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Burst Meter

The Burst meter can be accumulated by certain movement options, attacks connecting, defending attacks, taking damage, and clashing. The Meter can be filled to 200% (Quick, Hard) & 400% (Extra). Burst Meter will gradually fill on its own when the Life bar falls below a certain point or if Tension mode is active. The amount of meter gain during this is only up to 100% (Quick, Hard) or 200% (Extra).

Overheat is a state in which Burst meter change to a red bar that acts as a timer, during this time no meter can be gained and certain meter option is disabled. Action that incurs overheat are

  • Set Burst
  • Overdrive
  • Phantom Breaker
  • Emergency Mode.

The duration of Overheat varies from the action performed prior to overheat. Burst meter reset after every round and each style builds The Burst meter at a different rate. Additionally, Characters have different Burst meter build rate.

Tension Meter

The Tesnion Meter is universally shared resource between both Player. The meter adjusted attack damage accordingly to the current tension meter value. Essentially the more tension builds during matches, the higher damage output is done. Tension can be accumulated by dashing ( 3 times), guard crush, counterbalancing, and nullifying attacks. If Tension meter is filled to max, special mode activates where players Burst meter regenerates on its own and damage is significantly higher. Tension Mode last for about 5 and then it reset the tension meter. Each time tension mode has completed during the round, it reset the meter with 10% increments. Tension mode does not carry over rounds, and Set Burst can end Tension Mode prematurely.

Life Bar

Life Bar is pretty identical to another fighter, as players take damage it begins to deplete. A red tail can be seen once the life bar has taken damage. this red tail is recoverable life. It'll recover slowly over time but players can use Overdrive to speed up the process. If player experience a Gaurd crush then all recoverable life is lost. While chip damage is present, a player cannot be KO from chip damage.

Gaurd Guage

The Guard Gauge is mostly invisible until the character guards an attack, a transparent force field will appear around the character during a guard, indicating the guard gauge current state. The transparent force field is White when the guard gauge is healthy and will slowly turn to red as it takes damage. A Danger message will appear at the corner of the screen, signaling that the next attack will Gaurd crush. These respective actions weaken the guard gauge

  • Guarding an attack
  • Gaurd Canceling
  • Nullifying Attack
  • Attacks being Reflected

Style have different Base Guard Guage value. Extra having the most and Quick having the least

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