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An intelligence operative belonging to the G-2 Division of the Ground Staff Office. In response to the news of Akatsuki's revival, she is ordered to recover the highly classified "Blitz Motor" that was lost at the last stage of the Great War. (from character selection screen)

Read the translation of her arcade mode!


She may not look like it upon first glance, but Kanae is the grappler of the game. Following many grappler archetypes from other existing fighting games, Kanae has to rely on dishing out damage mainly with her normals and signature grab move(s). One significant difference from numerous grapple character stereotypes is that Kanae has decent speed and isn't really hindered in terms of movement.

Another of her distinctions is that she can combo into her grabs like SNK titles. As well, the fact that all of Kanae's special moves cannot be tech rolled lead to her terrifying oki mixup game. Although her combo potential is pretty low compared to the other cast members, Kanae has her own sets of tricks that can be utilized for success.

  • Armor Ratio = 0.975


5+A+B: Flips the opponent onto the ground for a knockdown. You'll want to keep this loaded in your arsenal as it has the advantage of not requiring a motion, like 236A.

4/6+A+B: Spins the opponent around and places them back on their feet depending on which direction was held. Holding 4 puts them on the left side and 6 on the right side. They can mash out afterwards if you try to throw them again, so mix in some 2As.

j.4/5/6+A+B: Catches the opponent and bodyslams them onto the ground. Kanae will end up on the opposite side of the opponent unless they land in the corner.

Normal Moves

Kanae's pre-made colors

5A: Quick outwards palm strike. It has limited range and decent poking capabilities. It is also one of the few cancelable normals Kanae has. Should be used sparingly, as 2A is generally a better normal to be poking out. Can be used as an emergency anti-air.

5B: Kanae does a side kick. It has moderate range, but cannot be canceled into anything. Despite its range, it comes out relatively fast, making it a great poke. It can also used be to finish off a 2A mash/poke string for pressure or to squeeze out damage from stray 2A pokes.

5C: Kanae turns a bit, executing an outside spin kick. This move has a couple notable merits. One is that this normal is one of Kanae's longest reaching normal moves and will often be safe from reflectors if used at max range. Another point to note is that it knocks down on hit. Kanae benefits very much from knock downs, so this is a nice move to stick out once in a while. It doesn't cancel into anything, but you can connect with an additional 2C before the opponent techs if it was hit in the corner.

2A: Another quick, short palm strike, but this time Kanae does it while in a crouching position. This normal is also cancelable, much like the standing version. An advantage this has over the 5A is that it doesn't miss crouching opponents. Notable things to cancel into from this normal are 6C or her 236 series.

2B: Kanae strikes upwards with her palm. As the motion of this attack suggests, this is best used as an anti-air. Upon a successful ground to air hit, Kanae can catch the airborne opponent with a 22 B+C for extra damage (although the hit doesn't put the opponent into an unrecoverable state).

2C: Lowering her whole body onto the ground, Kanae reaches out with a leg for a sweep kick. This is a pretty useful and indispensable normal attack for Kanae. The first thing to keep in mind is that this the only attack out of Kanae's moveset that hits low. It also comes out moderately fast and has a pretty long reach for a 2C. Lastly, this normal keeps Kanae extremely low to the ground, allowing her to sweep under various high/mid-range attacks without trading or taking damage, and can sometimes even be used as an anti-air.

j.A: An aerial palm attack. A quick air-to-air normal, great for stuffing people out of the air. If the j.A is blocked mid-air, Kanae can link into an air-throw.

j.B: A low angled kick aimed towards the floor. Due to its ability to cross-up, this is a pretty useful air attack for Kanae when she's on the offensive.

7/9C: Kanae executes a mid-air dropkick that's slightly aimed downwards. Not a bad normal for air-to-ground purposes. Using it while jumping backwards can be an effective defensive maneuver.

8C: This looks much like Kanae's 5C, except done in the air. The important thing about this normal is that upon hit, it'll knock the opponent into the air slightly, putting them into an unrecoverable state, allowing the user to follow up with an attack. The optimal place to land this is in the corner, as it leads into Kanae's damaging palm loop combo.

Command Normals

鎧大筒 - Yoroi Oodzutsu - 6C: Kanae hops forwards slightly before making an attack with both of her palms.

