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Yuzuriha's Movelist


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Unique Trait/Health

Yuzuriha has a stance system that relies on her holding down buttons while inputting or after inputting commands for specific moves. These moves are marked in the movelist below with ★'s next to their name, and you can enter the stances by holding down the appropriate A, B, or C button when peforming the move. The buttons that Yuzuriha has available for use while she is in her stance are displayed as three icons right under her lifebar, which follow these color rules:

  • Black: The button is unavailable for use.
  • Blue: The button is available for use.
  • Pink: The button is being held down.

More information on the actions Yuzuriha can perform in her stance are available in the Special Moves section in the movelist below.

Health: 9,800


Move List

Normal Moves


Yuzuriha does a low hitting step-like kick. It has fast startup but little range, making it most useful at close range to pick up enemies that are on the ground.


Yuzuriha thrusts her sword forward hilt-first. Cancels into itself, so it's useful as a pressure tool.


Yuzuriha leans forward and in with an elbow strike aimed below her. Useful for attempting to cross up an unsuspecting opponent.


Yuzuriha cuts away from herself, creating a slash trail right in front of her. Much like 5A, this has a use as an OTG, but has much better range.


Yuzuriha uses the end of her sword's scabbard to jab at the ground in front of her. It starts up slower than 2A but also has more reach, making it a viable option as a pressure tool.


Yuzuriha slashes the space in front of her with a horizontal cut. Its hitbox doesn't extend downward, so it's best used against opponents that are also in the air.


Yuzuriha performs a high slash, covering a large space above her. Its fast startup makes it a good tool for anti-air on its own, but the horizontal hitbox isn't as great.


Yuzuriha slashes outward, then upward, hitting two times. Has a great horizontal hitbox and is a staple in her combos.


Yuzuriha does a horizontal turning slash similar to j.B, but the hitbox not only extends outward but also a little bit downward. It retains j.B's horizontal reach as well, so it can be used for air-to-air or just as a ranged jump-in normal.

Command Normals

Soutsuki Ittou-Ryuu Battoujutsu Ichi no Kata: Kiri「双月一刀流抜刀術壱之型:桐」6A/B/C (air ok) ★

A set of three-way slashes that are a staple part of Yuzuriha's gameplay; they can be done on the ground or in the air. The aerial versions are air-unblockable. Using one of these moves will consume one of Yuzuriha's stance marks.

  • 6A: An upward slash.
  • 6B: A straight slash.
  • 6C: A low slash. Becomes an overhead when used in the air.

Yuzuriha swings her coat backward, negating any projectiles that come into contact with it. If she is hit by a physical attack while this move is active, she will bring the coat back and pull it upward, knocking the opponent into the air. It can be canceled into special moves, EX moves, and Chain Shift.


Yuzuriha takes a step forward, swinging her coat as she does. It launches the opponent slightly on hit, and the last hit can be canceled into a jump, specials, EX moves, and Chain Shifts.


Yuzuriha does an overhead strike with her sword still in its sheath.


The charged version of j.2C. On hit, it knocks aerial enemies out of the air.

Universal Mechanics

Force Function B+C ★

Yuzuriha draws and slashes her sword, creating multiple slashes a bit in front of her.

Force Function (charged) [B+C] ★

A charged up version of the regular Force Function; it's unblockable, and reaches farther than the uncharged version.

Throw A+D

Yuzuriha forces the opponent to crumple by smacking them in the stomach with the hilt of her sword. One of her best combo starters by virtue of the fact that it lets her start up from pretty much anywhere.

Dash Normals


Yuzuriha performs her 5B slash; however, unlike the regular 5B, this one will knock down opponents that are in the air on hit.


Yuzuriha jumps backward and performs a downward slash. On hit, she can combo into special moves, ex moves, or Chain Shift.

