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Normal Combos

  • 2A 5B 2B 5C(2Hits) 6C 214A 6C 214A
Basic BnB oki combo
  • 2A 5B 2B 5C(2Hits) 6C 214A 6C 623A,B,C
  • 2A 5B 2B 5C(2Hits) 6C 214A 236A j.B j.[C] dj j.B j.C AT
Easy combo that does a lot of damage, 236A can be substituted with 6C
Can do one hit on 5C if your spacing is too far.

Metered Combos

  • 2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 6C 214A 6C 214A 236C Dash 5C 214A
After the 236C dash up so you can catch them on the wall slam(your follow up depends on the spacing) and if your coming from the other side of the stage you can wiff the first hit of 5C and catch them with the second...


F-Roa is a basic character with basic tools. Its a good thing and a bad IMO, and by good I mean he's easy for a decent player to perform well with. It's bad because he only has some many tools to work with and maybe easy to read if you aren't creative enough. He's a very fast and linear character both on the ground and in the air. Use his mobility to overwhelm your opponent. Maintain pressure with 214a(lighting), 236A,B,C(slide slash) 236[B](sway/Smooth criminal). Use these tools in blockstrings and mix it up. Once you get the opponent to respect your 236 pressure, then the fun can start :). You can start to use the 236[B] for better mix ups, do at your own risk (not masher friendly).His j.[C] also has good priority. You can also use the fact that his j.C is chargeable. You can mix them up with jump ins on oki or OTG setups.

Otg combo: 2A(5) 5B 2B 2C..

Corner ex: after 214 knock down

  • 2A(5) 5B 2B 2C jc IAD...
At this point you can either

j.C To go for an overhead if you think they will duck, or if you want to keep applying pressure. j.[C] when you IAD you will be too low to the ground to complete the move so you will land right in front of them you can choose to grab or go low etc(basic high low mix ups).

214 Enders/oki Setup

  • Safe jump j.[C]

For those unfamiliar with safe jump setups, it basically is used as a means to force an opponent to block and if they try to get away through reversals they can be punished. F-Roa has a setup that achieves this by timing a charged jump C just as the opponent is getting up. If the move hits go into a combo, if they try to reverse out with something like a dragon you can block before the move can hit you, if they block they are now in charged jump C block stun and you are at massive advantage. You can even punish back dashes if you are quick enough with 2C into full combo (or maybe something better?). The one way for characters to beat this is to reversal parry your jump c. Given this is very hard timing and you can alter your setup in many ways to adjust for wake up parries. If your opponent has resorted to that then the setup had done its job and you should start mixing in jump charge C wiffs into lows and throws or run different setups for a while.

  • IAD falling j.236a

This is an interesting setup that plays off the properties of j.236a. Basically you get a knockdown and immediately air dash over the opponent and activate j.236a just as your about to reach the ground (but don't cancel the move). This setup does a couple pretty cool things, 1) reverses your opponents inputs, meaning they have to dp the other direction to get the move out. 2) the back of j.236a/b/c sucks the opponent towards you pulling them right next to you as you land. 3) Done correctly this setup is meaty and leaves you at frame advantage on block (only a and c versions) 4) if you hit you get to follow up with an air combo for 2.5-3.5k 5) sometimes if the opponent crouch blocks they actually cross back in front of you before you land. B version may have some utility as a ghetto shield setup as you are at disadvantage but not punishable All in all I'm really liking this setup right now. Its main weakness is that a well timed back dash will avoid this setup completely and of course a wake up shield will beat it as well. The trick is to vary the timing and use this one sparingly mixed with other IAD setups.

  • IAD j.B (wiff) -> land 2a/2b

This one is just a basic IAD setup. If you play around with the timing on the j.B you can make the landing low cross-up or not and it can be very ambiguous. Obviously, this one can play off the IAD j.236a trap as well.

  • 236[B] (ground cross-up)

If you hold down the B button after F-Roa's 236B on the ground you get a command dash that can pass through opponents. Using this property we can setup another very ambiguous cross-up after 214a/b and adjust the range to make the dash cross-up or not. This one is all about how tight you are with the spacing as it can be very hard to see or very easy depending on how lazy you get with it. Also, you can do a similar cross-up by canceling a mid-screen OTG string into the 236B. Cool stuff.

