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These all work anywhere.
For all starters involving 5A6AA 2C, delay the 2C as long as possible or the followup combo may drop.
All starters ending in 6B or 5A6AA can lead into j.[C], allowing for a rejump or hard knockdown for okizeme.
Damage values are from C-VSion

Meterless combos

  • 2A confirm mid-screen combo (Easy). 5C might hit only once, depending on the distance
2AAA 5B 2B 2C 5C 6C j.BC j.ABC AT 4262 dmg
  • 2A confirm mid-screen combo (Easy v2)
2AAA 5B 5C(1) 5A(whiff)6AA 2C 6B j.BC j.ABC AT 4339 dmg
  • Max damage mid-screen combo confirm mid-screen combo (Harder)
2AAA 5B 5C(1) 5A(whiff)6AA 2C 5C 5B 6C j.BC j.ABC AT 4692 dmg
  • Max damage corner combo (Hard, you can use 2B instead of 2C, which is much easier but you lose some damage)
2AAA 5B 5C(1) 5A(whiff)6AA 2C 5C 5B 6B j.[C]B <land> j.ABC j.ABC AT 4952 dmg
  • Max damage mid-screen combo
5[C] 5A6AA 2C 5C 6C j.BC j.ABC AT 5215 dmg
  • Max damage corner combo
5[C] 5A6AA 2C 5C 5B 6B j.[C]B <land> j.ABC j.ABC AT 5641 dmg
  • Air grab combo (Easy)
AT 2AAA 5C j.BC j.ABC AT 2826 dmg
  • Air grab combo (Easy)
AT j.6B j.ABC j.ABC AT 2853 dmg
  • Air grab combo (Hard)
AT j.2[C] 6C j.BC j.ABC AT 3029 dmg
  • Air grab combo (Hard)
AT j.6B <land> 5B 6C j.BC j.ABC AT 3047 dmg
  • Air grab towards corner combo (Hard)
AT j.6B <land> 5B 6B j.[C]B j.ABC j.ABC AT 3412 dmg

Metered combos

Generally, you are not going to use these, as they wont deal much more than meterless combos.
If you have heat, might as well spend it on arc drive instead.

  • j.236A j.236C confirm
j.236C 5B 6C j.BC j.BC AT ~3600 dmg (Depends on how many of j.236A attacks hit)
  • Dust
5[C] 623C 5B 5C 214B 5B 5C(1) 5A6AA 2C 6B j.ABC j.ABC AT 5296 dmg
  • OTG
2AAA 236C
  • OTG in the corner
2AAA 5B 2B 2C 623C

Arc Drive combos

  • Max damage mid-screen combo with AD
5[C] AD 5B 5C(1) j.BC j.ABC AT 6202 dmg
  • Max damage corner combo with AD. 5B 6B should come out ASAP.
5[C] AD 5B 6B j.[C]B <land> j.ABC j.ABC AT 6739 dmg


You want enemy to respect your projectiles.

To do that first see how they deal with spamming them, if they have issues, then just spam 214 to win.
If they are able to move around projectiles, or in between 214B, then you have a strong opponent. You can make it safer to spam projectiles by putting down stool or two.
623B can be used to deter people going over your head to avoid 214B spam.

If you feel bad spamming 214, or just don't enjoy it, you can always switch to play aggressively.
You will need to super dash around whole map doing j.6B, making it scary for enemies to move without blocking.
Of course you will still need to use 214B occasionally to support your super dash advances.
j.236 series is a great spacing tool that is pretty much unbeatable by any normals. Also j.236A has a very short startup, it can help you win a lot of scrambles. j.236AB series can be cancelled to EX version to lead into a combo: j.236B j.236C 5B 6C j.ABC j.ABC AT for example.


H-Hisui pressure is linear, most of the pressure comes from her staggers, frame traps, and throw resets.
So a lot of the time, you will need to have a plan what to do after throw.
Luckily, Hisui throw is very good, leaving you able to tech punish, or setup okizeme if not teched.

Stagger pressure

  1. Remember to mixup stagger pressure with throws, Hisui has plenty of good raw ground throw options.
  2. 2A 5[C] is a frame trap.
    Try not to abuse this, as 5[C] is pretty slow, and people can often react to it when they half expect it.
    So make sure you throw a bunch, then this will give you sweet counter hits for maximum damage combos.
  3. Run out of buttons to press, then do 214B.
    Once you run out of buttons, you will have some space between you and the enemy.
    If they keep jumping out, teach them not to by doing 236B236B quickly.
    Once they know to stay, you can do 214B. The book will hit, after some delay. By then you will have recovered and ready to press buttons again.
  4. 6C[C]
    Is a curious button. It is an overhead, but its very telegraphed by the first 6C.
    However, you can make it threatening, since 6C can be cancelled into 2C.
    6C[C] has to be blocked high, shielded high, where as 2C has to be blocked low, and shielded low.
    The more you wait, the more ambiguous it gets. Obviously good opponents will still be able to react to the overhead, but its a good "are you ready for overheads" check.
    When 2C hits, safest move is 236B, since enemy will be far away. Train to see if 5C will hit (it usually does).
  5. 623C dust pressure to keep enemy in the corner.
    Can be used after blocked 6C6[C]236C.
    Can be used after blocked 2A 5[C] frametrap.
    Can be used after blocked 236B236B jumpout prevention.
    Leaves you +, so you can do a jump in pressure after. For example super dash forward, j.B dash cancel j.B. Or maybe instead of second j.B do j.6B and throw.

