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Full Name: Eldio Gajral (エルディオ・ガジュラール)
Age: 20
Profession: Assassin
Height: 172cm
Weight: 59kg
Likes: Torture
Dislikes: Tough opponents
Values: His goggles
Weapon: The dagger "Psycho Edge"


Eldio, as of patch 0.938, is weak in neutral game, but more than makes up for it with his absolutely soul-crushing mixup game, easily achieved by getting creative with his clones and his Shadow Move or Silent Killer stances. His mixup is better than Aiwhen's and that's saying a lot. He has a very low skill ceiling for combos, and has a very high skill ceiling for okizeme mixups, like being able to use clones to feint an overhead and a crossup, then uncrossup sweep them. Sadly, he deals the least amount of damage in the game (He needs atleast 20 ground confirms to kill you alone) but his mixup is really good and covers enough options that it might just be the end of the round if he ever gets in.

Eldio is best suited for people who want to laugh at their opponent for not being able to "just block" his 100-way mixups.

Move List

Special Skill
Fake Vision (フェイクビジョン) Any direction+.pngO.png
Assassination (暗殺術) His actions may move him or look like hes moving in separate directions. When using BRK, no natural BRK effects occur.
Command Normals
Eagle (イーグル) 2.png+.pngHS.png (In air)
*Shadow Move (シャドウムーブ) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
*Silent Killer (サイレントキラー) 2.png2.png+.pngP.png
Raven (レイブン) S.png (*Followup)
Albatross (アルバトロス) 6.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Owl (アウル) 2.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Vulture (ヴァルチャー) 4.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Liar Pain (ライアーペイン) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngK.png
Finish Skill
Genocide Carnival (ジェノサイドカーニバル) 2.png3.png6.png2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

Pressure Game



Meterless, Anywhere (2P) 2K 5SS 5HS 2HS/236236K

  • Your main bread and butter. Let that sink in. It's not that bad once you consider Eldio's mixups, but your damage is more than pitiful off a regular grounded confirm, and you can't really do anything but 236236K or resets to really give yourself any more damage.
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