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*While max 623C > whiff Bloodheat activation
*While max 623C > whiff Bloodheat activation
**214A > 41236D (loses to high shield > jump/reversals that go up.)
**214A > 41236C (loses to high shield > jump/reversals that go up.)
**3C > 41236D (loses to heat/reversals/low shield > jump)
**3C > 41236C (loses to heat/reversals/low shield > jump/low block > jump)

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Be sure to check this article about C-Satsuki: https://drunkardshade.com/2015/07/23/melty-bits-c-satsuki/


Normal Combos

  • 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],delay till you almost touch the ground, 9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,3C,(623[A],421A)
    • On Kouma and Ries you need to delay 623[A].
    • Works midscreen and in the corner
    • If you cannot hit 2[C],2C consistently skip the 2[C]
    • On some characters you can put no delay on 9sj.[C] and you will switch sides with them, so you can throw them back into the center with 421A

Metered Combos

  • 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],wait,9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C
    • 5B,5A,2C Only works if the combo ends in the corner
    • Midscreen you can often do 623[B],5B,5A,623C and it works on alot of the cast.
    • 2C,5C doesn't work on everyone midscreen you can just replace with 2C,5B for consistency.
    • Ends in 4-way mixup

  • 2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],wait,9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,3C,623[A],421B~2E,j.C(whiff), 2C,wait,5B,5C,623[B],5B,2A,2C,623C
    • Longer Variation of above


  • These should be the max damage consistent variations you should be shooting for off random connects, spending as little meter as possible for optimal situations...if you find a higher damage consistent version please replace it with the one posted, I will try to update this section as I get more efficient combos.
  • Any 2C,5B,623[B],5B,5A,623C, can be replaced by 2C,3C,623[A],421A/B


  • Corner: 623C,2C,3C,623[A],j.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C
  • Near Corner: 623C/236C,2C,3C,623[A],421B~2E,j.C(whiff),2C,3C,623[A],j.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C
  • Midscreen: 623C/236C,2C,3C,623[A],9j.[C],2[C],2C,5B,623[B],5B,5A,623C


  • Corner: 214B,623[B],5B,421A~2E,j.C(whiff),land,2C,3C,623[A],j.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C
  • Midscreen: 214B,623[B],5B,623C,2C,3C,9j.[C],2[C],2C,5B,623[B],5B,5A,623C



  • Back to corner: dash 5B,623[C],2C,3C,623[A],9j.[C],land 2[C],2C,3C,623[A],421A



  • Anywhere: 5[C],2[C],3[C],8j.[C],9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,2A,2C,623C


  • Anywhere: 3[C],2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C

5A(vs air)

  • Near corner: 5AAA,421B~2E,2C,3C,623[A],9j.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,2C,623C
  • Midscreen: 5AAA,623C,2C,3C,623[A],9j.[C],land,2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,623C

EX-shield, 5A(vs air) or CH 5A(vs air)

  • Anywhere: EX-shield,5A,5[C],2[C],3[C],8j.[C],9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,623C


  • Near Corner: j.C,2B,5B,5C,236C,2C,3C,623[A],j.[C],5[C],2[C],2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,2C,623[C]
  • Midscreen: j.C,2B,5B,5C,236C,2C,3C,623[A],j.[C],dash,2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,2C,623[C]

Raw Airthrow

  • Anywhere: Airthrow, j.[C],5[C],2[C],3[C],j.[C],j.B,land,5C,623[B],5B,2C,623[C]

Meterless BnB starting from just out of corner

  • So you just did 496 mixup after 623C in the corner and it connected and you want a meterless way to put them in the other corner for a 4-way mixup well here ya go.
  • j.C,2C,3C,623[A],8j.[C],wait,9sj.[C],land,5[C],2[C],2C,3C,623[A],421A

Things to Know

Magic Pixel

  • So your oppenent is on their magic pixel and you really REALLY want to kill them here are some ways to blow though all your meter in a desperate attempt for more damage, just loop one of these things till they die
    • (421A~2E,j.C(whiff),2C,3C,623[A])xN
    • (421A~2E,j.C(whiff),2C,5B,5C)xN
    • (623C,2C,5B,5C,623[B],5B,5A,(2C))xN


  • In the middle of your BnB, sometimes 2C,5C,623[B] will not connect on some characters, in this case you can replace it with 2C,5B,623[B]
  • In many cases if you need to do 2C,5B instead of 2C,5C, you can instead get 2C,slight delay,5B,5C,623[B], for a bit more damage.


