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Alice Senki 2
(AS2, Arisen2)
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1.00.06 = Argentinian Patch



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Alice Senki 2

Despite being called Alice Senki 2, this game just feels like the polished and finished version of Alice Senki vanilla (2003). This was released and developed by Yume no Tsuzuki (夢の続き) on a comiket more than a decade ago, in the golden ages of doujin soft fighting games. It includes 17 characters created by Alice Soft, thus the name of the game.

Wiki Roadmap

20% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • General information and mechanics are well covered
  • Finished characters:
    • Rance
    • Alietta
    • Fanel
    • Menad
  • Story
  • Some information about unlockables
  • Solutions to some controller issues
  • Add palettes and matchup strategy for finished characters
  • Add precise data on character's moves (at least damage)
  • Use MoveData template
  • Check english grammar
  • Pages for many characters
  • This very roadmap could be more detailed
  • Media links

Alice Senki 2

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