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Full Name:   Aiwhen Iize (アイウェン=イーゼ) <br\><br\> Age:   15  —  Occupation:   Demon Hunter <br\><br\> Height:   148cm  —  Weight:   39kg <br\><br\> 3 Sizes:   B70 W55 H75 <br\><br\> Interests:   Knife-throwing practice <br\><br\> Dislikes:   Demons <br\><br\> Values:   Family Photos <br\><br\> Weapon:   Magical wind dagger



Bad at communicating with others. Tends to take an aloof attitude, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's tsundere ... Hates losing more than anything else. Has a prejudice against demons, and thinks of the knights as a bunch of inefficient colleagues.

ベルガ国の特殊部隊「魔狩」に所属する最年少の狩人。 父親は生まれた時にはすでに病死しており、会ったことは無い。 幼い頃に、母親と妹を目の前で魔族に殺され、非常に強い恨みを持つ。 仇打ちのために魔狩に身をおいていると言うよりは、一人になってどう生きればいいかわからないので、とりあえず闇雲に恨みを晴らしているだけの節がある。 魔族と見るや、問答無用で斬りかかる危なっかしい娘で、よく傷だらけで帰宅するハメにも。 まだ実力が発展途上であり、同じく魔狩所属のリニアからいつも心配されている。 ツンツンしており、人と深く接することを避ける傾向にある。 騎士団や賞金稼ぎを無能者集団だと思っており、特に理由もなく必要以上に対抗意識を燃やしていたり、年下相手には大人ぶってみたり、負けず嫌いで子供っぽい。 大人の女性にはよく懐く。

使用武器の名は「リンドブルム」。 8本セットの短剣。 非常に軽いが、強度がない。

Game Play

Aiwhen has amazing mobility and is able to relentlessly attack without too much fear of retaliation. Good balance of skills, but because of very low life a single mistake could leave you hurting. Her single hits are small damage so she needs to rely on long combos which will both build her a lot of Skill Gauge as well as build the opponent as lot of Counter Gauge. She is recommended to players who like having a speed advantage.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 540
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -

Move List

Special Skills
Whirlwind / ワールウィンド Direction +.pngO.png
Triple Jump / 3段ジャンプ Able to triple jump
Two Airdashes / 多段空中ダッシュ Can airdash twice (still overlaps with jumps)
Rapid Edge / ラピッドエッジ 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png (Air usable and Breakable)
Solar Maiden / ソアーメイデン 6.png2.png3.png+.pngS.pngorHS.png (HS version Breakable)
Tempest Honeymoon / テンペストハネムーン 2.png3.png6.png+.png P.pngorK.png
Pure Dream / ピュアドリーム 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png (Air only)
Finishing Moves
Fairy Dance / フェアリーダンス 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngHS.png
Beautiful Delete / ビューティフルデリート 2.png1.png4.png2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png (Air usable and Breakable)

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game




Meterless, Anywhere: xx > 236P/K/S
•Basic BnB; use P and K for mixups or 236S for oki.

Meterless, Corner: xx > [236P > 5K cl.5S f.5S 5HS 2HS] x2 > 236P/K/S
•Great to know as it builds very good meter. If you find yourself in the corner (as in your back to the corner), you can still do this with one 236P but you must still do a full ground string to push your opponent out far enough.
•On the third ground string, sometimes you may have to shorten your string to just 3 hits (that still begins with 5K, e.g. 5K 5S 5HS) since your opponent may not have been pushed back far enough.

