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Tsih is an unorthodox character that relies heavily on applying the inherent and powerful properties of her rocks in different ways to deal massive damage. Her summoned, thrown and swung rocks all possess higher HP and a larger hitbox than other ballistics, and can hit multiple times per summon; used properly, and with the assistance of well-timed sweeps and paralyze barriers from her beam arsenal, Tsih is able to link long-range rock setups and traps into devastating melee loops. Although capable of functioning at all ranges, Tsih is able to best apply offensive pressure in or near melee range; as such, she struggles against characters able to snuff her close-range game. Her meter gain is above-average, surpassed only by characters like Mira and Kyoko.


Tsih is somewhat of a mid-close range brawler with very strong normals but weak/niche hyper options.

She has a very strong anti-ballistic game and can alternate between a more defensive set up kind of style and rushdown.

Tsih's main gimmick are her rocks, which basically are somewhat sturdy heat scaling ballistics.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Tsih relies a lot on setting up hits and getting the most out of confirms. This causes you to have to learn a lot of her setups and work on your pressure to get hits in as often as possible, which is why she has a bit of learning curve attached to her.

Normal Moves



  • Press WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 280x2
    • Fires a pair of curving lasers towards enemy that first spin in a circle twice before flying off towards the enemy. Has exactly twice the range of SP + WA. Inaccurate; trades consistency for strength and a longer lifespan compared to Hold [WA].


  • Hold WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 120xn
    • Creates a ring of bullets around Tsih that pause for a second before flying off in random directions. Approximately half of the bullets will fly outward, while the other half will head towards Tsih instead. Good for sweeping missiles, denying enemy melee approaches and starting your own melee loops.


  • Dash WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 240x4
    • Fires four curving lasers in completely random directions that first spin in a circle twice before flying away. Can help beef up WB Rock Summon setups slightly, but is highly unreliable. Maintains some dash momentum without raising heat. Can be used to snuff enemy melee pursuits while backing away, but not as effective as Hold [WA] or SP + WA in that regard.



  • Press WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 280x2
    • Summons a pair of rocks to the left and right of Tsih's eye level, then commands all rocks on the field to fly towards the enemy's current location. Can be quickly Dash Cancelled before the attack command is given, allowing said rocks to stay on the field for up to 8 seconds. Ideally, 2 to 6 rocks should be placed across the field via Dash Cancel before a final set is summoned and commanded to launch, as this allows more thorough setups that are harder to avoid, provide more hit-stun and can link into melee strings. Can be used to counter melee approaches if commanded before Tsih is hit. Single summons are most reliable if used when the enemy is on top of or near the summon location.



  • Press SP + WA [Direct]
    • Damage: 10
    • Creates an impassable barrier that will paralyze the enemy for up to 2 seconds on contact. Lasts three seconds before dissipating. May pass through or knock back the enemy if used in very close ranges, but will still deal minor hit-stun in these cases. Throws the enemy off after they sustain 130 damage. Despite low damage, the paralysis effect allows you to quickly close off pathways and initiate big damage combos if caught, making the move extremely useful for zoning and anti-melee.


  • Press SP + WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 240 (swing state), 320 (thrown state)
    • Tsih summons, swings and immediately throws a rock toward the enemy. Tsih's fastest-moving direct-fire projectile; quickly travels approximately 2/3rds the diameter of the arena, then slows to a halt. Tsih maintains some forward momentum that cannot be cancelled once released; be careful not to run into anything while throwing it! Retains the same properties as WB Rock Summons, making it useful for clearing a path toward your opponent. Deals damage on contact; can hit multiple times as long as contact is maintained.


  • Press SP + [WB] [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 240
    • Tsih summons and swings a rock around without throwing it, instead holding it behind her back after the swing. Can be swung up to three times before it is automatically thrown on the third repetition. Can be thrown on the second swing. Dash Cancel is possible after the first and second swings once the rock is held behind Tsih's back. Moves at near-dash speeds without raising heat and retains the same defensive properties as WB Rock Summons, making it one of the safer approaches in the game... until it breaks. If broken due to damage absorption, a new rock will NOT be summoned even if consecutive swing attempts are made. Deals damage on contact; can hit multiple times (including when the rock is behind Tsih) as long as contact is maintained.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A:

  • Execution: Hyper / WA + Hyper
    • Damage: 300x16
    • Tsih fires out 16 curving lasers around herself in a flower formation that first spin in a circle twice before flying away. Covers a considerable amount of space: approximately 1/3rd of the entire arena's area. Despite that, remains very hard to land without a melee hit confirm. Best used in extremely close proximity (within two character lengths), specifically if you believe your opponent will attempt to melee you.

Hyper B:

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 10x10
    • Creates 10 impassable barriers in a circle around Tsih that will paralyze the enemy for up to 2 seconds on contact. Lasts five seconds. While the barriers are larger and of longer duration, they otherwise retain the same properties as the non-hyper variant. Most effective if used near the arena wall.

Hyper C:

  • Execution: WB + Hyper
    • Damage: 280x8
    • Summons eight rocks to the left and right of Tsih, then commands all rocks on the field to fly towards the enemy's current location. Unlike normal WB, you can not Dash Cancel the attack command to leave the rocks stationary; another hyper must be used if you wish to leave these rocks and all other rocks on the field at their current positions.

Hyper D:

  • Execution: SP + Hyper
    • Damage: 0
    • A cloaking field is activated that lasts for a short amount of time. Forces all non-homing attacks that rely on auto-aim (almost all melee, direct and beam attacks) to be aimed manually. Has no effect on homing attacks such as missiles, limiting the effectiveness of the ability per match-up. The exact duration of the cloaking field is inversely related to the amount of time you spend standing, walking or dashing; lasts 3 seconds if idle (not attacking), but can last anywhere between 20 to 30 seconds if Tsih is constantly attacking with SP + [WB] and Dash WA to extend Cloaking duration.

Accel Hyper:

  • Execution: SP + WB + Hyper / Shield + Hyper
    • Damage: 250xn
    • Tsih summons six large boulders in a line high above her head, three to her left and three to her right, in otherwise random locations. Once all six boulders are summoned, they are commanded to fall down, after which they rise up and disappear. Due to the random summon locations, the hitbox of the attack has the potential to not hit at maximum range, leave a large hole directly above Tsih's head, or leave small holes on each side. Conversely, the potential for all three rocks on either side to spawn at the same location for maximum damage also exists. Most reliable when the opponent is standing on or is immediately below the summon locations; easily dodged when used while the opponent is at or below your current height. The boulders have the ability to "guard".

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