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Akatsuki Blitzkampf/Fritz

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A military surgeon who was involved in a research from the Imperial Army during the Great War. Although he was missing after the war, he reappears with Akatsuki's comeback and starts to eliminate those involved one by one. (from character selection screen)

Read the translation of his arcade mode!


Fritz is the kind of character for those who like to trick their opponents into making mistakes and then come down on their heads with brutal punishment. Fritz forces his opponents to think hard and play carefully, unless they want to lose a good chunk of their health in a matter of seconds and 3 bloody slashes.

On the other hand, Fritz is forced to parry and/or use EX dashes in order to get out of extreme pressure (especially when cornered), simply because he's out of options as his attempts at countering will prove futile.

A good number of Fritz's normals act as special moves and deal guard damage.

Similar to: Samurai Shodown, Nagoriyuki

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great Movement: Fritz has great walk speed, the fastest dashes in the game, and his teleports, making it easy for him to mix up his movement and hard to pin down in neutral.
  • Good Mixups and Okizeme: Fritz has a solid high/low, great strike/throw, and great meaties.
  • "Get Out of Jail Free" Super: 236B+C/214B+C are fully invulnerable, allowing him to escape pressure with little consequence.
  • Chip Damage\Block recovery on Normals: Any B or C attack involving Fritz's sword deals chip damage and has shortened recovery on block. This means he's almost constantly dealing chip while not being too much worried about block punish.
  • Great Whiff Punishes: Fritz's individual buttons are fast, long, and hit hard, while his Level 3 is the most damaging super in the game that covers great range with a decent 17F startup, making his whiff punishes dangerous especially on counter and back hit. With "Health difference" and "Guts" systems in the game, Fritz can turn the tables just in few good hits.
  • High Whiff Recovery: Fritz's B and C normals have a huge amount of recovery on whiff, leaving him wide open to punishes. His normals have to be carefully placed and can't just be thrown out recklessly.
  • Poor Defense without Meter: Fritz doesn't have a meterless reversal and his abare is unrewarding.
  • Limited Combo Potential: While his individual hits hurt, other characters, especially with meter, can convert into full combos that will have more damage, meter gain, and corner carry.

All damage values below were tested on Akatsuki with 1.000 armor ratio and full life on both sides (remember about "Health difference" and "Guts" systems)

Character Summary

Move list

Special Moves
236A/B/C (EX OK) - Maegake: Forward dash
214A/B/C (EX OK) - Ushirogake: Backwards dash
Level 3 Super
A+B+C - Hissatsu Kirikomi Touhou: High damage slash, but hard to combo
Unique Attacks
4B, 4C, j.2A/B/C
Stats & vitals

  • Armor Ratio = 1.000
  • Walking Speed = 5.0 dots/F
  • Retreating Speed = 4.0 dots/F
  • Jump Startup = 3F
  • Backdash Duration = 18F
Quick combo reference

Basic BNB: 5B > 5C

Metered BNB: j.B > 2A > A+B+C

Notes on Ausf. Achse

Universal Changes

The nerfs to reflector combos affect him more since the latter are very important to his defence.

Character Changes

Gains a taunt with a hitbox. Does no hitstun or blockstun and barely any damage.

4B does 200 less damage (1600-1400).

His level 3 received a couple nerfs. It can now be guarded and the initial hit does 800 less damage (2000-1200).

The movement speed of his teleports is now slower.

His diagonal j.B got a new animation, and while it can't be verified, possibly a larger hitbox.

His standing reflector don't bounces an opponent as high, making level 3 combos a little harder.

His aerial reflector bounces an opponent higher, making level 3 combos easier and close 5C follow-up guaranteed.

The landing recovery of both versions of j.B can be special/super canceled now.

Complete Changelog

Universal Mechanics


Standing Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High/Low 7 KD -12^

Fritz slams the opponent with his sword. Causes a ground bounce and can be comboed into 2B or 2C. Quite large for a reflector attack, so it can hit where other reflector attacks might whiff.

Crouching Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 N/A 7 KD -12^

Same as standing reflector.

Jumping Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 N/A 7 KD VB

Same as standing reflector.


Standing Throw
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 5 KD N/A

Fritz performs a quick headbutt to the opponent. This throw is techable but the opponent remains relatively close to Fritz.

Aerial Throw
Go into training mode and do this throw, it's amazing.
Go into training mode and do this throw, it's amazing.
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 3 KD N/A

Fritz slams the opponent into the ground using his knees and hops away. This throw is untechable.

Normal Moves

5A (close)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500~ High/Low 4 +0 +0

A hilt poke, cancellable and chains into itself. Otherwise can be chained into 2A.

5A (far)
This hitbox is actually real.
This hitbox is actually real.
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000~ High/Low 11 -2 -10^

A fast sword thrust with quite a bit of range. This does not chain into any other move and is uncancellable.

5B (close)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000~ High/Low 5 +4 +2

A generic uncancellable kick.

5B (far)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000~ High/Low 13 KD -10^

Fritz moves forward and does an upward katana slash. Knocks down and can be followed up by 5C before the opponent recovers. Can be teched in both cases. Inflicts guard damage.

5C (close)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2600~ High/Low 17 KD -12^

A slightly delayed knockdown slash. Inflicts guard damage.

5C (far)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2800~ High 25 KD -12^

Fritz moves forward and does a heavy slash that hits overhead and knocks down. Inflicts guard damage.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400~ High/Low 4 +0 +0

AA crouching hilt poke. Cancellable, chains into itself and 5A.

2B (close)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
800~ Low 5 +5 +3

An uncancellable low kick.

2B (far)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1600~ High/Low 9 KD -10^

A slash very similar to 5B, but with less delay. Also knocks down and also can be followed into 2C before the opponent recovers. Inflicts guard damage.

2C (close)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000~ High/Low 17 KD -12^

Crouching variation of 5C with the same properties but different hitbox\hurtbox and less damaging. Probably exists just to deny use of far 2C up close. Inflicts guard damage.

2C (far)
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1800~ Low 11 KD -12^

Low slash that reaches about 2/3 of the screen and moves Fritz forward a bit, has long recovery time. Knocks down. Inflicts guard damage.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
450~ High 5 VA VA

An overhead kick. Cancellable into j.2X.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1600~ High 9 KD VA

A jumping overhead version of 2C. Good range and knockdown properties are intact. Inflicts guard damage.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1500~ High 5 KD VA

A jumping overhead version of Fritz's far B attacks. Also knocks down, but unlike the ground versions, you can juggle the opponent after it. Inflicts guard damage.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2400~ High 4* KD -12^

An overhead incarnation of 2C(c), in terms of both animation and properties. Fritz holds his sword while in the air, and then swings his sword as soon as he touches the ground. The closer to the ground you do it, the faster it comes out. Inflicts guard damage.

Command Normals

破天 - Haten
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1600 High/Low 10 KD -12

Fritz does an upward slash that covers the entire jumping height, and inflicts guard damage. This makes it his best ground anti-air and can hit even opponents on the ground, but has terrible recovery.

玉光 - Gyokkou
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 High 27 KD -10^

Fritz hops back while perfroming a quick fusion between 5C and 2C(c).

  • Aside from traditional knockdown, it's overhead, but does 2C(c) damage.
  • Moves his hurtbox back while being disjointed, great at baiting reversals and long range attacks.
  • Inflicts guard damage.
天駆 - Amagake
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
- - 27 KD -12^

Fritz does a very quick evasive descend, that deals no damage.

  • With A version Fritz descends backwards, with B - drops vertically down, C - descends forward.
  • Diagonal versions cover about 1/3 of the screen.
  • All versions have a noticeable recovery upon landing.