Ground throw / Not teched air throw oki

  1. Ambiguous crossup with j.2C (or j.236 when you get bored of j.2C and want to spice things up).
    If they start shielding, start throwing, but remember if they shielded low or high.
    This is to see if they like shielding low or high more, then instead of throwing you can also start with a button that will beat the shield 5B or 2B and on counter hit do 5[C] for maximum damage combos.
  2. In the corner you do a throw/j.6B mixup.
    1. To do that, jump up, then hold back, then do j.6B move and dash towards enemy and start pressing buttons.
    2. Obviously j.6B will come out and hit the enemy, so they block.
    3. However, once you let them see this once, you can then NOT do j.6B and dash in for a throw. This then resets the situation and you go back to point 2.
  3. Confirm no tech and put down the stool.
  4. Jump j.6B/throw mixup.
  5. Just jump up, j.236B.
    This works because it catches dash backs.
    Once you land, you will be plus, so you can toss 2A, 2B and even 2C! (depends on the timing, 2A is the easiest one)
    As said above, you can cancel j.236B to j.236C when confirming a hit. Although usually you can simply land and do 5A etc. into air combo.

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


Mediocre 2A. Fast to come out, decent hitbox. Can be blocked standing.

  • 2A
5A & 5A6AA

5A is not as bad as it looks. Hits crouching. 1 frame slower than 2A. Can be used to stop people jumping out from corner. For example after getting 2AAA 2B 2C 214B string getting blocked in the corner, opponent has time to jump out, dash 5A would catch them, where as dash 2A would whiff.

Leads to 5A6AA string. First 6A part of the string is pretty much 5A from C-Hisui, so it can be used as an anti-air. Second 6A is an amazing move, the bucket. The bucket has really good hitbox and a million active frames. Bucket can be delayed for frame traps and catching people jumping out. It is also a really good anti-air.

  • 5A
  • 5A6A
  • 5A6AA

Nothing special, must be shielded/blocked crouching.

  • 2B

Has a lot of active frames, a good meaty. Ground counter hits should be confirmed into 5[C] for max damage combos. Not a good anti-air, 5A6AA is more successful, since you might get away whiffing with the help of some bucket magic. Must be shielded high.

  • 5B

Generally a useless move. Can sometimes come out instead of backdash if you use A+B to do it.
Drains opponent meter, can be held to drain more
Can be successfully used from 6C i.e 2AAA 2B 5C 6C 4B

  • 4B

Good move, launcher. Low scaling, means move has high damage potential.
Allows for j.[C] which is the primary function of this move

  • 6B

Somewhat fast. Has good range. Can be used to catch wakeup backdashing after 2A(whiff) 2C. Must be shielded/blocked crouching.

  • 2C

The monster truck move. Especially when held. 5[C] Can be used to catch teching, if opponent doesn't tech, releasing the button asap would increase recovery speed, so you dont get punished. Max damage combo starter. Hits 3 times.

  • 5C 1
  • 5C 2
  • 5C 3

Starter for the 6C 6C 236C target combo. Second 6C can be held for overhead.
Instead of second 6[C] (overhead) you can cancel to 2C (hits low). Always delay 6C as much as possible, because delay increases ambiguity between overhead/low attack.
Example overhead cancel combo: 2AAA 5B 5C 6C 6[C] 236C If in the corner, you can follow up with 5A 5C(1) j.BC j.ABC AT
Example low cancel combo: 2AAA 5B 5C 6C (hold this as much as possible) 2C 236B 236B(might need to cancel 236B early before opponent falls away) j.BC j.ABC AT

  • 6C
  • 6C6C
  • 6C6C236C

Decent j.A, fast to come out, has nice hitbox position.
Can be cancelled into j.236 series for some hard/swaggy char specific combos.

  • j.A

H-Hisui's trademark j.B, other Hisui moons wish they had it. Hits behind which allows for super jump air backdash shenanigans.
Can be air dashed cancelled, allows for some additional pressure in the corner.

