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Melty Blood/MBTL/Links

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This page has been blank since the game launched (As of 01/20/2022). Please, if you have any links to additional Lumina-specific Database/Learning Tools, Match footage (not channels, services), or lists of external guides, put them here or ask someone in the Mizuumi Re-ACT discord to put them here for you. Character-specific resources should go onto their respective Resources tabs.

List of Discord Invites

(More to be added)

Original Melty Blood Server "Maincord"


Alternate Melty Blood Community Server "Redcord"


Panic Shield Anonymous (PSA) Server [NA]


Melty Blood Type Lumina EU




Melty Sud [Lower South America (from Chile / Argentina up to Ecuador)]


Melty Blood LAN [Upper South America / Central America (from Ecuador up to Mexico)]


Turkish Melty Blood Server


Match Footage

Match footage database that can be sorted by character, player, who won, whether it happened offline or online, etc.


Database/Learning Tools

[PC] MBTL-Training (External tool for in-game framedata, precise meter gain, savestate for positions other than the corners & roundstart, etc.)


Lists of External Guides

(More to be added)