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Akatsuki Blitzkampf/Blitztank

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An electric tank powered by a Blitz Motor. At the last stage of the Great War, the military technical reasearch institute, commonly known as Gesellschaft, developed a prototype but it was discarded together with the project before full-scale production. (from character selection screen) Read the translation of its arcade mode!


The character you show players who don't care much about the mechanics, but think Blitztank is cool. While its ginormous hitbox, weird playstyle, and generally lower tier placement might turn you off, Blitztank has unique strengths and is very much viable against even the best characters in the game. Blitztank's zoning is easily its greatest strength, with 236X and 214X giving it strong tools to threaten from a distance as well as force the opponent to be somewhat respectful. After getting a knockdown, Blitztank can start its setplay high low mix, making use of 214X to force the opponent to block on wakeup and then mixing between the overhead 5C and its lows, 2B and 2C. Then when Blitztank gains 3 bars, it gets access to the hype beam (Gjallarhorn), one of the best level 3s in the game. Not only does it deal an insane amount of damage, beat all other projectiles, confirm off all of its cancelable moves, and go full screen, but it's also a frame 2 move, the fastest move in the game. This means it can also be used to punish moves that are normally safe, making Blitztank with 3 bars incredibly dangerous. However, these advantages come with huge weaknesses. Blitztank's huge frame means it has to deal with everything from instant overheads to getting hit by sweeps across the screen. It also has other issues, particularly with it having weak anti-air and having a somewhat low damage output. Still, if you're willing to put in the effort, Blitztank can be oppressive and difficult to fight even against experienced players.

Similar to: Cyberbots, Politank, Justice

Strengths Weaknesses
  • It's a Tank
  • Strong Zoning Tools: Blitztank makes use of lasers (236X), mines (214X), and long range normals to keep the opponent at bay.
  • Passive Armor: Tank has always active armor that can go through light normals and some other moves, allowing him to go through some of the opponent's options.
  • Projectile Setplay: 214X can be used for setplay on oki, enforcing his mixups.
  • Big Normals: Tank's normals have a lot of reach and are big enough that they're safe from most reflectors when spaced.
  • Incredibly Good Level 3: Gjallarhorn is arguably the best super in the game with a stupidly fast startup, fullscreen range, and high damage even in longer combos.
  • Huge Hurtbox: As you'd expect, Blitztank's hurtbox is very exploitable. It leaves him open to instant overheads, unique combos, and having to block pokes from the other side of the screen.
  • Armor is Gimmicky: While still useful, a lot of the cast can get around Blitztank's armor with ease.
  • Poor Reversals: None of Tank's reversals are fully invincible, meaning he has few options on wakeup.
  • Bad Anti-Air: Tank's few anti-air options are highly committal and punishable, some of which don't even cover all jump arcs and none of which can easily be done on reaction.
  • Weak Combo Damage: Even using meter, Tank has low damage. His only way to do high damage in combos is with level 3.
  • Extremely Limited Air Options: Tank has the floatiest jump in the game and while all of his aerials fulfill a purpose for helping him with it, they're all highly committal. This forces Tank to play grounded most of the time.

All damage values below were tested on Akatsuki with 1.000 armor ratio and full life on both sides (remember about "Health difference" and "Guts" systems)

Character Summary

Move list

Special Moves
236A/B/C (EX OK) - Elektro Auge: Laser
214A/B/C (EX OK) - B-Mine: Shoots a mine into the air
22A/B/C (EX OK) - Entladung: Lightning attack
Level 3 Super
A+B+C - Gjallarhorn: Fast fullscreen laser that does great damage
Unique Attacks
66, j.6C
Stats & vitals

  • Armor Ratio = 0.925 (highest armor value unbuffed)
  • Forward Speed = 5.0 dots/frame (average value)
  • Backwards Speed = 4.0 dots/frame (average value)
  • Jump Startup = 5F (slowest value)
  • Backdash Duration = 30F (second longest)
Quick combo reference

Basic BNB: 2B > 22C

Metered BNB: 2B > 236A > 22EX

Notes on Ausf. Achse

Universal Changes

Combos over 40 hits will automatically launch the opponent. This only matters on specific combos against Blitztank such as Adler's 236X loops.

