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As a note for all combos:

  • All j.[C]'s can be replaced with j.C if you are not confident in your execution.
  • All damage values were calculated on C-V.Sion

Beginner Combos

These combos are easy to confirm into and consistent, while still netting good damage. You don't need to learn any other combos if you don't want to.


  • 2A 2B(2) 5C(1) 236B~B j.[C]B dj.BC Air Throw
4478dmg, +41.3% (j.C)
4614dmg, +43.4% (j.[C])
Very simple BnB that works anywhere on the screen. Can be started with any normal. If starting with 2C, go right to the 236B~B part
  • 22A/B 66 5C(1) 236B j.CB dj.BC Air Throw
4932dmg, +37.1%
Use a super double jump if you need more height.
  • 236[A] > 623C
2776 dmg, -93.0%
Hitconfirm off midscreen overhead. Requires Mech to be in the right position. Gives hard knockdown.
  • 63214C j.[C] j.BC Air Throw
2440dmg, +24.5% (j.C)
2527dmg, +26.6% (j.[C])
Midscreen command throw combo. Delay your jump until the opponent starts to fall.
Doing a super double jump cancel (29) can help if you find that you are too low.
  • Air CH j.C 66 5C(1) 236B j.CB dj.BC Air Throw
4551dmg, +33.6%
Air CH combo, you can use this for any Air CH or Ground to Air CH


  • 236[A] delay 5C(1) 236B j.CB dj.BC Air Throw
4372dmg, +33.6%
Combo off of overhead. Be careful to delay the 5C so you dont get the 236A-C followup.

Misc. Combos

  • Air Throw j.A(whiff) land 5C(1) 236B j.CB sdj.BC Air Throw
3101dmg, +26.6%
Raw Air Throw combo. If Kohaku falls far back, you need to super double jump.

Battou Loops

Battou Loop routes allow you to convert into 236A, 236C, and Arc Drive for more frame advantage than a AT knockdown. Allows more control over your meter. This allows more options at the cost of damage.

Video (shows basic battou loop and damage route):

  • 2AA 5C(1) 5A 6AA 214B 66 2C 5C 236[B] 2C 5C(1) 236A (236C / 41236C)
Basic battou loop; gives up some damage for 236A ender setplay options, with possible better knockdown and circuit break if you spend meter. Works from exactly midscreen. Video omits the second 5C(1); this adds 65 damage on VSion.
  • 2AA 5C(1) 5A 6AA 5A 5C 236[B] 2C 5C(1) 236A (236C / 41236C)
Use this version of the 2AA battou loop if you're in the corner and Mech isn't standing at a distance laser will hit from or you don't want her to move forwards. As with other battou loops into 236A, sacrifices damage for better setplay options.
  • 22A 2C 5C 236[B] 2C 5C 236[B] 2C 5C(1) 236A (236C / 41236C)
Spike ball into battou loop. As with other battou loops into 236A, sacrifices damage for better setplay options. Corner only.
  • 236[A] 5A 5C 236[B] 2C 5C(1) 236A (236C / 41236C)
BE battou overhead into battou loop. As with other battou loops into 236A, sacrifices damage for better setplay options. Corner only.

Metered Combos

236C and Arc Drive are possible after any 236A-ender battou loop.


  • ...


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Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


The moves in number and strength order. Explain no how the moves works, what it's best suited for and where it lacks.

























Special Moves

Multi-Weapon Service 「マルチウエポンサービス」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Mech Hisui's pressure/oki oriented assists. Usually this is your go-to move after a hard knockdown to cover your pressure on wakeup and punish people for trying to reversal on wakeup. All 3 versions of this move recover significantly before the active frames of the attack begin, making it completely safe for this purpose.
  • (A version) - Short range Spiked Ball assist. Kohaku throws a spiked metal ball in the air, then Mech Hisui jumps upward and slams it down to the ground with her hammer. This move is air unblockable and groundslams on hit, making it extremely effective to cover your initial oki as if they were to reversal out on wakeup the ball would hit them and knock them back into the corner, netting you a free combo if you blocked their reversal and likely resetting you to neutral at worst on a trade.
  • (B version) - Long range Spiked Ball assist. Same as the A version, however it flies farther and is not air unblockable. Usually used when Mech Hisui is too far away to use 22A/C or to cover approach attempts from a medium distance. Limited utility, but it has its usefulness.
  • (C version) - Flamethrower assist. Kohaku whips out a flamethrower, tossing it to Mech Hisui. Mech Hisui then jumps up and does her standard C/H j.2C attack. This attack has slower startup than the spiked balls slightly, however the hitbox is massive and it has huge numbers of active frames, making it your best bet for covering movement or preventing your opponent from trying anything funny on wakeup.
Draw out - Hidden Sword 「抜刀・秘密の業物」 - 236ABC
  • Kohaku Battou attack. Similar to her Half Moon and Crescent Moon Kohaku battou attacks, with some slight differences. Whereas Half and Crescent moon Kohaku have multiple followups after using Battou with A, B, and C, all of Kohaku's followups are the solo Kohaku A followup. However, in exchange, her charged A battou wallslams, allowing her to combo off of it in the corner using the A followup.
  • (A version) - Low battou slash. Can be charged to become an overhead that wallslams on hit. Pressing any button after the attack occurs(on hit, whiff or block) will perform a broom-slam followup that can be jump cancelled. The uncharged version inflicts untechable knockdown. In addition, this move may be cancelled on block or on hit into any version of 623 or 22 assists or into 236C, and cancelled on hit into 236B. Useful in blockstrings to set up for 22A/B/C to cover resuming pressure, and in conjunction with 236B is your staple launcher. Cancelling it into 236C gives you a very long knockdown period to set up oki.
  • (B version) - High battou slash. Can be charged to become air unblockable and wallslam. Pressing any button after the attack occurs(on hit, whiff or block) will perform a broom-slam followup that can be jump cancelled. This move is also jump cancellable on hit. A somewhat risky antiair, but it has extremely long reach and a good angle, and can be followed up from if you land a successful hit. Combined with 236A for your staple launcher combo.
  • (EX version) - Standard solo Kohaku EX Battou, this move inflicts hard knockdown on hit and is extremely unsafe on block. Your best tool to set up for oki after a combo, but depending on positioning it may be preferable to use 623C instead for the added damage.

