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橘 右京, Tachibana Ukyo


Blue-haired Iaido master and poster boy for tuberculosis awareness.

Jokes aside, Ukyo is one of the best characters in the game. He has quick and long reaching pokes, an instant overhead that can combo from a 2C, great ground speed, and hard-hitting punishers. His toolkit lends itself to fast harassment/mixups as well as sitting on a lead. He takes extra damage, meaning he can suffer for a mistake, but he will run circles around most opponents if given the opportunity.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Stellar normals with long range, good damage, and quick startup.
  • Strong mixups and okizeme.
  • Great movement for both approaching to punish and running away to turtle.
  • High damage off of punishes even from far away.
  • A hit with the ladies.
  • 214C.
  • Super floaty jump.
  • Tsubame Gaeshi execution can be difficult under duress.
  • His specials/WFT outside of Tsubame Gaeshi are situational at best.
  • No admiring legion of fangirls to chase him around anymore.


  • Damage taken: 120%
  • Rage duration: 20 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 45
  • Walk speed: 544
  • Backwalk speed: 384
  • Dash speed: 1792
  • Jump duration: 59 frames
  • Width: 16
  • Throw range: 12


Far Slashes

Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Worse 5B. Half the damage, 1f slower startup. Not worth using.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Ukyo's main poke. Quick horizontal swipe with 8-frame start up. It is recoil-cancellable, so if you think your opponent is going to counter-poke, cancel into 236A (this is unsafe on block so only do this as a read).
Properties: Deflectable.
One of Ukyo's main punishers. Has a zippy-quick 13-frame startup, has huge range, and does pretty hefty damage. However, it has no recoil animation, so you're going to get hurt if this gets blocked.
Note that there is a hurtbox that extends out before the attack actually connects, meaning if you try to trade with a projectile like a Hanzo slinky using this move you are going to get hit.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Basically 5B while crouching, which naturally means it's another mainstay poke. Super quick on startup and recovery, and is great at keeping foes away despite its range being somewhat short compared to his other slashes. Not too unsafe on block, either.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Funny little sitting anti-air that starts above Ukyo's head before hitting in front of him. Requiring your foe be away from you limits this move to possibly being used for preemptively sniping jumps from midrange. Still covers a good distance so it can be an alternative to 5B at specific spacings. Less range overall but covers multiple angles in that situation. Tsubame is more catch-all for anti-airing.
Properties: Deflectable.
Ukyo rolls to the ground and slashes at the opponent's knees. Another main punisher, is 1 frame faster than 5AB but does 2 points less damage. Like 5AB, it's very punishable on block. The hitbox of this move is very low to the ground so it can punish some moves such as Kazuki's WFT if you aren't confident with 5AB punish (you have to press it immediately after the block).
Pretty plus on backhit and leaves you closer to the opponent than other options. Link a Tsubame after for swag.

Near Slashes

Properties: Cancelable. Deflectable.
Mostly just used in scrambles. No recoil animation.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Fairly quick slash that can combo into his 236S or WFT for a knockdown. Doesn't reach upwards nearly as much as the animation would suggest.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Basically a two-hitting version of 5AB, though its damage is outclassed by most of Ukyo's other punishers. You might use it to bait a rage explosion or something. It can recoil cancel or cancel during the first seven frames of its animation (before the actual attack comes out), but you really don't want to bank on either of those.
Properties: Cancelable. Deflectable.
Another scramble tool. Just like n.5A, it has no recoil animation.
Properties: Cancelable. Deflectable.
Basically n.2A with slower recovery. His fastest slash that leads to a combo so it's worth knowing about, but you really don't want to misjudge your spacing and have a 2B come out instead.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Cancelable. Deflectable.
Really awkward attack in general. Multi-hit horizontal swipe upwards but not an anti-air due to bad reach. Does more damage than n.5AB but starts up 2 frames slower. You're probably okay not really bothering with this one.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Weird hopping overhead that goes backwards. The hitbox goes backwards through the animation like with Mina so it can possibly hit rollers. Only really used to avoid lows/throws since you have much better ways to open opponents up.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Another weird overhead, now with Ukyo sticking his foot out. Doesn't go backwards and knocks the opponent quite a ways, but there are always better options to avoid lows and open your foe up, even when disarmed.


