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Stage 1 Boss from SUGURI. Her basic playstyle is open to a lot of complexity to adapt and nuke your opponent. She's very fun to play as, whether you're conjuring Dippin'Dots, chucking maracas, or throwing Spirit Bombs, she can always deal with some sort of situation. Saki also has a spacing and timing dependent infinite with her boomerang tambourine.

Normal Moves

Weapon A

Tornado Cymbal

  • Press A [Beam]
    • Damage: 50x n
    • Creates a ring of shots around Saki that each do 50 damage. Great for an anti-missile maneuver.

Stardust Bell

  • Dash + A [Beam]
    • Damage: 50x2
    • Creates two small wisp-like shots that waver while tracking Saki loosely. After a second or two the shots double in size and begin tracking the opponent instead. You can mass a lot of these by quickly dash canceling the start-up pose and performing another, then repeating very rapidly.

Weapon B

Tambourine Boomerang

  • Press B [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 25x n
    • Like any boomerang, they'll come back. Good for denying a quick area. If you piano dash and B very quickly, their tracking will be off center to allow interesting placements.

Maracas Napalm

  • Hold [B] [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150x7
    • They do less damage the closer your enemy is. These can be slightly controlled by holding a direction when fired. Holding 2 (down) will fire them slightly angled more downwards towards the bottom of the screen. Holding 8 (up) will fire them very slightly higher toward the top of the screen.

Special 1

Maracas Grenade

  • Press sA [Melee]
    • Damage: 180 (360 on explosion)
    • Saki wallops her opponent with a primed maraca. The further away she is, the longer distance she'll travel. This move does have a pretty good hitbox area so don't be afraid to use it when you feel it'd do a better job than shotgunning them with maraca lobs. The explosion happens on a 25% chance.

Special 2

Tambourine Blade

  • Press sB [Melee]
    • Damage: 25x n
    • Saki twirls a tambourine around her quickly. Good for stopping approaches or sealing off an area or comboing from a Spirit Bomb. Can be canceled/chained into sA as soon as the blade lights up.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A1: Cyclone Cymbal

  • Execution: Hyper
    • Damage: 50 (Beam) 120 (Missile)
    • Creates a 5-bullet thick ring of energy shots similar to Tornado Cymbal, and a thinner, 12-way barrage of missiles.

Hyper A2: Galaxy Bell

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper (Beam)
    • Damage: 40x n
    • Seventeen Stardust Bell shots deploy immediately. Many of the shots will quickly grow to phase two and track the opponent. It's a good reversal and for immediately getting up more blips.

Hyper B: Rolling Tambourine

  • Execution: sHyper
    • Damage: 25x n
    • About 10 Tambourine's deploy in a small circle around Saki. It can be dash canceled very quickly and you can pick up a combo.

Hyper C: Sunshine Bell

  • Execution: B + Hyper
    • Damage: 30x n
    • Creates an energy sphere above Saki's head which tracks the opponent. The longer you hold the hyper button the larger the Sunshine Bell will grow and the longer it will last. It will consume up to 2 bars and make two passes at your opponent. The larger you make the orb, the slower it travels the screen. It's like a Spirit Bomb attack from popular shows.
    • Everyone in the audience! Raise your hands! Give me your energy!

Accel Hyper: Big Bang Bell

  • Execution: A + B + Hyper or sB + Hyper
    • Damage: 999
    • Creates a huge energy ball like Sunshine Bell overhead which has a vacuum effect, it then quickly explodes and inflicts damage.


Basic Level

The foundation with Saki lies with mastering her Dash Attack. Being able to pump out an absurd amount of Stardust Bells is where all of her pressure begins. Try to stay away from her regular A attack. All it does it pretty much give the opponent meter unless you're specifically using it to clear missiles. When you get 2 or so meter, head to the bottom of the screen and chuck a fully charged Spirit Bomb, Dash Attack your way to the top and start chucking maraca shotguns. This basic way of playing should be able to deal with a lot of stuff until you start getting better.

Intermediate Level

Building on the foundation, you now realize that Saki thrives at the north and south directions of the ring. The more charged your Spirit Bomb is, the slower it moves. This makes it rather easy to dodge, even with the maracas raining down on them. Throw out a second, smaller, faster Spirit Bomb to mess with their rhythm before heading north. While your opponent is being harried by the supers, you can cut off their escape routes with your sA and sB, sA. These are sometimes more reliably than throwing the maracas due to how big the hitboxes are and how responsive they can be. Also while your enemy is being hit by your spirit bomb, you can dash inside and tack on more damage with sB, sA weapon links.


Okay so your opponent dashes past all your Dippin'Dots and chuckles at all the free meter you're giving him. He keeps dodging your maraca showers. None of that stuff above works anymore. Time to pull out the Tambourine Boomerang. This attack cuts off sections of the arena, allows you to drill forward through missiles and even functions as a safety net on its return to prevent melee retaliations. Learning when to throw it straight and when to throw it off kilter by pianoing it straight out of dash is important to getting your other attacks to hit. Using far sA bashes will also help you nail your opponent when they commit to dodging your dash attack. A nice strategy is to use your Dash Super to generate lots of Bells at once and counter your opponent's movement as they react. With a bit of prediction, you can introduce a maraca to your opponent and they'll eat the whole super.

Also, she has a spacing dependent infinite. If you can catch your opponent at the apex of the boomerang, you can dash cancel and quickly throw out another one at the same distance. Lasts until your opponent gets a meter and bursts out or you screw up. But how will you get them to sit still long enough? Call out a bad attack startup or the Spirit Bomb! When your opponent is caught in Spirit Bomb they get knocked around a bit inside. You can toss your boomerang in there, and with a little luck, you'll get the starter.

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

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