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This a partial list of wikis currently being worked upon at Mizuumi Wiki and the level of completion they have. It is meant to aid in the coordination of current pending tasks as well as a guide for new editors to direct their help where it is most needed. Feel free to add/remove items on the games' "To-do" lists as milestones are reached.


20% complete
Completed To-do
  • Character and assists pages created, have some good info
  • System pages are rather barebones
  • Assimilate frame data from AquaPazza wikia
  • Need images for the Ma-ryan (BOSS) page for her colors and portrait. Ideally ones that look like the other pages.
  • The movelist images on the various character pages should be updated with names to reflect the English release.

Arcana Heart 3

80% complete
Completed To-do
  • Full frame data for characters and Arcana.
  • Fleshed out strategy sections.
  • Move descriptions for all characters.
  • Colors for most characters.
  • No move image files.
  • Not all character have combos.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max

10% complete
Completed To-do
  • Move image files for some characters.
  • Roadmap for this wiki can be found here.
  • Love Max wiki is for the most part a carbon copy of AH3 wiki with less info.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars

25% complete
Completed To-do
  • Characters with full movelists (the majority of these need more strategy info):
  • Angelia (WIP)
  • Clarice
  • Dorothy
  • Fiona (WIP)
  • Elsa
  • Heart
  • Kamui
  • Kira
  • Lieselotte
  • Minori
  • Nazuna
  • Petra
  • Pistrix (placeholder)
  • Scharlachrot
  • Weiß
  • Yoriko
  • Zenia
  • All templates have been updated to make use of the global MoveData template.
  • All pages and newly uploaded sprites have been categorized.
  • Missing character pages:
  • Akane
  • Catherine
  • Eko
  • Konoha
  • Lilica
  • Maori
  • Mei-Fang
  • Saki
  • All Arcana pages need frame data and move descriptions. This doc from Examu is a good starting point.
We can copy some pages from AH3LM wiki but they're all missing their Arcana Eclipse.
  • Need to finish migrating the following pages to the current namespace
  • Contributors are adding new translations from JP wiki but double checking of info is very much needed.

Chaos Code

5% complete
Completed To-do
  • Lupinus page rework complete and live on her wiki page, missing frame data for moves & page images.
  • Template page updated based on Lupinus page setup.
  • Update other characters to template.
  • Upload new 200x200 images for each character. Please crop them from the main CC website here.
  • Figure out how to explain Ray's cancel system, the current explanation & the given diagram are not at all helpful.

Daemon Bride

0% complete
Completed To-do
  • Need to finish character template before start making the other ones.
  • Once templates are done, need to upload the sprites.
  • Need to write all system pages for this game.
  • Frame data can be found at Primer of Duel, needs to be translated.

Eternal Fighter Zero

30% complete
Completed To-do
  • Character introductions.
  • Finish applying the new template to all character pages and uploading move images where missing.
  • Rewrite several character pages with outdated information.
  • Move descriptions, basic strategy and combos for the character pages currently without them.
  • Research frame data missing on BambooSword.

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai

90% complete
Completed To-do
  • Main page has links to all versions of the game.
  • General pages have small but helpful content.
  • Full frame data on wiki as of ver 2.12.
  • Move images for all characters + strategists.
  • Combo videos for all characters.
  • Small gameplan sections for all characters.
  • External links for all characters for Twitter tech and full frame data spreadsheet.
  • Character categories are in place and all images are properly categorized.
  • Bonus: Add Shin Koihime Musou pages to those categories.
  • Expand Recommended Assist section under Gameplay for most characters.
  • Add more written combos, both normal and Hougeki.
  • Some images for EX moves missing like Sonken 214, Kannei 623, Shonshoukou 214, Shuutai 236/632146, Ryofu 236/623.


5% complete
Completed To-do
  • System and control pages have good info.
  • Some character pages have been started.
  • Pretty much everything else is missing. A good starting point would be to add full character movelists from this page.

Melty Blood

20% complete
Completed To-do
  • FAQ, Resources, etc. (general section) pages are pretty much done
  • Some character pages are very complete (even though most of them lack something, like the C-Kohaku one that doesn't have frame data, images or special moves descriptions).
  • Add images/hitboxes to character pages.
  • Not all characters have combos on their pages.
  • Update the pages of characters with more recent information (C-Ries, H-Seifuku Akiha, C-Arcueid etc.)
  • Add movelists on characters that don't have it listed.
  • Add frame data on character pages.
  • Overall some characters pages are totally empty (Koha&Mech pages, for example)

Million Arthur: Arcana Blood

35% complete
Completed To-do
  • All character pages have full movelists and images.
  • All character pages have colors.
  • Controls, HUD, System, and FAQ pages created
  • Nimue, Eternal Flame, Snow White, and Riesz do not have frame data. Koume is missing it on a few moves. Supers do not have frame data.
  • Only half the cast has written combos on their pages.
  • Most of the character pages are missing their Overview sections.
  • Support Knight page needs strategy and properties.

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel

30% complete
Completed To-do
  • System data is completed (except for exact HP of cast members, this will need testing).
  • Most character and assist pages have been updated with a good amount of their relevant info.
  • Some character pages need a lot of added information (Saya's needs combos as well as detail for her non-normal moveset and oki, Heart's has combos in video form but not in text, Homura's is almost blank), whereas some may need checking to see if info is still relevant for v1.08 (Muramasa, Ouka, Ignis, and Saber's; the likelihood is that these are in fact up to date, so this is a low priority albeit still necessary task). Everyone outside of Ein needs their "Strategy" sections filled in (this is ideally where we call on help from people who have experience playing the characters).
  • It would be preferable for character pages to have move templates, rather than the pure text format we have now (there is an issue here in that we don't actually know the majority of the frame data, but it would at least look nicer).
  • Assist pages need detail on practical applications, as well as how usable they are overall and why (unlike characters, some assists in this game are extremely niche, while others get seen everywhere).

Ougon Musou Kyoku

30% complete
Completed To-do
  • All characters have pages with some combos and strategies.
  • Mechanics/system arcanae pages are essentially finished. The Touch page could use a visual overhaul but it's otherwise perfectly functional.
  • The entire wiki hasn't been touched since 2015.
  • Brief character intros were at one point there, but were deemed outdated at some point. Some were updated, others removed, others left unchanged. It's inconsistent.
  • Steam release is identical balance-wise, but some pages might need updating to reflect new netplay.
  • Frame data is literally impossible to obtain, unless some wizard puts in the work to make frame display work with OMKCross.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

10% complete
Completed To-do
  • Pages Exist.
  • Some characters have combos.
  • There are images for at least some moves on every page.
  • Most pages are either missing normal moves or missing images for moves.
  • Character profile images are missing.
  • Most characters do not have an overview.
  • Most characters do not have combos.
  • Most characters have nothing written for their normals.
  • No one has frame data.
  • System page is not written.

Samurai Shodown

55% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Characters with full movelists (underneath them, extra info they might miss), link to full 1.11 frame data here:
  • Charlotte
Complete and up to date 👍
  • Darli
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20
  • Earthquake
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add combos and colors
  • Haohmaru
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add move descriptions, gameplan, and more combos
  • Jubei
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add move descriptions and expand gameplan
  • Kyoshiro
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add move descriptions, gameplan, and colors
  • Nakoruru
Add gameplan section
  • Rimururu
Add frame data and combos
  • Shiki
Complete and up to date 👍
  • Tam Tam
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add descriptions for normals, gameplan, and colors
  • Ukyo
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, expand gameplan, add move images and colors
  • Yoshitora
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add colors
  • Incomplete character pages:
  • Basara (placeholder)
  • Galford
Missing descriptions for normals, images for all moves + colors, combos, and updated frame data to 1.11/1.20
  • Genjuro
Missing descriptions for gameplan, normals, images for all moves + colors, combos, and updated frame data to 1.11/1.20
  • Hanzo
Missing descriptions for gameplan, normals, images for all moves + colors, combos, and updated frame data to 1.11/1.20
  • Kazuki (placeholder)
  • Shizumaru (placeholder)
  • Wan-fu (placeholder)
  • Wu
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add descriptions for few missing normals, add missing images, gameplan, and colors
  • Yashamaru
Update frame data to 1.11/1.20, add move descriptions, missing images, gameplan, combos, and colors
  • FAQ needs expansion, chances are people will be confused about the season pass being free and the game's high damage. 5sp's FAQ should be a good starting point for the new game's page
  • Half the cast need their Ver.1.11 patch notes transcribed to numpad
  • Categorize all character images

Samurai Shodown 3

85% complete
Completed To-do
  • FAQ/Controls/Mechanics pages finished
  • Character pages are largely completed
  • Frame data for all characters transcribed
  • More character pages need strategy info/matchups(?)

Samurai Shodown V Special

75% complete
Completed To-do
  • Full frame data for all characters
  • The FAQ has info for all ports of the game.
  • Hidden Moves page is clean and more accurate.
  • Several move images and hitboxes missing.
  • Characters' Strategy and Stengths/Weaknesses need work.
  • Fill out missing normals (pursuits as well)/specials for the characters that still need them.
  • Lab/add Charlotte's hidden 14-hitter special to her page.

Them's Fightin' Herds

20% complete
Completed To-do
  • Controls Page completed
  • Links Page completed
  • Character Pages with Appropriate Sections of Arizona,Pom,Tianhuo, and Paprika.
  • Character Page Creation/Layout
    • Oleander, Velvet
  • Character Page Information (All Characters)
    • Gameplan, Normals, Specials, Supers, Magic, Combos, Frame Data
  • Images for each move.
  • Extra Pages
    • HUD (Image with indicators/labels + explanations)
    • Finish Systems Pages
    • FAQ

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

55% complete
Completed To-do
  • All characters' basic information added.
  • Most System data has been added.
  • Kyanta, Spike, Garasha, M. Michelle, and some other characters need their move descriptions expanded upon.
  • Neplay Section
  • Advanced Character pages (complete frame data, hitboxes, matchups, specific interactions etc.) Harama-sensei has considered finding a way to easily acquire data relevant to hitboxes and frame data, so waiting on this is recommended. Advanced pages should comply with the Mizuumi Move Data template.
  • Natanee, when the character becomes available.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]

50% complete
Completed To-do
  • Gameplay paragraphs range from brief to very detailed.
  • All characters have images for every move.
  • Characters with correct frame data:
  • Wagner: checked
  • Hyde: checked
  • Linne: checked but needs 66AB image
  • Waldstein: checked
  • Strategy and combos need to be expanded across the cast (refer to Google Doc primers).
  • Need to add more videos: tutorials, combos, etc.
  • All frame data needs to be re-checked:
  • Carmine: checked?
  • Orie:
  • Gordeau:
  • Merkava:
  • Vatista:
  • Seth:
  • Yuzuriha:
  • Hilda:
  • Eltnum: checked?
  • Chaos:
  • Akatsuki:
  • Nanase:
  • Byakuya:
  • Phonon:
  • Mika:
  • Enkidu:

Wonderful World

0% complete
Completed To-do
  • Need to finish the last character pages.
  • Once character pages are done, need to update/remove? outdated information.
  • Need to add more information to the character pages.