50%-100% Meter, Anywhere: xx > 236S BRK/214214S > 2/5S 5HS > [TK236S > 2P/S 5HS]xN > [Airchain]xN > 214S
•Aiwhen's TK loop and her most important BnB. If you have the meter for it, use 214214S as your starter instead of 236S BRK, as it will allow you to build meter during your combo.
•For the number of repetitions of the TK loop you can do, it varies upon the character. On some such as Ryuza, you can get up to 5, while smaller characters such as Aiwhen you can only do 3 on (average is 4 on most of the cast). Generally confirm each rep of the loop with 2S and after 2-3 repetitions, switch to confirming with 2P.
•For your aircombo followup, you can go for oki by only doing 1 or 2 airchains, or you can do a third for a little more damage, allowing your opponent to tech. (Recommended airchain: j9.P/S K S HS)


Meterless, Anywhere [(CH or low to the ground)(j.)236S > 2S 5HS] / 6HS > [TK236S > 2P/S 5HS]xN > [Airchain]xN
•Meterless confirm into TK loop that works on most of the cast.

+100% Meter, Anywhere ... > Aircombo > j214214S > 5P/2S 5HS > Aircombo/TK loop
•Super extender. With combos that have fewer hits, going into the TK loop is possible.

+100% Meter, Anywhere OTG xx > 2146HS
•OTG confirm into super, for tacking on extra damage.


j[xx]x2>214s, 236s, and any grabs will all put the opponent on knockdown. With Aiwhen OTG'ing should not be though of for extra damage but rather be used to get extra meter or force the opponent to perform a recovery and give you an extra chance to punish with another air combo. Aiwhen will not do much damage aside from a 100% meter OTG. With Aiwhen you can do a varied amount of OTG strings but not all of them are in favor for Aiwhen.

OTG #1 Meterless Anywhere
Dash -> 2K -> 5S -> 5HS
This is the most basic setup so that all characters will be above Aiwhen when the opponent recovers. This can lead to an extra punish if done right or force the opponent to chicken block which puts you in control to keep another blockstring going or even perform a DP.

OTG #2 100% Meter Anywhere
Dash -> 2K -> 5S -> 5HS -> 2146S
This is the OTG in which Aiwhen can do a surprising amount of damage. While it is always better to save meter for a TK loop combo or 100% loop combo, this OTG is still very useful to memorize if you feel you need that extra bit of damage to finish off the match or you just have extra meter to spare. Also note that this will put the opponent back into otg so you can redo another chain or let them wakeup.

OTG #3 Meterless Anywhere*
Dash -> 2K -> 5S -> 5HS -> 236S
Dash -> 2K -> 5HS -> 236S
This one is also a little helpful for pulling that extra bit of damage and giving you a little more meter. It will also change the position you are facing so it can help with constantly changing direction against an opponent which can lead to many things to do.

  • (This one is dependent on character size. Smaller character such as Aiwhen, Sasari, Lunathia, Lemius, Orphe, Cielo will have the 236S whiff so you are restricted to the second OTG in this case.)

OTG #4 Meterless Anywhere
Dash -> 2K -> 5HS -> 236P
Dash -> 2K -> 5HS -> 236K
This one will teleport you either behind or forward depending on which version you do. This will give you advantage's in setups when the opponent recovers in midair.

OTG #5 50% Meterless Anywhere*
Dash -> 2K -> 5S -> 5HS -> 236S (BRK) -> 5K -> 5HS -> jP -> jK -> jS -> jHS -> 214S
This one is a bit tricky. This is also only going to work on characters that are not small (see OTG #3). This combo is honestly not worth it at all unless you need that extra tick of damage to win because this will not give you much extra damage despite it being a longer chain then everything on here. It also has the hardest timing because you cannot be late on any of the followups after the break or the opponent can recover and go back into a neutral game. Use rarely but it is still handy to know about this combo.

  • Currently having a weird glitch where performing the break on the corner right side as player 1 will Aiwhen still on the left side even after the break, which will not allow you to perform the OTG so be careful of that.

Post OTG Game

For post OTG, you are left with lots of options with Aiwhen. If you do any of the OTG's (aside from OTG #2) the opponent will have the ability to recover in the air which will work in your favor if you pressure them right or punish them also. The best option is to keep some form of pressure up, but be wary of the characters that have reversal DP's. You are at an advantage with most characters and are always able to keep a constant stream of pressure so do not be afraid to put pressure on.





