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Pros Cons
  • High health
  • Can switch her playstyle because she has a lot of tools
  • Long ranged normals
  • Good zoning game
  • Can recover her health safely in some situations
  • Has an air dash
  • Slow
  • Bad priority on normals
  • Doesn't excel at anything
  • Combos are specific and sometimes difficult to do
  • Can't deal significant damage without a good amount of meter


Alietta is the second sturdiest character in the game next to Patton, and can keep herself very healthy on each round because she has some setups to perform her healing taunt safely. However she doesn't seem to excel at anything else. Normals and command moves have good range, but some of them are very slow and have low priority. Her zoning game is pretty decent, but not great if your rival has good movement tools. Doesn't have real reversals without a bar, but her melee specials have good priority. You can try to rush down with her and do some pressure, setplay and mixups, but all her offensive game is questionable and has holes in it. Can't deal significant damage with less than 2 bars in many situations. She's basically a tank (she even has access to super armor), you want to frustrate your opponents keeping her alive as much as you can, while slowly depleting their health bar.

Move List

Normal Moves

Alietta 5A.PNG
  • Can't cancel into itself, but is cancelable into 2a, so it is a good way to start your combos. Slow and has some good active frames for a weak attack.

Alietta 2A.PNG
Alietta 2A2.PNG
  • Can't self cancel either, but comboes into 5B, 2B or 5C. Use this to low profile some moves with high hitboxes (Ex: Seed's 623B)

Alietta 5B.PNG
  • Can be used as an anti-air from far away. This move is not good for combos because the pushback is very high.
  • Her hurtbox extends deep into her umbrella

Alietta 2B.PNG
Alietta 2Bhit.PNG
  • Good range and decent startup.
  • Her hurtbox extends to her whole umbrella. Doesn't hit low.
  • Punish unsafe moves starting your combos with this one for maximum damage.

Alietta 5C.PNG
  • Slow move but with good priority.
  • This is the only normal attack that can combo into 3C.

Alietta 2C.PNG
  • Causes a knockdown and your best ender for mix-ups.
  • Allways cancel it into something else, because the recovery animation takes some time. * Can low profile some moves.

Alietta JA.PNG
  • Can instant overhead a lot of characters.
  • A good jump in move if cancelled into J.B.

Alietta JB.PNG
  • Good horizontal reach and the best air-to-air attack.
  • Has hurtboxes on the umbrella, just like all normals with B button.

Alietta JC.PNG
  • Her best jump in attack that covers the space in front and below her.
  • Can crossup.

Dash Attacks

Alietta 66A.PNG
  • Poor move outside of combos. You can find it uses in the corner, because it gives you a wall slam, and not just one, you can wall slam two times with this single move in a regular combo without any Break/Roman-Cancel.

Alietta 66B.PNG
  • Three hitting move, of which the 3rd one is an overhead.
  • You might want to end your combos with this move because is the only one that gives you a solid knockdown (sliding knockdown in this case) after long combos. The problem is that is quite difficult to do so.
  • Not the best anti-air move, but you can venture with it sparingly.
  • The 1st and 2nd hits are cancelable. Has its usefulness in combos.

Alietta 66C.PNG
  • Very slow overhead.
  • Always causes a ground bounce, making this move great for combos.
  • Can cancel its grounded recovery frames into any special move.
  • Hitbox is low to the ground.


Alietta thr.PNG
【Ground throw - Close 6C】
  • Sends your opponent more than half screen away.
  • You can tech or roll from her throw when you hit the ground.
  • Can Break her throw, but be aware that the damage will scale a lot (in the corner without additional meter you can deal around 20 points of damage. Good for closing rounds.

Alietta airthr.PNG
【Air throw - close 6C】
  • Causes a knockdown and is easy to time the toy soldier setup (just land and input the command after a few frames).
  • It is also Breakable/Roman-Cancelable, but you can follow up without the need of it (unless you really want to make it easy).

Command Moves

Alietta 3B.PNG
  • This move is intended to be an anti-air, but it is not very good really. Can be useful depending on the matchup and spacing, but it isn't fast and doesn't have great priority.

