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Let's dance in the beautiful sky.


Hime is the first of AOS2's 3 boss characters. She's very punish heavy and generally performs well at any range.

Hime can be played both from a distance or close up allowing her to deal with most matchups thrown at her with relative ease, Himes only weakness is a proper lack of ballistic clear which can cause some characters to give her a little bit of trouble at times.

Hime's main gimmick is that none of her attacks are dashable and follow a special color rule instead, causing all her red attacks to scale with heat while her blue ones don't.

Difficulty: Hard

Hime's kit, even though very versatile, has actually a lot going on and a lot to learn. It's very punish heavy in its nature leading to you having to learn when to best go for something, this mixed with all of her more powerful attacks having somewhat long recovery causes you to usually have to be very precise with their usage in order to not get punished yourself and to get the most out of them.

Normal Moves


Gentle Breeze

  • Press WA [Direct (Passive)]
    • Damage: 120x2
    • Two swords shoot towards your opponent. Can be fired in fairly quick succession. Only the red one comes out when low on Energy.

Beauty of Needles

  • Hold WA [Direct (Passive)]
    • Damage: 75xn (while circling), 120xn (when flying out)
    • A circle of Hime's swords surround her and fly out.

Violent Air

  • Dash + WA [Direct (Passive)]
    • Damage: 120x6
    • Like Gentle Breeze, but with 4 more hits. They also fly out at the direction of your opponent but are less accurate then Gentle Breeze.


Subtle Promise

  • Press WB [Direct (Passive)]
    • Damage: 120x9
    • A lot of swords show up behind her and fly out in a straight line.


  • Hold WB [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 50x6
    • A small delay and then a beam that instantly reaches the other side of the screen at the direction where your opponent was when you pressed the button.
    • While Dashing your beam will fire a a short moment after you press it at the angle of where your opponent was when you started to press it. This means you can miss a still standing person if you are not dashing towards or from the person at straight line.


Delicate Pains of Paradise (2-Steps)

  • Press SP + WA [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 25xn + 20x12
    • A Chain will extend out of some dimensional pocket from in front of Hime and try to hit your opponent. The first chain will usually do 6 hits, but can do 7 hits if hit at the beginning or tip of the chain. If it hits, you can press it again for more chains to lance out.


  • Press SP + WB [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 80x4
    • A more melee-esque melee attack.
    • Will knock your opponent back.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Amber

  • Execution: Hyper [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 40x16
    • A wider version of Hime's Hold WB. You can move around while using this move. It won't rotate, but you can move at a slightly slower pace than non-dash but the direction of your beam won't change.

Hyper B: Inviolability

  • Execution: WB + Hyper [Direct (Passive)]
    • Damage: 60x20 (Close-range), 120xn (Mid/Long-range)
    • The close-range version surrounds the enemy and is ideal for coming off of the chain combo with, whereas the long range version hits a wide area and does more damage.

Hyper C: Eternal Incandescence

  • Execution: SP + Hyper [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 20xn
    • The blades will hit for about 17~23 times outside of the halo, and 24~34 times inside of it. You can also move around while this is firing, like her Amber hyper.

Hyper D: Entrapment

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 50x6 (can hit 7 times when very close)
    • Quickly raises your opponent's heat to 203% when they're hit by it. The heat adding effect persists through shields and super invulnerability, though the damage does not. This allows you to force the opponent's heat to a high level even if they shield or whiff a super. Extremely useful for getting your opponent over-heated so you can pile on the damage.
    • Actual damage is variable since the opponent's heat is rising while being hit with the attack.

Accel Hyper: God Knows

  • Execution: SP + WB + Hyper [Direct (Active)]
    • Damage: 170x9
    • Hime sprouts wings. This has large horizontal range, but short vertical range. If the opponent is close, it pushes them away at end regardless if the attack hits or not. Hits twice as many times if Hime's opponent is lined up with her vertically.

Star Breaker