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Credits to Nyu-13 for allowing us to transcribe their Alte guide to populate this page.



One of the human weapons who fought against Sora in the war a little over 10,000 years ago. Her fighting style is to lock on the enemy with her Searchlight Panel (SLP) and attack them. She also uses a gigantic shock rod in close quarters combat.

She is such a diligent person that she holds her ground even in fights where she stands no chance of winning, risking her own life for the sake of her beloved.


Alte is an install type character with a kit that has mainly ballistics. She's very snowbally and relies on setting up her Search Light Panel(SLP) as fast as possible and causing the games momentum to shift in her favor.

Because her SLP is destructible however and she is as mentioned before mainly ballistics, she basically struggles against any character with the ability to either quickly take out her SLP(has good rushdown) or destroy ballistics very efficiently. Which to her dismay many characters have at least one off going for them.

This mixed with her low speed and questionable ways of metergain make Alte one of the weaker characters in the game.

Difficulty: Hard

Being low tier isn't easy, Alte isn't super difficult because her kit is very hard to understand or anything. She is due to being a very position reliant slowpoke that relies on an install hyper many characters have no problem taking out in no time to achieve anything of value.


Farming Meter

Alte’s best way to gain meter is by using her Tap wB/Hold wB, SPwA and wA. SPwA is your usual combo follow up and tends to be far too risky to use without trying to confirm into it. So you usually want to use wA/dwA to assist you with setting it up while using Tap and Hold wB to as a way to protect yourself.

Setting up some missiles or laser panels with Hold wB/Tap wB to hide behind and then follow up with wA/dwA is usually a good way to try and set up a hit you can follow up with SPwA. When you're trying to gain a lead though you usually want to concentrate on using laser panels(Tap wB) more due to their lower meter feed.

Once SLP is up you usually want to throw any thoughts of feeding meter out the window and just start using rockets(Hold wB) and some occasional laser panels, due to their insane homing, your rockets usually force enough meter out of your opponent for the meter negativity they carry not to matter.


Alte is a character that really plays aggressive and defensive at the same time, though she has some things she can do to put up some more pressure. In order to be any sort of actual threat however you first want to get SLP up(more on how to achieve that during the defensive section).

After getting SLP up you can can use minigun(wA) or SLP Shield(SP) to try and assists pinning someone down for the rockets to hit. Trying to use rockets more midscreen or setting them up to cut someone off will also help her turn up the pressure. She can also work with Dash Hyper to assist her in cutting people off, though its rather inconsistent and usually not worth the meter. Also making more liberate use of B.Hyper can greatly help with your pressure.


Due to her nature as a character and the fact that most characters will constantly try to mercilessly rush you down, defensive is the playstyle you'll go to by default, though as mentioned before this isn't really a problem due to your defense being your offense.

Once again you first want to get SLP up, the best way to achieve this without dying is to as mentioned before set up some rockets or laser panels to hide behind and then just shoot your minigun in order to deny any approaches coming your way, be very mindful of your ammo though due to the fact that Alte can keep her gun up without actually fiering causing you to be very open to a potential punish. So always dash cancel out before its almost empty if you didn't hit. Depending on how mobile you need to be to still dodge you'll have to decide if you want to go for dwA or just wA.

Once SLP is up you want to start setting up rockets with some laser panels here and there. Depending on how well they can clear your missiles you'll have to opt for using laser panels more often. If they try to melee you can usually use SLP Shield to deny that, you normally want to try to keep a lot of distance and be sure to have your SLP behind you so it can't get destroyed as easily, having it outside the arena is usually good due to it being unable to get hit from most projectiles there. Keep in mind that SLP Shield always moves SLP in front of you so using it to reposition your SLP to a more favorable position can sometimes be a good idea.

Normal Moves

Weapon A

Submachine Gun (Can also be held)
Weapon A
Alte wa.png
Type Energy Shots
Ballistic Primary: 5-100% 4 - 40
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
30x 6-60 1.5x
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
13 13-121 23-131
Fires bullets rapidly in a small spread. Can move while firing. Usable until ammo is depleted. Requires three hits in a single barrage to stun the opponent. One bullet comes out every three frames, which means the move doesn't cause hitstun until frame 19 or later. The first shot that hits can put the opponent in hitstun if the opponent has just exited hitstun from another attack and the combo counter is still up. Bullets have 30 HP.
Dashing Submachine Gun (Can also be held)
DashWeapon A
Alte dwa.png
Type Energy Shots
Ballistic Primary: 5-100% 4 - 33
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
30x 6-50 1.5x
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
13 13-96 23-106
Uses more ammo per shot, but movement while firing is more agile and the bullet spread is a bit larger.
Shock Rod
SubWeapon A
Alte swa.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct Primary: 0% -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
80x6 (480) 60 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
21 30 (whiff) / 31 (hit) 40 (whiff) / 61 (hit)
Dashes towards the opponent and shocks. Partial homing properties. Attack lasts 26 frames. Movement begins on frame 13, meter is also gained on this frame. +6 frame advantage.
SLP Shield
Alte s.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct Primary: 3-100% -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
30x +100 (400 max) 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
6 (up to 10 to hit) 1-100 3-100
SLP moves in front of Alte and repeatedly hits the opponent in place. Alte can move at her regular speed while using this attack. Can take up to 10 frames for the SLP to hit in front and 16 frames for it to completely swing around. Deals a knockback hit of 100 damage when the combo counter read 10 hits or greater. Due to this, the knockback hit can trigger immediately at the start of the attack. As of 1.03, the panel is considered to be in "shield mode" as long as you have WA ammo remaining, which causes any non-piercing attacks that hit it to be negated. Successfully blocked hits will display a "guard" message. Possibly bugged and doesn't always negate damage. It stops inflicting damage and no longer triggers "guard" after running out of energy. Unlike most of the attacks in the game, WB ammo is able to recharge while using this move. The WA ammo drain is about equal to the recharge rate. +14 frame advantage.

Weapon B

(Tap) Deploy Beam Panels
Weapon B
Alte wb1.png
Type Energy Shots
Beam Sub: 40% 4 per panel
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
100x 24 4x
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
30 -9 11
Six panels surround the caster in a hexagon shape and fire four beams each in a slight spread. Normally, one panel is directly aimed at the opponent and the shots go straight, but when the SLP is out, none are aimed directly and partially curve towards the opponent. Panel hurtbox formed on frame 15. The panels can be destroyed during the 15 frames they are fully formed before they even fire. 5 frames between each beam shot. The panels have somewhere between 200-240 HP.
(Hold) Missile Shower
Weapon B
Alte wb2.png
Type Energy Shots
Ballistic Sub: 30% 6
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
200x 15 12x
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
17 9 24
Six missiles are placed in a hexagon shape with one directly aimed at the opponent. Has slight homing that becomes much stronger when fired after the SLP is out. 120 HP.
SubWeapon B
Alte swb.png
Type Energy Shots
Ballistic Sub: 100% 0 - 15
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
30x 30 1.5x
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
16 10 20
Sends out two floating turrets at ~29 degree angles that slowly rotate towards the opponent and fire Submachine Gun bullets when the opponent is in its range. Its searchlight is rather short and narrow in range. It slowly floats around bouncing off walls for about 995 frames (~16.58s), if not destroyed. Will also disappear after firing 15 shots. Has 400 HP. Claymores are invincible for ~50 frames. During their initial movement, they have a 0 damage knockback hitbox. 3 frames between each shot.


Searchlight Panel (SLP)
Weapon AHyper
Alte wah1.png
Type Energy Shots
- - -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
- 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
11 20 50
Creates a surveillance camera to the right of Alte initially that is permanently locked on to the opponent. Can be hit by attacks. Has 1000 HP. The panel will maintain its position relative to Alte unless one of her other moves re-positions it. It stays out forever until destroyed. It is possible for the panel to be outside the stage border where some attacks cannot hit it. If this hyper command is used while the panel is out, SLP Spark is used instead.
SLP Spark (★)
Weapon AHyper
Alte wah2.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct - -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
90x8 (720) 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
16 45 65
This is the Hyper used when SLP is already out. The panel will move in front of Alte and cast a shockwave in front of itself, inflicting damage to anything nearby. Last hit deals a large amount of knockback. Active for 42 frames, though the animation makes it look like it lasts longer. SLP is capable of "guard" during this move just like with SLP Shield. +11 frame advantage.
Salvo Fire
Weapon BHyper
Alte wbh.png
Type Energy Shots
Beam and Ballistic - 4 beams per panel, 12 missiles
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
100x (Beam), 200x (Missile) 0 4x (Beam), 12x (Missile)
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
21 34 54
12 Missiles and 12 beam panels get deployed. 6 of each are deployed first, then 20 frames later, a second set of 6 gets deployed in the space between where the previous set were. Damage values are the same. Attacks change the same as the regular attacks when SLP is out. First set of beam panels form on frame 11.
Shock Balls
Alte dh.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct - 10 Balls
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
45x 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
20 21 36
Ten electrified balls appear around the caster, forming first at the top and bottom and going clockwise. Takes 20 frames after the first pair become active to form the rest. After 4 more frames, they then slowly move towards the enemy. Does multiple hits as long as the opponent is in contact with a sphere. Gains a slight amount of tracking when used with SLP out.
Shock Rod Punisher
Alte sh.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct - -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
60x8 (680) 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
13 38 (51 on hit) 68 (81 on hit)
A stronger version of the Shock Rod. Active for 28 frames. If your first charge misses, pressing Primary Weapon will consume 40% of a Hyper bar to restart the attack. This can be done twice. +6 frame advantage.
Accel Hyper: Desperation Attack
SubWeapon BHyper
Alte swbh.png
Type Energy Shots
Direct - -
Damage Meter Gain Grazed Meter Gain
1400 0 0
Startup Canceled Recovery Full Recovery
11 50 (90 on hit) 70 (100 on hit)
Uses 3 bars of Hyper meter. Alte rushes at the opponent and grabs her until a ship crashes into them from the background. Does no damage to Alte. Grab is active for ~10 frames as Alte moves. On hit, Alte gets a renewed Hyper shield. +6 frame advantage.


Most of Alte's combos are very position reliant and will usually not work if you're either too far away or too close.


Range for first combo to work
  • wA/dwA > Dash Cancel > SPwA
Fairly simple follow up from wA, requires you to be around midrange for the follow up to be true (shown on image).
  • SP(SLP) > WA
Fairly easy follow up from SLP Shield. Make sure to let go of SP all the way before hitting WA. The closer the opponent is, the easier to combo. A good range is for Alte's ammo circle to go through the middle of the opponent. By moving away while firing, it is possible to get into the range to do the Shock Rod combo just above this one.
  • Tap wB > SPwA
Follow up to any stray laser hits, requires a good feeling of knowing rather Tap wB hits or not, requires you to be somewhat close to your opponent when using SPwA
  • Hold wB x 3 > SP/wA/dwA
Just pinning someone with whatever you can for rockets to hit, you usually want to have SLP up when you go for this due to the improved homing effects


  • Tap wB > N.Hyper
Summon laser panels and then SLP, rather easy way to protect yourself while getting SLP with the added bonus of having the lasers convert into their homing version, be sure to mind the animation it takes to spawn panels to time your Neutral Hyper after they are actually spawned
  • SPwA > N.Hyper
Alternative way to get SLP up with an added bonus, this one will provide you with an extra chunk of meter
  • wA/dwA > SP.Hyper/N.Hyper(SLP)
Follow up to wA when you're too close for SPwA to connect
  • SP(SLP) > SPwA > N.Hyper
Fairly simple follow up from SLP shield
  • wa/dwA > D.Hyper > Dash Cancel > SPwA > Dash Cancel > SPwA
Requires a good idea of where shock balls spawn, allows you to gain a rather huge chunk of meter back due to SPwA's high gain, only works near walls
  • dWA > DH > spWB > WA into Claymore 1 > WA into Claymore 2 > spWA
Alte's largest source of damage, doing 2800-3200 damage typically for only 1 meter. During dWA, position Alte directly above or below the opponent so DH combos. Spawn Claymores and then use WA to push the opponent into their firing range. Reposition so that spWA does not hit them into a nearby wall. The combo can be done even if the starting dWA uses up all the ammo. Can potentially shield-break an opponent's Shield during DH if the DH lands near max range. Does not require much practice to achieve with landing the initial dWA being the hardest part. spWA can be replaced with the WA > dc > spWA combo if spaced correctly. Different attacks can be incorporated for even more damage (4000+), but the difficulty in execution greatly increases.
  • dWA > DH > tap WB > dc towards the opponent > tap WB > WA
Alternate of the above if there is not enough ammo for Claymores. Tap WB requires decent spacing to hit with the highest number of lasers. WA can be replaced with spWA but awareness of the arena wall is needed.

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