Alietta 3C.PNG
  • This might be a little better anti-air than the above one, but it is still unreliable and a very slow move. Better use this only for combos.
  • Always cancel this move on hit or block, unless you're doing a specific combo.

Alietta J3B.PNG
  • This jumping attack is not an overhead, but is a multi hitting move. It is good for start pressuring or reset your block strings after a 2C.
  • Can't be cancelled from or into any jumping attacks.

Special Moves

Alietta 236x.PNG
【Charging Star/Cream Cannon - 236X】
  • A and B version hits 5 times and C 10.
  • Priority is not great.
  • Can completely ignore projectiles and even super projectiles like the beam cannon from Shizuka's lvl3 or Maria's lasers.
  • C version can be light broken/roman-cancelled in the next-to-last hit, but it's not really realiable considering all the meter burnt.

Alietta DpC.PNG
Alietta DpC1.PNG
【Umbrella Fencing - 623X】
  • A and B has upper body invulnerability.
  • C version is a true reversal with full invincible frames on startup.
  • Best anti-air option.

ALietta toy.PNG
Alietta toy2.PNG
【Toy Soldiers - 236X】
  • Alietta calls three toy soldiers and they do 3 hits for every shot fired.
  • They shoot once with the A version, 2 times with B and 6 times with C.
  • Can be done in the air (2 toy soldiers will pop out), just don't do it too low to the ground because the move won't come out.
  • B version is light Breakable/Roman-cancelled and is quite easy to do and useful.
  • C version has invincible frames on startup (before the darkened background effect) on ground and air, not recommended as reversal because only a few frames are invincible and doesn't hit instantly.
  • Soldiers can be destroyed with any attack on them.
  • You can call in multiple toy soldiers on screen, provided you didn't use the same version of soldiers two times (example: you can't have two sets of soldiers with the 214B command. However you can have two sets if you called them with 214B on the ground and then 214B in the air).
  • This move is probably her best and is very spammy. Great for zoning, setting up pressure and can keep your opponent blocking while you regain health, just know your matchups.

Alietta gullA.PNG
Alietta gull.PNG
ALietta gullC.PNG
【Franklin's Gull/Paper Plane - 421X】
  • This time Alietta calls paper planes to do the job.
  • A version makes the gull attack with its body.
  • B and C throws bombs from the sky that hits when they fall.
  • C bombs is a heavy launcher and can't be teched until you hit the ground.
  • The angle of flight and position of the bombing depends on how much time you hold the button.
  • 421C seems to have the same kind of invincibility as the Toy Soldiers move.

LV3/Legendary Sword

Alietta lv3.PNG
ALietta lv32.PNG
【Princess Shield - 63214C】
  • This move is a counter attack. If an opponent's move is caught, a big multi hitting projectile will fill the whole screen.
  • Can be light Broken in the early frames of the move after the activation, even if they don't attack you.

Special Activation

Alietta SP.PNG
【Endure - 214D】
  • This gives you a super armor for one bar that only works when you are on the ground and can absorb multiple hits. It doesn't work if you get hit by a move that causes a special effect, like knockdown, launcher, etc... It lasts 10 seconds and the cooldown is 10 additional seconds.


Light Break

  • 236C at the ninth hit.
  • 214B when she swings the umbrella down.
  • 63214C just after the screen effect.

Break Style (B+C)

  • Bully/Ultra Break.

Special Defense

  • Push block.


  • Can air dash
  • Very high health at 14000
  • Health REcovery: To stop her from recovering health you need to attack the toy soldiers instead of her. When the move finishes 35% of her life is recovered immediately.



3C Starters (need to be close):

  • 2A,5A,5C,3C:
  • 2B,5C,3C:
  • 2A,2B,5C,3C(works on Hatsune and Maria while standing):
    • >421B, 5C,3C>J.B,C>B,C.

  • 2A,2B,2C>J.A,B,C\/J.B,C>DJ.B,C. Difficult timing, but easier on Patton and Maria.
  • vs Seed or Rance 2A,5A,2B,2C>j.*A,B,C,\/623A(2),2A,5B>J.B,C>DJ.B,C.

One bar

From 3C Starters:

  • 2B,5C,3C, walk a bit 5C,3C>623B(2 hits)>Break, Dash and stop, 5C,3C>421B, 5C,3C>J.C>DJ.B,C.
  • vs Patton 421B>5C,3C>*214B>66B(3) ②
  • Vs Patton and Maria 2B,5C,3C>421B(hold B in the corner), 5C,3C>623B(2 hits)>Break, 5C,3C,etc...
  • Vs Maria 2B,5C,3C>421B(hold B in the corner), 5C>66B(2 hits)>623B(2 hits)>Break, 5C,3C,etc...
  • Vs Fanel 2B,5C,3C>421B, 5C,3C>623A(only 2nd swing hits), 623B(2 hits)>Break, 5C,3C>421B(Hold), 5C,3C>J.C>DJ.B,C.
  • Vs Alietta in the corner 2B,5C,3C>421B(hold B a bit)>5C,66B(2)>623B(2 hits)>66B(3)>66A>5A,5C>623A(2 hits)>Break(B+C),6C(66C comes out)>236A>623C>walk 5C,3C,421B>5C,66B(2 hits)>623B(2 hits)>66B ②
  • vs Alietta 2A,2B,2C>J.A,B,C\/623A(2 hits)>66B(2 hits)>623C>walk 5C,3C,421B>walk 5C,3C,421B>5C,3C>J.B,C>DJ.B,C,214A/B
  • Vs Seed or Rance close to the corner 2B,5C,3C>421B(hold), 2B,5C>66A(wall), 5C>66A(wall),walk and cross under, 5C>55B(2 hits)>623B(2)>Break,cross under, 5C,3C>421B etc...


  • Vs Fanel >236A>623C, walk 5C,3C>421B(hold), 5C,3C>J.etc...
  • Vs Satsu >623C,3C,cross under if you will, 3C,623B(2 its),623A(2 hits)>Break, 66C(controls are reversed, so hold 4), 623C,etc....

Two bars or more

From 3C starters:

  • vs Hatsune corner >421(hold B), walk back a bit 5C>66A(wall slam), walk back again 5C>66A(wall slam), walk forward 5C,66B(2 hits), 623B(2 hits), 623A(2 hits)>Break, 66C>623C, 5C,3C,421(B), 5C,66A, walk back 5C,66A, walk forward 5C,66B(2 hits),623B(2 hits), 66B(3 hits). ②
  • vs Menad >236A>623C, early 3C,421B, cross under 5C,623B(2),623A(2)>Break, run,*66C>236A>623C,etc...

From 2C,66C starters:

  • 3C>421B, walk away 5C>66B(2), 623B(2 hits), 623A(2 hits)>Break 66C>236A>623C, 3C,>623B or 421B and ender.
  • vs Fanel reversal 623C, 66b(2),Dpb(2),etc... Also possible on other character with an A after the reversal.
  • vs Seed 236B,623C:
    • 3C>623B(2 hits),66B(3 hits) ②
    • 3C>623B(2 hits), 623A(2 hits)>Break>66C>236A>623C etc...
  • video

Ground Throw

Ground Throw

  • >Break, 5B>J.B,C>DJ.B,C.
  • vs medium weight characters: Throw in the corner>Break, 5A,66A(wall), 5A,5B>J.B,C,etc...

From an air throw

Air throw

  • vs Fanel \/66B(2)>623B(2), 623A>Break, etc...
  • vs Patton corner \/5C,3C,421B, 2B,5C>66A(wall),etc...

Meterless for setups

  • 2A,5A,2B,2C>214B ①
  • Any 66B(3 hits) ender ②
  • Air throw, and 214B a few frames after you land ①


  • 2B,2C>J.3B(2-3 hits)\/
  • 2B,2C>214B>Light Break



  • 214C and recover health. Know the matchup. Some characters have ways to punish you. For example Makutsudo can just do a Warzard Counter and teleport away. This is almost guaranteed against characters with Push Block defense.
  • run j.*a,*,c,\/. Instant overhead setup.
  • run 2a. Low.
  • iad, J.C,\/2a. The J.C should be done late, so it will not come out. Fake overhead setup.
  • j.8,66,a,b,\/etc... Double overhead.


  • j.9>214B,\/etc... This is hard to time and your opponent might get away by jumping. Now go to ①.
  • Dash J.9C. Can crossup.
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