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==Combo table examples==
{{ComboTable-UNI/Sandbox | width = 600px | showDamage = no | showMeter = no
{{ComboTable-UNI/Sandbox | width = 700px | showDamage = no | showMeter = no

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Combo Cost Location
6CC Midscreen
  • Allows for you to dash in and get meaty 5A/2A, even if the opponent techs backwards.
6CCC Corner
  • Corner ender, since the opponent teching backwards won't make a difference.
6CC dl.236C 6CC(C) 100 EXS Anywhere
  • Meter dump for damage boost.
  • Only use 6CCC if in corner for better oki.
6CC 236[B] 236C 6CC(C) 100 EXS Anywhere
  • Similar to the previous, but easier.
  • Only use 6CCC if in corner for better oki.
6CC 236[B] 236C 6CC dl.236C 6CCC 200 EXS Corner
  • Similar to the previous, but 200 meter dump.
6CC dl.236C~66 VO 200 EXS Anywhere
  • Vorpal strip route
6CC IW 200 EXS Anywhere
  • Good oki and time to build GRD, but less damage than double EX Kuuga enders.
6CC dl.236C TK.236C IW ~200 EXS Anywhere
  • VO route
6CC 63214A CVO 236C TK.236C 63214B IWEX 200 EXS, Vorpal Anywhere
  • CVO route
6CC 623A/236A CVO 6w.CC dl.236C 6CC dl.236C 6CC 63214A/B IWEX 200 EXS, Vorpal Corner
  • CVO route for the corner

Character Stats

Health Smart Steer
10600 5A 6B 2C 63214A 214C
Forward Walk Speed Backward Walk Speed Jump Startup Jump Duration
800 -700 4 41
Dash Startup Initial Dash Speed Dash Acceleration Max Dash Speed
4 2500 150 4000
Backdash Startup Backdash Duration Backdash Distance Backdash Invul
3 26 -47134 1~8 Full
9~10 Throw


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls

X+Y Buttons "X" and "Y" must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Input "X" or "Y" can be used.
dl.X There should be delay before inputting "X".
w.X Attack "X" should whiff and not hit the opponent.
j.X Button "X" is input while jumping or in the air.
dj.X Button "X" is input after a double jump.
jc Jump cancel the previous action. Usually will be omitted due to being obvious.
md.X Perform a micro-dash before performing "X".
TK.X Indicates the motion "X" in input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
(X) Input "X" is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input "X" is held down. Also can be known as "Increase" or "IC" for short. Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input "X" is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down.
{X} Button "X" should only be held down briefly to partially charge the attack, instead of the full increased version.
X(#) Attack "X" should only hit # of times.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack "X" with "Y" follow-up input.
  2. Input "X" then within a few frames, input "Y". Usually used for option selects.
CH The first attack must be Counter Hit.
CS Perform a Chain Shift, which is inputting by inputting D twice.
CVO Perform a Cross Cast Veil Off, which is performed by inputting A+B+C.
IW Perform an Infinite Worth, which is performed by inputting 41236D or A+B+C during CVO.
IWEX Perform an Infinite Worth EXS, which is performed by inputting A+B+C+D.

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