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What are the controls?

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.

A = Punch (P)

B = Kick (K)

C = Slash (S)

D = Heavy Slash (HS)

E = Original Action (O)

F = Special Action (SP)

Going from Punch to Heavy Slash is increasing strength. Your normal cancel chains normally go from light to heavy, and exact cancel chains are character specific. Original Action is a character specific button that can do a variety of things. Special Action is used for canceling certain moves, but costs meter (can cost less meter if timed right).

What's the standard for netplay/tournaments?

  • Wonderful World version 0.938
  • Two rounds to win, and infinite (0) time
  • LilithPort version 1.08 for netplay

Is there a practice mode?

Yes. Go to vs player, and at the stage select press the SP button. There is training mode options that can be accessed by pressing P2 SP button and controlled via the P2 controls.

Can I get back to the main menu without having to restart the game?

Yes. If you are at stage select, or in the middle of training or a fight, pause the game and press P+K+S (or A+B+C if you prefer). If you are at character select, just pressing the pause button works.

Why does my game lag only when I'm playing online, even if my connection is good?

Even if you are using LilithPort 1.08, which is tested to be the most reliable client, on some machines (most notably those running windows 7) it may memory leak over time. If you start to realize frame drops while playing online and the other player doesn't, then just restarting LunaPort should temporarily resolve the issue.

The game keeps stuttering, what can I do?

When netplay gives a lag spike, LilithPort seems to be unable to recover automatically. For whatever reason, dragging the game's window a little bit will fix the issue.

What are the tiers in this game?

Glass' tier list, from strongest group to weakest:

Lemius, Claudette
Lynia, Cielo
Ryuza, Neva, Alicephia, Aiwhen
Shake, Etielle, Orphe, Corona
Duna, Sabe, Semnia
Pale, Friede, Kiki, Lunathia, Sasari
Rosalice, Fuga, Eldio, Chartette

Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D39jeGzUwAATYD6.png

The wiki character pages or other pages are missing information... can I add it?

Yes, please do! Even if you are not confident in your literary or English skills someone will probably fix it for you.

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