Character Changes

Level 3 is now 6 frame startup (up from 2 frames)

Super armor now breaks from 800 damage instead of 1000, weakening it a bit although in the grand scheme of things it doesn't change too much.

Complete Changelog

Normal Moves

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
800 High/Low 9 KD -13

Blitztank's dash does damage and knocks down. Essentially a moving sweep. Unsafe. Armor can be used with it to charge through projectiles and some pokes into the enemy, although this should be done sparingly. If very well spaced, it can be safe on block and combo into 2A on hit.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
600 High/Low 5 -3 -3

A quick gunshot. Essentially a long ranged jab. Considered a projectile so it doesn't trigger Reflector autocounter and does chip damage. Decent as a poke and also interrupting the opponent's pressure. Doesn't cancel into anything. Since it's only -3 you can often safely do another 5A immediately after since most moves that can come out before 5A won't break Tank's armor.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1117~ (500x3) High/Low 12 +0 -2

A 3-hit flamethrower shot, similar in function to jab. Reaches about half-screen. Just like 5A it is considered a projectile so it doesn't trigger Reflector autocounter and does chip. Doesn't cancel into anything. Has a taller hitbox so on occasion can be used to catch jumping opponents.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1600 High 25 KD -4

Tank charges and does a skullbutt while traveling forward. Overhead, Knocks down. Very important move for Tank's mixups, but outside of that it isn't used much. On hit you can normally get a 214A before the opponent wakes up.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High/Low 4 +0 +0

Single poke at the shins. Tank's fastest normal, so you can sometimes mash out of pressure with it. Not a low. Can be special canceled but must be done very quickly to combo off.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
871~ (500x2) Low 11 -4 -6

Two-hit low attack that cancels into specials/supers from either hit. Your general, go to combo starter for Blitztank's near nonexistent combo game. Used to mix low after a knockdown.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1300 Low 20 KD -14

Sweep with a long windup. Unsafe as hell but doesn't push Blitztank far forward like its forward dash. Can be used after a knockdown for a delayed low, since it might throw the opponent off and make them think you're going high.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
626~ (280x3) High/Low 6 VA VA

A multi-hit gunshot. Decent air-to-air. Puts the oppponent in an unrecoverable state, meaning you can combo afterwards. Knocks down otherwise. Very hard to land with but it's possible. Projectile; doesn't trigger Reflector's autocounter and does chip. Not an overhead. Has 10F landing recovery.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1100 High 6th frame after landing KD -3

A skullbutt similar to 5C, also knocks down grounded opponents. Doesn't activate until Blitztank is near the ground, regardless of when you pressed the button. Should rarely be used, as even though it's safe most opponents will just reflector it on reaction. Has 22F landing recovery.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1600 High 28 KD VA

Tank freezes in midair and then falls straight down, delivering damage. One can freeze him just a few inches above the ground. Knocks down. Nice delayed overhead option for reflector happy opponents, but it's fodder for AAs and airthrows. Will also low crush even if used immediately in the air. Has 20F landing recovery.

Command Normals

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1400 High/Low 13 KD VA

A heavy (though not very distant) gunshot, aimed diagonally down and forward. Knocks down. Recoil also pushes Blitztank back. Jump immediate j.6C can be used to beat lows and to back off and gain distance from the opponent. However, it should never be used in corner since it leaves Tank wide open to a punish. Counted as a projectile, so it doesn't trigger the Reflector autocounter and does chip. If done to close to an opponent on some characters it will whiff. Has 10F landing recovery.