Long-range Electromagnetic Shock 「ロングレンジ・電磁ショック」 - 623ABC
  • KohaMech lightning fist assist. Mech Hisui reaches across the screen and shoots lightning from her extended hand. All versions of this move are air unblockable and may be both forward-and-back-dash canceled to make them relatively safe.
  • (A version) - The weakest version of the move, this has very few hits, is pretty unsafe on block, but is the fastest version
  • (B version) - The most practical version of the move, is safe on block when backdash cancelled and has a much larger hitbox than the A version, making it an effective way to punish jumps at long range or use as ranged antiair or to grab dashes or ranged attacks.
  • (EX version) - Though it costs 100 meter for only a little more damage than 623B and a bit more range and +frames when cancelled, this move inflicts hard knockdown on someone hit. With proper spacing this can also be used as a way to escape pressure by trading favorably, but that's a very risky choice as though the attack will not be cancelled if kohaku is hit once Mech starts moving, Mech herself can still be hit. Very situational move, but has some limited uses. Does more damage than 236C if you want to spend meter for damage and hard knockdown.
Sisterly Bonds - Steel Edition 「姉妹の絆・鋼鉄編」 - 214ABC
  • Some of Kohaku+Mech's assist moves, mostly focused around poking and zoning or combo tools. All 3 of these moves can be performed both on the ground or in the air, and the ground versions are both forward and back-dash cancellable.
  • (A version) - H-Mech 5B assist. Mech Hisui does a super-long range palm attack. This attack wallslams and can be comboed after provided you are in range. An excellent combo tool in the corner, but very poor for zoning as it is both air and ground blockable, whiffs crouching targets, and is moderately unsafe on block.
  • (B version) - Mech Hisui air beam assist. Mech Hisui jumps a short distance into the air and fires a laser beam at an angle downward. Hits nearly fullscreen on grounded targets, although it whiffs crouchers at close ranged. Has fast startup, also groundbounces if it connects on OTG targets, allowing a relaunch followup if you are close enough. Can be comboed into using 2C.
  • (C version) - Flying Mech Hisui assist. Mech Hisui summons a flying Mech Hisui clone to come in from behind and above Kohaku and fly across and upward. This Mech Hisui is vulnerable to attacks, but will eat any hits it takes, protecting you if you are also in the attack's hitbox and blocking projectiles. The ground version can be charged, causing the Mech to come in at ground height and on the opposite side of the screen, providing a way to interrupt attacks from fullscreen which have slow startup. Backdash cancelling this move gives you an excellent tool to control airspace from the ground at minimal risk to yourself.
Magnum Upper Scramble 「マグナムアッパースクランブル」 - 63214C
  • KohaMech's special command throw. Kohaku grabs the target, launching them into the air, then Mech Hisui summons a flying robot to hit them in the air. You can combo off of this move by jumping after you recover and hitting them once the robot connects. One of her stronger mixup tools, it has only a 4 frame startup(the same as a standard throw) but allows for significantly more damage due to being comboable from.

Arc Drive

Unsealed Amber Kick 「開打靠靭琥珀脚」 - 41236C
  • The same as standard Kohaku's arc drive, an invulnerable and unblockable dash attack. If the first hit connects, she will execute a combo on the target dealing decent damage and inflicting Circuit Break. This attack will OTG, so it can be comboed off of any move that allows OTG followups such as 2C. It will not hit targets in the air or who are blocking however, and if it whiffs you will rebound off the wall and be punishable for a long duration, meaning using this move in any situation outside of a combo is an extremely risky choice and almost never worth it.
Sisterly Bonds - Reverse Imported Movie 「姉妹の絆・逆輸入劇場板」 - 214214C
  • Kohaku and Mech Hisui execute a team combo on the target. The startup of this move is fully invulnerable and the hitbox is fairly large, however it is blockable. A costly reversal since it consumes your entire Heat Gauge but also the only practical reversal H-KohaMech has due to her standard Arc Drive being so slow and easily punished. Kohaku recovers shortly before Mech Hisui finishes the combo, so although the combo itself is ground techable, you can punish them for teching if they do so. 7 frame startup,

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Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
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