  • For Kanae, this move is a valuable offensive tool. Though there's a slight delay before the active frames, Kanae recovers from the attack very quickly, granting her a sufficient amount of advantage frames both on block and hit. This allows the user to put pressure on the opponent with sequential attacks.
  • Mixups off of 6C are great catalysts to force opponents into the corner quickly and continue to maintain momentum. As mentioned above, 6C is used for the situational corner palm loop combos. To top it all off, it's cancel-able into special moves, increasing her options further upon making contact.

前転受身 - Zenten Ukemi - 3C: Kanae rolls forwards about a half a screen.

  • Due to the reach and speed, it's a decent move to pull out once in a while to close the distance between the opponent.
  • It possesses some strange invincibility properties, being invulnerable to ground/mid ranged attacks and jump attacks, though it'll get hit by ground executed overheads and low attacks. It also goes under high fireballs, but will get hit by fireballs of lower height.
  • Kanae is left wide open during the recovery frames of this move, so it'll have to be used with discretion.

天呑 - Tendon - j.2C: Kanae spreads both of her arms wide, crashing down onto her opponent with her chest aimed towards the ground. Appearance-wise, it's similar to a certain Russian wrestler's body splash. Also known as 'boob splash,' and a signature move of a certain waffle enthusiast.

  • Upon execution, Kanae will 'hop' slightly in the air, lifting her a bit before she drops down with the splash.
  • If hit, the opponent will become knocked down.
  • The hitbox for this move is quite large, basically stretching from her feet to the top of her head, and the frames are active upon input and don't end until Kanae hits the ground/opponent, so it's quite a versatile move.
  • Also, unlike most air activated moves of this type, the splash is an overhead.
  • She has recovery frames upon landing though, so despite its versatility, careless usage will put users into trouble.

Special Moves

螺旋四方投げ - Rasen Shihou Nage - 236+A/B/C: Upon grabbing her opponent, Kanae twirls them around her several times before tossing them into the air and letting them slam into the ground. This is Kanae's signature grab move.

  • Being a command grab, this move is unblockable.
  • The three buttons change the distance traveled before Kanae executes her grab animation. The A version keeps Kanae in the same place and is also comboable. The B version causes Kanae to dash forwards about a third of a screen before grabbing, and the C version moves her about half a screen's worth of distance. The A version can be directly comboed into from a close 2a, 5a, or 6c, while the other versions can be cancelled into from these normals to catch players not expecting them.
  • After tossing the opponent into the air, it can be followed up with a Gokurakuchou (22+A/B/C) or its EX version to catch them for extra damage.

呼吸投げ - Kokyuu Nage - 214+A/B/C: Kanae glows blue while raising her arms readily to catch her opponent's attack. This is Kanae's counter grab special.

  • The move is active while Kanae glows blue. This duration lasts slightly longer than a normal reflector. While this is active, if an opponent attacks with something that corresponds to the version of the move used, Kanae will promptly counter attack. All three versions place the opponent behind Kanae, putting her in an especially good position if she lands a counter while cornered.
  • Unlike a reflector, this move will ignore the proceeding hits of a multi hitting attack if it is countered. Further unlike reflectors, this move will catch crossups.
  • The A version only catches attacks that are of overhead property (most air attacks, ground executed overheads). Upon catching them, Kanae will slam the opponent into the ground.
  • The B version catches all ground/mid attacks that aren't overheads or lows. On success, Kanae tosses the opponent into the opposite wall, far away from her.
  • The C version only catches low hitting attacks (the majority of which are 2Cs). Upon a successful counter, Kanae will flip her opponent upwards to the opposite side, giving her a brief chance to follow up with an attack. In mid-screen, the most you can follow up with is 2C, while in the corner, you can do a couple 2A into 6Cs.
  • Using this move extends Kanae's hurtbox, meaning you can catch moves outside of their usual hittable range! On the other hand, missing a counter will make it easier for the opponent to hit Kanae from further away.

極楽鳥 - Gokurakuchou - 22+A/B/C: Kanae leaps into the air, performing a ground-to-air grab that knocks down on hit.

  • Another command grab, thus unblockable. Great if you read the opponent jumping out, as it does the same damage as regular airthrow.
  • Has no startup invuln, so don't try to use this as an anti-air against jump-ins.
  • The button pressed determines the angle that Kanae jumps forward. A version is purely vertical, but has the least recovery. B version makes Kanae jump forward about a 1/4th screen distance, and the C version makes Kanae jump about 1/3rd - half screen distance, with the most recovery on whiff. Because of the startup, using this move raw can be a risk as it won't necessarily grab somebody if the angle is wrong (e.g. 22B won't catch people directly above you).
  • This move can be performed after Rasen Shihou Nage for extra damage and better positioning. It leaves Kanae much closer to the opponent and deals more damage. You should pretty much always be using this move as a followup from command throw, but the version to be used is dependent on positioning and your goal. C version is the most consistent followup to a grab, and has some leniency if you delay it. B version works in a similar regard, but delaying it to intentionally whiff puts Kanae at a good position for a crossup j.B. A version is inconsistent and unreliable, sometimes even in the corner.
  • After landing this move midscreen, Kanae can crossup after knockdown with a dash or 6C. Delaying either leads to crossup fakeouts. You can also land an OTG 2C if necessary/warranted.

EX and Super Moves

特攻螺旋四方投げ - EX Rasen Shihou Nage - 236+B+C: Invincible grounded command throw. Can work as a reversal.

  • Excellent command throw that is inescapable post-flash. Does a boatload of damage.
  • Invincible until startup, will blast through pokes that are out as long as the grab is in range.

特攻呼吸投げ - EX Kokyuu Nage - 214+B+C: Versatile version of Kanae's counter. Excellent reversal

  • 1f invuln counter super. Can be used to get out of tight spots. Thankfully, does not have a superflash unless the counter is activated.
  • Obviously still not throw invincible, but catches all Highs, Mids, and Lows. Still loses to throws and projectiles.
  • Throws the opponent far away behind her, similar to 214B.

特攻極楽鳥 - EX Gokurakuchou - 22+B+C: Invulnerable version of Kanae's anti-air throw. Can be used as a follow up 22A/B/C.

  • As with Kanae's other two EX moves, they cannot be reflected or blocked. It must be avoided.
  • Despite the startup invlun, it is not entirely invincible until startup. On top of that, it's a little on the slow side to be used as a standalone move.
  • Can be used as a followup to regular command throw, just as the meterless versions. It does more damage, but puts Kanae in a less advantageous position than regular 22A/B/C. Better if you want corner carry or to just do more damage or guarantee a kill.

地獄車 - Jigokuguruma - (during EX Rasen Shihou Nage) 22+B+C: 236B+C-followup-specific version of Gakurakuchou.

  • Essentially the same as 22A/B/C, putting Kanae in a position closer to regular 22A/B/C than 22B+C.
  • Can only be done as a followup to 22B+C. Requires two bars to perform.
  • Can put Kanae in a position for crossup j.B, but she needs to back up a bit first. The move gives you more time to act before the opponent gets up, but the distance is too far for Kanae to be able to crossup dash.

羅刹天 - Rasetsuten - (during Jigokuguruma) A+B+C: Damaging followup to 236B+C > 22B+C. Kanae's level 3 super.

  • Large chunk of damage. Raw sequence of Kanae's Ex Grabs does ~6700 damage.
  • Excellent for closing out matches, due to the option being Kanae's highest damage option.
  • Requires all of Kanae's meter, so use it wisely.
  • Recovery allows for crossup j.B setup, but not for crossup dash.

General Strategy

Kanae Tutorial video.

General Rundown of above video

  • 2A for oki/pressure escape. Confirms into 5B or 236A in range.
  • 5B for spacing. Discourages button pushing.
  • 5C for further spacing and knockdown.
  • 2C to go under things and knockdown. Low. Ghetto Anti-Air.
  • 6C for frametraps and stuffing mashers.
  • j.B for crossups, and j.8C and j.7/9C for spacing.
  • Play the spacing game until you score a knockdown, then get in and run mixups.
  • Mix in 2As and 5As and 6Cs to discourage jump outs and mashing, then throw them when they start blocking.
  • Use airthrow or 22A/B/C to discourage empty jumps, but read them, don't throw them out. Similarly, use j.A as well to discourage buttons in the air.
  • 214A/B/C after you've gotten into their head and know attacks are coming. 214B+C as a reversal.
  • j.2C for crossups, but don't get too silly with it.