Special moves

エレクトロアウゲ - Elektro Auge
- - - - -

Blitztank shoots a laser from the skull in one of three different angles. The meat and potatoes of Tank's zoning. All versions deal high chip damage, are incredibly fast, and deal good damage for a single hit projectile. They also destroy any projectiles they hit while still hitting the opponent, making it a good tool for countering other zoning. However, all versions have high recovery, making it dangerous to spam or if the opponent reads it.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1400 High/Low 10 +0 -13
  • A version shoots the laser right below it.
  • It's the fastest to come out but isn't useful at all for zoning.
  • Can be confirmed from both of its special cancelable moves, giving it use as a combo tool.
B 1400 High/Low 15 -1 -14
  • B version shoots the laser diagonally to the other side of the screen.
  • Tank's main zoning tool. Covers a good angle to hit ground approaches.
  • Has high recovery so if the opponent jumps then it will often get punished.
  • Can be comboed into from 2B.
C 1400 High/Low 16 KD -13 if guarded airborne
  • C shoots the laser directly across the screen.
  • Purely to be used as an anti-air, although it can hit Blitztank and Wei if they are standing.
  • Launches the opponent far back on air block, making it very useful.
  • High recovery means if the opponent reads it and approaches from the ground, it can often be punished.
  • Can be comboed off in the corner, although this obviously rarely happens.
EX 2659~ (1200x3) High/Low 9 KD -23
  • Tank shoots all three lasers in quick succession in the order A > B > C.
  • Should be used only as a combo ender as it can be easily reflectored on reaction to the superflash.
  • 22B+C is the superior combo ender for damage but this should be used when it can't reach.
  • Knocks down and gives enough time for a 214X on the opponent's wakeup.
Bマイン - B-Mine
- - - - -

Blitztank launches a mine that slowly falls into one of three positions on the screen. Doesn't deal a lot of damage but on hit paralyzes the opponent, leaving them wide open for a followup. Very important in Tank's zoning in order to make the opponent respect him, as 214A can be used to dissuade reckless approaches, and trades where the opponent still gets hit by the mine are normally in Tank's favor. Also, since Tank can start moving before the attack hits, it is incredibly plus on block, making it useful for its pressure. In particular, the move can be used for setplay after a knockdown to force the opponent to block or else get hit by the mine. Can also be used on wakeup in an attempt to force a trade with the mine, although this won't work often. With the exception of the EX version, you can't launch another mine while the opponent is stunned from being hit by the move.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1000 High/Low 51 +73 +29
  • A launches the mine right in front of Tank.
B 1000 High/Low 51 +73 +29
  • B launches the mine in the middle of the screen.
C 1000 High/Low 51 +73 +29
  • C launches the mine to the far side of the screen.
  • When Tank is at the end of the screen and the opponent is on the other side, it won't always connect depending on the character. This only really matters for doing 214C after a throw but it should be kept in mind.
  • Akatsuki: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Mycale: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Sai: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Kanae: Doesn't hit standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Fritz: Doesn't hit standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Marilyn: Hits standing, hits crouching
  • Wei: Hits standing, hits crouching
  • Anonym: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Elektrosoldat: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Adler: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
  • Blitztank: Hits standing, hits crouching
  • Murakumo: Hits standing, doesn't hit crouching
EX 2460~ (1000x4) High/Low 51 +73 +29
  • Tank launches 4 mines in short succession in the order of A > B > C > B
  • In many situations only 2 or 3 of the mines hit, especially against characters with smaller hurtboxes.
  • By combining with regular mine into EX mine, Tank can loop them as long as it has meter. However, you will rarely get an opportunity to do this combo, and while it does do a lot of damage, saving bar for combos into knockdown or level 3 is generally better.
エントラードゥン - Entladung
The hitbox is larger than this but can't be visualized.
The hitbox is larger than this but can't be visualized.
- - - - -

Blitztank covers it's body in an electric field similar to Soldat and Adler's Blitzbombe. However, the hitbox on Entladung is a lot more underwhelming, making it harder to use. It can be used as a reversal as even if the opponent does a move that will break Tank's armor it will normally trade and knockdown. Despite the small hitbox, it can be used as an anti-air, especially the EX version which has a bigger hitbox. The A version can be comboed off when used as an anti-air, and the EX version can be comboed off if it trades. The move is also an important combo tool, as EX 22 is the desired meter combo ender since it does the most damage and leaves the opponent in a knockdown state close to Tank, allowing it to get its 214X setplay and mixups going. The series as a whole is also just good for comboing into in order to get knockdown, since the meterless lasers that can be comboed into don't knockdown. Since it is considered a projectile, it won't trigger the reflector autocounter.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1117~ (500x3) High/Low 7 KD -7
  • A shocks the opponent 3 times.
  • Comes out the fastest besides EX so when used as a reversal or anti-air without meter this is the one to go for.
  • Since it's only -7, you can often get away with mashing after it's blocked thanks to Tank's armor.
B 1239~ (500x4) High/Low 9 KD -13
  • B shocks the opponent 4 times.
C 1361 (500x5) High/Low 11 KD -19
  • C shocks the opponent 5 times.
  • Tank's best meterless combo ender, can easily be confirmed into an EX or super.
EX 2201~ (640x8) High/Low 7 KD +5
  • Tank shocks the opponent 8 times with a bigger shock.
  • Has a bigger vertical hitbox that unfortunately can't be visualized.
  • The preferred metered combo ender when possible.
  • Since it's plus on block, it's good to use on wakeup if you're going to use anything, since the opponent now has to respect you.
  • Doing 2A > 22C > 22BC > 2A... on block is a true block string that can be looped until a guard break if you have the meter for it.

Universal Mechanics


Forward Throw
"Hey where's my throw hitbox?"
"Hey where's my throw hitbox?"
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 5 KD N/A

Tank picks up the opponent with it's skull and tosses them forwards or backwards. Throws the opponent away a full screen. You won't be able to get out a mine before they wakeup, but they won't be able to jump out of it if you time it properly. Will put them in the corner if you're close enough, but will also put Blitztank closer. Keep in mind that Blitztank's throw range is comparable to everybody else's, meaning that you're not going to land a grab unless the opponent is sitting about halfway between your front treads. How Blitztank grabs anything without opening its jaw is beyond the scope of this wiki.

Air Throw
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 3 KD N/A

Throws the opponent towards the corner that Blitztank is facing. Pushes tank back about 1/3rd the screen afterwards. Timing for mine followup is even worse than regular throw. However, because it is untechable, it can be comboed into OTG A+B+C. Only do this when it's assured to kill.


Standing Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High/Low 7 KD +3

Tank shoots the opponent once. Leads to decent followups with 22X or 2A. In the corner it can lead to a 5A juggle, although this rarely happens.

Crouching Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 N/A 7 KD +3

Tank hits the opponent with its treads in a motion similar to 2C. Leads to effectively the same followups.

Jumping Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 N/A 6 KD VA

Tank slams its head into the opponent. Humongous for a reflector attack, and will beat every anti-air in the game, even Wei's 2B. However, all it does is slam the opponent into the ground with an untechable launch. This allows Tank to get OTG damage and a setplay 214X.

Super Move

ギャラルホルン - Gjallarhorn
It's as if millions of mashers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
It's as if millions of mashers suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
5262~ (1000x16) High/Low 2 KD -9

Tank opens up and shoots a huge horizontal laser beam close to the ground, though it can reach jumping opponents as well.

  • This is one of the best level 3s in the game, and probably Tank's best move.
  • Does a huge amount of damage and scales incredibly well thanks to it being 16 hits. It can even do huge damage on OTG.
  • 2 frame startup means it's the fastest move in the game, and as a result, is capable of punishing just about anything besides jabs.
  • Even if blocked it does massive chip damage, so while it's not hard to reflector, doing a true blockstring into it can be a checkmate situation under some circumstances.
  • Despite the 2 frame startup, DO NOT use this a reversal. It has no invincibility so if the opponent meaties you with something that breaks armor, you just wasted 3 bars for nothing.

General Strategy

On Armor

One of Tank's defining characteristics is its always active armor. The armor works like this:

  • It can absorb one hit
  • It can absorb up to 1000 damage
  • Any multi-hit attack or attack exceeding 1000 damage will break it
  • The damage from an absorbed attack is not reduced

The multi-hit rule also means that if the opponent cancels one move into another in a single string and the Tank player doesn't block or retaliate with a faster move, then the armor will be broken. Despite these weaknesses, armor is still very useful for Tank. It effectively means that jabs pressure on Tank isn't very effective, as it can mash out of it with 2A, 5A, or 22+A. It also means that many pokes that normally lead to combos won't work the same way on Tank, and instead of leading to a combo the poke might even get them punished. However, just because you have armor doesn't mean you shouldn't be blocking. Many characters have counters for Tank and due to its extra large hurtbox, many characters can safely poke Tank even if Tank armors it. Still, things like wake up throw or walk up throw are extra viable with Tank.


Blitztank's neutral revolves around making good use of its normals, lasers, and mines to zone the opponent and build up bar. 5A and 5B are the normals to use in neutral, although 2B and 66 are good to use on occasion. 5A and 5B are projectiles so they can't be countered by reflectors, have long range, are disjointed, and are favorable on hit for Blitztank, so they're good when the opponent is a bit close for 236+B. 2B is Tank's main combo starter, so while it isn't as long ranged or safe to throw out, it's a lot more rewarding when it does hit. 66 has occasional uses for going through projectiles and pokes that can't break Tank's armor and get a hit in, although this is dangerous and shouldn't be done frequently.236+B is the main laser to use, as it covers most of the ground across the screen, does good chip, and can't be reflectored on reaction. On hit it can be confirmed into 236+B+C for extra damage and knockdown. However, it shouldn't be spammed in case the opponent jumps or reflectors it when they're close to Tank, as that's practically a free punish. For when the opponent jumps, 236+C is the move to use, as on hit it too can be confirmed into 236+B+C for extra damage and even on block will launch the opponent to full screen. However, it too has long recovery so it shouldn't just be thrown out. 214+X has multiple uses in neutral. 214+A should be used to dissuade the opponent from just running in and attacking, as getting hit by a mine hurts a lot. 214+B and 214+C should be used to add to Tank's zoning, as they can hit aerial opponents and even if it doesn't hit, the opponent will generally try to avoid the mine, often allowing Tank to throw in a laser as they do, or even approach. In order to avoid being cornered while zoning, Tank should be moving forward after knockdowns and 214+Xs, as being cornered as Tank can be very hard to deal with.

Offense and Okizeme

Blitztank, despite not looking the part, has pretty solid offense once it gets a knockdown. 214+X can be used as a setplay projectile from any part of the screen to force the opponent to block. It can be reflected, but if you're close to the opponent when they reflect, it's possible to throw them before 214+X hits, causing them to take a solid amount of damage and return to neutral. Once the opponent is respecting you, you can mix between Throw, 5C (overhead), 2B (low), 2C (low), and j.C. 5C is a surprisingly decent overhead, that while only knocking down, keeps the opponent close to Tank and lets it go for another setplay 214+A. 2B is the main low option to go for since it leads to all of Tank's main combos. 2C can also be used, and since it's quite delayed, it may fool the opponent into thinking you're going for an overhead. j.C can be used as a delayed overhead, and to beat an opponent's low options if they try to low profile the 214+X on wakeup. However, it's very well possible for the opponent to whiff a normal and still have enough time to air throw tank before j.C hits. j.C should only be used on the odd occasion. Since 214+X is quite plus on block, Tank gets a fairly easy tick throw setup from it, although this resets to neutral and doesn't let Tank continue to pressure. Mixing up these different options can make Tank's offense a lot more threatening than it would appear to be at a first glance.


