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Game play Mechanics:

Hyper Gauge

In the top corners where it displays each character's information there is a small semi circle. That is your Hyper Gauge. It fills up with various actions like hitting the opponent, getting hit, and charging. Certain characters also increase their Hyper Gauge by just normal firing, and some characters lose Hyper Meter over time due to certain things like high heat or whatnot.

Your Hyper Gauge can hold up to 3 bars as indicated by the number, most Hypers use up only 1 bar but each character is has an Accel Hyper which can only be used when you have 3 bars and will use up all 3 bars.


When your Hyper Gauge is filled up to half of a full bar the word SHIELD will appear underneath it. This indicates that you have enough of the bar filled up to use your shield. When you press the shield button you will gain invulnerability for a short period of time. If you have a full Hyper Stock, you may spend that to Shield if you are caught in a laser special or melee chain using Shield will push you out of the attack's range. You can Shield out of any attack. ANY. Hypers and all.

EX: a Hime uses her Delicate Pains of Paradise and chains up the other player's Suguri. Suguri can use her shield while the attack is going on to force herself out of the chains and then dash away.


When you dash you see those rings you leave behind right? When an attack of any kind touches those rings you gain a small bit of your Hyper Gauge back. This is called Charging. In a way, you can regain a Hyper Gauge without even attacking.


Heat is accumulated through various means, however the most common way is through dashing. Heat affects how much damage you will take like at 100% heat you take double damage, 200% 3x damage and so on. It caps out at 300%.

Your own heat does not effect how much damage you deal, only the opponent's heat level will modify the damage you deal.

To lower your heat, simply stop dashing. When you stop dashing your heat will start to drop quickly. You can still attack and move around without dashing and the heat will continue to drop.


PS3 Version

On February 15th (February 16th for Europe), Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition went on sale from the PlayStation Store.

The price is 5.99 USD/7.99 GBP/9.99 EUR.

What are the differences in versions exactly? Well...

-PS3 version has totally redone HD artwork/sprites except story mode artwork

-PS3 version is in HD but most of it is just kinda stretched to widescreen, the ring is oval instead of round in widescreen

-PS3 version does NOT have netplay

-New "Prologue" Extra Story unlocked from the beginning

-Sora's Extra Story has been redone and refers to the prequel game

-Sora can be unlocked even though it's X-Edition, you face Robo afterwards

-There are 14 trophies but honestly they're all pretty easy

-Online leaderboards for Arcade mode (Easy/Normal/Hard)

PC Versions

You can purchase the Amazon Across The Pond Pack which includes cloudphobia, Flying Red Barrel, GundeadliGne, QLIONE, and Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD

Also available is the Suguri Collection from Rice Digital. It features the original SUGURI side-scrolling game and Acceleration of SUGURI X-Edition HD along with the soundtracks for both games.


To save a replay of your match, press the special button on the page where it shows what score you got for your match. If you want to change the comments on your replay to something readable, go to your AoSuguri --> Replay and you should see your replay files and an executable called ReplayEdit and/or ReplayEditXE. If your replay was from an Acceleration of Suguri and NOT the XE version use Replay Edit and load your replay then save. If it was from XE then use ReplayEditXE. It is very important that you use the right replay editor or else you can erase the replay.


PC: To challenge someone over the internet, first make sure that you both are using the same version. preferably the most up to date. Next make sure you both have a port open, then you go to your config file and on the third tab put your opponent's IP address in the first box and their open port in the second. Save the config file and start up the game, then go to match --> vs Network. You could tell it works when you reach the pick a character screen.

PS3: Unfortunately, the PS3 version does not have netplay.

How to Unlock Extra Characters

Hime - Play through standard Arcade mode in any difficulty without using any continues. You must have scored an average of A or above in all of the previous matches before Hime. You will fight Hime on the Moonlight stage instead of Seal of Princess. Defeat her to unlock her. (Easy/Normal/Hard)

Sora - If you are on PC, play the normal edition of Acceleration of SUGURI. However, this will still work for X-Edition PS3. First, unlock Hime. Then, meet the requirements to unlock Hime again, on Normal or Hard difficulty. Easy will not work. Defeat Hime on Moonlight stage while maintaining an average of A or above to fight Sora. On PS3, you may not continue if you lose to her. Defeat her and she will be unlocked in both the normal and the X-Edition of AoS. This may also be done with Hime. If you are playing as Hime, simply defeat Suguri on Moonlight stage instead of Hime. (Normal/Hard)

Suguri-P - Available by default in AoS X-Edition.

Suguri-SP - Finish "Falling Wonder" or "Pudding Deity" on any difficulty. X-Edition only.

NoName - Finish "Falling Wonder" on any difficulty without using a continue. X-Edition only.

QP - Finish "Pudding Deity" on any difficulty without using a continue. X-Edition only.

Extra (Story) - Finish arcade mode using a particular character without using a continue. On PS3, you will start with the new "Prologue" story but no others will be unlocked by default. (Easy/Normal/Hard) (Extras are only available for Suguri, Saki, Iru, Nanako, Kae, Kyoko and Sora.)

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

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