Tick throw setups:

  • 2A walking 236A. If the 2A is canceled too quickly it will not grab out of blockstun. Instead, if you delay the 236A it will grab the opponent as blockstun ends.
  • [2A]xN 236B. Any number of 2A's (typically 1 - 3 unless against Tank) canceled into 236B.
  • 6C 236B. Used in variation to 6C 2C. Because her 6C is +8 on block and her 2C has 9 frames of startup it can catch people trying to jump after blocked 6C, while the 236B would otherwise grab them if they don't jump.
  • j.B 236A. Used in variation with j.B 2A or whatever other ground attack. Also useful when j.B is done as a crossup.
  • j.C 236B. Similar to above.
  • Corner 2A airblocked 6C 236B. If the opponent fears a throw after 2A and attempts to airblock after the 2A the 6C will hit them while they are airblocking. When they land the 236B is sometimes completely unavoidable (jumping won't avoid it). The 6C also does a substantial amount of guard damage.
  • Oki whiff 2A/5A/6C 236A. Do it early to bait reflectors. Use 236B+C if you start getting poked instead.

Post 22A/B/C setups

  • OTG 2C > Crossup j.2C. Probably the weakest option, because ambiguous crossup splash, awesome as it is, is a free punish if blocked.
  • Any grounded tick throw setup listed above. They're all good.
  • Corpse dash or early 6C. This will crossup the opponent before they wakeup if done early enough. Great for the confusion factor, especially when done in conjunction with...
  • Delayed 66 or 6C. Slightly delaying the input negates the crossup, so if your opponent expected it, you get free 2As > 5B/236A. You can also do...
  • slightly delayed 236C or delayed 236B. This is where it gets nasty. Since Kanae's dash throws use the same animation as her regular dash, this is what makes her oki mixup absolutely terrifying.


Note: Despite the size of this list, most of Kanae's combos are corner reliant and are based around her 6C loop. Most of the combos here are variations of each other; her combo game is rather limited, and Kanae is far more dependant on good fundamentals and conditioning than combo damage.

  • 5A/2A x N > 5B
~1000 damage. Basic string. Doesn't knock down, but it's easy damage and it pushes the opponent out.
  • (reflector) 22C
~1700 damage. Works midscreen. Either 5C or 2C are also possible but do less damage than 22C.

236A Combos

Note: 236A 22C on its own does ~3200 damage.
  • 2A 236A 22C
~2600 damage. Difficult to hitconfirm but can be useful off a counterhit.
  • 2A 2A 236A 22C
~1900 damage. Easier to hitconfirm but less damaging.
  • 2A 2A 2A 236A 22C
~1700 damage. Very easy to hit confirm but a lot less damaging. The knockdown is worth it, but sometimes three jabs is too much, and the opponent will be too far for the 236A to connect

6C Loop and Corner Combos

  • 8C 6C 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5AA 6C
~4900 damage, Kanae's corner BnB does amazing damage without using meter. If you have problems landing the last 6C, use 5B instead. You'll lose ~200 damage but the combo will be much more stable.
  • 8C 6C 6C 5A 6C 5AA 22C
~4400 damage. You lose more damage but ending with 22C will bring you right next to the opponent for okizeme. If they are too low, 22C will whiff.
  • 8C 6C 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5AA 22B+C
~5200 damage. Probably the most damage out of an 8C, but it's extremely tight on timing. Practice up. 22B+C will whiff if the target is too low.

  • 214C (Catch) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~3800. Works when Kanae is cornered, as it throws the opponent behind her. Remember that you must catch a low attack.
  • 214C (Catch) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 5A 22C
~3500. Taking oki over damage.
  • 214C (Catch) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 5A 22B+C
~4100. Maximum damage. One bar.

  • 6C/j.9C 236A 22C
~3800 damage (~4100 if 22B+C is used instead). Difficult to hitconfirm but can be worth it, especially on counterhit. j.C does less damage but is good for safejump setups on oki.

Anti Air Combos

  • 5A 2B
~1000. Doesn't do much midscreen, but it'll knock them down.
  • 5A 5A 22C
~1800. Two 5As won't combo unless the opponent is low enough.
  • (Corner) 5A 2B 5A 6C 5A 6C
~2100. The 2B lifts the opponent enough that he following 5A link should be easy, height dependent.
  • (Corner) 5A 2B 5A 6C 5A 5A 22B+C
~2500. One bar for hard knockdown.
  • (Corner) 5A 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~2500. Delay the first 6C.
  • (Corner) 5A 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 5A 22B+C
~3000. Similar to above.

Corner Reflect Combos

  • (reflect) 5A 6C 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~3000 damage.
  • (reflect) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~3000 damage. Slightly more damage than above, but timing can be wonky. Delay the second 5A
  • (reflect) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 22C
~2700 damage. Sacrifices ~300 damage for okizeme.
  • (reflect) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 5A 6C
~3200 damage. Timing is stricter than the above reflect combos.
  • (reflect) 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 5A 22B+C
~3500 damage. Stricter than most but deals the most damage. Works best if delayed after the reflect, or after the first 6C.
  • (reflect) 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~3500 damage. Confirming with 6C is much harder but buffs damage output.
  • (reflect) 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C 5A 6C
~3500 damage. Confirming with 6C is much harder but buffs damage output.

Note: Most 22C enders can also followed up with a 2C OTG ender, but unless you do ambiguous crossup splash, it's usually not worth the extra damage in exchange for the okizeme potential, and likewise for 236B+C and 22B+C.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VB - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"

                       |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
               Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
Throws and Reflectors  ---------------------------------------
                5+A+B  |  22   |    5    |   KD   |    --    |  
              4/6+A+B  |  22   |    5    |   +2?  |    --    | *UV
          j.4/5/6+A+B  |  18   |    3    |   KD   |    --    |
                5+B+C  |  17   |    7    |   KD   |    +3    |
                c.B+C  |  17   |    7    |   KD   |    +3    |
                j.B+C  |  17   |    6    |   KD   |    +2    |
                  A+C  |  98   |   --    |   --   |    --    | cancellable after 36F
              Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   5A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                   5B  |  21   |    6    |   +0   |    -2    |
                   5C  |  32   |   13    |   KD   |    -4    |
                  c.A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                  c.B  |  21   |    6    |   +0   |    -2    |
                  c.C  |  36   |    9    |   KD   |   -12    |
                  j.A  |  18   |    5    |   -2   |    -2    |
                  j.B  |  21   |    6    |   VB   |    VB    |
                 7/9C  |  26   |    7    |   VB   |    VB    |
                   8C  |  24   |    7    |   KD   |    VB    |
      Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   6C  |  28   |   15    |  +12   |    +8    |
                   3C  |  33   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                 j.2C  |  VB   |   11    |   VB   |    VB    | landing recovery 12F *UV
             Specials  ---------------------------------------
                236+A  |  32   |    3    |   KD   |    --    |
                236+B  |  46   |   17    |   KD   |    --    |
                236+C  |  54   |   25    |   KD   |    --    |
                214+A  |  44   |   --    |   KD   |    --    | counter stance 1~19F
                214+B  |  42   |   --    |   KD   |    --    | counter stance 1~19F
                214+C  |  42   |   --    |   KD   |    --    | counter stance 1~19F
                 22+A  |  40   |   11    |   KD   |    --    |
                 22+B  |  44   |   11    |   KD   |    --    |
                 22+C  |  48   |   11    |   KD   |    --    |
       EX and Level 3  ---------------------------------------
              236+B+C  |  46?  |    3    |   KD   |    --    | 1~3F invincible, *UV
              214+B+C  |  43   |   --    |   KD   |    --    | 1~1F invincible, counter stance 1~19F
               22+B+C  |  46   |   11    |   KD   |    --    | 1~10F invincible
     236+B+C > 22+B+C  |  58   |   13    |   KD   |    --    |
... > 22+B+C  > A+B+C  |   ?   |   58    |   --   |    --    | superflash 50F


Kanae's Ending
  • Kanae's rank is First Lieutenant (二尉 - Nii) in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). She is assigned to the Ground Staff Office (陸上幕僚監部) abreviated as 陸幕 (Rikubaku). The GSO is a special agency of the Ministry of Defense that commands the GSDF. Kanae is a member of the G-2 (二部), the division in charge of intelligence and operation support.

Marilyn Sue
System Specifics