Them's Fightin' Herds/System

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Frame Data

Frame data for each character is available on the individual character pages. For more detailed frame data, including information not on each page like air and grounded jump decay and more, check out this page.

Movement Options

Chain Combo System

Universal Command Normals


Ground and Air Tech

Push Block and Cross-Canter

Chip Damage and Scaling

First Hit Bonus

The first hit of a combo (or stray hit) is given a First Hit Bonus, which affects both the damage and juggle decay of the attack. For example, the First Hit Bonus damage multiplier on A attacks is 3.2, B attacks is 2.8, and C attacks is 2.6. So an A attack that does 25 damage, would do 80 as a first hit. For specials, this will vary from move to move. The First Hit Bonus on juggle decay is specific to each move. This value is subtracted from the juggle decay value of the move. To see those numbers, take a look at Hamit's Spreadsheet. For more information about juggle decay, see Juggle Decay System

Magic System

Bounces, Staggers, & Knockdowns

Juggle Decay System