Anti-air is easily one of Tank's weakest aspects. None of Tank's normals cover the vertical range above him, meaning it is forced to use 236+C and 214+A as anti-airs. 236+C is the main anti-air, but has weaknesses. It is easy to air block, has a long recovery, and most importantly, it doesn't cover the spot right below where the laser hits. This means that it can't hit jumps that are early or late in their arc, and effectively means Tank has a dead zone it can't cover well. Additionally, 236+C's long recovery means that if the opponent simply moves forwards on the ground, then (with the exception of Wei and Blitztank) the laser will whiff and leave Tank wide open for a punish. 214+A can also be used as an anti-air since it will hit aerial opponents who might try to jump in. However, this obviously can't be done on reaction due to the move being slow, and even when used, it's more for forcing the opponent to block than actually punishing them for jumping. 5B can also be used somewhat like an anti-air due to it's somewhat high hitting hitbox. It can be used to hit opponents early or late in a jump where 236+C wouldn't hit. However, it obviously isn't too effective at this and won't be used too often. Anti-air reflector is viable with Tank, but just like other characters it is susceptible to the reflector safe jump. This all means that Tank's anti-air game is very weak, and this is one of the hardest things for Tank players to learn to play around.

Air Game

Since Tank's anti-air is weak, it isn't uncommon to try to meet the opponent in the air with j.A or an air throw. j.A can be very effective as an air to air and it causes a juggle leading to a short combo. However, it is very difficult to land with. Tank's air throw is also pretty rewarding, but like other air throws it's hard to hit. Besides air to airing though, jumping with Tank is a massive risk. Tank has the floatiest jump in the game and almost no good air options to go with it. This often means Tank ends up just floating around in the air, wide open for an anti-air or air throw. j.B, while at first seeming like a decent landing option, will often get beat out by anti-airs or a reaction reflector. j.C on paper is a good option since it halts all of Tank's air momentum before going straight back to the ground. However, in practice j.C is too slow to be a viable option and will normally get blown up by an anti-air or air throw. Tank's final air option is j.6C, which is actually decent. Because it sends Tank flying back, it can be used to get away from the opponent and to bait anti-airs. It's main weakness is that if used when near or in the corner and it's blocked or reflected, Tank is left wide open to a punish from the opponent. Regardless, Tank's air options overall are very weak, forcing it to play more grounded.

Defensive Options

Tank's defense is another one of its weakest aspects. None of Tank's reversal options are actually invincible. Wakeup 2A, 5A, 22+A, and A+B are all decent options since they're fast and due to armor will beat most options the opponent will go for. However, they can all be meatied by options that break Tank's armor, with the exception of 22+A which will still have the first hit come out sometimes. This makes waking up with Tank difficult sometimes. 22+B+C can be good to go for if you have the meter, since even if the opponent blocks it it's plus on block. However it isn't invincible either, and just like 22+A it can be beaten out. A+B+C can be used on wakeup, and can work sometimes since it's frame 2. However, even trading with it makes it not worth it, as you've just spent 3 bars and wasted your amazing super only to get 1000 damage. Wakeup j.C can also be used on occasion since it will beat lower hitting hitboxes, assuming they don't meaty you. Finally, 214+A can be used on wakeup to try to get a mine trade or at least force them to block since it doesn't disappear when Tank is hit. This only really works in corner, since the opponent can just combo forwards and avoid the mine entirely. Of course, it too can be meatied and beaten before the mine comes out, and even when it does it's very much possible for the opponent to reflector the mine and remain plus. This all means that picking your defensive options as Tank requires you to be very careful and have a good read on the opponent, or just try to weather the storm while blocking.


Knowing the weaknesses that come with Tank's size is important to learning the character as a whole. When standing, most aerials in the game can hit Tank while rising, leaving it open to unique pressure while standing. While crouching, Adler (j.A), Murakumo (j.C), and Perfecti (j.C, AA only) have access to an instant overhead on Tank, which can make playing against them uniquely difficult. Basically every character can do a crossup aerial on Tank, including aerials that normally only hit in front due to Tank's extra size. Tank will often get hit by pokes at further ranges than where other characters would get hit, which is more annoying than anything else but does hurt. Tank's extra size leave it open to unique combo routes that only work on it that somewhat mitigate the extra defensive rating unfortunately. The extra size also makes Tank's backdash pretty useless, as while it does go pretty far, it has a huge amount of recovery and the extra big hurtbox means that you often end up getting hit by whatever you were trying to avoid in the first place. These are all major disadvantages that you have no option but to play around if you choose to play as Tank. Still, if an opponent tries to exploit these weaknesses, then punish them for it like going for frequent air to airs.


Tank, while incredibly flawed, is a strong zoner with decent okizeme and mixups. However, this comes at the cost of the unique disadvantages of its size, weak defense, and a poor damage output. Still, if you're willing to master its complicated neutral and powerful offense as well as when to use the armor on defense, then Tank can become an incredibly difficult to fight opponent.

Follow your dreams!


Close knockdown combos

  • 2A > 22A/B/C
~ damage. Meterless 2A confirm. Comboing off 2A isn't easy but is possible, so make sure you hit the 22A fast. 22B+C can be added for extra damage, although good luck hit confirming it.
  • 2A > 236A > 22B+C
~ damage. One bar 2A confirm, and even harder to hit. Can work from farther hits on 2A, but 22B+C might whiff from those ranges.
  • 2B(2) > 22C
~1600 damage. Meterless, close range combo. Will not work from max range 2B (for that, use 1 hit). Make sure the 22C doesn't whiff or you're gonna eat it. 22B+C can be added on for extra damage.
  • 2B(2) > 236A/B > 22B+C
~2800 damage. Also costs one bar, close knockdown, more damage.

Pushback combos

  • 2A > 236A > 236B+C
~ damage. Max range 2A combo.
  • 2B(2) > 236A/B
~1500 damage. Standard Blitztank combo. Hits full screen
  • 2B(2) > 236A/B > 236B+C
~2400 damage. Standard metered Blitztank combo. Costs one bar, knocks down from full screen
  • 2B(2) > 236A/B > A+B+C
~5300 damage. Standard Level3 combo. Fullscreen lazer.

Blitz Mine Combos

  • 214A/B/C > 66 / 2C / 5C / Throw / Airthrow / 236A/B/C > A+B+C
For when people get hit by Blitz Mines like idiots.
~1500 (Dash). For when they're too far away for anything else.
~1900 (2C)
~2200 (5C)
~2400 (Throws)
~5500 (A+B+C)
  • [214A/B/C > 214B+C] x N > 214A/B/C > 5C/Throw/Airthrow or [[2B(2)] > 236A/B/C > 236B+C]
Most damaging option out of landing a mine minus A+B+C. Not recommended to do more than once because the scaling doesn't make the meter worth it unless it'll kill. Don't do this deep in the corner, you won't get all the hits from 214B+C and it'll needless waste meter.
5C ender: ~3100 for one rep, ~4000 for two reps, ~4700 for three reps.
Throw ender: ~3200 for one rep, ~4100 for two reps, ~5000 for three reps.
2B > 22A/B/C > 22B+C ender: ~ for one rep, ~ for two reps.

j.A combos

  • (Midscreen, standing opponent) j.A [land] (2A/2B) > (236A/B/C or 22C) > (236B+C / 22B+C / A+B+C)
Jump in combos. Won't happen too often because j.A's not an overhead, but if the opponent's asleep then do it.
  • (Midscreen, airborne opponent) j.A [land] (2A/2B) > 236A/B > (236B+C)
Knocks down further away from Blitztank, allowing for better ranged oki setups.
  • (Corner, standing opponent) j.A [land] (2A/2B) > 236A > (236B+C)
Linking from the j.A can be difficult due to the landing recovery on all of Tank's air normals.
  • (Corner, airborne opponent) j.A [land] 236A > (236B+C / A+B+C)
Knocks down, does decent damage for meter, but the hits from j.A can vary and may scale the A+B+C too hard. Most of these j.A combos are situational gimmicks.

22X Anti-Air Combos

  • 22A > 22A/B/C > 22B+C
Regular anti-air combo, does fairly high damage. Can also be comboed into A+B+C for even more damage.
  • 22B+C Trade > 22A/B/C > 22B+C
Anti-air combo for the scenario where 22B+C trades with an opponent doing an aerial. There won't be many opportunities to do it but it's good to know in case it happens.

Reflector Combos

  • Reflector > 2A > 22B > (22+B+C / A+B+C)
Fairly simple reflector combo, but requires the opponent to be close to you.
  • Reflector > 236X > (236+B+C / A+B+C)
Long range reflector combo, also pretty simple.
  • Reflector > 5Ax1-4 > 2A > 22C > (22+B+C / A+B+C)
Corner reflector combo. The extra 5A juggles only add a little damage but it looks cool.

Ausf Achse Combos

This will only lists combos that changed.

  • Reflector Combos
  • Reflector > 5Ax1-2 > 2A > 22C > (22+B+C / A+B+C)
Same as the old corner reflector but less 5As.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VA - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"

                       |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
               Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
Throws and Reflectors  ---------------------------------------
            4/5/6+A+B  |  21   |    5    |   KD   |    --    |
          j.4/5/6+A+B  |  19   |    3    |   KD   |    --    |
                5+B+C  |  17   |    7    |   KD   |    +3    |
                c.B+C  |  17   |    7    |   KD   |    +3    |
                j.B+C  |  VA   |    6    |   KD   |    VA    | landing recovery's the same as after jumping
              Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   5A  |  28   |    5    |   -3   |    -3    |
                   5B  |  40   |   12    |   +0   |    -2    |
                   5C  |  44   |   25    |   KD   |    -4    |
                  c.A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                  c.B  |  34   |   11    |   -4   |    -6    |
                  c.C  |  49   |   20    |   KD   |   -14    |
                  j.A  |  33   |    6    |   VA   |    VA    | landing recovery 10F
                  j.B  |  VA   |    6*   |   VA   |    -3    | landing recovery 22F, *on 6th frame upon landing
                  j.C  |  VA   |   28    |   VA   |    VA    | landing recovery 20F
      Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   66  |  37   |    9    |   KD   |   -13    |
                 j.6C  |  VA   |   13    |   KD   |    VA    | landing recovery 10F
             Specials  ---------------------------------------
                236+A  |  40   |   10    |   +0   |   -13    |
                236+B  |  46   |   15    |   -1   |   -14    |
                236+C  |  46   |   16    |   KD   |   -13*   | *if airborne opponent guarded the attack
                214+A  |  48   |   51    |  +73   |   +29    |
                214+B  |  48   |   51    |  +73   |   +29    |
                214+C  |  48   |   51    |  +73   |   +29    |
                 22+A  |  44   |    7    |   KD   |    -7    |
                 22+B  |  54   |    9    |   KD   |   -13    |
                 22+C  |  64   |   11    |   KD   |   -19    |
       EX and Level 3  ---------------------------------------
              236+B+C  |  66   |    9    |   KD   |   -23    |
              214+B+C  |  60   |   51    |  +73*  |   +29*   | *if opponent was hit by/guarded all 4 projectiles
               22+B+C  |  56   |    7    |   KD   |    +5    |
                A+B+C  |  97   |    2    |   KD   |    -9    | superflash 90F


Blitztank's Intro

Marilyn Sue
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