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Note: See section below for enders.(xx = whatever starter, EX: 2A 5B 2B or 2A 5B 5C, etc)


  • xx 2C 6C j.C dj.C Ender
Basic BnB
  • xx 2C 5C (1/2 hits) j.CB dj.C Ender
Alternate basic BnB that has further reach.
  • xx 2C 6C [8] j.C dj.CB j.236c Arc Drive
Basic arc drive combo. After you'll either want to heat then dash 214B/C, or SJ and do a falling j.214C for oki. (j.214C is more advantage)
  • xx 2C 5C j.CB sdj.CB j.236C Arc Drive
Alternative to above when you're too far away for 6C to hit.
  • 6[C] delay > 2B 6C [8] j.BC dj.C Ender

TK Katto (j.236A) Midscreen

Note: TK Katto combos are all character specific and distance specific. In some cases, these combos won't work on certain characters. The general rule is that you have to be point blank and omit some hits from your BnB to get the right distance for j.236A. Experiment with the cast!
  • xx 2C j.236A 2B 2C 22A dash SJ j.AB (2 hits) j.22c j.A(A) dj.AB(2 hits) j.22C AT
VERY VERY useful combo that everyone should know. It carries from corner to corner.
  • xx 2C j.236A 2B 2C 5[C] 22B/[B] dash j.B dj.C Ender (Air throw preferred)
Midscreen near the corner. You use a different strength of 22B depending on how far the corner is.
  • xx 2C j.236A dash 5A 623B j.AC j.C Ender (Airthrow preferred)
Basic j.236A BnB. Usually used as a meterless damage BnB.
  • xx 2C j.236A 2C 623B dash 5A 623B j.AC dj.C Ender
Better meterless confirm than above. Needless to say, its character specific.
  • xx 2C j.236A 2B 2C 5[C] 2C Ender
Used near the corner to get a meterless knockdown. Leaves space in the corner.

Metered Combos


  • xx 2C 236C 2C (Ground Ender) or 5[C] 6[C] [8] j.C dj.C Ender
  • xx 2C j.236A walk backwards 5A2C > 2A whiff 236A > 5A 2C delay > 236C 2C 214C
Advanced corner BnB. Character specific, distance specific.

Raw Airthrow

  • 2c 6c j.c dj.c Ender
  • Corner: 9j (falling)j.C 2C(1 hit) 5[C] 22b dash Sj j.bc dj.c Ender
  • Mid Screen: 9j (falling)j.C 2C(1 hit) 5[C] 6[C] SJ j.bc dj.c Ender - These might be character specific. Needs testing on cast.


Air Enders

  • j.421C
When you want a hardknockdown. OTG is optional. You will only be able to OTG if the ender lifted them high enough (a good benchmark is if you get 8 or more hits on the ender, you can OTG).
  • Air throw (AT)
Use to get them away from you or near the corner.
  • j.236a
Use when you don't have any meter, or want to force them to air tech.
  • j.421a/b
Use ONLY when you're sure its going to kill or they can punish you for hitting them.
  • j.214a
Trap against back tech; counterhits if they pressed something, frame advantage into advantaged air neutral situation if they didn't. Gets you killed sometimes if they didn't tech backwards, but often just results in a scramble. Best used only as a hard read.

Ground Enders

Note: These are after 2C enders
  • 214C
Basic Nero summon oki. Nero will hit meaty.
  • 2A whiff 214C
Gives you enough time to throw them as they get up. Used for other mixups as well.
  • (2A or delay) 214B
Nanaya will hit meaty.
  • Arc Drive
Used when you don't have enough meter to end with j.236c land Arc Drive. Do it after 6C, 5C (2 hits), or 5[C].


  • Will Fill in Later

Pros and Cons


  • Fantastic neutral game
  • Fast and very mobile
  • Decent mixup game
  • Hard knockdown for every hit
  • Fantastic meter gain; you'll never run out!
  • Largest heat hitbox in the game (used as a reversal)


  • Low health and bad defense modifiers for the first half of his life
  • Large hitbox
  • No good reversals besides heat (which can be OS'd)
  • Slow 2A (There is some pressure such as F-Sion 2a dash 2a that you cannot mash out of because Wara 2A is so slow...)
  • Bad pressure (Very easy for him to get pushed out, and risky for him to reapply pressure without meter)
  • Zoners are usually hard for him to deal with


  • Will Fill in Later


  • Will Fill in Later


  • Will Fill in Later

If you do a 2C after a 236C you can cross up the opponent in the corner. You can also do a Nero summon after 2C so you'll mix up the opponent even more a hard knockdown

Post Combo Enders

Post Nero Summon

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


A somewhat long 2a poke. Start up is 5f, its one of the slowest in the game. Needless to say, you don't want to mash out with this move often. Hits low.


Standard 5a. Startup is 4f. Recovery is 9f. Used mainly for whiff cancelling. Hits mid.


Wara's main anti air. Useful for anti airing people directly above him, not good against people coming in at a angle. There is a clash frame on this move that is useful for OSing against heats and some held shield counters. As of CC, it regains its MBAC hitbox where it'll hit behind him as well. Hits mid.


One of Wara's most useful far range pokes. 2 hits. Hits mid.


A great tool used for trip anti airing and to poke from long distances. Can be confirmed from any range with 5c or dash 63214c (Red Arc Summon). 2 hits and causes untechable knockdown. Hits low.


A fireball that travels in a 45 degree angle. Great as a preemptive anti air against people who like to approach at that angle.


Wara's biggest poke which is useful for catching people off guard from far away. Its main utility however is as a far range combo tool as you can combo from max range 2c 5c on most characters (Few exceptions). First hit is air unblockable, the last two are air blockable. 3 hits. Hits mid.

(Interesting to note is that letting 5c recover is actually plus on block)


Charge version of Wara's 5c. Causes wall slam and brings Wara forward more. Used more as a combo tool but it does have a slightly improved hurtbox. All three hits are air unblockable. 3 hits. Hits mid.


One of Wara's main launchers. Air blockable. Hits mid.


One of Wara's overheads, the startup is 28f. Unlike uncharged 6C, it is air unblockable. Normally this overhead would not be scary but it can be partial charged and cancelled into 2a (a low). On hit causes greater untech time than 6C. Hits high.


Not a bad air to air poke. 5f startup. Hits mid.


Wara's most useful poke. This is a GREAT air to air move that should beat almost everything at max range. 2 hits. Hits high.


Wara's air to ground move. Great at an angle. It cannot be cancelled until the third hit (You can't even jump cancel it till the third hit!). You can only combo into 2c if you hit with this move at max range. 3 hits. Hits high.


Wara stops briefly in the air then does an attack that looks like j.C before falling to the floor. This move is advantage on block if TK'd close enough to the ground. Not very useful as a "instant" overhead because it is so slow, but useful for baiting throw tech OS as well as resetting pressure. 1 hit. Hits high.

Special Moves

Bad News (Lie) 「バッドニュース (ライ)」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - A forward claw move that hits 3 times. Each has its own special property.
  • (A version) - A quick forward claw that is even/adv on block. However, it whiffs over crouchers completely making it useless except in combos near the corner on standing opponents.
  • (B version) - A larger version of 236A except it hits crouchers. It is heavily minus on block but EX cancellable.
  • (EX version) - The most useful version of this move, used primarily as a combo tool near the corner. Causes wallslam and is also advantage on block; HOWEVER, it is easily bunkerable by all moons. Can be used as a ghetto reversal which pushes opponents away from you. OTG relaunches.
Replicant Coordinator (ID) 「レプリカントコーディネーター (イド)」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Depending on the strength used, will summon either Akiha, Nanaya, or Nero.
  • (A version) - Summons Akiha to do her 623B. Hits high and ground bounces on hit.
  • (B version) - Summons Nanaya to do his 214B. Useful as a zoning tool and for summon mixup. Hits mid and launches on hit.
  • (C version) - Summons Nero to do a one hit version of his 63214C. Useful as a summon mixup. Hits mid and is airunblockable.
Creature Control (Apoplectic) 「クリーチャーチャンネル (アポトーシス)」 - 63214C [150% Meter]
  • (Description) - Uses 150% meter to summon Red Arcueid to do her 214B attack. However the rings go full screen. At certain ranges can be combo'd into ground throw near the corner. Advantage on block. Some Wara's like to cancel 22x/236b into this summon while in max mode for extra pressure during a blockstring. The initial summon is 4 hits, and the rings afterwards are 2 hits. Hits mid. OTG relaunches.
Bad News (Malice) 「バッドニュース (マリス)」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - A upwards claw attack.
  • (A version) - A one hit upwards claw attack that has some upper body invul. Useful as a situational anti air. 1 Hit. Hits mid.
  • (B version) - A three hit upwards claw attack that can be combo'd into by j.A. Not useful for anything else. 3 hits. Hits mid.
  • (EX version) - Wara's only "decent" reversal. Heavily minus on block, and frankly, should not be used often. 6 hits. Hits mid.
Creature Control (Yes) 「クリーチャーチャンネル (エス)」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - A teleport with little usage. Should not really be used at all, except in a few mixups.
  • (A version) - As of CC, this now teleports slightly backwards. Has best recovery.
  • (B version) - Teleport a little forward.
  • (C version) - Teleport far forward. Recovery is the worst.
 Fumble Code (Apoplectic) 「ファンブルコード (アポトーシス)」 - 22A[A]B[B]C]
  • (Description) - One of Wara's most useful zoning tools. They reach FAR and HIGH up. You can also combo into it from almost everywhere. (With the EX version as an exception of course). A and B versions of the tornado can also be used as meaties, doubling their usefulness. (You can make them meaty by hitting with the last few active frames of the tornado; the last hit hitting meaty is ideal. Example: Throw > 22a (1 hit meaty)). A and B version of this move are all EX cancellable, meaning you can also confirm into arc drive knockdown.
  • (A version) - Summons a tornado right in front of you. The charged version goes ahead a little further. Can also be used as a combo tool during TK j.236A combos. 9 hits. Hits mid.
  • (B version) - Summons a tornado a little further than 22[A]. 22[B] almost traverses the entire screen. Can be used as a combo tool after 5[C]. 9 hits. Hits mid.
  • (EX version) - This is a little different from the non EX versions. It summons a huge vertical tornado that hits multiple times while it moves forward. Primarily used as a pressure reset tool after 236B. (Though it can be easily bunkered, 22C is advantage on block depending on distance.) 10 hits. Hits mid.
Bad News (Lie) 「バッドニュース (ライ)」 - J236ABC
  • (Description) - Air version of forward claws. Hits 3 times and mid.
  • (A version) - Used as a combo tool in TK j.236a combos.
  • (B version) - A great zoning tool that doesn't put Wara in danger. Has great range and is plus on block while falling. This move should never be used as a TK or while rising from a jump.
  • (EX version) - Plus on block and used primarily to combo into Arc Drive. Wall slams on hit.
Replicant Coordinator (ID) 「レプリカントコーディネーター (イド)」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - Same as the ground version of 214X with slightly different properties and is more plus the lower you do it to the ground. SHOULD NEVER BE TK'D OR DONE WHILE RISING OR YOU WILL BE IN HEAVY RECOVERY.
  • (A version) - Same as before but does not hit overhead. It gives a lot of advantage on block if done close to the ground.
  • (B version) - Same as ground version.
  • (C version) - Same as ground version but air blockable. Ideal to use after a Arc Drive combo.
Creature Control (Apoplectic) 「クリーチャーチャンネル (アポトーシス)」 - J63214C [150% Meter]
  • (Description) - Same as above but does not have the initial 4 hits from the summon. 2 hits.
Creature Control (No ID)/(Gestalt (EX Version)) 「クリーチャーチャンネル (ノイド)/(ゲシュタルト)」 - J421ABC
  • (Description) - EX is used as a ender in combos; A/B versions should never be used except to kill.
  • (A version) - Combo ender. If you do this move by accident and they block it, hold [A] after doing it, you will appear away from your opponent. If you combo into it w/o killing someone you will get punished for it. Hits mid.
  • (B version) - Combo ender. If you do this move by accident and they block it, hold [B] after doing it, you will appear away from your opponent. If you combo into it w/o killing someone you will get punished for it. Hits mid.
  • (EX version) - Untechable knockdown, fantastic ender that gives you meaty and in certain cases, even lets you OTG them!
 On Stage 「オン・ステージ」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - Fantastic neutral tool that lets you airdash forward. Its important to note that you lose your normal airdash if you use this command dash first.
  • (A version) - Air dash forward and farther than a normal airdash. Used in some mixups and to keep up pressure.
  • (B version) - Air dash downwards at a angle, similar to F-Wara's airdash. Used as a which way mixup tool after certain enders and after throw.
  • (C version) - Air dash upwards at a angle, similar to F-Wara's normal dash. Used in some mixups and to keep up pressure.

Arc Drive

Night on the Blood Liar (Anzanti) 「ナイトオンザブラッドライアー(アンザニティ)」
  • (Description) - One of the more useful arc drives in the game. It is a multi-hitting tornado that ends in a large untechable knockdown that gives you time to setup j.214c/heat > 214b/etc. It has full invincibility from start to finish and is great for punishing moves full screen. Is unsafe on block, but it is hard to punish fullscreen.

Another Arc Drive

Night on the Blood Liar (Inzanti) 「ナイトオンザブラッドライアー(インザニティ)」
  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

Night Ruler the Blood Dealer 「ナイトルーラーザブラッドディーラー」
  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.

Powerd CielCrescentHalfFull
Red ArcueidCrescentHalfFull
White LenCrescentHalfFull

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