Under Night In-Birth/HUD

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Under Night In-Birth Heads-Up Display


① ― Health ・ This bar displays your current stamina. When it depletes, you are knocked out.

② ― Round Count ・ Represents won rounds with a square filled in red.

③ ― Round Timer ・ This timer shows how much time is left in the round. The timer starts from 99.

④ ― Character ・ This display is your current character.

⑤ ― EXS Gauge ・ This shows how much meter you have.

⑥ ― GRD Gauge ・ This shows the current progress of the Grid Grind (GRD); how many filled squares each character has, and the time and current upholder of the GRD Vorpal state.

⑦ ― Combo Counter ・ The numbers show how many hits you have done in a combo. During the combo, the damage done is displayed below.

⑧ ― Special Gauge ・ Many characters have different abilities that may be limited in use. This gauge changes with each character and gives a visual representation of its number of uses, stamina, time limit and so forth.


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