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Pros Cons
  • Strong mixup game
  • Strong pressure and ambiguous blockstrings
  • Good corner carry
  • Fast and effective normals for midrange
  • Okay fireball game
  • Instant overhead
  • Can combo after throw with meter
  • Fast mobility
  • Versatile air specials
  • Command dash goes through bodies
  • Setplay heavy
  • Good meter usage
  • Ridiculous install for 1 meter
  • Airdash!
  • Lightweight in juggles (which is a double-edged sword)
  • Low Health
  • Even if her damage cap is high, her overall damage is low (which is extremely notable against characters with high health like Alietta)
  • Combos can get finnicky and her blockstrings recquire some good execution and awareness
  • Damage potential varies a lot depending on range and meter
  • Character specific routes and blockstrings
  • No healing setups
  • Lacking reversals


Normals are cancellable into dashing normals, try taking advantage of this by poking and starting blockstrings with 66B. This opens up for a myriad of mixups, pressure resets and frametraps that can catch the opponent off guard, or you can do 66A instead to start stagger pressure (examples of blockstrings will be shown below). Your fireballs are not as much used to zone, and more to stop zoning or covering your approach, A version being slow, B being fast with a Light Break window right after the fireball goes out but slow recovery otherwise, and C being multihit but not very useful in general. Use your jB to sneak behind your opponent and hit them with a powerful crossup normal, bait antiairs with your air fireballs that stall your air momentum, TKj236A for a fast, horizontal and + on block special, TKj236B for an instant overhead with low recovery that can be used as an antiair, rush in with your + on block dashing normals (66A or 66B) or use 236B B+C. Your main goal in neutral is to force your opponent to block and open them up from there.

Her airdash and install make her a very unique character among the roster. Her install opens Light Break windows (similar to False Roman Cancels in Guilty Gear) on specials that normally don't have it, most notably her 236/j236 series and makes them totally free, which allows for hard yet rewarding blockstrings and mixups.

Pressure concepts

The whole point is to threat with the potential of pressure resetting because you can't block this character forever. This is complemented with frametraps to discourage escaping options. The way gatlings work is:

A normals -> Command A normals -> Standing B normal -> Crouching B normal -> Standing C normal -> Crouching C normal -> Command C normals

At any point EXCEPT after a command normal you can cancel into a dashing normal, the idea is to not necessarily get too far into the chain so it's more ambiguous when the + frames are coming. Stating this, your main + on block dashing normal is 66A which looks just like 5A and frametraps into 2A, 5A, 5B or 6A. The other option (which is also prefered in long range) is 66B, a 2 hit dash normal that has a jump cancel on either hit or block and you can cancel it into 6C which is an overhead. The amount of options after 66B allows for a good amount of layers:

...66B (2) Instant airdash jB (frametrap, and depending on spacing the jB can be crossup)

...66B (2) Instant airdash jA(A)B (single, double or triple overhead if the character is tall enough, this is airtight)

...66B (2) Instant airdash jC (mixing up your timings, it can be used for fake high into low)

...66B (1 or 2) 6C or B+C 2A (gives layers to the mixup, sadly the 6C needs 1 meter to confirm it, this isn't too bad if the opponent knows this since both options recquire meter, making it less telegraphed)

...66B (1 or 2) TKj41236A or TKj41236B (A version is less hits, which means it will whiff on crouchers and let you do empty throw or low, B version is + frames and more hits, it frametraps if they are standing)

...66B (1 or 2) TKj236b for instant overhead

As you can tell, there are many options, these are just the main ones, there are others that have more niche utility, but this should give you an idea of how strong her pressure can be.

Her pressure changes completely when install is on, 236A Light Break strings can guard break easily while chipping away the opponent's health bar by a noticeable amount. you can also 2A or j236B Light Break at any point during these strings, turning her into even more of a mixup monster during full 15 seconds. My tip for 236A Light Break pressure: Alice Senki II's input interpreter prioritizes light buttons over heavier ones, which means that 236A~B+C can be a bit easier if you do 236A+B+C~A+B+C instead.


  • Starters:

2A/5A/6A 5B 2B/5C 2C(2) fill ~ ender

2A/5A/6A 5C 66A, 5A/5B 5C 2C fill ~ ender

2A/5A/6A 5C 66A, 5A/5B 5C 236B(1) B+C 5C 66A, 5A/5B 5C 2C fill ~ ender (meter dump combo)

6C B+C 66A, 5A/5B 5C 2C fill ~ ender

  • Fills:

...66C Wait for wallbounce 63214B 5B (for sideswitch)

...66C Wait for wallbounce 63214A 5B (for no sideswitch)

...66C Wait for wallbounce delay instant airdash jC (for no sideswitch and more damage, but harder)

...66C Delay 5B (corner only)

...236B (ends combo, good when you have no meter or you only have 1 bar so you'd rather setup the install)

  • Enders:

...9jBC 9djC j214C land 236B(2) (236B(2) is universal midscreen, character specific in the corner)

...9jBC 9djBC j63214C

...9jBC 9djBC j63214C land 5B 9jBC 9djC j214C land 236B(2) (236B(2) is universal midscreen, character specific in the corner) (meter dump combo)

  • Disclaimer:

-You can get another pickup after every ender with 5B but you lose oki, and every move that gives long hitstun (66C, 63214C, 236B(2)) only give that much hitstun once per combo.

