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妖怪 腐れ外道, Youkai Kusaregedo


Hungry hungry demon.

Roll grab, recoil cancel grab, meditate behind vomit, time slow, break your hands. Win.


  • Damage taken: 90%
  • Rage duration: 9 seconds
  • Amount to rage: 30
  • Walk speed: 200
  • Backwalk speed: 80
  • Dash speed: 800
  • Jump duration: 56 frames
  • Width: 36
  • Throw range: 28


Far Slashes

An annoyingly large hitbox perfect for harassment with otherwise typical jab stats. Pretty minus when blocked so someone with a fast long-reaching punish can hit you for this if they're watching out for it.
Properties: Cancelable. Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
His midrange poke with good air traction and a huge hitbox. Good for recoil cancelling into vomit at long-ish distance. Has trouble anti-airing if they're too close. Watch out for deflects. Cancel window is before the hitbox comes out; as Gedo raises his arm to swipe.
Properties: Deflectable.
Really big multihit whiff punish. Kind of slow and later hits can whiff if it connects at max range. Generally good move if there's an opening for it like after vomit connects.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block.
Funny little hand poke with great startup, reach, and frames on block/hit. Another annoying normal for them to get around. If you want recoil you need to space this so the hand is what hits the opponent otherwise you'll get n.2A. Recoil cancels aren't the best thing for you to do off of this but maybe cancelling into deflect will catch them mashing afterwards.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Knockdown.
Big low-hitting sweep with good frames. Recoil canceling into command grab forms an OS because there's no cancel window on hit/whiff for this attack.
Properties: Deflectable. Knockdown.
Somewhat slow anti-air heavy with a wide hitbox. Generally misses grounded opponents. Very punishable if it doesn't hit.

Near Slashes

Another funny get-off-me attack. Can tick into command grab.
Properties: Recoil cancel on block. Deflectable.
Horizontal bone poke. Gedo's B buttons are pretty samey outside of far 5B. Like with 2B recoil cancel can OS for a command throw setup. Can also tick on hit but it has slightly different timing from a recoil cancel.
Gedo uses his head and hits you with it. Pretty good range, strong damage, kind of slow for a close heavy. Don't use this outside of guaranteed punishes pretty much.
Same as far 2A but no recoil animation. Frames are somehow the same on block though.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Knockdown.
Same as 2B.
Properties: Deflectable.
Bone spikes. Great close range anti-air and hits ground.


Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Goes pretty far forward and has an okay time beating out attacks.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Same as 5BC.


Gedo sticks his foot forward. Cancel window comes out before the hitbox so this can keep you grounded for a command throw from neutral. Okay poke.
Properties: Knockdown.
Big dumb backflip anti-air. Huge hitbox, active for a good time, quick to start up but low damage. Very good at stuffing jumps but VERY punishable on whiff/block.
Weird tongue pseudo-anti air. Can keep opponents out and has decent range.
Properties: Hits low. Knockdown.
Big long tongue sweep. Very irritating for opponents to block but long punishable recovery.


Properties: Hits high.
His only aerial that's even remotely safe. It's short, but quick for such a large hitbox. Do this if you are in the air and don't want to be punished.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Huge elbow drop. Active for a long time, great hitbox, hilariously punishable on block or whiff.
Hits hard, super active and covers a huge range beneath him. Comes out quick but should always be input at the beginning of the jump. Punishable as hell on block, but stuffs well (except for some anti-air) and can cross up.
Properties: Hits high. Knockdown.
Butt drop. If you mess up a command throw input you get this a lot. Thankfully it's not that bad and can cross up. Like with the rest of Gedo's aerials outside of j.A very punishable on whiff/block.


Dashing n.5A. Good for tick throws.
Properties: Hits low. Recoil cancel on block. Knockdown.
Dashing 2B with all the same uses as it. Keeps the run's momentum so it has surprisingly nice range.
Properties: Knockdown.
Running n.5AB pretty much. Still unsafe, but good range. Safe way to hit opponents that step on your vomit puddles or somehow get grabbed by hands.
Dashing 5C with a really really really weird amount of plus frames. Not like Gedo really needs plus frames so stick with his other dashing normals for easier punishes/tick setups.


n.5A from all distances pretty much.
66A but it knocks down. I guess you could use this.


Deflect - 216D:
Big silly deflect. Can catch mashers on a recoil cancel if they're challenging recoil into vomit.
Weapon Pickup - 5A:
He puts his arm back on. Somehow. Fairly fast and is nicely plus when cancelled from a throw animation.
Taunt Disarm - Start Start Start:
Don't ask me why his arm falls off. Don't ask him either.


Akuryou Yobi - 236A: (can be used unarmed)
Really slow tracking unblockable that doesn't lead to much and doesn't catch jumping opponents. Gives you time to run forward and 66AB them but it's a gimmick. A funny gimmick but a gimmick nonetheless.
This stops being a gimmick in time slow, however. It being unblockable forces the opponent into a checkmate situation where almost every answer results in them getting Issen'd for big damage. Gedo's strong meditation helps a lot in this regard as well.
Ieki Haki - 214A/214B:
The Vomit. If you've got space, you can do this. If you recoil 5B from far enough away, you can do this. Very active. Stops grounded approaches/fireballs and leaves them in a bunch of hitstun so you can smack them with your button of choice. Usually a heavy. Hits low but don't expect to set up weird funny unblockables with this.
Also works as an alternate to pursuit and you can try to do it multiple times until they get up.
Niku Mochiage - 421C:
Weird pseudo-roll that avoids lows and is just kind of awkward to look at. Can be used to buffer a command throw because of course.
Gedo no Rakuin Oshi - 6428C:
Here's the big Gedo sauce. The fastest command throw in the game and second only to Gaira's in sheer hurt. Huge range, too. It's punishable on whiff if the opponent is looking for it and requires some very fast inputs or very smart buffer strategies to consistently do. Thankfully the buffer is VERY lenient so you can do this after a lot of stuff, gimmicky or otherwise. If a move seems useless, try buffering a command throw afterwards if you're in range. You can mash it out during hit/blockstun if you're confident you won't jump out due to mistiming.
Some ways to do this during a roll include:
Just doing the motion during a roll. Really hard to pull off unless you're REALLY fast. Gedo's roll having such a specific cancel window doesn't help with this at all.
Inputting the command throw as 643D58C. The 3D counts as a 2 as far as the buffer window is concerned so it's just on you to do the inputs right and time the 8C.
Inputting the command throw as 3D698741258C. There's less precise inputs involved but requires a pretty quick stick spin to work. It doesn't look like the right input at all but the buffer is really that lenient. Only issue is spinning the stick and returning it to neutral in time to 8C during the cancel window.
Doro Nage - 341236421BC:
Read the IRC chatlogs for this one.
Tobi Zutsuki - 236CD - WFT: (can be used unarmed)
Well at least you can do it unarmed. Gedo throws his head at you as a projectile. Deceptively active so you need to keep blocking until it's actually traveling back to him or you'll get disarmed and feel bad. Not really that good, and Gedo prefers meditating more often than not anyways.
Gedo no Emono Gari - 698741258CD - WFT:
Impossible input aside this WFT hurts a lot and is very fast. Not as fast as his regular command grab but it can be very threatening if you're able to represent it. Can be cancelled into from a roll but the buffer isn't as nice. Less punishable on whiff than his normal command throw as well.



  • 236S or 214S -> whatever
No, really, this is all he has.
Advanced: 214S->214S->214S

Time Slow

BCD 236S (setup)
...BCD (if they block)
...BCD (if they jump)
...5B BCD (if they hop?)


Pick White Gedo.

<setrajonas> i'll play as gedo
<setrajonas> what do i do
<pockets`> sharkbutt all day
<pockets`> no if you actually want to play gedo, you need to #1 master his normals and #2 nail that  sharkbutt
<pockets`> 2A is his best general fuck off poke
<pockets`> 5B at range is good but it has a huge blindspot
<pockets`> you can cancel 5B's startup for vomit
<pockets`> he's too slow and kenki gauge doesn't affect the big throw so you meditate away all his rage
<pockets`> generally behind a puddle of vomit
<pockets`> 2B is pretty boss since it hits low and has a recoil animation
<pockets`> so up close you can douche out with 2B throw on block cancel
<pockets`> also works with 66B
<pockets`> it isn't safe so if you guess wrong you can get wrecked but 3C is crazy long range and sweeps
<pockets`> his 6C is sick anti air

<pockets`> and I have to work poop fling into my gedo game now
<bellreisa> do you ever do meaty poop fling?
<bellreisa> how about antiair poop?
<bellreisa> perhaps end a blockstring in safe poop?
<setrajonas> poop on you
<bellreisa> or perhaps, get a little daring and counterhit poop trade in your favor, so you can combo off the poop
<pockets`> I haven't been able to test the properties of poop extensively because I haven't been able to do it reliably
<Xenozip> there is no safe poop, he laughs afterwords for like a full second
<pockets`> I bet it's safe on backhit
<pockets`> safe backhit poop
<Rithli> random poop
<Xenozip> i think its too messy to do poop up close you gotta aim it from afar
<bellreisa> is it possible to cancel the recovery
<bellreisa> lolcancel the poop fling, if you will
<Xenozip> if you will
<bellreisa> a hotdog paella
<Rithli> hotdog poop
<Rithli> umepoop
<bellreisa> daigo poopmehara
<bellreisa> rare footage of daigo actually constipated
<setrajonas> the secret of his success
<Xenozip> needs custom combo in sirlin mode, infinite poop
<Rithli> umepoop is what you do if you know you're going to a buffet
<setrajonas> daipoop
<Xenozip> im quoting that
<bellreisa> shitpoo jinrai kyaku
<setrajonas> genei poop
<Xenozip> so if i do a poop video will it be youtube poop?
<bellreisa> f f f
<Lokanas> lol
<Lokanas> 7/10
<sphy> wow cant believe I checked this channel and saw poop discussion and 15 minutes later I check again and it's still going
<Lokanas> lol
<bellreisa> that's what you get
<bellreisa> go back to eating poutine
<bellreisa> pooptine
<pockets`> haha poop doesn't even do chip damage
<Xenozip> but chips can cause poop damage
<pockets`> it's funny because it's true
<pockets`> must troll comic with poop
<setrajonas> comic poop
<bellreisa> so when you land a major ch with gedo
<bellreisa> would you say...
<bellreisa> that shit was pringles
<Icekin> 5/10

<pockets`> attention, IRC
<pockets`> mauve got pooped to death
<mauve> fucking gedo

Frame Data

Move Damage Startup Active Total Cancel Weapon
Guard Notes
5A 7 14 4 38 1~4(4) - -6 +2 -19 Mid Medium attack
5B 15 16 6 42 8~15(8) 14~15(2) / 22~23(2) -6 +2 -18 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
5AB 10, 11, 13 25 2 80 x - -8 +2 -26 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
2A 4 8 4 20 x - -2 -2 -6 Mid Weak attack
2B 16 18 6 40 x 14~17(4) KD KD -13 Low Knockdown attack
2AB 29 13 32 59 x - +3 +13 -21 Mid Heavy attack, Deflectable(heavy)
n.5A 5 10 5 22 1~4(4) - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
n.5B 14 17 4 37 1~6(6) 14~16(3) / 21~23(3) -2 +6 -18 Mid Medium attack, Deflectable(med)
n.5AB 32 19 8 58 x - -2 +8 -26 Mid Heavy attack
n.2A 4 8 4 20 x - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
n.2B 16 18 6 40 x 14~17(4) KD KD -13 Low Knockdown attack
n.2AB 27 17 10 54 x - +0 +10 -21 Mid Heavy attack
5C 7 9 6 30 1~4(4) - -3 +5 -16 Mid Medium attack
6C 10 10 5 78 x - KD KD -63 Mid Knockdown attack
10-49f airborne
2C 2 9 11 31 x - -4 +4 -17 Low Medium attack
3C 7 12 8 37 x - KD KD -20 Low Knockdown attack
j.A 8 6 2 20 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack, Deflectable(weak)
j.B 13 17 17 38 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
j.AB 27 6 6 56 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
j.C 12 11 11 56 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
ju.C 12 11 11 56 x - -- -- -- High Medium attack Knockdown attack
5BC 14 20 14 60 35~40(4) - KD KD -34 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
u.5BC 14 20 14 60 35~40(4) - KD KD -34 High Medium attack Knockdown attack
66A 5 14 5 26 1~5(5) - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
66B 12 13 6 35 1~4(4) 9~12(4) KD KD -26 Low Knockdown attack
66AB 18 13 8 38 1~5(5) - KD KD -20 Mid Knockdown attack
66C 8 17 7 27 1~5(5) - +8 +16 -5 Low Medium attack
u.5S 5 10 5 22 x - -2 -2 -7 Mid Weak attack
u.2S 4 25 5 29 1~4(4) - +6 +6 +1 Mid Weak attack
ju.S 5 5 8 22 x - -- -- -- High Weak attack
u.66S 5 14 5 26 1~4(4) - KD KD -7 Mid Knockdown attack
u.66C 8 17 7 27 1~5(5) - +8 +16 -5 Low Medium attack
2BC 8 22 9 30 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.2BC 8 22 4 30 x - -- -- -- Mid
8BC 16 39 5 80 x - -- -- -- Mid
u.8BC 16 39 5 80 x - -- -- -- Mid
Akuryou Yobi - 236A 8 52 30 94 x - +99 +99 -- Mid
Ieki Haki - 214A/214B 4 26 72 48 x - +48 +48 -10 Low
Niku Mochiage - 421C x x x 37 x - -- -- -- Mid 1-23f throw invincible
5-23f lower body fully invincible
24-32f lower body invincible
Doro Nage - 341236421BC 14 42 x 166 x - -87 KD -112 Mid
Gedo no Rakuin Oshi - 6428C 48 1 1 66 x - -- -- -- Mid
Tobi Zutsuki - 236CD 30 27 39 148 x - KD KD -109 Mid
Gedo no Emono Gari - 698741258CD 68 5 1 42 x - -- -- -- Mid
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