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Full Name: Pale Bastair (ペール・バステア)
Age: 11
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Height: 137 cm
Weight: 35 kg
3 sizes: B69 W56 H70
Likes: Sweets
Dislikes: Spicy food
Values: Herself
Weapon: Chakram


Pale is characterized by moves that hit a long distance away, but leave big dead zones right in front of her. With so many long range attacks, she can control the match very well from a distance, but is almost completely helpless when up close.

When one of her specials hits an opponent, it sets a sweet mark, which can be activated with her Original Action, consuming all marks with an attack that will hit the opponent no matter where they are on the screen.

Pale has some great anti-air tools, especially her 623HS, and her fast movement allows her to move around quickly and nimbly slip away from the opponent when given the chance to. While she really struggles up close, Sweet Jewel can be used to stop the opponent's pressure, or making it scary for them to blindly dash in.

Information on this page refers to version 0.938 of the game.


  • Great when fighting from a distance
  • Excellent anti-air
  • Good damage


  • Some near-impossible matchups and many hard ones
  • Very hard to get out of pressure, especially without any sweet marks, as opponents can get away with almost anything
  • A couple forward ground dashes, even if mediocre, will allow the opponent to get too close for most of Pale's moves to connect

Move List

Special Skill
Sweet Jewel (スイートジュエル) O.png
Honey Sweet Jewel (ハニースイートジュエル) 2.png2.png+.pngO.png
Encore (アンコール) Some of Pale's normals hit a second time if the button is pressed again.
Chocolate Scissors (チョコレートシザー) (Also in the air) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png
Cookie Saucer (クッキーソーサー) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png
Candy Drop (キャンディドロップ) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png
Caramel Coaster (キャラメルコースター) 6.png2.png3.png+.pngHS.png
Cocoa Rainbow (ココアレインボー) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Finish Skill
Ripple Mont Blanc (リップルモンブラン) 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngHS.png

Special Skills

Each of Pale's specials will apply a different sweet mark on the opponent when hitting them. Using her Original Action will trigger all marks, causing a fast, full screen attack that will deal more damage with more marks.

Normal Moves

5P [ Mid ]
Very short mid attack. Combos into 5K and 2K, but just like those moves, you cannot combo it into any special, so the resulting damage will be insignificant. Knowing how weak Pale is up close, opponents tend to mash buttons when in close range, so it's not a good tool for tick throws either. You won't be using this much.
2P [ Low ]
Low, fast attack that hits full-screen away, making it an excellent poke at that distance. If you press P again, it will do a second hit, which also hits low, and will very slightly pull the opponent closer, allowing you to combo into 2HS afterwards for a little more damage and a hard knockdown. If the opponent was a little closer than full-screen, you can add either 236S or 623HS after 2HS, for some more damage and a sweet charge.
5K [ Mid ]
Very similar to 5P, but it doesn't combo into any normal. Just like 5P, you won't use this much.
2K [ Mid ]
Despite how it looks, it hits mid. Pale's best up-close normal, as it has more viable range. It doesn't combo into anything, but if you do 214S after, the window between the two attacks will be very short, so it may hit or, if it gets blocked, it will at least push the opponent away.
5S [ Mid ]
Mid attack, hits a long distance away but doesn't reach full-screen.
2S [ Air-unblockable, whiffs on grounded opponents ]
Pale throws her chakram up behind her. Very weird attack, but it's air unblockable and will pull the opponent right in front of you, where you can combo into 214S, so it can lead to good damage in the rare occasions where you get to use it.
5HS [ Mid ]
Large swing that hits mid. The hitbox is one of the largest, making it a pretty good option when you don't know if the opponent is going to stay on the ground or jump. If you catch them jumping, you can follow it with 623HS, which is air-unblockable.
2HS [ Low ]
Low, long range swing. Unless it's at max distance, it can be followed into 236S or 623HS.

Air Normals

j.P [ High ]
Very stubby normal, but on hit, it will shoot the opponent to the ground, with a bit of hard knockdown. If, by any chance, the opponent has 1 pixel of health left afterwards, you can follow it with an off-the-ground hit with j.2HS.
j.K [ High ]
Downwards-angled kick. It does have a good jump-in hitbox, but since Pale can't really do anything up close, it's not very useful.
j.S [ Mid ]
Slightly downwards-angled, but mostly forward swing. You won't be using this very much, as it is not easy to use against grounded opponents, and you won't have many air-to-air situations where you need this specific range.
j.HS [ Mid ]
Downwards-angled swing. It has shorter range than most of Pale's normals, which is great for her. You can hop and use this to poke the opponent when they're a bit closer than where you normally want them. It combos into j.2HS, which combos back into this in a loop.

Command Normals

6S [ Mid, whiffs on crouching opponents ]
Similar to 5S, but if you press S again, it does a second hit that will pull the opponent slightly closer. Whiffs against crouching opponents, and can be blocked in the air, so it's not a very useful move.
3S [ Air-unblockable, whiffs on grounded opponents ]
Diagonally upwards attack. Very long reach and is air-unblockable, so it can be good for anti-airing from a long distance away. Combos into 5HS which combos into 623HS, for some more damage, a hard knockdown and a sweet charge.
6HS [ High ]
Universal overhead. Slower than other characters' overheads, but like most of Pale's moves, it's done at a distance. When you can get it to hit, it leads into some very damaging combos. A lot of Pale's gameplan is based on staying at the right distance where both 6HS and 2HS can be used, to mix the opponent up.
j.2S [ High ]
Pale swings her chakram at a very downwards angle, behind her. While this sounds very weird, it's very useful when getting away from the opponent: you jump, air-dash over them and do j.2S to hit them with an overhead cross-up. You can follow it with j.236S to apply a sweet charge. When you're a little bit closer, you can add a j.2HS in-between the two moves.
j.2HS [ High ]
Diagonally downwards attack that hits high. Good move, combos into j.HS which combos back into this move for loops.

Special Moves

Chocolate Scissors - 236S/j.236S [ Mid, BRK ]
Quick swing of both chakram in front of her. Comes out quickly and has a pretty big hitbox, making it good when you're not sure which way the opponent might try to move. Causes a hard knockdown and it's a good combo ender. Can be used in the air, much in the same way.
Cookie Saucer - 214S [ Mid, BRK ]
Pale makes her chakram sweep across the floor like a yo-yo. Comes out reasonably quickly and is very good in combos. You can use it from up close after 2K: it will not combo, but the window in-between the two attacks is very short, so even if it gets blocked, it will push the opponent away.
Candy Drop - 236K [ Mid, Projectile, BRK ]
Pale kicks a chakram forwards, which will slowly advance on the ground while bouncing slightly. Very slow to come out, but it's a good tool for oki. Counts as a projectile, but when it clashes against other projectiles, or a move that absorbs projectiles, it will bounce up in the air instead of disappearing.
Caramel Coaster - 623HS [ Air-unblockable, whiffs grounded opponents, BRK ]
Huge hitbox, air-unblockable. It will whiff against grounded opponents, but even if they're slightly above the ground (like after a 2HS sweep), it will connect. On hit, it grabs the opponent and slams them behind her. The resulting distance will be a bit too close for Pale, but you get the time to do 236K for oki, or backdash away. This move poses a big threat against jump-happy opponents.
Cocoa Rainbow - 214HS [ Mid, BRK ]
Pale swings her chakrams around her to form a rainbow. Often used in combos. In neutral, it's something like a weaker version of 236S, but since the last hit will launch the opponent in the air, you can pick the combo up afterwards for more damage.

Finishing Skill

Ripple Mont Blanc - 2146HS [ Mid ]
Huge pillar of light that tracks the opponent. If the opponent is moving very quickly, it may whiff. On hit, it does more damage the more sweet charges were applied on the opponent.


Neutral Game

In short, you never want the opponent near you. Ideally, you want to keep them at a distance where both 2HS and 6HS can connect, as the latter in particular leads to very damaging combos that end with hard knockdown. Try to keep the opponent scared of jumping with the threat of 623HS, and scared of walking closer with 2HS and j.HS. 5HS is your best tool when you're not sure whether the opponent is going to jump or stay on the ground. From full-screen away, you have 2P~P, which is a very fast, low poke. If the opponent gets too close, your best options to get away are jump > air-dash > j.2S > j.236S, or, if you prefer to stay on the ground, poke them with 2K and follow it with 214S to push them away.


Pale's combos vary depending not only on distance and starter, but also on whether or not Honey Sweet Jewel (22O) was used. After using 22O, which consumes 50% meter, and until the end of the round or using 22O again, any sweet mark is immediately consumed upon being set, which provides additional hitstun, making different combos possible, but also preventing previous combos from working due to the opponent's position being changed by the extra hit.

Combos in Honey Sweet Jewel mode are more damaging, but remember that losing the ability to control marks will weaken your neutral game.

Using 22O a second time will consume 50% meter again, but you will regain control of activating sweet marks at will.

Meterless, anywhere, no 22O: 6HS > 214HS > 3S > 5HS > 623HS

Weaker overhead-starter combo that can be used almost anywhere, as sometimes being close to a corner may prevent the last hit of 214HS to connect. Overall this combo is to be used when you're not sure the next one will work, as it is more lenient on the opponent's distance, and position relative to corners.

Meterless, midscreen, no 22O: 6HS > 214S > 6HS > 214S > 6HS > 214HS > 3S > 5HS > 623HS

Overhead-starter combo that deals about 40% health to Ryuza. The opponent needs to be a bit on the close side of 6HS, or one of the 214S may end up whiffing. If you or the opponent are in the corner, it may mess up the combo.

Excellent combo as it sets 3 sweet marks on the opponent, can be followed with 236K for oki, or O to activate the marks if the opponent just barely survives the combo.

Meterless, anywhere, with 22O: 6HS > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 214S > 5HS > 623HS

Overhead-starter combo that requires Honey Sweet Jewel mode. It may look silly, but it does over 60% damage on Ryuza. Pale can actually do a visually similar combo without 22O active, but it doesn't do nearly as much damage due to the lack of the extra hit that Honey Sweet Jewel provides.

Meterless, anywhere, with 22O: 6HS > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 214S > delay > 6HS > 214HS > 623HS

Yet another overhead-starter combo. Similar to the previous one, but does over 70% damage to Ryuza and requires some precise timing on the 6HS near the end of the combo.

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