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| width="" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' <font size = "3">6D</font>'''
| width="" style="background:#f0f0f0;"|''' <font size = "3">6D</font>'''
* '''(Properties)''' - Cancelable
* '''(Properties)''' - Cancelable. Air unblockable. Hits low.
* '''(Description)''' - Shizumaru's main low poke. Great range, combos into 623S quite easily. Also used in his restand combo.
* '''(Description)''' - Shizumaru's main low poke. Great range, combos into 623S quite easily. Also used in his restand combo.
| width="" |''' <font size = "3">2D</font> '''
| width="" |''' <font size = "3">2D</font> '''
* '''(Properties)''' - Cancelable
* '''(Properties)''' - Cancelable. Air unblockable. Hits low.
* '''(Description)''' - Quick kick to the toes. Generally outclassed by 6D.
* '''(Description)''' - Quick kick to the toes. Generally outclassed by 6D.

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緋雨閑丸, Hisame Shizumaru


Shizumaru doesn’t know his real name, so he named himself after his sword. If the rumours are true, it’s amazing that his dad didn’t do that first.

Shizumaru, the protagonist of Samurai Shodown III, lives up to his “new poster boy” status by having every tool he needs to play well in any scenario he finds himself in, all wrapped up in a simple and easy to grasp package. Sporting great space control tools and easily accessible damage in both Techniques, Shizumaru fills the role of an approachable fundamentals-oriented character with enough tricks to help him keep up with the craziness that pervades the rest of the game.

Slash is better suited to playing a strong ground game, gaining an anti-air special with great utility, a fast projectile reflector, and some funky okizeme options. You can’t go wrong with Slash Shizumaru if all you want is a solid character who plays the game and plays it well.

Bust, meanwhile, trades away Slash’s ground game for a dizzying set of aerial movement tools, using his umbrella to float and pogo all over his opponents, throwing off anti-air timings and generally bullying them into submission. He’s also great at timerscamming. He’s overall the much more gimmicky Technique pick, but his outrageous moves still allow him to look swaggy as he dances around the opposition.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has some of the best jumping normals in the game
  • Slash has access to some pretty grimy okizeme
  • Bust has the game's most extensive set of aerial movement options
  • Limited range on his ground normals can make his neutral game tricky
  • Slash doesn't really excel in any one regard
  • Bust relies on more gimmickry than may be comfortable


Damage taken Rage rate Rage duration Throw startup Deflect advantage Deflect disadvantage modifier
95% 87.5% 4 sec 14f +20 ±0

Normal Moves

Far Slashes

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Reasonably fast poke with the umbrella. Nice range, though the cancel doesn't really do anything. Good for harassment.
  • (Properties) - Deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - A downward-angled swing with slightly more range than 5A. Can combo into 421S, but not at max range. Pretty decent poke and whiff punisher.
  • (Properties) - Deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - A huge downward swing with the parasol with excellent range. Doesn't recoil on block, so you can occasionally use this to harass people at further ranges by cancelling into 236S.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Quick jab at the opponent's shins. Can combo into 623A, but only from point blank range. Recoil on block means you have better options for abare.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Two-hit uppercut with the parasol. The first hit is a low, but despite its angle, the second hit cannot be used for anti-air. Really important combo starter for Shizu.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Big three hit stab at the opponent's feet with the parasol. Excellent range makes this great for poking, although the recoil on block makes this less useful for setting up potential pressure scenarios than 5C.

Near Slashes

  • (Properties) - Air blockable, deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Kind of like 2A but standing. No good for anti-air owing to its ability to be air blocked, but it may see some use as a quick point blank punish when cancelled into 623A.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Kind of like 2B but standing. Actually can hit anti-air, and can more or less be used interchangeably with 2B in combos.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Two hit stab with the parasol. Both hits are cancelable. Mostly used in punishes.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Same as 2A.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Same as 2B.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable
  • (Description) - Same as 2C.


  • (Properties) -
  • (Description) - Standard jumping swing overhead. Good advantage on crouch hit, but punishable on stand hit at close range.
  • (Properties) -
  • (Description) - Standard hopkick unarmed overhead. Reasonably advantageous on crouch hit, amazingly punishable on block and stand hit.


  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, cancelable
  • (Description) - A quick upward kick with a lot of active frames. Great for anti-air.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable. Air unblockable. Hits low.
  • (Description) - Shizumaru's main low poke. Great range, combos into 623S quite easily. Also used in his restand combo.
  • (Properties) - Cancelable. Air unblockable. Hits low.
  • (Description) - Quick kick to the toes. Generally outclassed by 6D.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Shizumaru's sweep. Its fairly high angle makes it pretty good for anti-air.

Jumping Normals

  • (Properties) - Hits high. Deflectable (low height)
  • (Description) - A quick horizontal poke with the umbrella. Fast, and has a surprising amount of hitstun. Bust Shizu makes great use of this in conjunction with his float. This is what you'll likely use during air-to-air situations if the opponent is above j.C's huge hitbox.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - A downward angled swipe that isn't too bad as a jump-in or an instant overhead, but is generally outclassed by j.C.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - A huge downward swing, similar to Genjuro's nj.C. It actually hits behind Shizumaru later into the animation, letting it potentially beat cross-under anti airs. Surprisingly versatile as an anti-approach tool. Just smack 'em with this if they keep getting too close for comfort.
  • (Properties) - Hits high.
  • (Description) - The biggest, dumbest button there ever was. Shizu stabs downward with his parasol, hitting with its entire breadth. The hitbox is as big as it looks. This can very easily cross up, and will probably lead to a kill combo if it does. It's also a surprisingly consistent instant overhead. Shizumaru jump good.
  • (Properties) -
  • (Description) - A fairly low commitment jumping kick. Not bad, but why aren't you using j.C?

Dashing Normals

  • (Properties) - Deflectable
  • (Description) - A quick dashing jab. Not the best range, but still useful for confirming cross-under anti-airs.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, deflectable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Dashing 5B. Would be good if not for the fact that it has a blind spot right at the distance where anything might be able to combo from it. Generally not worth using.
  • (Properties) - Unblockable
  • (Description) - Shizumaru winds up before swinging with the parasol, hitting the opponent twice. Very telegraphed and lack of knockdown make this one hard to use. but you might see some use out of it in your okizeme with Slash.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable, cancelable
  • (Description) - Running 3D. Actually pretty good if you can catch someone off guard with it, as it gives you time to set up whatever oki your chosen technique prefers.

Unarmed Normals

  • (Properties) - Air unblockable
  • (Description) - A quick chop. Not half bad for an unarmed normal.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable
  • (Description) - Basically 5A but crouching.
  • (Properties) - Air blockable
  • (Description) - 2A but in the air. Active for a long time.
  • (Properties) - Air unblockable
  • (Description) - Talk to the hands. A shove with decent range, can be useful for making some space.

Command Moves

Sankaku Tobi (Wall Jump)
  • Shizumaru's wall jump. May be useful for escaping the corner.

Special Moves


- 「Kirisamejin」 - 236S
  • (Description) - Shizumaru tosses out his parasol as a projectile. It's too slow for you to be winning any fireball wars with it, but it's good for harassing from further ranges, and it sets up a juggle state on hit, making it great for trades and back hit combos. Keep in mind, however, that Shizumaru will be considered unarmed until the parasol returns to him. It's also handy to toss out after a cancellable normal when you otherwise won't get a combo.
Slash Only: If the parasol doesn't hit the opponent on the way out, it will have a hitbox on the way back, granting it new utility for okizeme at the expense of having it return to him at a slower speed than Bust. Opponents jumping in on this are essentially forced to either take the hit and risk a restand, or block and get guard broken. If Shizumaru is hit, the hitbox will disappear.
- 「Baiu Ensatsujin」 - 623S
  • (Description) - A dragon punch, and one of the rare instances where Shizumaru actually uses his sword. Mostly used in combos, but the A version can be useful for reaction anti-air. It has a surprisingly fast landing recovery, so you might get lucky and escape a bigger punish once or twice.
- 「Amanagare Kyorakuzan」 - 421S
  • (Description) - What you'll know as Shizumaru's TAP in later games. While it doesn't have the ridiculous damage potential it would come to be known for, it is still fairly damaging and quite easy to combo into, making it a staple for Shizumaru's conversions.
Bust Only: has slightly faster startup than Slash’s equivalent on the B and C versions, but he needs to wait a bit after performing the move for the umbrella to come back. It’s therefore not a bad idea to neutral jump after landing it so you can grab the umbrella sooner and possibly come down with Bust Shizu’s air trickery.


- 「Hisame Gaeshi」 - 41236A
  • (Description) - Shizumaru puts the umbrella in front of him and opens it up. If it directly hits the opponent, it will knock them down without dealing any damage to them. This move's primary use is for reflecting projectiles, and while you'll have to read any attempts by your opponent to chuck some plasma at close range, this can discourage people from throwing it out at further ranges.
- 「Samidare Giri」 - 63214S
  • (Description) - Shizumaru opens his parasol and twirls it a bunch, catching anyone who dares get caught in its deadly whimsy. While the short horizontal range limits its use in combos, a great hitbox, generous upper body invulnerability and strong damage make this a really good anti-air.
- WFT「Bouu Kyoufuzan」 - 6321463214CD
  • (Description) - Slash's WFT has a lot of forward movement at the start, making it useful as a combo tool and a funny predictive anti-air. Deals slightly more damage than Bust’s equivalent if the first two hits connect. Comboing into this off of n.2B will stun every time. Despite appearances, this can be beaten out by a well-placed button. It's just very risky for the defender to attempt, because getting caught will mean eating big damage and losing their weapon. One particular caution you should take is to not use this when the timer is running out unless you have the life lead. This WFT takes an incredibly long time to actually deal damage.


- 「Shigure」 - j.2C
  • (Description) - Weird parasol pogo. You can make people freeze up with it, and it will probably throw people off their guard from time to time, but it has very little hitstun and if you don’t throw another attack out afterwards, it has a ton of landing recovery. Probably not even worth that much as a gimmick.
- 「Kosame」 - j.8C
  • (Description) - The parasol float that defines Bust Shizumaru. It has instant startup and recovery, so it’s not too risky if the foe’s anti airs aren’t on point. On top of the usual benefits from being able to screw with your aerial approaches by halting your momentum and drifting left and right, floating also initiates proximity guard. With this, you can literally stop people in their tracks by floating if they’re on the defensive. It’s also super easy to cancel the float -- just press a button. Doing a fast float cancel jA from a backdash is quite easy this way, and gives you access to a tricky retreating overhead.
- WFT「Uryu Ressatsujin」 - 641236AB
  • (Description) - Bust's WFT may have a less unwieldy input than Slash, but it comes at the expense of being much slower, having shorter range, and dealing less damage than a clean Slash WFT. Its biggest boon is a brief period of invincibility partway through the startup, but it runs out well before the actual hitbox occurs. As with Slash's equivalent, it also takes ten years to deal damage. Don't use it when time's running out and you have the life deficit.


Shizumaru is a fairly well-balanced character. While most of his grounded normals lack the range some other characters have, he's to more than enough options in the neutral to help him overcome his range issues. He can pretty handily harass people with his far C buttons, his 236S projectile and his extremely good coverage of air space with j.C, a good anti-air in 623S, and the very unique ability to perform an 'Instant Block'.


A lot of Shizumaru's offensive options depend greatly on the chosen Technique, but both can represent j.C as a very threatening instant overhead, as well as a dangerous low-hitting 2B that confirms into great damage and knockdown situations.

Instant Block

When Shizumaru holds 4 to block an attack, he enters his standing block animation roughly 3-4 frames later than normal. If a slash normal collides with Shizumaru during these 3-4 frames, he is still considered to be blocking, but due to not having entered the blocking animation, he does not suffer any blockstun, and the opponent's normal will not cause a recoil. This particular exploit is referred to as Instant Block or IB. Video Example
Shizumaru can only IB under the following conditions:

  • He is not crouching or airborne
  • He is currently holding his weapon
  • The opponent performs a grounded slash normal that recoils on block

Further, certain normals that do recoil on block cannot be IB'd, presumably due to those normals hitting once Shizumaru has fully entered his stand blocking animation, irrespective of timing. Whether or not this is a result of just Shizumaru's stand block animation, or a quirk in the way certain normals trigger proximity block is currently unknown.


Slash has an easy time playing a more reactive neutral game thanks to his Hisame Gaeshi projectile reflector (which gives him an edge in some matchups, like against Haohmaru and Zankuro) and Samidare Giri, whose upper body invulnerability makes it great for anti-air or even calling out certain pokes in the neutral.
If he ever finds himself in Rage or Desperation, any confirm into WFT can lead into a swift death combo.

Parasol Okizeme

From most knockdown situations, Slash Shizumaru can throw out 236S, using the hitbox on the parasol's return trip to force the opponent to block, giving you time to enforce a mixup, which will mostly consist of 2B, j.C instant overhead and circle step to cross up and catch potential offensive wakeup options.


Bust has less consistent options for defense and okizeme, but he is much better at bullying people with his float cancels.

Using Float

Aside from its obvious utility in throwing off anti-air timings, you can very easily make people sit still thanks to float triggering proximity guard for the opponent. This essentially forces your opponent to deal with your aerial mobility head on, which allows you to mess with people, creating opportunities to come down with your strong aerial normals.
After comboing into 421S, Bust Shizu throws his parasol up, making him wait longer for it to come back. However, you can neutral jump to meet your parasol in the air, essentially making this move your primary setup into float oki.

Another way to use float is from a backdash. 44~8C will make you float very low to the ground. From here, pressing any button will cancel the float -- quickly double tapping A, or pianoing B/C~A will make you float cancel with a fast overhead in j.A. If you input the backdash float fast enough, you can put yourself at a distance where you can mix up between float cancel j.A and 6D, giving you an avenue to frustrate your opponent into making more mistakes.



Front hit BnB: 2B xx 421A
Shizu's main combo from a low starter. 2D can link into 2B, but it's not a particularly important link for him.
While outside of the corner, this will not work on Haohmaru or Amakusa while standing, or on Kyoshiro while crouching.

Alternate front hit BnB: 2B xx 623C
Works on more characters than the above combo, but Amakusa still gets out if he's standing.

Back hit BnB: 2B xx 236A, 6D xx 623A
6D restands after 236A. Make sure to microwalk and slightly delay the 6D so you can get your umbrella back, otherwise you'll have no special move to cancel into.
This combo will not work on:

  • Haohmaru, Shizumaru, Rimururu

You can end with 623B for a stun, but only on the following characters:

  • Basara, Galford, Gaira, Nakoruru, Ukyo

Slash Only

Rage/Desperation ToD: 2B xx 6321463214CD [stun] back hit j.C 5C
If you're in Rage or Desperation, you are terrifying -- confirming 2B into WFT stuns. Hit j.C as a cross-up to get the back hit. 5C is consistent and works on everyone, but on a few more characters you can follow up the j.C with walk up 2B xx 421C for style points.

Alternate Desperation ToD: 2B xx 6321463214CD [stun] 2B xx 6321463214CD
Easiest ToD in the game.

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