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Linne entrusted to him. During this time, he has also met the gargantuan brute Waldstein, who also happens to be Linne's comrade.

But when the phenomenon known as the Under Night suddenly appears, Linne and Waldstein mysteriously disappear, leaving only a message for Hyde to stay away.

But he will have none of that. Hyde vows to find Linne and Waldstein, and settle a score with the mysterious woman known as "Paradox"....

He wakes up -- In order to free the girl from the chains of eternity that seal her fate. The
power burned within him, the "Void". The blade he carries, the insulator. Each day became
lost in a sea of banality, living under the threat of the Night. The Hollow Night approaches,
and where reality and fantasy meet, this young boy takes a stand... to reclaim everything,
and return it to nothingness.

Character Stats