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UNI Controls.png

Universal Controls


Dash / Backdash - 4.gif4.gif or 4.gifFile:UNI A.gif+File:UNI B.gif / 6.gif6.gif or 6.gifFile:UNI A.gif+File:UNI B.gif

When you step in the direction your character is facing, you get a front-step. When you input it in the opposite direction, you get a back-step. Step distances are character dependent. You can cancel front-step at any point, even into guarding.

Jump - 7.gif or 8.gif or 9.gif

Inputting 7, 8 or 9 on the ground will allow you to jump in that direction.

Assault (Air Dash) - 6.gif+File:UNI D.gif - Available in the air

This will allow you to move horizontally in the air for a character specific distance. Consumes 10% of the EXS Gauge.


File:UNI A.gif - Weak Attack

File:UNI B.gif - Medium Attack

File:UNI C.gif - Strong Attack

File:UNI D.gif - EXS Action

Throw - 4.gifFile:UNI A.gif+File:UNI D.gif or 6.gifFile:UNI A.gif+File:UNI D.gif

All normal throws involve pressing A and D and the same time. On the ground, you can do a neutral throw with just A+D or a forward/back throw by adding the 4 or 6 direction to the throw input. Some characters can also air throw, but there is only one type of those. You can break throws in the air and ground with the same input as throw. You can follow up neutral throws, but the start up is slower and much easier to break.

Air Tech

After being hit in the air, you can tech by pressing A, B or C. If you hold a direction as well, you will tech in the direction that you specify. After air teching you are invulnerable and unable to act until you touch the ground, similar to a Street Fighter air reset.

Ground Tech

When knocked down on the ground, you can hold any button before you hit the ground to ground tech. There are neutral and backward ground techs, both of which are not punishable.

Passing Link 「パッシングリンク」

Refers to chaining attacks. Most normal attacks can be chained in any direction, so A>B>C and C>B>A are both possible.

Smart Steer 「スマートステア」 - File:UNI A.gifxN

Auto combo, ending with a super if there is meter available. Uses existing attacks but allows for those attacks to be used again later in the same chain.

Force Function 「フォースファンクション」 - File:UNI B.gif + File:UNI C.gif

Character specific move which consumes 1 GRD block.

Veil Off 「ヴェールオフ」 - File:UNI A.gif+File:UNI B.gif+File:UNI C.gif (Consumes 100% EXS Gauge)

When triggered it will send a shock wave blowing the opponent back. For a short period of time the character will be powered up.

Concentration 「コンセントレーション」 - Hold File:UNI D.gif

Increases GRD while slowly consuming meter. Can also reduce your opponent's GRD.

Chain Shift 「チェーンシフト」 - File:UNI D.gifFile:UNI D.gif

Only available while in Vorpal state. Converts GRD to meter at a rate of 20 meter per GRD block (up to 120 meter max), causes a super flash that briefly pauses the action, and can instantly cancel attacks.

Shield 「シールド」 - 4.gif, 1.gif, or 7.gif + File:UNI D.gif

Shielding an attack increases your GRD and decreases blockstun. A powerful tool, but while active if you're thrown or shielding high against a low attack (or vice versa) you will be GRD broken.

Guard Thrust 「ガードスラスト」 - 2.gif1.gif4.gif + File:UNI D.gif (Requires 100% EXS Gauge)

UNIEL's Alpha counter mechanic - an invincible counter attack from block. If you're in Vorpal state, you can consume your remaining meter to perform a Guard Thrust. If you aren't in Vorpal state you can use 100%+ EXS to perform a Guard Thrust, but this will result in GRD Break status even if successful.