Surprisingly okay keepout move if you really don't want to be deflected I guess. Active for a few frames and sticks out a decent distance. He's got better kicks but this isn't bad to have.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Sliding knock down kick which is safe if you space it properly. Can add a 2BC if you are close enough after. A good use of this is to use this when your opponent is running at you. Very strong option when disarmed.
Properties: Hits low.
This fucking kick. 6-frame startup, neutral on block (this is really rare in SSVSP) and +5 on hit. Hits low, and can link into a Tsubame Gaeshi, which hits high, comes out in 4~5 frames, and knocks down, letting you chase them with more 2C oki.
This is his main way of mixing up at close range. It recovers fast enough to let you throw off their timing with 2C 2C Tsubame, 2C -pause- Tsubame, 2C 66B crossup, or just run up and throw them afterwards.
Properties: Knockdown.
Similar frames to 6C. Active for a long time, great hitbox, but punishable if blocked and can't be spaced to make it safer. Doesn't move forward, though it is a goofy option to meaty through bad reversal attempts. Also beats out pokes/approaches/bad jumpins easily. Useful move depending on the MU.


Properties: Hits high.
Jumping n.2A/n.2B. Just use his other jumping slashes if you really need to meet the opponent in the air.
Properties: Hits high.
Its hitbox allows it to cross up or instant overhead, but Ukyo jumps so slowly that against a good opponent the former will be blocked, and the latter will be punished on hit or block.
The primary time to use j.B is in time slow, being a very quick and effective instant overhead. It also becomes a 50/50 when paired with his 2C, both of which can be easily hitconfirmed into Issen.
Properties: Hits high.
A somewhat specialized air-to-air thanks to only being usable from a neutral jump. Can snipe opponents that otherwise lack a strong horizontal attack while in the air.
Properties: Hits high.
General air-to-air button that covers horizontally in front if you don't want to commit to a Tsubame. Ukyo doesn't jump much, but this is a strong button regardless.
Properties: Hits high.
Hits twice, really active, covers slightly below in front of him. Not too bad but as usual be cautious when jumping as Ukyo. Might mess with throw mashers when landing with it.


Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Low damage, okay reach, but horrendous frames on block and awkward recoil cancel window means you do not want to use this against someone on the ground. Lots of active frames though and can be a cross under anti-air. It's largely outdone by 66AB/66C for that purpose, though.
Properties: Knockdown.
Ukyo dashes to the other side of the opponent and does a slash that will knock down on hit. Fast irritating mixup combined with 66C and 66CD, particularly as surprise oki.
Very unsafe, but since he runs right past the opponent it can avoid a lot of anti-dash moves. It will always whiff if your opponent is in the corner and can possibly whiff if you do it too close because of how far he runs. If you space this wrong and don't go behind them he'll slice the wrong direction and you will get punished. TL;DR be careful.
Properties: Knockdown.
Running 2AB. Yet another awesome punisher, for those times when 5AB won't reach and when chasing backdashes. It's super fast and does good damage for its speed, and you can tack on a 2BC if you're close enough afterwards. It can also go under a surprising amount of stuff with its low hitbox. This also makes it a strong cross under anti-air. Deflects not catching this move makes it great for punishing long range moves with strong recoil cancels even if you're in range for 5AB. Ukyo's fast dash is just the icing on the cake.
Properties: Knockdown
Basically running 6C. Can surprise opponents from a good distance away and combo into 2BC. Also has great utility as a cross-under anti air to catch the landing recovery. An important threat from Ukyo's good kit of dashing normals.


Dinky little slap at an upwards angle. Frames aren't awful but Ukyo's kicks are pretty good so you don't need this much.
Crouching version of the above. His kicks are better.
Properties: Hits high.
Jumping slap. Ukyo's moonjumping and j.C means this doesn't see use.
Properties: Knockdown.
Dash slap that knocks down. Safer up close than 66C but not a low.


Pursuit - 2BC
Fairly slow pursuit with okay damage. This is a good tool for Ukyo because he can use it after most of his knockdowns and it keeps him within range to run his oki. Funny enough this is actually faster and deals more damage with no weapon.
Heavy Pursuit - 8BC
Only guaranteed time you can land this is after a 236A in the corner. Worth it in that respect but undoubtedly niche.


Deflect - 216D:
Standard deflect. Use like you would other deflects (recoil cancels, baiting pokes, etc).
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
Surprisingly fast weapon pickup.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Just kinda sticks his sword in the ground. Not terribly slow.


Tsubame Gaeshi - j.1236S:
One of Ukyo's most important moves in general. All versions hit overhead, have very great hitboxes that more or less cannot be contested, and have fast startup. Ukyo bounces backwards when it's blocked, with heavier versions not bouncing as far and having more recovery. Generally speaking regardless of which version you use this is unsafe on block. Some characters might have a tougher time punishing a light Tsubame, so its use can be matchup-dependent.
Doing this from the ground (tiger knee'ing/TK) is input as 12369S, and you want to learn how to do this if you want to play Ukyo well. Can also be TK'd with neutral/back jumps or done from a backdash for specialized purposes.
A/B both have a blazing fast 3-frame startup and are fast enough to combo off of 2C when TK'd. They are basically interchangeable, but you'll want to use B Tsubame for its better damage in situations where you aren't worried about it getting blocked (anti-airs, punishes, etc). These are a very strong option to buffer after blocking an attack for a lightning fast punish. You also get a lot of mileage reacting to bad jumps and hitting them with a TK'd Tsubame. It can be low profiled, especially by smaller characters such as Rera, and having it whiff can be a death sentence. Pick your opportunities very carefully when using it. Or don't.
AB Tsubame is slower (10f startup) but hits numerous times for great amount of damage and has an even larger hitbox than the others, allowing him to cross up with it, not that you'd want to. It leaves him more open to punishment if blocked or whiffed, as he starts coughing after he lands from it, so only use it when you're absolutely certain it will hit. During time slow, if he's meditated enough, Ukyo can connect with a full AB Tsubame, land, and juggle into Issen for ludicrous damage (A/B Tsubame do not work for this). This is very dangerous, especially if he baits a whiff before activating time slow.
Hiken Sasameyuki - 214S:
Ukyo tosses up an apple before slicing repeatedly in front of him. Has good range, but is only really useful as a chip tool. Surprisingly annoying for lots of characters to punish, but still risky if it pushes them out and you whiff. AB version has throw invuln on startup in case you want to look cool on a throw read.
'Hi'ken Sasameyuki - 214C: (can be used unarmed)
The absent sword, for all your apple throwing purposes. Not very committal, fun to recoil cancel into for style points. All Ukyo players are required by law to do this at least five times per match.
Zanzou Fumikomi Giri - 236S:
Pseudo-rekka that has Ukyo send afterimages to slice you. All versions are very unsafe and can be punished once you get used to the different audio cues for each one. Heavier versions go farther and add another slash to the sequence. Can theoretically be used as a gimmicky whiff punish from a back roll or long distance chip/counterpoke tool, but really it's best to use it for punishes where you want the knockdown, or a recoil cancel off of 5B if you're feeling lucky.
Tsubame Rokuren - 236CD - WFT:
Bad WFT compare to other characters. It starts up slow and has no invulnerable frames. Ukyo doesn't want to rage anyways, considering the strength of his meditation and time slow, but if can be comboed into off of n.5B if you really must. It is a high like the standard Tsubame, though far too slow to actually open anyone up with.



  • (n.5B or n.2B) ...
  • ... xx 236B/236AB 2BC
Standard corner carry. 236B does slightly more damage but carries a shorter distance. Pursuit is corner only.
  • ... xx 236A 8BC
In case you're worried they'll explode. 8BC is a tighter link than 2BC in the above combo and is also corner only.
  • ... xx 214A
Reset to neutral. Any heavier version will leave you open.
  • ... xx 236CD
If you absolutely must use WFT this is the only situation that it'll work in.
  • 2C tk.1236A/B
2C is low, Tsubame Gaeshi is high. The motion for the IoH should be done right around when Ukyo recovers from the kick in order to time the link correctly. Have fun blocking!
  • (66AB/66C/6C/3C) 2BC
    You'll likely use these normals quite a lot, so get used to converting them to a pursuit wherever you can.

Backhit only

  • 2AB tk.1236B
Situational? Yeah. Fast and hurts a ton? Yeah. At least the link is pretty lenient.

Weapon pickup throw combos

  • u.4/6CD weapon pickup ...
  • ... 5AB
  • ... 236CD
  • ... 214CD

Time slow

  • j.AB j.AB j.AB ...
Used to hearing about this one yet? If you can't wait for them to come down for the Issen or would just rather a more surefire way to close out the round then do this.
  • (j.9B or 2C) BCD
50/50 with instant overhead j.B and 2C. Both lead to Issen. 2C is harder to explode on reaction but hoping they won't is risky.
  • j.1236AB BCD
This one hurts a lot and cannot be exploded. Primarily used if you bait a big enough whiff while popping time slow. Use Tsubame before landing (don't tiger knee it), wait a little while for them to fall just around head height before using Issen. Lots of meditation and a full sword gauge for the Tsubame Gaeshi will lead to this easily shaving off ~75% of a lifebar.
  • 5AB 5B BCD
If your foe's already spent their time slow/explode and you bait a whiff like with above, whip this baby out and end their career. You might need to walk forward a little bit between the slashes to stay in range.



Ukyo is ideally played as an irritating hit and run character that can choose to mix up when he lands a knockdown. To this end he will harass with quick long range normals, dance in and out of the opponent's range, and smack them for overextending. This makes him potent for both offensive and defensive play, thanks particularly to his incredibly good grounded movement. His forward run has numerous attacks he can mix up and whiff punish with to boot.

If he has the life lead, there's nothing stopping him from just running away and sitting on it. If the opponent has few options to effectively open you up, you can effectively wall them out with normals and punish them for overextending. This becomes very useful when the timer is running out.

But there are a few very pertinent things to be concerned about with Ukyo. He takes a lot of damage thanks to his defense value. Despite his great reach, if a character can outrange him with a quick long range attack, such as Haohmaru 5AB, he needs to be on point with his choices so he doesn't get blown up. Similarly he cannot get too trigger-happy with his buttons against a foe that represents deflects, because all of his best ranged pokes can be deflected and you will get hurt for it.

Almost any mixup Ukyo does is going to be heavily punishable, so if the opponent can fuzzy guard your 2C Tsubame pressure or if they correctly block a 66B, you are going to get hurt. Ukyo requires a great balance of careful play and effective risk-taking in order to play well, but the rewards for a correct guess can be huge as almost any knockdown he gets will feed into his oki or let him run away.


Once he scores a single knockdown, he can start running his oki, which can easily loop into itself and is difficult to block. Making the opponent block or get hit by a 2C opens them up to all sorts of possible mixups if you want to commit. He can obviously do 2C tk.1236B for the classic setup, 2C 66B to cross up, 2C 6C to low knockdown, 2C 66CD to throw, etc. He can pretty safely keep pressing 2C to change up the timing, so getting out can be pretty tough if Ukyo's confident in his mixup.

However, don't abuse this if your opponent is good at fuzzy guarding or has a decent invulnerable move. Getting blocked means you're going to eat a juicy punish, so as they show they can block this correctly, this oki becomes less braindead and requires more intelligent mixing up between his various options. Also note that Tsubame Gaeshi will go right over a 2D, and a poorly executed TK will result in it whiffing over some crouching opponents. Be confident in your execution when doing this mixup or else.


Ukyo has a wealth of good normals and attacks for poking and counter-poking. Here are the ones you'll find yourself using the most in poking/neutral scenarios.
  • 5B - The big button itself. If you don't know what best to use, you can choose this with relative impunity. Just be sure the opponent doesn't have a read on you.
  • 2B - Not as catch-all as his other normals, but you can keep them from jumping by representing this. Know your range so this actually comes out.
  • 2A - The quicker shorter range version of 5B. If they're too close for comfort, use this. It's especially great for catching desperate approaches.
  • 5C - More of an anti-approach than anything.
  • 2C - His best mash option up close. On hit or block you can mix up pretty effectively. Or just push them out of reach so you can go back to using slashes.
  • 3C - A super active option you can stick out to beat buttons and make approaching difficult. Doesn't lead to the best oki but you can make room if this hits.
  • 6C - Very quick decent range low option that leads to a pursuit and oki opportunities. Fairly safe when spaced.
  • 236A - Unsafe counterpoke gimmick, but hard to react to and punish if used sparingly. Best used at around 5B distance; even better as a recoil cancel. Do not abuse this.
  • 214S - Not too bad to wall them out with, actually. Does little damage but attempts to punish are tough to time correctly. Use sparingly if at all.


His punish game is exceptionally good. Every option here is lightning fast and will hurt a lot or lead into oki, if not both.
  • n.5B/n.2B xx 236S - Your fastest slash option that also does decent corner carry. See combos for version differences on 236S
  • 6C - A low commitment punish that works when you block or when the opponent is overextending. Leads into oki.
  • 5AB - 13f of pain. Great reach, startup, damage. Expect to die if this is blocked. Only use it for larger punishes.
  • n.5AB - Hugely unsafe but not as much as 5AB. Being multihit means this can be exploded and does middling damage.
  • 2AB - Alternative to 5AB. Similar damage/startup but slightly weaker. Still worth representing.
  • 66AB - If you're confident you won't get blocked and are too far for anything else, throw this out. It'll also handily catch backdashers.
  • 66CD - With a run speed like that, why not?
  • tk.1236B - If you fancy yourself as having fast reflexes, buffer this during blockstun (maybe even hitstun). His absolute fastest punish but also one of the riskiest. Very big gamble.

Time Slow vs. Rage

Ukyo's meditation is very strong. He gets a lot of bang for his buck meditating and his time slow is supremely threatening thanks to dangerous mixups that cash out for immense damage with Issen. His damage is already pretty strong without rage as well, so it's not like he really wants to rage. Find spots during slow moments to meditate, usually when the foe is too far to do anything but throw fireballs and try to chip you a bit.

With that in mind if you're in a very scramble-heavy match and you find yourself raging because you didn't have time to meditate don't fret. Ukyo rages for a long time (20 seconds) and his huge damage punishers and mixups all do some seriously beefy damage with extended sword gauge. His bad WFT is tacit encouragement to play out the rage and capitalize hard on his increased damage. Just play your usual Ukyo game and make them hurt a lot for making a mistake.


Some characters have dangerous counters to Ukyo's mixup. Watch out for:

Rasetsumaru: A reversal super will go clean through anything you try on wakeup, and he rages really fast. His rage doesn't last very long though and his super is mega unsafe. Shoulder crushes 2C spam and DP makes Tsubame Gaeshi completely whiff.

Jubei: If you get too predictable, a good Jubei player can buffer a high counter off of a blocked 2C and catch a followup Tsubame Gaeshi. A reversal 623 will beat your 2C.

Yoshitora: His AB uppercut takes a while to get out but is invincible until the first active frame. If your 2C is early enough you can actually recover before his uppercut's first active frame, then block and punish.

Haohmaru: Similar to Yoshitora in that a well-timed 2C meaty can whiff and recover in time for you to block and punish if he does 623S on his wakeup. 623AB is really fast so it might blow you up for a poorly timed one but has no invincibility.

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 6 9 2 25 1~2(2) / 9~14(6) 8(1) -6 -6 -12 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
5B 12 8 2 34 11~15(5) 7(1) -8 +0 -18 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 31 13 2 52 x - -2 +8 -34 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 5 5 2 20 1(1) / 7~11(5) - -5 -5 -6 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
2B 11 8 3 40 1~4(4) - -9 -1 -18 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
2AB 29 12 1 49 1~6(6) - +0 +10 -32 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.5A 5 5 3 16 1~4(4) / 5~13(9) - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.5B 8 8 1 40 8~11(4) 6~7(2) -14 -6 -18 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 5, 23 12 2 63 1~7(7) 9~11(3) / 14(1) / 19(1) -6 +4 -26 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.2A 4 5 5 16 1~2(2) / 5~12(8) - -1 -1 -6 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
n.2B 6 6 6 23 6~15(10) - +1 +9 -12 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.2AB 5, 25 14 3 62 1~5(5) - -2 +8 -21 Mid Weak attack, Deflectable(heavy)
5C 5 8 4 35 1~4(4) - -9 -1 -22 Mid Medium attack
6C 7 5 11 34 1~2(2) - KD KD -24 Low Knockdown attack
2C 2 6 4 11 x - +5 +5 +0 Low Weak attack
3C 6 5 10 28 x - KD KD -24 Mid Knockdown attack
5-14f throw invincible
j.A 5 7 16 30 1~3(3) - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 9 5 4 29 1~2(2) - -- -- -- High Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
j8.AB 26 10 3 33 1~5(5) - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j7/9.AB 25 12 5 27 1~5(5) - -- -- -- High Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
j.C 3, 3 5 5 30 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
ju.C 3, 3 5 5 30 x - -- -- -- High Heavy attack
5BC 16 20 2 45 x - KD KD -19 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 6 31 9 44 x - KD KD -19 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 5 11 8 33 1~3(3) - -4 +4 -26 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(heavy)
66B 12 22 1 66 x - KD KD -39 Mid Knockdown attack
66AB 15 4 2 38 1~2(2) - KD KD -29 Mid Knockdown attack
1-13f throw invincible
66C 4 6 12 32 1~3(3) - KD KD -21 Low Knockdown attack
1-17f throw invincible
u.5S 4 5 1 18 1(1) - -3 -3 -8 Mid Weak attack
u.2S 4 6 1 20 x - -4 -4 -9 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 4 9 8 25 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack
u.66S 4 6 1 24 1~2(2) - KD KD -13 Mid Knockdown attack
1-14f throw invincible
u.66C 4 6 12 32 1~3(3) - KD KD -21 Low Knockdown attack
1-17f throw invincible
2BC 6 21 7 68 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 8 7 24 35 x - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 13 40 38 101 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 8 25 18 79 x - -- -- -- Mid
Tsubame Gaeshi - j.1236A 18 3 6 x x - KD KD -41 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
16f landing recovery
Tsubame Gaeshi - j.1236B 21 3 6 x x - KD KD -48 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
23f landing recovery
Tsubame Gaeshi - j.1236AB 2x6, 24 10 7 x x - ?? ?? -75 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
45f landing recovery
'Hi'ken Sasameyuki - 214C x x x 17 x - -- -- -- Mid
Hiken Sasameyuki - 214A 5x5 19 2 61 x - -4 -4 -17 Mid Medium attack
Hiken Sasameyuki - 214B 6x8 18 2 76 x - -5 -5 -17 Mid Medium attack
Hiken Sasameyuki - 214AB 7x11 22 2 102 x - -12 -12 -25 Mid Medium attack
1-12f throw invincible
Zanzou Fumikomi Giri - 236A 16 15 2 x x - KD KD -27 Mid Knockdown attack
Zanzou Fumikomi Giri - 236B 5, 18 15 2 x x - KD KD -36 Mid Medium attack Knockdown attack
Zanzou Fumikomi Giri - 236AB 5, 5, 10 15 2 x x - KD KD -34 Mid Heavy attack Knockdown attack
Tsubame Rokuren - 236CD 30 19 29 69 x - KD KD -59 High Medium attack
14-47f above ground
22f landing recovery
Samurai Shodown V Special



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