  • Meaty normals

This is about as simple as it gets. However, given the properties of F-Roa's grounded B normals, he is quite good at this one. Both standing and crouching B normals have good active frames, are decently fast, and most importantly leave you at advantage on block. This can lead to some pretty good pressure where it is really dangerous for the opponent to press any buttons at all. Mix in these great normals with his advantage specials (214a and 236b) and now you have some potent pressure with frame traps galore!

Normal Moves

5A – standard standing jab. Does hit crouching opponents.

5B – hits mid moves Roa forward a bit. I mostly use this in combos or frame traps off of 2a.

5C – 2 hits, great range, moves Roa forward, some application as anti-air as well as tech punishing.

6C – Long arm strike, great range and moves forward.

2A – hits low. fast, but short range

2B – a f-Roa exclusive, good ranged low poke with pretty solid active frames for tech punishing.

2C – a short slide. Hits low. Can combo a 6C after for an air combo. Catches after air counter hits pretty well.

  • All of Roa’s ground normals cannot be blocked in the air or are “air-unblockable”*

j.A – quick hand jab, fast with poor range, decent for a quick air-to-air

j.B – good range kick that hits slightly above Roa

j.C – Roa attempts storm’s jump fierce. This is a great air normal, if a bit slow. Can be charged for more range/stun/damage. Can hit as a cross up if charged. Beats a lot of things once fully charged.

Special Moves

236A/B/C – An upward ground slash - All versions are air-unblockable. - A and B versions can be canceled by any EX move or Arc Drive. - B version can be held for a command dash that can cross up through a grounded opponent. Also, somewhat useful for continuing pressure. - C version hits twice, wall bounces, and can be combo’d after in the corner. - All versions jump cancel-able on hit.

623A/B/C – Dragon punch. Goes off the ground at a 45 degree angle. - A version is air-unblockable with no invincibility. - B version is air-BLOCKABLE with some invincibility. - C version is air-unblockable only on the last hit, Has the most invincibility I believe. - All DPs end in an untechable knockdown.

214A/B/C – Lightning bolt strikes in a vertical column in front of Roa. - A and B version do the same amount of damage. - A version hits close, but not directly in front of Roa, B hits a little further out. - Lightning floats on grounded hit and is an untechable knockdown on air hit. - C version is air-unblockable, invincible, and punishable on block. - A and B versions can both be air blocked. - C version can set up for air tech traps, as the lightning hits in a larger vertical column over Roa’s head for a little less then 2k damage.

236A/B/C (in air) – Electricity surrounds Roa in the air. - All versions air-blockable with some utility as anti air. - All versions can be canceled before the hit by landing on the ground. - All versions are safe on block. - A version gives advantage if TK’ed close to the ground. - A and C versions allow for a follow up combo with float on counter hit. - B versions hits three times and cannot be combo’d after - C version hits with a greater range then A or B. - C version has invincibility on start-up. - C version can add some damage to air combos if used instead of air throw finisher. (about 200 dmg.) - All versions can hit on both sides allowing for cross ups. - On block the move has some short of vacuum effect.

41236C (Arc Drive) – Quick horizontal lightning bolt crosses the screen. - This move is Very fast and has VERY long range. - Can be used to punish any tech from a ground throw. - Easily combo-able from basic strings. - Air-unblockable - Deceptively large vertical hitbox.

Throw – Roa has a very solid ground throw.

  • In the corner can connect a 2A > A > 6C to air combo
  • Teachable throw, but all techs are punishable from mid-screen.
  • Arc drive and dash 214 B lightning punish back techs.
  • Closer techs punished by dashing 2B or 214 A or B lightning
  • You can also press 2 during his throw to ground them right next to you for untechable knockdown

Arc Drive

  • Quick horizontal lightning bolt crosses the screen. - This move is Very fast and has VERY long range. - Can be used to punish any tech from a ground throw. - Easily combo-able from basic strings. - Air-unblockable - Deceptively large vertical hitbox.

Last Arc

  • Long boring animation that has nothing to do with lighting. Nonetheless lots of Dmg
Shield Ground

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull