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Red Earth/War-Zard
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CP S-3
Oct 23, 1996

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Red Earth/War-Zard is 2-D fighting game released on October 23rd, 1996 by Capcom. It was the first game on Capcom's CP System III hardware, it is also the only CPS-3 game to have never been ported to any home platforms. Capcom has acknowledged the release of the game in recent years as they have put its characters in various games e.g. In Street Fighter V Zeku has a Kenji costume and Alex has a Leo costume.

Setting Up Red Earth

You will need FIGHTCADE 2 and
Watch the video below to learn how to set up Red Earth:

Red Earth/War-Zard Setup Video by MelvinIsANiceBoy

If when loading up the game for the first time you get an error that says NO CD-ROM DRIVE, you must make sure your region is set to the value shown in the picture here. To access this setting, press F5 while the window is open or go to "Input" and select "Map game inputs". Scroll down until you see the "Region" value and double click it to change. Make sure it matches the value shown here exactly.
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Wiki Roadmap

80% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Game mechanics
  • Tessa
  • Mai Ling
  • Kenji
  • Leo
  • Revise character pages
  • Make video guide on mechanics

Controls ⁄ System
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