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1). All patches are zip archives and are installed via unpacking all of their contents into the game folder (C:\Program FIles\アカツキ電光戦記 by default). Major patches can be installed atop of any version, even 1.0.0, while minor ones may require a previous major patch to be installed.

2). If you know japanese language and are familiar with japanese fighting game terminology, then it is strongly suggested that you re-check the changes listed in the manual and their translations presented here. If any mistakes in translations are found (and if you are sure that they are mistakes), feel free to correct them.

[ - ] - changes listed in the manual or otherwise officially;
[ = ] - changes that were not listed officially, but are notable nontheless;

1.1.2 SP1 Beta >> 1.1.3 SP1 / SP1

A major patch released on September 29th 2007. A small executable update (labeled SP1), that fixed some issues with FPS display, was released the next day (and is now bundled with 1.1.3). The list of changes was taken from the update "readme" included with the patch (bk_manual113sp1.txt).
Note: due to the amount of changes made, replays from the previous version may be no longer valid.

  • NEW
-Adler's story added to the Arcade mode;
-Murakumo's stage changed;
-SS Matching Web was updated with quick messaging capabilities (consult the manual (説明書.html) for details);
-comment pop-ups were added to SS Matching Web (comments now pop-up when the player brings the cursor over the name in the list).
-"Vertical Synchronization" (垂直同期をとる) option added to the "Display" tab (表示) in the config.exe;
-a cleanup "Delete Entries Not Connected for 1 Week" (1週間未接続削除) button was added to "SSMW" tab (マッチングコード) in the config.exe;
-Fixed Code (固定コード) option was added to "SSMW" tab (マッチングコード) in the config.exe (when checked, new code will be added with a 固定 mark ("fixed") instead of 変動 ("dynamic"));.
-config.cfg, ssmwcfg.cfg, and userdata.cfg are now backed up automatically (with the .bak extension) - useful if the game crashes or in other cases of malfunction;
-with the exception of Murakumo, all backdashes have the invincibility duration of 6F (Murakumo becomes invincible at the moment of disappearing);
-vulnerability added after backdashing;
-alterations to the frames of all "A" normals;
-reflector stance vulnerability +4F;
-priority changed for 22+A/B/C/B+C, attack frames start 2F later;
-5C comes out 1F later, damage -100pts;
-236+B damage -100pts, 236+C damage -200pts;
-236+B+C damage -200pts per hit;
-j.214+B+C damage -200pts per hit;
-214+B+C damage -300pts per hit;
-236+B+C damage -150pts;
-22+B+C damage +200pts per hit;
-22+B+C (the 236+B+C follow up) damage +200pts;
-4B damage -200pts;
-5C damage -200pts;
-ground throw damage unified to 2000pts;
Marilyn Sue:
-[2]8 priority chaged, invincibility time reduced, 1 hit removed from the cross up/under;
-[2]8+B+C priority changed;
-236 rekka's first and second hits damage -300pts each;
-2A priority changed;
-alteration to the trajectory following an airthrow;
-[4]6+B recovery -1F;
-delay between bullet shots increased;
-an addition of pushback to bullet moves (All bullet related moves that did not possess pushback on block previously now push the opponent back half the distance of a successful hit);
-1B travel distance altered;
-4C damage +100pts;
-j.A landing vulnerability -2F;
-fixed a bug in [4]6+B+C, that caused the projectile to disappear if players managed to outrun and leave it off-screen;
-walk and dash speed increased;
-damage of the first hit in close 5C and close 2C +200pts;
-second hit of the close 2C comes out 2F faster, vulnerability -4F;
-214+A/B/C priority changed, it is now possible to autoguard the 2nd hit, also increased travelling distance for 214+B and 214+C, 214+A vulnerability -4F and 214+B - -2F;
-214 B+C priority changed;
-5B comes out 1F later, priority changed;
-airthrow trajectory altered, is now techable;
-Sugoroku mission No.25 could not be completed;
-Sugoroku bug that caused acquired cards to turn into Life Recovery Lv2;
-a glitch with Murakumo and Akatsuki becoming invisible if their colors were set to green (0;255;0) in the color edit.

1.1.1 SP1 Beta >> 1.1.2 SP1 Beta

Another updated akatsukibk.exe, that further improves SSMW, released on July 29th 2007. List of changes was taken from SUBTLE STYLE Blog.
Note: upgrading to 1.1.0 SP1 Beta is required before installing this patch. It is still possible to battle online with people who run the 1.1.0 or 1.1.1 versions.

  • NEW
-when closing a game in progress, an appropriate message will now be displayed (it will take some time to close if there is a big number of connections);
-game not recognizing a logging in host, and therefore treating one as being "Out";

1.1.0 SP1 Beta >> 1.1.1 SP1 Beta

A minor patch, aimed to improve SS Matching Web, and released on July 26th 2007. List of changes was taken from SUBTLE STYLE Blog.
Note: upgrading to 1.1.0 SP1 Beta is required before installing this patch. It is still possible to battle online with people who run the previous version.

  • NEW
-in the player list, connection and player's level icons are now shown;
-player is now able to cancel initialization and refreshing;
-connection time reduced;
-some minor bugs, regarding netplay;

1.0.1 >> 1.1.0 SP1 Beta

A major patch, released to the public for testing purposes on July 7th 2007. List of changes was taken from bk_manual110sp1beta.txt.
Note: due to the amount of changes made, replays from the previous version are no longer valid.

  • NEW
-Adler, a character who becomes available after clearing the Arcade mode;
-Helheim mode, where you fight the strongest CPU possible (Helheim Sugoroku was also added);
-SS Matching Web, an online lobby feature;
-Demonstartion option added to Display Setting submenu, allowing you to turn the demo loop On or Off;
-Color Edit is now available under the Options submenu;
-1 Hit Guard and Random Guard were added to dummy's Move settings in Practice mode;
-Information feature that displays moves' details was added to Practice mode;
-Pad Display feature that shows contoller inputs was added to Practice mode;
-F2 pressed during a replay, will now show controller inputs;
-improved Online code;
-improved CPU;
-no longer able to block during jump's startup;
-player, guard chrushed in air, is now vulnerable for 60F upon landing;
-attempting to parry on wakeup now eliminates throw invincibility;
=menus have slightly changed their appearance;
-unified invincibility time for all versions of 22 move to last until attack frames start;
-236+B+C invincibility -2F, j.236+B+C invincibility -5F;
-damage reduced for 236+B+C, j.236+B+C, 214+B+C, j.214+B+C and A+B+C;
-weakend/changed the counterattack move for crouching parry;
-j.2 move's attack frames start 2F later, descending speed decreased, damage is now fixed 1000pts, vulnerability upon landing +2F;
-vulnerability after 236+B+C +5F;
-normals' attack frames now start 1~2F later, priority changed;
-vulnerability for 22 move +4F, priority changed;
-vulnerability for 632 move +4F;
-damage reduced for 236+B+C and 632+B+C;
-5C attack frames start 1F later, priority changed;
-changed so that it's no longer possible to avert 236+B+C, vulnerability if the throw whiffed +10F;
-ground throw's advantage +2F;
-vulnerability upon landing after j.2C +2F;
-vulnerability for all feintables -2F each;
-vulnerability for 4B and 6B -2F each;
-C-Sanshou vulnerability -4F;
-C version of [2]8 is no longer invincible, priority changed
-2A priority changed;
-changed unability to roll after the airthrow;
-recovery for A and B versions of [4]6 move +2F;
-no more invincibility after the 22 move's timer has ran out;
-changed priority for normals (4's and 1's);
-4B and 1B no longer travel forward, start 1F later;
-damage of 6C reduced by 100pts, distance it travelled forward was cut in half, attack frames start 1F later, vulnerability +2F;
-4C damage was reduced by 100pts, attack frames start 3F later;
-shortened the delay for shooting normals;
-changed so that it's no longer possible to guard back (?) during shooting A's and B's, 214 and 22 moves;
-vulnerability upon landing after using aerial shooting normals +8F;
-reduced health gained after the revival from 25% to 12.5%;
-hitbox for all versions of [2]8 move was extended from behind;
=graphics changed for [4]6+B+C;
-travelling distance of 2B was shortened a bit;
-changed priority for j.B and j.C;
-no more partial invincibility of the [2]8 move, damage reduced by 200pts;
-ground throw attack frames start 1F later;
-distance travelled during crouching parry's counterattack was shortened;
-reduced damage for [4]6+B+C;
-if Marilyn got hit right after the first punch of her Level 3 super, the opponent would freeze in histun motion and Marilyn kept moving;
-in Time Attack even if the CPU was defeated, timer did not recover;
-in Sugoroku, when "defeat several enemies" encounters have ended with a Time Up, judgment was incorrect;
-Marilyn's triangle jump was buggy in Tag mode;
-Pause screen's movelist in Tag Versus mode was glitchy;

1.0.0 >> 1.0.1

A minor patch, released on May 5th 2007. List of changes was taken from bk_manual101.txt.

-CPU difficulty was lowered;
-"Character Select" option set to "Low" made it impossible to continue in Sugoroku mode;
-a hit recieved after the recovery roll input nullified the roll;
-in the manual some of Mycale's special attacks were missing;

Marilyn Sue
System Specifics