Special Moves

Soutsuki Ittou-Ryuu Battoujutsu Ni no Kata: Saki 「双月一刀流抜刀術弐之型:咲」 236A/B/C (air ok) ★

Yuzuriha takes a step forward and slashes her sword. The main difference between this move and her 6A/B/C series is that this move has much more range; the tradeoff is that Yuzuriha can only aim in two directions, as the C version is the EX version of the move. Using one of these moves will consume one of Yuzuriha's stance marks.

  • A version: On the ground, this is a high-angle slash, similar to 6A. When 236A is used in midair, the slash is angled downward instead, similar to 6C. Both versions cause a launch on hit.
  • B version: A mid angle slash, similar to 6B. Both versions cause a wallbounce on hit.
  • C version: EX version.
Soutsuki Ittou-ryuu Igai Ryuka! Hae Ichirin「双月一刀流以下略!八重一輪」214A/B/C (air ok) ★

Yuzuriha jumps forward with a kick, then drops to the ground as multiple slashes appear at the peak of her jump. Holding down the button will delay the attack. Using one of these moves will consume one of Yuzuriha's stance marks.

  • A version: A shorter jump that doesn't take Yuzuriha very far. It's most often used after a close-range confirm.
  • B version: A longer jump that's often used to cover more distance after a confirm from midscreen.
  • C version: EX version.
Kocchi da yo!「こっちだよー!」 421A/B/C (air ok) ★

Yuzuriha dashes forward, becoming briefly invisible before reappearing in a different location based on the button pressed. Using one of these moves will consume one of Yuzuriha's stance marks.

  • A version: On the ground, this places Yuzuriha right in front of the opponent; in the air, it does the same, but leaves Yuzuriha in midair.
  • B version: On the ground, this places Yuzuriha right behind the opponent; in the air, it does the same, but leaves Yuzuriha in midair.
  • C version: On the ground, this places Yuzuriha in the air behind the opponent; in the air, it places Yuzuriha on the ground behind the opponent.
Iki Seishin no Mae「威気静心之構」 Hold down the button when inputting or after using moves marked with a ★ (air ok)

Yuzuriha enters a stance that allows her to perform a variety of maneuvers; this is another critical part of her gameplay, as she can use stance cancels for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The moves available to Yuzuriha in the stance are based on the move that you used to initiate it. For instance, if you choose to enter the stance by holding down A when using 6A, pressing B or C while in the stance will cause Yuzuriha to use 6B or 6C respectively; you cannot press the A button, as you have to hold it down to keep the stance. However, you still have the ability to use other moves while in the stance, so you can do things like 6[A]~B 236B if you so choose.

Note that using any buttons during the stance will consume the appropriate stance mark, meaning that you can't use that button again until the stance mark is restored.

In addition to using B or C for attacking inputs, Yuzuriha has some other options during her stance:

  • Togiri「跡切」 D, or release the held button

Yuzuriha cancels her stance.

  • Seipu「瀞歩」 6/4

Yuzuriha shuffles forward or backward very slowly. If you do this long enough, Yuzuriha recovers any consumed stance marks.

  • Ishi「移徙」 66/44 (air ok)

Yuzuriha teleports forward or backward a short distance. In the air, her falling speed slows down after using this move.

  • Fuuetsu「風越」 7/8/9

Yuzuriha performs a high jump.

  • Ryuuran「流漣」 22 (air ok)

Yuzuriha performs a dodge in place. When she successfully dodges an attack from an enemy, she regains any consumed stance marks.

Infinite Worths

Soutsuki Ittou-Ryuu Ougi: Kashou 「双月一刀流奥義: 華生」 41236 D

(eng. Twin Moons One Blade Style Secret Technique: Life's Bloom)

infinite words

Infinite Worths EXS

Soutsuki Ittou-Ryuu Battoujutsu Zero no Kata Hi-ougi: Inochikurenai 「双月一刀流抜刀術零之型秘奥義: 命紅」 A+B+C

(eng. Twin Moons One Blade Sword Drawing Arts, The Zeroth Type Ultimate Move: Red Thread of Lives)

infinite words exs




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