Ground/Wall bounce limit

  • You are only allowed 3 ground/wall bounces in the same combo, after 3 your opponent becomes impossible to hit. However, Satsuki has a way around that.
  • 623C sets the bounce limit to 1 regardless of how many bounces you at.
    • Example: 2C,623[A],j.[C],j.[C],land 623C,2C,214C,2C works
  • You are still only allowed 1 jump cancel in a combo however.

It doesn't work on X

  • With Kouma/Ries you have to 2C,3C,delay,623[A]
  • With Ryougi after 236C/623C, you have to hit 2C right before they hit the ground.
  • 2[C] does not land all three hits against Ries/Ryougi

It only works on X

  • Against Satsuki or Aoko, when theyre low enough to the ground and in hitstun, you can pick them up with 5A/2A/5B/2B into 2C
    • Useful in advanced 22B combos, like 2C 3C 22B ~ 2A 2C 3C 623[A] j.[C] ~ sdj.9 j.[C] land 5[C] ~ 2[C] 2C 3C 623[A] 421A/B



  • 496 aka IABD j.C mixups will hit everyone, however you may be unable to follow up with 2C(2hit) on many characters midscreen. In these situations use 2C(1hit), 236C.


623C 4-way mixup

  • Dash 8j
    • land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • hold back land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
      • If you go for this when your not near the corner you normally need to j.C,2C(1 hit),236C to combo.

623C 3.5-way mixup

  • Pause 9sj
    • DJ8 before crossup
      • Land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
      • Hold forward land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
      • Hold forward backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • DJ8 after crossup
      • Land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
      • Hold forward land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
      • Hold forward backdash j.C (crossup, high)

Midscreen Only

421A/B 4-way mixup

  • 9sj
    • Early j.B/C(whiff) land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • Late j.B/C(whiff) land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • Backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
      • If you go for this when your not near the corner you normally need to j.C,2C(1 hit),236C to combo.
  • Ideally you want to pick 421A/B based off the one that will end them as close to the corner as possible without actually being in it.

EX Bite 3.5-way mixup (slightly unsafe)

  • 9sj
    • Early j.B/C(whiff) land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • Early j.[C] (uncrossup, high)
      • The only way I have ever hit raw j.[C]
    • Late j.C/j.[C](whiff) land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • Backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
      • Will whiff on crouchers because of the height.

3C 3-way mixup

  • 9sj
    • backdash j.C(uncrossup, high)
    • early backdash j.C(whiff) 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)

623[A](grab version) 3-way mixup

  • Walk forward, 9sj
    • early backdash 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • late backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
  • Use this against Kouma/Ries when you screw up your BnB and get the grab instead

3C 4-way mixup (unsafe)

  • 8j
    • j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • Hold forward land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • Hold forward backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • Hold forward 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
  • Word of caution, you can mash out of this mixup.


  • Your options for mixing someone up in Melty in the corner are a bit limited to say the least, but this is the stuff that works and is for the most part safe.

623C 4-way push mixup

  • Assumes you pushed them out of the corner slightly with 623B,5B,2A,2C,623C
  • dash don't push them into the corner sj8
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)
    • land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
  • dash push them into the corner sj8
    • backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)

623C 4-way mixup

  • Assumes you pushed them out of the corner slightly with 623B,5B,2A,2C,623C
  • delay sj9
    • early backdash j.C(whiff),land 2C/63214C (uncrossup, low/throw)
    • backdash j.C (uncrossup, high)
    • land 2C/63214C (crossup, low/throw)
    • 496 aka IABD j.C (crossup, high)

EX Bite

  • 9sj
    • early backdash j.C(whiff) 2C/63214C
    • late backdash j.C


  • slight delay dash 9j
    • early backdasdh j.C(whiff) 2C/63214C
    • late backdash j.C


  • While max 623C > whiff Bloodheat activation
    • 214A > 41236C (loses to high shield > jump/reversals that go up.)
    • 3C > 41236C (loses to heat/reversals/low shield > jump/low block > jump)



Catsuki 623C.png

  • Your signature move
  • This move is an amazing anti-air that will completely change the way your opponents have to play against you once you have the meter.
  • 8 frame startup, 2 active frames


  • Completely bonkers hitbox
  • Leads into BnB


  • Easily baited if your opponent still has another jump or airdash remaining.
  • Not a reversal, this move isn't invincible at all so beware of some zoning moves


Catsuki 22A.png

  • Deceptively good anti air
  • 7 frame startup, 4 active frames


  • Deceptively low hurtbox
  • Deceptively large hitbox that hits on both sides
  • On CH leads to BnB
  • Fairly safe on block
  • Can't really be baited with double jump
  • Regular shielding a jump-in into 22A will counterhit the opponent sometimes, leading into a full combo


  • Very unsafe on whiff
  • Leads to nothing on non CH
  • Loses to really deep reaching air moves.


