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Normal Combos

  • 2a/5a 2b 5bb 5c 2c 236a 236c j.bc j.bc airthrow.
This is his most basic bread and butter combo. It does the most damage when started with 2b and has to be used at close range.
  • 5b 5c 2c 236a 236b j.bc j.bc airthrow
You will need to use this bnb sometimes if the opponent isn't close to you, it still does around 4k damage which is excellent.
  • 2a 2b 5bb 5c 2c 236a 236c 236c 236c
This is a full rekka combo that will throw the opponent into the corner, use this if you want to put them in a corner position, they can tech out of the corner though so watch out for that.
  • 2a 5b 5c 2c 5a 236a 5a 2c 5a 2c 236a 236b 236c j.bc j.bc airthrow
Highly damaging combo with good carry, but linking 5a and 2c repeatedly is very tight. Can also be ended with 2C 6C for greater mixup or a free safeheat.

Metered Combos

  • 2a/5a 2b 5bb 5c 2c 236a 236c j.bc j.bc j.214c
This will do alittle more damage and also put them in the corner with a faster harder knockdown.


So, you want to play the lazy Kouma huh? Well you are going to need alittle patience/experience to fully make use of this moon. Lets get down to it.


Alot of people regard this as his weakest moon for good reason, his normals aren't as good as the other moons. You need to actually make an effort to link his 5a into 5b if that says anything, and he has no godlike 2b, so why the heck play C-Kouma? Swag. Thats why. What Kouma lacks in neutral options he makes up for in just having more options. This is the only moon where Kouma has an overhead. Just thnk about this, its a character with command grabs, an overhead, a built in mixup (5b[b]) and the second highest life in the game. All he would need was a projectile and good normals to be the best character in the game. Also, he can heat on command, yeah. C-Kouma has the most options out of any of his moons, which makes me believe that at highest levels where people can make use of his good specials, this would be his best moon. He also does a ton of damage because he can air combo. I body Bellreisa on a daily basis with this moon.


This is the area where alot of people will suffer. Its hard to space using this guy, infact, if you havent made use of 623a or you dont have a good air game sense you will probably find it damn near impossible. He does have alot of anti air options such as 623a 623b j.b 236c and his air dash is very good for catching people in the air with an airthrow. On the ground you are going to have to be creative, when he is in pressure literally the only good option he has is 214c to catch someone, or a very smart 236a or well timed poke. Versus zoning characters its a real pain, you just have to know what to look for vs certain characters, Kouma can put a 5a on an opponent very quickly, and aslong as you hold that pressure C-Kouma has alot of options.


Kouma is all about pressure. Just when you have made someone block you dash up and grab them. It messes with their head. Most people do not even know Kouma has an overhead and will sometimes get hit by it or just get ground bounced trying to escape it. You want to make good use of his 5b[b] that is plenty plus frames on block that can be mixed up into a straight grab or 2a into a combo. I find that conditioning someone to block by continually dashing up to them on wakeup and spamming 5a will let me dash up and grab them faster. Note that his 236a rekka is +3 on block when you throw it after a string and lets you make another move. Its all about making the opponent scared, when they are scared, they get hit by dash up 5a, when they block, they get grabbed or staggered by 2c.

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


This is Kouma's standard defensive poke. I say defensive because 5a is more useful offensively. Active on frame 5 for 4 frames. Not the fastest 2a, decent though. Its a lower, close to the ground hurtbox.


This is what you use to check people and make them block, which Kouma needs to win. If there was a move I could take from this game and apply to my everyday life, it would be this one. Cashier gave you wrong change? Chop them, etc. This move, like 2a, is active on frame 5 for 4 frames but its hitbox is far better suited for rushing someone down. Its hurt box is horizontal and towards the middle of other characters hitboxes, dashing up and using this move is something that will punish mashing and jump outs, hell, it will even beat none invulnerable supers if timed correctly. You want to spam this on someones wakeup if you are looking to get them to block and then promptyl, punish them for blocking with Kouma's command grabs. -


Don't hate, appreciate. So what if you no longer have the best anti air in the game? This move is used for other things now. This move is relatively fast by becoming active on frame 9 and its duration is...get this...6 frames. Why is that a big deal? Well, this move hits low, you can use it when you dash up and it will hit people using standing shield into Kouma's most damaging 5k+ bnb. The hitbox on this is bigger than it looks as well. -


Kouma got lazy on this move. This is a slow 5b active on frame 11 (yuck) and its duration is 4 frames. You probably think this is a bad move but its still Kouma's 5b with the gawdlike hitbox. Infact its so slow that you can use it in a backdash punishing option select 5a 5b and it will hit them on the ground. (The other moons will come out too fast and put them in a juggle state thats not as good.). You will need to use this move right away from 5a or it will not link into the combo. -


This is an excellent stagger, you can put this after a string for a hard knockdown or if you are fast enough, to straight combo it into rekkas. -


This move is good. Its hitbox is shaped in a weird way that can hit someone who is air dashing at you, its as fast as 5b. -


Most people do not even know this move exists in Kouma's armory. Its a slow overhead that can combo into 4k+ damage, a cool guy. This move also ground bounces air opponent and otg opponents for some swaggy stuff. You can use this close to the corner to catch people jumping away in an addition to just throwing it out every once in awhile to try your luck. Its generally a very risky move.


Its a jumping a, his fastest jumping anti air. Used to quickly ch someone out of something or just catch them in the air and airthrow them afterwards. The hitbox is alittle strange, but its fast. -


I like this as his main jumping anti air because the hitbox is good, its fast, and on ch its very easy to capitalize on, you can even IAD with this move if you dont feel like using j.c. -


This smacks people right in the face with its downward hitbox, perfect as the offensive air move to be used after strings or to punish.

Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - These are Kouma's rekkas. They are used for combos and strings.
  • (A version) - This is probably Kouma's most useful rekka. It is used in his standard combo and can be used as a stagger in strings. There is super armor on the startup of this version so if timed correctly, it can be used to poke out of moves or setups that have short active frames, like F-Akiha's flame pillars. When used in a string, this rekka is best used at the end of your string since it is +3 on block if it connects with a blocking opponent, leaving Kouma open to do more mixup options.
  • (B version) - There isn't much use for this rekka. It can be used to make character specific combos easier since it hits opponents higher to line up his j.b so that it doesn't whiff, but it does about 100 less overall combo damage (I.E. Wlen). It CAN be used to anti air but there are far better options.
  • (EX version) - This isn't an EX, its more of a c version of rekka that costs no meter. This is a very good rekka. You want to use this in your combo to maximize damage and it will generally make his air portion of his combo easy on most characters. This rekka has 3 parts to it, it has an initial elbow rekka, a followup upper grab rekka similiar to his F-moon's 623 series, and then a grab that if connects will throw the opponent across the screen to the corner. You will only be using the first part of the 236 in combos because the next part of it moves Kouma forward a great deal and will generally whiff if not timed correctly. The second part of the rekka is combo-able with a delayed timing on the 236a and this will put the opponent in the corner if followed up with the last grab portion, however, it is tech able once the opponent lands in the corner. This rekka can used in strings to catch opponents who are jumping out, but the motion must be done quickly and spaced correctly for it to work (I.E. using 236c after 236a xx). Note that even if the opponent jump blocks this, they will still get grabbed by the last part of the chain, and then promptly tossed into the dumpster. This rekka is a hard neutral game Anti-Air to master but if your yomi is strong enough, your fingers fast enough and your spacing is godlike enough you can actually get all three motions out and then hit them with the last grab portion of the rekka for some big swag. Plus it just looks cool as hell.
「」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - His reflect series. Used as a defensive option.
  • (A version) - This move is interesting and can be used with good results. You can use this move on wakeup to get someone off of you (aslong as they don't see it coming and bait it) It gives Kouma some super armor an puts a hurtbox around him for a second, if it counterhits someone, if you are fast enough, you can dash and combo them into a knockdown. This move also reflects projectiles, hard to time though, and launches someone off the ground in an otg, I have yet to find something to follow it up with.
  • (B version) - This move feints the a version and instead makes Kouma do a fast long dash, very risky to use since it doesnt hit the opponent.
  • (EX version) - This is probably your most reliable defensive option, and costs 100 meter. Kouma does his 22a except the hurtbox is massive and hits anything around him if not blocked, can be followed up with an air combo if CH. You want to use this move to get the excellent amount of super armor frames it gives and get an offensive or defensive advantage, people will usually run from you when you use this move because well, its super armor.
  「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Kouma's dp series, not much to say about these moves.
  • (A version) - This is probably his best version of this series. The "football punt" as I like to call it, is actually a really good special. In terms of hurt box this move is actually a better anti air than the other moons 2b, but it has start up that requires good timing and has a far bigger hit box so Kouma is pretty punishable if it whiffs. Its more risky than 2b but its technically a better hurt box and can be followed up with a full rekka bnb if it counter hits an opponent out of air. Plus it looks awesome.
  • (B version) - This move is a pretty cool guy. It launches Kouma at a 45 degree angle and then he does his 623a kick in the air. This move is probably one of his most unsafe moves to use, I like to call it "going for the gold" because if it whiffs you get punished hard but it can counter hit annoying characters who fly higher up in the screen and then be followed up with a combo. Its a pretty fast special though so alot of the time the opponent cant punish it fast enough. It can be followed up with another 623b motion to knockdown the opponent into a tech-able knockdown. I wouldn't use this in combos since it is tech-able.
  • (EX version) - If you had the meter to use this move, it should probably be used for other things. This makes kouma do a super 623b that has a hurtbox for the whole duration and is an okay escape option. It probably shouldnt be used as an escape since if you needed one you should heat instead. It can be used in combos but the damage isnt worth the meter cost. You can tk this in a string and it will put you at enough + frames to land and do whatever you please.
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ... This is why people are afraid to block vs Kouma, its the godlike command throw series folks.
  • (A version) - Whenever you see someone waking up and mashing its either one of two things. They live in America or they are scared of this command grab. This grab is very fast (faster than a 5a) and does variable damage. It does decent damage and gives you the mixup option if you do nothing after it grabs, it does alittle more damage if you push down after it grabs and throws the opponent behind kouma in a hard knockdown (useful if you want to throw them back in the corner), and then theres the "I want to kill this guy now" grab that does alot of damage and throws the opponent across the screen and destroys your mixup options. If you use the back throw with kouma facing away from the corner, kouma will throw the opponent behind him with all the good damage and then you can even follow it up into a combo or hard knockdown. This grab is so good you can literally walk up to an opponent hit 5a, wait half a second and then input this grab and it will grab the opponent (A legit setup btw, try it). This move is active on frame four and 5a is active on frame five.
  • (B version) This is pretty much the same as Kouma's a version command grab but instead of becoming active very quickly, this move delays the actual grab for a good duration. This is actually a useful thing because it can be used without any special timing after a string aslong as its spaced right, and will grab an opponent unless they are quick to punish it (I.E. 5aa 214b ). I would put this into your mixup game to encourage your opponent to mash your strings out so you can punish them for it. The range on this grab is much larger aswell.
  • (EX version) - This move is different from the other EX grabs in Kouma's other moons. It doesnt hit right away post flash like the others do (don't drop him yet, let me finish) but its hurtbox is huge. Its so huge that it can be used to punish opponents normals on reaction. (Like after using 236a, waiting for your opponent to do something, then using this move.). It can be used to grab opponents in their strings from a good distance aswell, a sort of defensive EX grab if that makes sense.
「」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - ... These specials are used to gain air momentum and other things.
  • (A version) - Shoots Kouma forward at about the distance of a normal IAD. Not much use here.
  • (B version) - Shoots Kouma about 3/4 the screen, good if you want to get away from something and happen to be in the air.
  • (EX version) - Not a super. This one is interesting. It doesn't shoot Kouma forward at all, it actually just makes Kouma fall straight to the ground with very little delay to do something else. A gimmick in terms of mixup options, because you can tk this move and then do a quick command grab before the opponent knows whats going on.

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - An instant grab, does more damage in blood heat.

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - Does more damage than other AD.

Last Arc

  • (Description) - Air Shield LA. Not really practically, but it does okay damage and looks pretty cool I guess.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull