Acceleration of Suguri 2/Nath

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Tragic armless giant robot pilot

She starts at LV1, but can upgrade as a match goes. Despite appearances, Nath's hitbox is the tiny little char in the center of the robot.

Normal Moves


Spread Beam

  • Press WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 120×n
    • Shoots 11 beams in a spread. Acts the same at all levels.

Reflection Beam

  • Dash WA [Beam]
  • LV1
    • Damage: 200×n
    • Fires 2 beams that bounce after hitting the stage boundry. Bounces 3 times before disappearing.
  • LV2
    • Damage: 50×n
    • Fires 4 bits that will quickly shoot beams at the enemy.
  • LV3
    • Damage: 50×n
    • Fires 4 bits that will surround the enemy and then fire beams.


Carpet Bombing

  • Press WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150×n
    • At LV1: Fires 7 slow moving missiles in a single direction. Has no homing.
    • At LV2: Fires 6 slow moving missiles. Has homing.
    • At LV3: Fires 10 missiles. Has homing and moves faster than before.
    • Explosions do no damage(?).


Metal Fist

  • Press SP + WA
  • LV1 [Direct]
    • Damage: 200
    • The robot throws out a couple fists. Has short range and only hits once.
  • LV2 [Direct]
    • Damage: 400
    • The robot swings its cannon arm. Has large range and can be useful in destroying ballistics.
  • LV3 [Beam]
    • Damage: 40×n
    • Nath's robot shoots a beam that goes fullscreen. Can deal up to 9 hits, but does less hits when Energy is almost empty.

Beam Reflector

  • Press SP + WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 100 (Plate), ?×n (Beam)
    • Summons plates that will reflect beam attacks.
    • At LV1: 2 plates are summoned.
    • At LV2: 4 plates are summoned. Can summon fewer plates at low Energy.
    • At LV3: 6 plates are summoned. Can summon fewer plates at low Energy.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Metal Pound

  • Execution: Hyper
  • LV1
    • Damage: 90×n + 120
    • The robot repeatedly punches the enemy. Can hit up to 10 times including the last hit. Last hit does the most damage.
  • LV2
    • Damage: 70×n
    • The robot fires a fullscreen beam that does up to 9 hits.
  • LV3
    • Damage: 90×n
    • Aside from doing more damage, it is unchanged from LV2.

Hyper B: Laser Bit Blast

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 50×n
    • Sends 8 bits out. Each bit can do up to 5 hits.
    • At LV1: Beams fire in a spread.
    • At LV2: Beams fire in the general direction of the enemy.
    • At LV3: The bits surround the enemy and fire beams at her.

Hyper C:

  • Execution: WB + Hyper
  • LV1
    • Damage: 200×n
    • Sends 13 non-homing missiles.
  • LV2
    • Damage: 300×n
    • Nath set up 6 walls that extend to the stage boundary. After a short bit, they explode. Walls cannot be dashed through. If hit, the enemy will be ablaze momentarily.
  • LV3
    • Damage: 150×n (Missile), 200×n (Explosion)
    • Sends out 14 homing missiles (the faster ones) in a spread.

Hyper D: Extension

  • Execution: SP + Hyper
  • LV1 and LV2
    • Damage: N/A
    • Upgrades Nath a level, this hyper is the same for LV2 but changes once she reaches LV3.
  • LV3
    • Damage: 900
    • Nath does a short lunge. If the barrel of the robot's cannon touches the enemy, she is grabbed and blasted with the cannon point-blank.

Accel Hyper:

  • Execution: SP + WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 140×n (Robot), 200×n (Missiles)
    • Nath's robot turns into a ship that rams the enemy while leaving missiles in its wake. The missiles do not have homing. Nath is reset to level 1 after use.

Star Breaker