Catsuki 214A.png

  • Super cancel-able move on whiff/block that moves you about 3 character widths.


  • Can be used to cancel into super for a surprise 623C or 63214C, to catch your opponent off guard, or hit them when they think they are safe.
  • Dash,214A covers a surprising amount of distance.


  • Unsafe if predicted


Catsuki 2C.png

  • Bonkers range low poke
  • 6 frame startup, 6 active frames


  • Leads to BnB
  • Completely safe on whiff cancel
  • Stupid fast startup
  • Absurd hitbox


  • None


Catsuki 5A.png

  • Quick air unblockable jab with a solid hitbox
  • 4 frame startup, 3 active frames


  • Very fast startup
  • Ex-shield>5A = guaranteed CH vs air
  • Air unblockable


  • A bit tricky to combo after


  • Catsuki's pressure isn't nearly as good as Hatsuki's, but for the 3-4 seconds it lasts it can be quite scary and because of how absurdly powerful her Oki options are, a single solid hit can be a round.
  • You can trick your opponent into blocking high, then hit them with a low by half charging 5C overhead into 2C (5{C} 2C)
  • 236B will catch opponents who rely on blocking too much, and leads to 6k+ damage
  • 2C,2A(whiff)
  • IAD j.C


  • EXTREMELY minus on its own, but you can catch people off guard easily with 3[C] delay 623[A]
  • If they block the 623[A], you can still catch jumpouts with 2C, afterwards
  • You can also IAD j.C them if they block, expecting you to 2C after 623[A]
  • Although really risky, you can feign your 623[A] by either doing 2A or 623[B] 2C after 3[C]


  • Good range really fast command throw that does decent damage and heals a bit of red life, this move is amazing use it whenever you can.


  • You can super cancel 214A on whiff which can be used for mixups with 214[A], to try to bait a jump out.
  • 5B,2B,5C,214A(whiff),63214C
  • 2C 2B(whiff) 2C 3C 214A(whiff) 63214C
    • Guaranteed to make Brandino Salty 100% of the time.

Another Arc Drive

  • This move apparently does not have throw protection.
  • So anything 5C,214A,5B,3C,3[C] into AAD are unblockable setups where once you start blocking your dead, see oki section for setups.
  • You can combo into this move from MAX with the following examples
    • 2C 3C 623[A] j.[C] land, BLOOD HEAT, 5B 2C 623C AAD
    • 2C 3C 623[A] 421A j.2E j.C(whiff) BLOOD HEAT, 5B 2C 623C AAD

Dealing with Pressure


Just block, sometimes trying to escape pressure right now is too risky so your best bet is just to well block. You can afford to be wait and be cautious because getting hit even once by a clean Catsuki combo can mean a loss of the round because of her scary oki so just play patient and safe while on defense, and look for your opportunity to poke out. This does mean however that sometimes you have to utilize EX-guarding in order to not be guard broken as a general rule of thumb only EX-guard multihit attacks until you really know the matchup.


Your reversal of choice, a fairly quick move that is invincible until it's first active frame which will almost always trade with the opponent normally in your favor. This move is pretty safe on block which is the main reason it is so good.


This is an actual reversal, however it is incredibly unsafe on block/whiff. You only want to use this when you are positive it is going to hit. This move also hits both in front and behind you

  • This move is comboable from fullscreen
    • 22C 66 sj.9 ~ j.B land (5A?) 623[B] (OTG)


This move can be used as a reversal against opponents trying to delay meaty you on the ground to bait a reversal, will make people want to never play you again.


Go back and look at that hitbox and remember 6 frame startup, having this option open will mess up some characters when pressuring you.


Since you are playing Crescent moon and have a 4 frame jab that means that if you read an air move with EX_Shield, immediatly pressing 5A is a guaranteed CH, which you can follow up with a full BnB.

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


- [Mid] 4 frame startup. You're playing Melty, which means 2A is a good move. Now that there is no longer any silly A armor, this move is way better :D.


- [Mid] 4 frame startup. Solid anti air, can combo into 623C or the 421X series.


- [Low] 8 frame startup. Has worse range than 2C. Had a few gimmick uses before because of A armor but since that is gone now, use this only for filling out full damage combos.


- [Mid] 9 frame startup. An arm swipe that moves Satsuki forward. It also has an excellent 7 active frames making tech punishes a joke.