  • j.B

Good hitbox, can be held for table slam into OTG.
Used in the corner combos, since can be reverse beat to j.A or j.B for re-jump air combo
j.[C] can be used to create ambiguous left/right mixup using j.2[C] (or j.2C) after super double jump. e.g. 2C 6B j.[C] <super dbl jump> j.2[C]. Timing specific, can land left or right of the opponent.

  • j.[C]
  • j.C

Underrated move. Allows for very creative zoning and safe meaty.
Example safe meaty: Throw (causes OTG), super jump over opponent, air backdash j.6B wait for hit/CH/block/backdash then re-start pressure.
Can be used to tick throw: IAD j.6B throw
Can cancel into itself: IAD j.6B j.6B <combo>


Without this move H-Hisui would be a bad character, instead of mid-tier character.
Can be used for left/right mixup on the OTG opponent.
Destroys opponents who mash 5A anti-airs, because of the nicely positioned hitbox.
j.2[C] is + on block and also is an overhead.

  • j.2[C]
  • j.2C

Special Moves

That was some good work 「がんばりました」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Item set. Most typically used for okizeme.
  • (A version) - Close bento. Hisui pulls out a tablecloth and sets a plum sandwhich bento on it, which will explode when stood upon because she can't cook. Launches on hit; you can follow up a connected bento with j.[C] into a combo.
  • (B version) - Far bento. Like the A version, but the cloth travels further along the ground and it becomes active more slowly as a result.
  • (C version) - Hisui pulls out a stool which will clash any one attack that touches it, keeping you safe and allowing you to punish with a combo of your choice. You can have two stools set up at once. Does not cost meter. Arguably the only option for H-Hisui, because of how good it is for her game plan.
  • Stool feared by many
My ladel is tough「おたまは頑丈です」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Ladlepokes, aka yayaya. Hisui pokes forwards with her ladle several times and then does a followup attack. For both the A and B versions, the followup can be accessed immediately by repeating the input.
  • (A version) - The followup strike gives a hard knockdown. Can be relatively safe because of pushback, though this depends on spacing.
  • (B version) - The followup strike launches and can be followed up with j.[C]. Usually used on far 2C confirms. Can catch backdashes.
  • (EX version) - OTGs and also stops time for a moment when activated, allowing it to connect very quickly. Gives an untechable launch which can be followed up with <code2C into a hard knockdown via 623A or 6C6C. Uses 100% meter.
  • 236A/B
  • 236C
Pardon me 「失礼します」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Dust.
  • (A version) - Air unblockable dust cloud in front of Hisui. Has very solid range and knocks down on hit. You have time to set up a bento or a stool after this hits.
  • (B version) - Upwards dust, also air unblockable but does not give a hard knockdown like the A version does. This move is a very strong anti-air if you can get it out. Don't whiff it though. Head hurtbox is removed during the move.
  • (EX version) - Creates a dust cloud which slowly glides forwards, hitting up to four times. Useful in pressure and getting out of pressure. Uses 100% meter. Opponents might get block stuck in the cloud, and can be hit out of it by ground moves.
  • 623A
  • 623B
Watch out 「危ないですよ」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Item toss; Hisui's main set of projectiles.
  • (A version) - Hisui tosses a tray horizontally. Some characters can crouch under this, and it is unsafe on at point blank. Useful to stop IAD advances.
  • (B version) - Hisui tosses a book which travels a short range horizontally and a vase in a high arc. Slow on startup, but controls a lot of space. If the opponent in the corner there is a sweetspot at around 62% of the screen away, where both projectiles would hit at different times even when crouching. Slow/big characters will have trouble escaping. Shielding is hard because its easy to mess up the timing. Good pressure tool, if the opponent is in the corner, dash 2A or 5A is a frame trap.
  • (EX version) - Hisui tosses 3-5 random items, covering a lot of space. Uses 100% meter. This move is usually has no point except using the rest of the heat bar. However, it has no low hurtbox. This means that if you know someone will dash 2A spam, you can use this to get a massive counter hit stun into high damage 5[C] combo.
My ladel is tough 「おたまは頑丈です」 - j.236ABC
  • (Description) - Air yayaya. Really good neutral tool. All versions can auto correct themselves if you do 2369 movement instead of 236.
  • (A version) - Starts up very fast, but the duration is low, so if this runs out while you are in the air, you might get punished. TK motion can be applied to use this as an additional pressure tool.
  • (B version) - Starts up slowly, but pokes more times. Does a lot of damage for a single move (~2200).
  • (EX version) - Pretty useless, though it can be hit-confirmed from the A or B versions and leads into an air combo. Uses 100% meter. Can be used to continue pressure.
  • J236A/B
  • J236C

Arc Drive

Dark Hisui fist
  • (Description) - Invincible, air unblockable, unshieldable, delayable hadoken

Can be held.
Beware of moves like Ciel's 236C. Those easily punish this AD

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull