2C knockdown.

Farc's pressure, damage, meter gain, mixups, and oki are all significantly better if you have your opponent in the corner. In some situations, you might decide to go for an easier combo or go for damage to gain a life lead, but as a general rule, this is your list of priorities.

To maximize damage with Farc, it is important to know two facts about her damage scaling: one, that 623A6A (and 623B6B) both set the combo proration (referred to as correction value in the attack display of training mode) to 50% if it is not already that low, causing future moves in your combo to do at most 50% of their normal damage; and two, that her power waves, 236A and 236B, have 80% forced proration, meaning that they take whatever the current correction value is and multiply it by .8. For example, if you started a combo with 236A, your correction value would be at 80%, and if you did 623A6A and followed with a 236A, your value would be at 40%. What this means is that any scaling you do to your combo before a 623A6A will not have an impact on later damage as long as you don't go below 50%. Also, sometimes you'll have to cut your aircombos short so they dont drop. usually you can be safe with jbc jbc ender, but sometimes you have to do jc jbc or even jc jc.


Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


Fast low kick, decent range, chainable into itself or 5A. Best move for mashing out, good in pressure.


Fast elbow jab, shorter range, chainable into itself or 2A. Very plus on block so good move for tick throw/6C mixups. In alternating 5A2A pressure can whiff and then go into 5B to catch mashing. Can be used as an anti-air but not very reliable.


Solid low poke with a very nice hitbox that extends a good distance past Arc's hittable box. Pretty good move for ground footsies or trying to catch landing opponents.


Fast poke that moves Arc slightly forward, great range. Slightly negative on block but staggered 5B 5B frame traps are very strong because of the range it controls. Dash 5B moves Arc across the screen ridiculously fast and can be used to punish careless backdashes from a distance, catch opponents trying to jump a screenlength away, or slow zoning. This can be easily countered but it should still keep opponent wary from a distance. Can be a semi-reliable anti-air against low aerial approaches. This move can also catch people trying to jump out of frame traps pretty easily but since the hitstun is low, can be difficult to confirm unless you anticipate it.


Great low sweep. Fast and long, relatively safe hitbox, easily confirmable into 236B 623B aircombo on most hits for good damage. Will beat many jump-out attempts in pressure strings. Try not to use as an anti-air, you will probably lose badly.


Haven’t found much use for this move outside of pressure. Can be half-charged to fake an unblockable attempt -- this will generally only beat mashing attempts and lose to shields. Special note, if it hits an airborne opponent they will be sent flying to the other side of the screen, hit C again on hit to command airdash and follow them. This is useful for corner carry combos.


Fully-charged 5C is unblockable. On CH opponent will be sent flying backwards and is comboable. Midscreen use dash 5B to confirm, in corner use anything you want. Easily shieldable/mashable/DPable/anything by non-sleeping opponents but can occasionally take opponents off-guard so use sparingly. May be able to bait an opponent into whiffing a shield -- say, a string like 5A5A dash 5[C], in order to get that ridiculously high CH damage but it's a definite risk.


Overhead. Can be special cancelled, standard combo followup is 623A. 236A/B if they block to reset pressure. This move is slow and easily reactable. Has its uses, however. It will counterhit most 2A mash attempts and, if mixed in as a fake tick throw attempt it will beat OS throw/low shield. Since overhead startup looks and sounds like superjump forward can fake it with sj9. Use this move to get in on bad opponents who won’t shield it 100%, otherwise you gotta mix this one up. Damage afterwards is decent though.


Standard launcher, mostly used in easy combos. Also good in pressure strings for adding extra guard damage before a 236A/B. Can only be special cancelled.


Quick air poke with bad range. Since it’s full moon it needs to be blocked high. Pretty standard, mostly noteworthy for use in fuzzy setups.


Average air normal. 6 frame startup, not a lot of active frames and a weak vertical hitbox but good horizontal range.


7 frame startup, lots of active frames and a very nice hitbox that extends downwards and out from Arc. Good for fishing for counterhits but try to avoid mashing it mindlessly every time you jump, the startup will allow many moves to CH you first (ugh Miyako). Best done pretty early to give it time to establish spacial dominance.


Claw dive, can be blocked either way. Special-cancelable on block or hit, on ground CH easily confirmable into basically any bnb. Somewhat slow and easily punishable, but has its utility. Use when above an airborne opponent to CH them out of poorly placed attacks, to punish mashing on the ground, or in pressure. Fun-to-use and can go into good damage even midscreen if willing to burn meter. Will trade with many anti-airs (this generally results in terrible things for the Arc player) and if opponent is on top of things they can punish outright whiffs.


Combo ender. Ground techable, punish back and neutral techs with j2B and forward techs out of the corner with whiffed air-normal into 5A/2A combo but the timing is irritatingly tight. Has a few other non-obvious uses. Moves Arc forward, so you can use its momentum to propel across the screen. This is useful after, say, double super-jumping out of corner pressure, forcing the opponent to reach further for a punish.

Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) -
「」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 426ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (A version) -
  • (B version) -
  • (EX version) -
「」 - BC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (Standing) -
  • (Crouching) -
  • (Airborne) -

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull