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Sort of like the opposite of Kae, Kyoko uses ice-oriented attacks and has a calm, cool personality.

Kyoko's defense is her offense. She can reflect opposing laser projectiles as well as redirect her own. Her ice cubes all have great durability to tank shots and are great combo starters. Unfortunately, she has the slowest speed of the cast and hates being near her opponent without a defense up. Tricky to use, but a fine character.

Normal Moves

Weapon A

Autumn Rain

  • Press A [Beam]
    • Damage: 60x n
    • A wide spray of directable lasers.


  • Hold [A] [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 80x2
    • Sends a snowball to the edge of the ring unless it touches someone or something first. Upon this condition, it will turn into a snowflake crystal. The initial hit does 80 damage and the residual crystal will also do 80 damage if your opponent touches it. You can aim this move.

Clear Stream

  • Dash + A [Beam]
    • Damage: 80x4
    • Creates four wide-arcing homing lasers. Can be bounced off of Crystals for increased speed and changed trajectory. It is possible for Kyoko to simply hold the dash button and rapidly tap WA to continually fire a stream of these lasers. When forming the large Crystal you can immediately dash cancel the formation into dash+WA for some quick fire, rather than waiting for the Crystal to form completely and then dashing away from it.

Weapon B

Ice Crystal

  • Hold [B] [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 40x1-9 (Creates 9 maximum)
    • You can only have one instance of Ice out at a time, trying to set up another will dispel the previous attack.
    • Hold the button down longer to create more Ice Crystals.

Special 1

Water Mirror

  • Long-Range sA [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 20
    • Reflects beam-attribute shots.


  • Close-Range sA [Melee]
    • Damage: 60x5
    • Does maximum damage up close.

Special 2


  • Press sB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 50 (Crystal), 40x n (Aura)
    • Creates a large crystal. If hit with Kyoko's homing lasers, they'll form an aura and gain more HP for a few seconds, as well as stopping most ballistic attacks. In addition, the laser that reflects off a crystal will speed up and re-aim itself directly at your opponent. This formation is dash cancelable as soon as the crystal appears.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A1: Summer Rain

  • Execution: Hyper
    • Damage: 20x n
    • Kyoko summons an array of crystals that will reflect beam attacks, and from this she fires a pattern of beams in a wide spread that cannot be grazed.

Hyper A2: Morning Dew

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper
    • Damage: 20x13
    • Creates 13 Ice Crystals instantly and doesn't have the drawback of dispelling previously made ice.

Hyper B: Frozen Forest

  • Execution: sHyper
    • Damage: 40x9
    • A larger version of Kyoko's sA Melee. Does poor damage but comes out fast.

Hyper C: Frozen Emblem

  • Execution: B + Hyper
    • Damage: 20x12
    • Kyoko conjures Water Mirrors all around her. They reflect laser shots and can tank missile attacks, as well as deter melee approaches.

Accel Hyper: Shattered Ice

  • Execution: sB + Hyper or A + B + Hyper
    • Damage: 500~1800
    • Probably the most useful Accel in the game. Creates a large swarm of randomly sized crystals above your opponent. Depending on the hemisphere of the ring your opponent is on, the avalanche will slant towards it. For best efficiency, use it when your opponent is at the top of the screen.


Kyoko is a setup character. From the reflecting prisms, ice cubes, Water Mirrors, and dash lasers; she needs to have at least two of these tools out at all times to be successful. Clearing is childs play thanks to her Weapon A and dash lasers, able to cut through nearly anything and with the speed upgrade from a reflecting prism, they'll find the opponent easily. When your opponent begins dashing to avoid these, take the opportunity to summon some ice cubes! While the opponent tries to blow them up, resume your dash lasers to put an end to that and persuade them that moving is a good idea.

Kyoko's attacks are pretty easily dodged and Charged. You'll have to place your attacks well to get the hit and take the life lead so that your opponent has to commit to more attacks, therefore continuing to ensure your victory. Be wary of players punishing your cube and crystal summons so be ready to fake the move. If someone is in your face, your best bet is to dash away and throw down Water Mirrors and/or Prisms. Using your regular melee is a poor choice due to its poor tracking, but it can work in a pinch if you really don't have breathing room. Don't be afraid to use your dash super as a reversal!

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