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Vampire Savior
(NA: Darkstalkers 3)


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Vampire Savior is a 2D fighting game by Capcom. Released in arcades in 1997, it is the third game in the Vampire/Darkstalkers/Night Warriors series.

Vampire Savior is considered to be a very fast paced fighting game that features a strong focus on momentum and rushdown/mixups. The cast is extremely diverse and charismatic with many of the cast having completely different movement types and extremely different normal/special move types. Despite the cast being anything but homogenized, the game is somewhat well balanced (for a Capcom game), where anyone in the cast has a decent chance of winning just about any matchup. If character variety and insanely fast rushdown sounds like your cup of tea, this just might be a game for you.

Here are some innovations of this series compared to its predecessor:

  • Normal attacks can be canceled into one another in a chain sequence: punches to kicks and weaker to stronger, either on the ground or in the air.
  • Every character has a forward dash and backdash, of varying type.
  • Some of the damage recovers if the opponent isn't attacked again.
  • No spontaneous dizzies, though some special moves have this effect.
  • The action doesn't stop at the end of a round, and the winner doesn't get a life refill.
  • Knocked down opponents can be hit by pursuit attacks.
  • Knocked down opponents can roll backwards or forwards when getting up off the ground. (Compare Alpha ground techs from SFA.)
  • Besides reversals, defenders can pushblock the attacker away and counter with guard cancels. (Compare Alpha Counters from SFA.)
  • A pretty much unlimited amount of super meter can be stored and saved between rounds.
  • There is no superfreeze, so supers come out with no warning.
  • Besides EX super moves, specials can be used in more powerful ES form at the cost of meter.
  • Every character has a Dark Force super which causes some kind of power up or play differently for a while.
  • Some Dark Forces give mirror image or afterimage doubles to increase attacking power. (Compare Variable Combos from SFA3.)
  • Rolling combo counter.
  • There's a secret body snatcher character that changes after every fight.
Vampire Savior
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