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Akatsuki Blitzkampf/Changelog/Ausf Achse

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1). Everything listed here was taken from the Akatsuki Blitzkampf Japanese Wiki, with a few exceptions.

2). If you know Japanese language and are familiar with Japanese fighting game terminology, then it is strongly suggested that you re-check the changes listed in the wiki and their translations presented here. If any mistakes in translations are found (and if you are sure that they are mistakes), feel free to correct them.

System Changes

All changes related to the overall system of the game that are notable.

  • Throws
-When you throw an opponent who is doing a reflector, the damage is increased by 1.25x. This includes command throws, such as Kanae's.
-If you whiff a throw and it is then punished, it counts as a counter hit, unlike in vanilla. It will count as a counter hit if you’re hit before or during the active frames of the throw.
-In vanilla, there are 0 frames of throw invulnerability on landing from either air reset-hitstun or air-blockstun, leading to grabs that needed to be teched, or in Kanae’s case, were inescapable. In AA, there is throw invulnerability now, so it’s possible to jump or mash a button to escape from these situations.
  • Weakened Reflectors
-The damage after a reflector counter attack has been reduced, and due to the higher overall gravity the combo you get after one is worse.
-In addition to the regular combo scaling, a reflector combo starts at 0.5x, meaning by the fourth hit of a combo it does 0.125x the damage.
-Reflector combos have higher juggle scaling, making combos from them much weaker.
-Reflectors now have reflecting tiers. When you reflect a mid or high attack with a mid attack, it deals the regular 0.5x damage. Same goes when you reflect a low with a crouch reflector, and a jump attack with an aerial reflector. However, if you reflector a high with a stand reflector, mid with a crouch reflector, and anything besides another aerial with a jump reflector, then on top of the 0.5x damage, the damage will be reduced again by 0.75x without combo scaling. This encourages trying to read your opponent with what reflector you do to get better damage.
  • New Level 3 Name
-It is now, “Final Special Attack”.
  • Combos Over 40 Hits
-If a combo exceeds 40 hits, the opponent will be forced to launch.
-This is unlikely to ever happen in a real match.
-The only situation where this is likely to happen is a Tank limited Adler loop combo using Blitzkugel (236X).
  • Throw Invulnerability Bug
-In vanilla, you had 4F of throw invuln on wakeup, but in AA sometimes the invuln disappears on 4F, meaning there’s 3F of throw invuln instead. Probably a bug.
  • Increased Amount of Guard Gauge
-Increase from 10000 to 14440, the same amount as the health bar.
  • Increased Leniency for Simultaneous Button Presses
-Simultaneous input commands, such as throws and reflector, had to be pressed within 1F of each other in vanilla. In AA, you have 2F to press both buttons and generally makes these commands easier.

Universal Character Changes

Character changes that apply to every character, and aren't specifically related to the system.

  • New Character
-Perfecti has been added. A hard zoner, she is the ultimate form of Mycale.
  • New Character Images
-The old character images are used on victory screens and the arcade mode character previews, although they are more detailed than before.
-All of Mycale’s images are new.
  • New Animations
-Reuse of sprites in character animations has been reduced overall
-Some sprites that look similar have been redrawn.
  • Taunts for Everyone
-Every character has a taunt now.
-Taunts are activated by pressing the start button. Fritz and Murakumo’s taunts have hitboxes on them that do a tiny bit of damage and no hitstun or guardstun.
-The second half of the taunt animations can no longer be canceled like in Vanilla.
  • Character Color Changes
-Colors became brighter overall.
-Most color choices are the same as vanilla, but a few have been changed.


Other changes that don't fit in any other category.

  • Increased Delay
-AA has 4F of natural input delay due to it communicating with NAOMI. Because of this, some inputs and dashes are harder to perform than in vanilla.
  • Different Game Modes
-Arcade Mode
-There are 3 difficulty levels, EASY, NORMAL, and HARD. EASY ends at stage 5,while the others go through the entire cast.
-The CPUs are generally stronger than in vanilla.
-Some messages in arcade mode have been changed.
-The Soldat battle now only has one Soldat. After you win one round against him, you fight Adler. If Soldat won a round, then that carries over to the Adler battle. Super meter also carries over.
-The Mycale fight works the same as the Soldat battle, with you fighting Mycale then Perfecti after one round, and the rounds and meter carrying over.
-There is a bug that occasionally happens where Adler has Soldat’s voice on a perfect win.
-Practice Mode
-Same as the vanilla practice mode but there is a 5 minute time limit. The player in practice mode can be challenged by another player during it, which resets the timer if they win.
-You can select your dummy character at the bottom of the menu.
  • Presentation
-There are a lot of changes so not all are listed
-There are more voice lines from the announcer, which play as narration during arcade mode when someone is KOed, and when you select a character.
-If Soldat is picked second, the announcer saying his name gets cut off for some reason.
-The versus screen animation is new, with a song to go with it
-When you get a gameover, instead of saying your character has died, it says they have taken a tactical withdrawal
-All blood effects have been removed from the game

Character Changes

Character specific changes organized by character.

  • Akatsuki
-6B has been changed from an overhead kick to an overhead hammer punch. Depending on the person, it may be easier or harder to see the startup for.
-It also has reduced pushback on block
-The animation of the reflector attack has been changed
  • Mycale
-Just before Gungnir (632X) releases, its magic circle has additional effects.
-The reflector attack can’t be special canceled anymore
-The crouching reflector attack now causes a wallbounce
-Some attacks chain into different attacks compared to vanilla, changing combos
  • Sai
-Animation Changes
-Walking, dashes, 236X, etc.
-With the animation change, the part of 236X where Sai dashes forward was shortened, but without changing the frame data of the moves. This can cause him to get hit by some things he wouldn’t have been otherwise.
-Has more recovery, making it less safe on block and harder to combo off of (-6 to -8).
-Does more guard damage.
-Can’t combo into 2B anymore. Can combo into 2A but only if Sai is right next to the opponent when it hits.
-Since it’s frame data is worse, it’s easier to parry when used in a block string.
-Doesn’t launch as high anymore and can’t be comboed off of
-Does two hits instead of three. Damage changed, 600x3 - 800x2
-Changed from two hits to one hit.
-Does 1000 damage now
-While being a single hit makes it easier to parry and counter, the frame advantage on hit is higher, making it easier to combo off of.
-Because it only hits once it leads to better combos than the old 6B
-Does 100 less damage, 1200-1100.
-Has more recovery, 2F more unsafe on block, making it punishable by more moves.
-Movement speed and distance is reduced.
-236C is now slightly unsafe on block (-0 to -4), although it can’t be punished by a jab since it has too much pushback, although it can be punished by some special attacks.
-Now does damage, 600 damage on regular, 1200 damage on EX.
  • Kanae
-Now has a close 5B. Hits crouching opponents and is ok as an anti-air. Plus on hit and even on block.
  • Fritz
-4B does 200 less damage, 1600-1400.
-It can now be guarded.
-The initial hit does less damage, 2000-1200.
-The blood effect has been replaced with Autumn leaves.
-Slower movement speed on his teleports.
-Walking has a new animation.
-Diagonal j.B has a different animation, maybe has a bigger hitbox?
-Standing and aerial reflector attack launches less, making it more difficult to do level 3 combos with.
-He can get better combos off landing j.B since the landing recovery can be canceled now.
  • Marilyn
-Damage has gone down overall
-Now causes a ground bounce on hit, it can be linked off of with a 2A but the combo damage is lower than in vanilla.
-Since it can’t be chained into 2A or 2B, it can’t be used to retain pressure on block.
-2C has more recovery, but you can still link combos off of it, it’s just harder and less good combos.
-Like with 2C, it has more recovery and is harder to combo off.
-It has even more recovery than 2C, and might cause more knockback on hit.
-Air throw launches opponent’s further, and can’t be comboed off of midscreen. It can still be comboed off in corner.
-236A > A > A and 236B > B > B have more recovery, meaning you can’t do 236X > X > X > 236X anymore.
-This combo is possible at certain distances still.
-236A has less recovery, making it much better on block.
  • Wei
-The effect time of 22X has all been reduced by 1 second.
-It is significantly harder to combo off standing and crouching reflector.
-Forward dash has a new animation, for some reason it is harder to do an option out of dash.
-He’s functionally the exact same, just it’s harder to combo out of reflector.
  • Anonym
-Anonym’s bullets have more effects.
-Grounded 214X has a wing effect on the jump up now.
-The backwards shot bullet on 22X now launches, affects Blitztank combos.
-Aerial gun normals now have more landing recovery.
-You can no longer cancel the aerial gun normal landing recovery with a special.
  • Elektrosoldat
-In vanilla if you did 6+ABC after a cancelable normal, then you got 6C. Now you get [4]6BC.
-Only other changes that weren’t universal were visual.
  • Adler
-No longer has the same voice actor as Soldat.
-Has slower movement speed.
-The distance of the divekick (second hit) on 214X is reduced.
  • Blitztank
-Level 3 is now 6 frame startup (2F to 6F)
-Super armor now breaks from 800 damage instead of 1000.
  • Murakumo
-5B was changed to a kick with longer range than the old 5B.
-2B is now a downwards stomp, has less range than the old 2B.
-j.B was changed to a diagonal angled kick.
-If Murakumo is hit while a mine (22X) is out, it immediately disappears. However, this doesn’t apply to 22BC.
  • Perfecti
-Added to the game.

Marilyn Sue
System Specifics