- [Low] 6 frame startup. Hits twice has crazy range. Use this alot, ALOT ALOT.


- [Low] 26 frame startup. 3 hits, tons of guard damage, frame advantage on block, tons of damage on hit.


- [Mid] 11 frame startup. Satsuki slams her fists into the ground. Mostly combo filler but can also be used to create tricky blockstrings and frametraps.


- [Overhead] 31 frame startup. Primarily used as a combo filler. Has weird guard point around fists that isn't very reliable.


- [Low] 13 frame startup. Satsuki slides forward.


- [Low] 26 frame startup. Satsuki slides further forward than 3C. Launches on hit.


- [Mid] 4 frame startup. Quick jab with a solid hitbox around head level used to fish for air counterhits which lead to big damage.


- [Overhead] 6 frame startup. If you're trying to run away from something in the air, this is normally the move you throw out while backdashing.


- [Overhead] 8 frame startup. Air to ground move of choice. This and your backdash are pretty much the main reason why Satsuki's oki is so insane.


- [Overhead] 24 frame startup. Faster than it was in the PS2 version by 1 frame. The J[C] link for her BnB is now a 3 frame link.

Special Moves

Don't interrupt me...! - 22ABC
  • Description - Ground Pound move, this gives you a really low hitbox which makes it good as an anti air
  • A version - [Mid] 8 frame startup. One fast pound. This gets more counter hits than you might think and gives a combo off of counter hit. Compared to 22B it has 1 frame faster startup and is less unsafe on block.
  • B version - [Mid] 9 frame startup. Two pounds. EX cancellable, and is used in C-Satsuki's harder combo game.
  • EX version - [Mid, Reversal] 10 frame startup. Invincible from frames 1-9. Seven pounds of fury and wallslam on hit. Along with 214C, this is Satsuki's best reversal. Compared to 214C, 22C has better hitboxes but much much worse on block. What would happen on block is that the opponent would get pushed out of range and you would be left pounding nothing. No followup outside corner.
Sacchin's Arm Grasping the Endless Dream - 236ABC
  • Description - Generic ground arm grab series, in general not very useful.
  • A version - [Mid] 8 frame startup. Pretty quick with OK range but blockable. That one move you are not going to use. On hit, it is similar to Satsuki's normal ground throw, as in techable and no real follow-up. On block, it is not too bad, but pushes you far away, and you lose your pressure. Don't use this.
  • B version - [Unblockable] 31 frame startup. Much better than 236A but bit gimmicky due to its long startup. Satsuki tosses the opponent right in front of her. It gives you untechable knockdown, so you can OTG (be quick though) and go into a combo. Throw this in blockstrings occasionally when the opponent respects them.
  • EX version - [Mid] 10 frame startup. Invincible from frames 1-3 EX ground grab. Has a vacuum effect (as evident in the tornado around her arm), so it can grab opponents from about 2 character lengths away. On hit, Satsuki ground bounces the opponent (untechable) just like 623C. You could end ground combos into this and go into mixup or continue the combo, but you have better uses for your meter, and this is still pretty slow (disadvantageous on block).
Sacchin's Arm Chasing the Unreachable Dream - 623ABC
  • Description - Anti air grab series, prepare to use this ALOT.
  • A version - 6 frame startup. When the opponent is on the ground, barely above ground, or too far, you get the uppercut launcher. Otherwise, you get the grab.
    • Uppercut [Mid] This can serve as a launcher but its charged version is used more for combos, because doing 623A after 2C 3C usually gives you the grab, not the launcher. 623[A] comes out a bit slower and results in a launcher usually, since the opponent fell enough to be near the ground.
    • Grab [Unblockable] This looks like normal ground throw (chucks opponent backwards), but it is not air techable. It is still ground techable though. Potential tech punish, but don't count on it.
  • [A] version - 14 frame startup. When the opponent is on the ground, barely above ground, or too far, you get the uppercut launcher. Otherwise, you get the grab.
    • Uppercut [Mid] This is part of your main BnB launcher series: 2C 3C 623[A]. Not too useful on its own (small horizontal range) but essential.
    • Grab [Unblockable] Gives you an untechable knockdown that looks like 236B, but you cannot OTG afterwards, so useless for combos. You don't really get a good okizeme either.
  • B version - [Unblockable] 6 frame startup. Just a normal anti-air grab that looks just like MBAC Satsuki's 623A, with 8 startup frames and 8 active frames. The throw is just like the ground throw: air techable, but potential OTG if not teched.
  • [B] version - [Unblockable] 14 frame startup. Much like MBAC Satsuki's 623B, except 1 frame faster. OTG with 5B, 2C, and 5C and start combos with 623C. Thankfully, 5B OTG works on all characters in MBAA.
  • EX version -[Unblockable] 8 frame startup. Invincible from frames 1-3. Arguably Satsuki's single best move and one of the best anti-air in the game. Satsuki vacuums in opponents in air within range to her hand and slams them down so hard that they bounce back up. The whole process is untechable. 2 frame active, 34 frame recovery.
Let's go~! - 214ABC
  • Description - Wax On, Wax Off
  • A version - [Mid] Satsuki punches opponent while moving forward. You can hold this to stagger the attack, but "fully charged" version is actually just a feint (not so useful). The punch's hitbox is pretty good (can hit higher than you might think) and jump cancelable on hit, but not used outside a few combos and setups.
  • B version - [Overhead] Slow (29 frame) overhead. On hit, you get a launch that can be followed up with 623C or airthrow. Like 236B, it can be used occasionally in blockstrings as gimmicks. It is surprisingly safe on block at -2, though. Can combo to 623[B] for big damage.
  • [B] version - [Overhead, unshieldable] After a while (around 3 arm rotations), the punch becomes a single-hit (overhead at max range as well) unshieldable, overhead attack. This causes a wallslam on hit. If you are close to the corner, you can follow up with j.[C] dribble combos for huge damage. Also, eats away a LOT of guard meter on block. Good luck landing this in an actual match though.
    • Only the first hit is an overhead, meaning if you use this too far for some reason, this would not be an overhead. Charge this just a bit to double the damage of the overhead hit.
  • EX version - [Mid, Reversal] 12 frame startup(?). Invincible from frames 1-12. Wallslams on hit so that you can get out of pressures. It is also pretty safe (-2 frame). Combos into 2C and then into whatever in corners, but proration makes longer combos off of 214C not worth the effort. This move almost always results in a trade in your favor, when used as a reversal.
Sacchin Dunk Slamming Down Whatever She Grabs - 421ABC
  • Description - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6zqHKd265E
  • A version - [Unblockable] 7 frame startup. Short leaping airgrab. The smash part of the dunk gives an untechable bounce just like Satsuki's MBAC air throw. This does mean that 421A can lead into 4-way mixup with superjump 29. You can also catch jumpouts, but 421B is better at that. Unsafe on whiff.
  • B version - [Unblockable] 11 frame startup. Satsuki leaps a bit farther. Same properties as 421A except 4 more frames of startup.
  • EX version - [Unblockable] 8 frame startup. Invincible on frame 2 and frames 4-7. EX dunk. It is like 623C except Satsuki jumps. Awesome if the opponent jumps, but painful if whiffed. You can still 4-way with this, but you end up a bit closer to the opponent than with 421A/B, so adjust accordingly. As an anti-air, this reaches higher than 623C but does not hit at some lower angles.
Sorry but just one bite! - 63214C
  • Description - EX Bite. Both version drain 1/4 of damage it deals in life and gives a hard knockdown.
  • Ground Version - [Unblockable] 3 frame startup. Invincible at super flash. Very fast command throw with decent range (1.2 Satsukis away). At 3 frame startup and 0 post-flash frames, any opponent on ground and in range will be grabbed. Use EX Bite as a tick throw instead of normal ground throw, since this is infinitely better and Satsuki's not as meter-reliant as before.
  • Air Version - [Unblockable] (2 hits) Slower than ground EX Bite with 9 frame startup and 3 post-flash frames. There is no practical way to combo into this, so it is hard to hit with this during an actual fight. The recovery isn't too bad (15 frames), but don't use this too much since you will whiff and get hurt. You can OTG off of the knockdown.
    • Apparently, it is possible to use EX Bite after the opponent blocks j.B close to you, but this kind of chance won't come that often.

Arc Drive

I'm Angry!
  • [Unblockable] Does nothing. 16 frame startup, 12 post-flash frames, so the opponent can easily jump away. You do have invincibility, so maybe use this to counter attacks at close range. Don't count on it though.

Another Arc Drive

I'm Very Angry!
  • [Ground unblockable, air blockable] 12 frame startup, 6 post-flash frames. For easy damage, combo into AAD from 214C, 623C, or 236C.
    • Has no throw protection 5C/214A/5B>AAD, blockstring into unblockable.
    • NERFED, no longer air-unblockable.
    • Can also be shielded now. Very unreliable to use outside of a combo...or blockstring.

Last Arc

Reality Marble - Depletion Garden
  • MASSIVE damage, circuit break, and impossible to avoid.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull