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Street Fighter EX2 PLUS/Guile

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Guile is a Defensive Mid-Tier Character in Street Fighter EX2+. He has a good projectile and intuitive, damaging combos.


Fireball Zoning in SFEX2+ is nerfed from Street Fighter II and the Alpha Series. Projectile speeds are generally slower than SFII, and high damage jump-ins often put defensive players at a disadvantage. With that in mind, characters like Guile and Sagat are still solid choices.

As Guile, opt not to throw fireballs from fullscreen and instead play a mid-ranged game. Use pokes like 2LK and 2MK to catch your opponent's advance, and force them on the defensive with Sonic Booms. When they start jumping, be ready with 2HP or Flash Kick!


  • Sweep (2HK) has been reworked from SFII. In this game, both hits actually land! The first hit of 2HK is Super Cancelable.
  • Traditionally, Kara-Cancel Windows in Arika Fighting Games are very large. This benefits most characters in SFEX2+, but not Guile. You may accidentally cancel the startup of 2LK into Sonic Boom or Flash Kick during his jump in combos.