-Combo structure depends on how close you are and how much meter you have.

-Try doing the pickup after 66C as low to the ground as possible so j63214C hits three times.

-Install lets you add some more damage thanks to 236A Light Break, but I'll add those later since it still needs some experimenting.

Move List

Normal Moves

  • Quick and long jab, low recovery, can whiff cancel into other lights or specials. Hits mid.
watch your feet
  • Shorter than 5A, but same properties. Hits low, can jump cancel on block.

  • Hits a bit above her, not great on whiff but extremely rewarding on block or as an antiair. Hits mid, can jump cancel on block.

watch your feet part 2
  • Her longest normal after 2C. Terrible on whiff but great otherwise, can do long range confirms into 236B. Hits low, can jump cancel on block.

this one must hurt
  • Giant swipe in front of her. Great range, blockstun and hitstun in exchange for long recovery and startup. Hits mid, can't jump cancel on block or hit.

ASII fanel 2c(1).png
looks broken because it kinda is
  • Long sweep with 2 hits. Second hit won't connect if the opponent is too far. Both hits low, can jump cancel on block. You can create mixups with 2C(1) TKj236B or 2C(2) (if the opponent is too far for 66C to connect, instant airdash jAB land 9jAB 9jBC etc. instead)

stanky leg
  • Great air to air, chains into itself, hits way above her and hits lower than what it looks like. Hits high.

Testament jD vibes but way more broken
  • Another great air to air, has a good crossup hitbox. Hits high.

ASII fanel jC(1).png
if you get hit by this you're probably dead
  • Jump in normal, on the slower side of Fanel's air normals but has a lot of blockstun and hitstun, can hit crossup sometimes. Hits high.

Dash Attacks

*bop* part 2
  • Looks just like 5A but has a bit of momentum and it's + on block. Hits mid.

ASII fanel 66b(1).png
also makes your breakfast
  • Two hits, big, fast, moves her forward, both hits cancellable on block with jump, 6C or specials. Hits mid.

  • Wallbounces on hit, even if it looks like it can hit crossup, you can block it holding 4 or 6, mainly used in combos or for B+C mixups even though there are better options to start mixups. Hits mid.


why yes please kick my face and break my nose
【Ground throw - Close 6C】
  • Gives hard knockdown, can combo afterwards with B+C but scales a lot.
【Air throw - close 6C】
  • Gives hard knockdown, can't combo afterwards.

Command Moves

【Remaining Strikes 6A】
  • Despite looking like an overhead, or at least being an antiair, it doesn't do any of those, it's just there to let you know that you made a missinput on 66A. Hits mid.

i'd get opened up too if someone tried to decapitate me like this
【Death Scythe 6C】
  • Only grounded overhead.
  • Rather slow but can be ambiguous with the right mixups.
  • Can only confirm it with meter (B+C).

Special Moves

236A (1)
236A (2)
236B (1)
236B (2)
【Dark Thunder 236X (AIR OK)】
  • Varied lightning strikes.
  • 236A has 2 hits, you can Light Break the first hit with the install on (which mind you, is very broken), second hit is not so good, both hits are mid.
  • 236B, first hit is a rush attack, second hit is a hard knockdown lightning, mainly used for combos, second hit gets a Light Break with install on, both hits mid.
  • 236C deals a good chunk of damage but gives no knockdown and is generally not used, hits mid.
  • j236A is a bit +, moves forward, big and gets a Light Break with install which opens up for mixups, hits mid.
  • j236B is an instant overhead that gives no knockdown, can be used as an antiair, gets a Light Break with the install on which means that you can combo afterwards.
  • j236C has + frames and can be used to close out rounds thanks to its high damage, otherwise not very used, hits mid.

pew pew
【Sword of Darkness - 214X (AIR OK)】
  • Projectile, good to cover your approach.
  • B Version has Light Break, grounded and in the air and you can EX cancel it, while the EX version only has the Light Break on the ground. A version only has Light Break when you have the install on.
  • TK fireball is +.

teleports behind you
【The Dark Gale - 63214X】
  • Teleport, A version has long startup but low recovery, while B version has low startup and long recovery, EX version is the best of both worlds and has no superflash.
  • All versions get a Light Break with the install on.
spin to win
spin to win, deadly thunder edition
【Spinning Scythe - j41236X】
  • A version has less hits and less fixed momentum than B version, both are used in pressure.
  • C version is used in combos.
  • All versions are mid.

LV3/Legendary Sword

*breaks the letter dramatically*
omae wo korosu
【Demon King's Blood 236236C】
  • Cinematic level 3 super, you generally won't see it because there are a ton of better uses for meter, but it's good as a whiff punish tool and does a ton of damage.
  • Has invul, hits mid.
  • Does more damage and hits if her health bar is blinking red.

Special Activation

dragon install ain't shit
【Divine Decapitation - 236D】
  • Broken install, opens Light Break windows on specials that normally don't have it, and makes Light Breaks on specials completely free.
  • Lasts for around 15 seconds, and has around 7 seconds of cooldown.
  • Uses one bar.


Special Defense

  • Just Defend


  • Can air dash

Alice Senki 2

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