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Protagonist of,well,uh... "Sora". Kind of feels like a Suguri clone. If you want to know how to unlock her, please see the FAQ.

Normal Moves

Weapon A

Beam Rifle S

  • Press A [Beam]
    • Damage: 120
    • A single yellow beam. Useful for building meter.
  • Hold [A] [Beam]
    • Damage: 80+20x
    • Similar to Suguri's Charge Rifle, although it trades damage in favor of more hits. Will generally do 280 damage over 11 hits, although this can vary with positioning and similar factors.

Beam Rifle S [Spread]

  • Dash + A [Beam]
    • Damage: 60x6
    • Fires a spray of small beams over a short range. Generally will only land all six hits at point blank range.

Weapon B


  • Press B [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 80x7
    • Fires seven missiles that fire in a relatively straight arc, several will home in on the enemy's position from long range.
  • Hold [B] [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 100x4
    • Creates four missiles that will hang around for about a second and then home in on your opponent. You can only have one instance of the attack out at a time, with the exception of the Hyper version.



  • Press sA [Melee]
    • Damage: 100
    • A beam sword not unlike Suguri's. Will combo into itself for three hits with a total of 260 damage.
      • Combo: Spec1 (100) + Spec1 (40) + Spec1 (120) + Hyper C (455) -> 715 damage
      • Combo: Spec1 (100) + WB (180) + WA (80+20x10) + HyperA (20x18)-> 920 damage

Special 2

Cutting Away

  • Press sB [Melee]
    • Damage: 180
    • A dash-by sword attack that is similar to Suguri's Thrust attack, however it comes out a good deal quicker in exchange for less damage and less attack frames.
      • Combo: Spec2 (180) + WA (80 + 20x9) + HyperA (20x18) -> 820 damage

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Hyper Beam Rifle S

  • Execution: Hyper
    • Damage: 20x18
    • A series of smaller beams that hit in a straight line. They're usually grouped tightly together but will occasionally stray, missing a couple of hits. Has a slow startup similar to Suguri's Hyper Rifle, and works best in combination with other attacks.

Hyper B: Hyper Missile

  • Execution: B + Hyper
    • Damage: 80x10
    • Maxes out at 960 damage over sixteen hits.

Hyper C: Cutting to Shreds

  • Execution: sHyper
    • Damage: 100+55+65+55+65+55+60 (455 damage)
    • Maxes out at 620 damage over nine hits.

Accel Hyper: Unlimited Charge

  • Execution: A + B + Hyper or sB + Hyper
    • Damage: 65xn
    • Does more hits closer up, with a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 13.


Missile and Sword mixups, along with beam rifle pressure.

Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition

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