<please indent descriptions>














Move Details

Special Skills

Whirlwind - Aiwhen's Special Skill causes her to teleport via the use of the O button. Her teleport has various uses, from doing mixups to escaping pressure and dodging attacks. You can cancel most of her normals on hit or block into it as well. When using it, be careful as it does have a bit of startup and recovery, so you can get punished for abusing it. 5O teleports in place, 4/6O teleport forward and back, and j.O serves as a fastfall, teleporting Aiwhen to the ground.


Aiwhen 236S.PNG
Rapid Edge - (j.)236S [ BRK ]
Aiwhen does a quick dash forward, slashing the opponent for knockdown, a staple in her BnBs. Can be useful in neutral, but don't be reckless with it since you can be hit out of it pretty easily.
Aiwhen 623S.PNG
Solar Maiden - 623S/HS [ BRK, Air Unblockable(HS version only) ]
Aiwhen's DP. S version does one slash and is airblockable, not sure why you would use this in comparison to HS version. HS version does two slashes and is air unblockable. It is also BRK-able to make it safe or combo after it. Works as a reversal, has good vertical reach.
Aiwhen 236P.PNG
Tempest Honeymoon - 236P/K
Aiwhen throws one of her daggers out horizontally. On hit or block, Aiwhen will teleport to the opponent. P version teleports behind the opponent, K version teleports above and in front of them. Do not whiff this move as it has terrible recovery; you won't recover until the dagger is off the stage itself and are left in a counterhit state until then. Best to only use it in blockstrings for mixups. Also, be wary when using P version in the corner and it lands on block; you can be thrown out of its recovery. With K version, be wary of anti-airs. Another thing to note is that this can also hit projectiles and take effect, teleporting still relevant to the opponent's location.
Aiwhen j.214S 1.PNG
Aiwhen j.214S 2.PNG
Pure Dream - j.214S [ BRK ]
Aiwhen does a flurry of spinning slashes in the air. When TK'd, it's an instant overhead into knockdown, or can be BRK'd into a combo of your choice if you've got the meter to spend. In aircombos, the opponent can tech if you do this move from three jumps high.

Finishing Moves

Aiwhen 2146HS.PNG
Fairy Dance - 2146HS [ BRK ]
Autocombo super that hits about half-screen forward. Will work if it hits an OTG'd opponent. Final hit does a set amount of damage. Can be BRK'd to followup with a combo.
Aiwhen 214214S.PNG
Beautiful Delete - (j.)214214S
Hits the whole screen. Can be comboed after.

Command Normals

Aiwhen 6HS.PNG
Just Break - 6HS [ <property1>, <property2> ]


Aiwhen 5P.PNG
5P [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen 2P.PNG
2P [ <property1>, <property2> ] <notation> > <cancelsintothis>, <andthis...>
Aiwhen 5K.PNG
5K [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen 2K.PNG
2K [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen cl.5S.PNG
cl.5S [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen f.5S.PNG
f.5S [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen 2S.PNG
2S [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen 5HS.PNG
5HS [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen 2HS.PNG
2HS [ <property1>, <property2> ]

Air Normals

Aiwhen j.P.PNG
j.P [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen j.K.PNG
j.K [ <property1>, <property2> ] <notation> > <cancelsintothis>, <andthis...>
Aiwhen j.S.PNG
j.S [ <property1>, <property2> ]
Aiwhen j.HS.PNG
j.HS [ <property1>, <property2> ]

Frame Data


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5K _ _ _ _ _ _ _
cl.5S _ _ _ _ _ _ _
f.5S _ _ _ _ _ _ _
5HS _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2K _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2S _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2HS _ _ _ _ _ _ _
j.P _ _ _ _ _ _ _
j.K _ _ _ _ _ _ _
j.S _ _ _ _ _ _ _
j.HS _ _ _ _ _ _ _
6HS _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
<special1> _ _ _ _ _ _ _
<special2> _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Finishing Skills

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
<super1> _ _ _ _ _ _ _
<super2> _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • *1: <note1>
  • *2: <note2>

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