Special Moves

前駆 - Maegake
236 A/B/C/B+C
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
- - - - -

Fritz does a evasive dash forward, that can go through opponent.

  • A version is a fakeout, as Fritz will stay were he was.
  • B version moves him 1/4 of the screen.
  • C version covers ~2/3 of the screen.
  • EX version covers 3/4 of the screen, and is invincible in all frames.
  • All versions have a bit of recovery.
後駆 - Ushirogake
214 A/B/C/B+C
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
- - - - -

Same as the above, but in opposite direction.

Super Move

必殺切込刀法 - Hissatsu Kirikomi Touhou
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
6822~ - 17 KD -

Fritz dashes forward (~1/2) and does his 5B slash. If the slash connects, he will perform the remaining 10 brutal slashes against the opponent. The initial slash is unblockable and must connect in order for the rest of the super to be performed.

General Strategy

Ctrekoz's vanilla PVP and Highlights

Ctrekoz's AA PVP and Highlights


Fritz's plan in neutral is pretty simple. Abuse his huge buttons in mid range and catch opponents off guard with his varying options. The safest poke to throw out is f.5A. Compared to his other far normals, f.5A has a low whiff recovery, and still has decent range and a disjointed hitbox. However, it is a far less rewarding than his other tools. f.2C is generally the next best neutral tool. It's an incredibly fast and long ranged low that very often will catch opponents standing. This move alone can make an opponent afraid to stand too much against Fritz. Unfortunately, it has a huge amount of whiff recovery, making it a fairly easy punish, especially if the opponent jumps in on you when you try to do it. Once the opponent is worried about having to block low, you can add f.5C to your neutral. f.5C also has huge range, mainly since Fritz walks a good distance before swinging his sword, but has a lot of startup, making it vulnerable to being hit out of startup. Most importantly though, it hits overhead, so when the opponent starts crouch blocking to avoid f.2C, this can catch them off guard. f.5C also has other more niche uses, such as using it after reflecting a projectile since from most ranges it will reach the opponent. Note, despite how the move looks, f.5C will often whiff on jumping opponents too, leaving it wide open for a whiff punish. Other strong neutral tools are his f.5B/f.2B. Effectively the same move, they have a deceivingly large amount of range since Fritz moves forward a good distance before swinging the sword, and are also pretty fast. They can be used for poking as well, although they too have long whiff recovery, but are especially good as punish tools. They lead to good damage especially on counter hits so they're a strong tool in general. 4C, while generally more of a mixup tool, also has use in neutral. Due to the hop back it can be used to catch overly aggressive opponents, and is relatively safe on whiff so it normally doesn't hurt to just throw it out. Similar to f.5C, it tends to whiff on jumping opponents so be careful about that. Incorporating his teleports in neutral, while not as important as his normals, can also be powerful. The meterless teleports don't have invincibility, but against some characters and respectful opponents, his forward teleport can close distance quickly. If close enough to the opponent after the teleport, you can often go for a throw. You can also use 236+B+C to go through any active hitboxes like a projectile and still reach the opponent, although since the opponent will recover before the animation ends, you won't be able to punish anything, though they won't be able to do it either - this works especially well in matchups against zoners. Level 3 invulnerability can be used for similar purposes, and is even better because you can punish opponent's recovery with it, but you need to time the move well, and while it works great against projectiles, countering melee attacks is very risky and requires a big read. The backwards teleport dash, while not as useful, can be used to escape from pressure situations outside of corner or for spacing mixups.

Note: while Fritz's sword normals have shortened recovery on block, you still need to be careful about it, especially with moves like f.5C, when you can still be pretty easily punished.


Fritz's anti-air game is very strong, although there is some flaws to it. 4B of course is the main anti-air, with a huge disjointed vertical hitbox that's not lacking in horizontal reach either. 4B has a few issues though. Like his other sword normals, 4B has a huge amount of recovery on whiff. It also doesn't make his hurtbox any smaller, meaning sometimes in spite of the huge hitbox it will get beaten out or trade (although trading can be beneficial, sometimes even allowing you to combo off it). It's also slow enough that it can be hard to use on reaction, although it's definitely possible. Another great option, with enough spacing, is f.2C, due to how fast and long this button is, and, more importantly, because lows cannot be blocked in the air, although it will work only at low height. While not a strong option, f.5B can sometimes catch jumpers as well. As to universal air throw option, Fritz's one cannot be teched, which leads to good oki and is very useful at close ranges.

Air Game

Fritz's air normals while unique are strong for their purposes. j.A is small but still has use in air to air and is his safest aerial to land with. Notably, j.A can be canceled into j.2X, meaning it can be used for some hard to deal with left right mixups (i.e. air to air j.A then mix between j.2A or j.2C to land to the left or right of the opponent before they can touch the ground). nj.B and j.B are in practice the same move, although j.B has a bigger hitbox and hurtbox. Being the giant disjointed normals they are, they're great for air to air, possibly the best air to air normals in the game. While it is hard to combo off air to air j.B, with the right air momentum and spacing it's possible. When used on landing, j.B launches opponents rather than keeping them standing. This can lead to combo extensions, and is the most consistent way to combo into his level 3 for huge damage. However, j.B has landing recovery, even on whiff, meaning it is possible to whiff punish and won't always be plus if blocked on landing. j.C may seem like a very slow and telegraphed button at first, but there's a big secret to it: the closer to the ground you input it, the quicker is startup, reaching as fast as 4F. While it is not really useful as air-to-air, it makes for a great neutral and okizeme tool, being a very fast, very damaging overhead with a big hitbox, which can save you even from jump-ins.

Important to note that nj.B and j.B suffer from a particular feature, that is being cancelled entirely if you input them being close to the ground, even if startup is halfway through and you hear your usual "click" sound. Often, said feature can mess with your plans big time, and while it theoretically affects j.C as well, it's pretty much never present with the latter.

Offense and Okizeme

Fritz has fairly strong pressure once he can secure a knockdown close enough to the opponent. His general mixup tools are f.2C, f.5C, 4C, and throw. Fritz has two lows, those being c.2B and f.2C. c.2B, while requiring you to be close to the opponent, is very plus on hit or block, even more so if meatied. This means that regardless if it hits, you are put in a favorable situation. From here, you can either walk up and c.2B again for plus frames, throw, f.2B if you read the opponent doing an option besides reflect, or high/low mix with 4C and f.2C. This is a very good mixup that you should setup when possible. c.5B can also start this mixup but it isn't as plus as c.2B. f.2C is slower but does a lot more damage, gives a knockdown, and can be spaced to be safe from some reversals. The range also means you can do it from a more distant knockdown where you otherwise wouldn't be able to do c.2B. 4C and f.5C are both overheads, but there are different situations to use them. f.5C hits harder and has more range, but is notably slower and is very susceptible to reversals or reflector. However, it's range allows you to use it for high/low pressure along with f.2C from a range, making even more distant knockdowns dangerous. However, if you're close enough for it, 4C is the better option. It's faster and harder to react to, not as much but still decent range, and most importantly since it hops backwards, a large number of reversals will whiff against it. This makes it incredibly valuable for mixup. Another overhead option is j.C, which works very well if used with shortened startup feature, and being in the air gives you even more options to play mindgames, like making an empty jump, using j.2A to bait and punish reversals, and so on. While very often overlooked, c.5C is an amazing meaty option, and while it's not overhead nor low, it does the second biggest damage out of any Fritz's normals, even more so on counter hit, and can be quite unexpected by the opponent, but it has a pretty harsh timing with its 17F startup, so use it only if the opponent does not tech. As with all Fritz's sword normals, the latter is pretty hard to punish on block due to shortened recovery, even if you do it in their face. Once the opponent is worried about blocking and starts respecting you, Fritz can incorporate his throw mixups. As described earlier, Fritz can setup tick throw from c.2B or c.5B, although he can also use j.A. You can also of course simply do throw without anything before it. The final aspect of his mixup game is his teleport dashes. While it's fairly reactable and gimmicky, you can use the teleport dashes to side switch. 236+B will cross over and keep you close while 236+A will do a fake. From there you can either go for one of his other regular mixups. This is of course fairly reactable, but it will work every once in a while. What's less reactable though is his j.2X crossups. Regardless of the version used, j.2X has the same animation, making it much harder to read (particularly in Ausf Achse where 236X and 214X were slowed down), and as described earlier thanks to j.A there's ways to setup outside of just on knockdown, although that works just as well. Combining all these options together can make things very tough for the opponent.


Fritz's defensive options aren't the best. 236+B+C and 214+B+C are effectively get out of jail free cards. For one bar, you get a fully invincible dash that can't be punished, and can be used to escape the corner or pressure. This is very strong. However, besides these Fritz can't really deal with pressure well. He has the universal options in 2A mash, reflector and backdash, but these have weaknesses of course, and his 2A and reflectors aren't especially strong compared to anyone else in the cast, although the latter has big auto-counter range. This means that without meter, Fritz has weak defense and has to respect the opponent frequently, which is especially tough against some characters like Sai or Marilyn. And while 236+B+C and 214+B+C can't be punished, this comes at the cost of them not actually stopping the opponent, meaning some characters with good movement or specials that quickly move them across the screen, like Sai and Murakumo, can chase him down when he uses these options and force him to block something. To get out of the corner, your options are either to score a knockdown then teleport, teleport without knockdown (metered teleport allows you to do it with almost no consequences), or do side-switch ground throw. Knockdown can be achieved with any sword normal, including air ones, with the exception of f.5A, and with a throw or reflector. Up-close, ground sword normals are too slow, and you're locked out of f.5B\f.2B and f.2C if the opponent is at such range, but you have a rather strange option in the form of 4B. The latter can work surprisingly well due to 10F startup and hitbox tall enough to hit standing characters (not crouching ones unless it's Tank), but is very punishable on whiff, as well as has big recovery even on hit, so be quick about your teleport afterwards. c.5C\c.2C and 4C are just too slow to use up-close. If you have enough space, your best ground choice to score a knockdown is either f.2B (9F, hits mid) or f.2C (11F, hits low). Air j.B\j.C normals work great and can give a lot of damage, while at the same time you can have an easier time blocking pressure while airborne, but you need to jump first which can be beaten. Throws and reflectors are another good choice, but can be beaten too, especially the latter. In terms of teleports, while metered ones are your main choice, non-metered 236C\214C and j.2C can work very well too, while not having invul but still being able to pass through the opponent. Your last and most risky option is using level 3 as a reversal on big read.


Fritz is a neutral focused character with a simple but effective gameplan. He's great at controlling space, but requires patience to find opening to deal huge damage. He also has weaker defensive options, meaning he can have trouble with character who have strong offensive tools. Still, if you are a fan of dealing huge damage in one or two hits and playing characters with a focus on strong neutral game, then you will likely enjoy Fritz.


Ctrekoz's playlist with Fritz's combos


  • 2A x N
When the opponent gets close, just mash 2A on them until it stops working. Mainly just to get the opponent off you. Can actually hit Tank 11 times with it.
  • j.B > f.2B > 2C
Main conversion from j.B. Does pretty good damage.
  • j.B > 2A > A+B+C
Main level 3 confirm combo. Does great damage and is a great way to use meter since Fritz doesn't use meter too often.


  • j.B > c.5A/c.5B > j.A+B
Corner j.B confirm. Barely does more damage and is harder but gives a hard knockdown. You can use c.5B on most characters but a few need c.5A.
  • j.B > c.5A/c.5B/2A > f.2B > 2C
Corner damage focused combo.
  • j.B > c.5B > Micro Walk 2A > 2A > A+B+C
Corner level 3 combo. Does slightly more damage than the midscreen version.
  • j.B > c.5B > 2A > 236B > 2A > 2A > 2A > A+B+C
Incredibly difficult combo for max damage. Really not worth going for since it's not a major damage increase, but it looks sick.


  • Reflector > f.2B > 2C
Main reflector combo, does decent damage.
  • Reflector > f.2C
Reflector combo for when you're too far from the opponent to combo into f.2B.
  • Reflector > Micro Walk 2A > A+B+C
Level 3 reflector combo. A good way to meter dump if you're just holding onto 3 bars since it'll still deal good damage.

Ausf Achse Combos

None of Fritz's combos are changed, although standing reflector combos are a little tighter and air reflector ones are easier.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VA - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"
^ - knocks away

                       |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
               Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
Throws and Reflectors  ---------------------------------------
            4/5/6+A+B  |  20   |    5    |   KD   |    --    |
          j.4/5/6+A+B  |  18   |    3    |   KD   |    --    |
                5+B+C  |  25   |    7    |   KD   |   -12^   |
                c.B+C  |  25   |    7    |   KD   |   -12^   |
                j.B+C  |   ?   |    7    |   KD   |     ?    |
                  A+C  |  49   |   --    |   --   |    --    | cancellable after 33F
              Normals  ---------------------------------------
             close 5A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
               far 5A  |  24   |   11    |   -2   |   -10^   |
             close 5B  |  16   |    5    |   +4   |    +2    |
               far 5B  |  45   |   13    |   KD   |   -10^   |
             close 5C  |  45   |   17    |   KD   |   -12^   |
               far 5C  |  64   |   25    |   KD   |   -12^   |
                  c.A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
            close c.B  |  15   |    5    |   +5   |    +3    |
              far c.B  |  34   |    9    |   KD   |   -10^   |
            close c.C  |  40   |   17    |   KD   |   -12^   |
              far c.C  |  54   |   11    |   KD   |   -12^   |
                  j.A  |  16   |    5    |   VA   |    VA    |
                 7/9B  |  VA   |    9    |   KD   |    VA    | landing recovery 12F
                   8B  |  VA   |    5    |   KD   |    VA    | landing recovery 12F
                  j.C  |  VA   |    4*   |   KD   |   -12^   | landing recovery 29F, *4th frame upon landing
              5B > 5C  |   ?   |    ?    |   KD   |     ?    |
            c.B > c.C  |   ?   |    ?    |   KD   |     ?    |
      Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   4B  |  53   |   10    |   KD   |   -10^   |
                   4C  |  52   |   27    |   KD   |   -12^   |
                 j.2A  |  VA   |   --    |   --   |    --    | landing recovery 8F
                 j.2B  |  VA   |   --    |   --   |    --    | landing recovery 8F
                 j.2C  |  VA   |   --    |   --   |    --    | landing recovery 8F
             Specials  ---------------------------------------
                236+A  |  14   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                236+B  |  14   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                236+C  |  24   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                214+A  |  14   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                214+B  |  14   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                214+C  |  24   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
       EX and Level 3  ---------------------------------------
              236+B+C  |  45   |   --    |   --   |    --    | all frames invincible
              214+B+C  |  55   |   --    |   --   |    --    | all frames invincible
                A+B+C  |  61   |   17    |   KD   |    --    | superflash 40F, 1~7F invincible


Fritz's Ending
  • Much of Fritz's details are based on Mori Ōgai [1] who was a Japanese Army Surgeon general officer, translator, novelist and poet. He is responsible of introducing German literary works in Japan with his translations. The name is exactly the same as Mori's second son Furitsu (不律) which is a kanji spelling of the German name Fritz.

Marilyn Sue
System Specifics